20/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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over on BBC Two in a moment. Now, on BBC One, it's time


for the news where And now the news


for the East Midlands. First, a report out today


suggests business is booming. The Royal Bank of Scotland says


the economy here is now 4% bigger than it was a year ago, growing


at the fastest rate in the country. The future is looking bright for


this zip manufacturer in Leicester. Zipex supplies major


high street chains. They are recruiting more staff and


have seen a big increase in orders. Two years ago,


we hardly had any orders. Now, they're three,


four months in advance. RBS says the economy put on an


impressive 0.9% this quarter, And just as impressive,


it's growing twice as fast Hotspots include the counties


of Leicestershire and Rutland, Also going strong are


South and West Derbyshire, so it's not the cities


leading the way. Leicester, Derby and Nottingham also


grew their output, but for now, the In the last three months,


we have seen So, East Midlands has a very strong


retail and distribution sector that accounts for nearly 20%, a fifth


of output from the region. It is almost a year since


Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, gave


a speech to business leaders, citing that this region was a bellwether


for the UK's economic recovery. It was here, at the


University of Nottingham, And on the surface,


it does seem like things have improved, but underneath, the


picture is a bit more complicated. Whilst unemployment has fallen,


the region has seen the biggest drop in wages in


the country, a loss of around ?36 a So what do today's growth figures


actually mean I'm feeling the pinch more than I


would say about four or five years ago, obviously


because everything is going up. We have been relatively lucky,


my husband has had a little bit Normally I don't go on holiday


but this year I've been Today, the Chamber of Commerce


said the figures demonstrate that the region has moved from


bellwether to national leader. For companies like Zipex, it's


looking like a promising road ahead. The charity Crimestoppers is


offering a ?1,000 reward for information about a number


of burglaries that followed a huge Three houses


and a service station in Melton Road were ransacked after they'd been


evacuated during the factory fire. Cash and jewellery were


among the items taken. The A453


in Nottinghamshire is closed tonight as traffic is switched over to


a brand new section of the road. From 5:30am tomorrow, drivers


will be diverted down part of Cars will remain in


single lanes, though. It's the longest bit of the new road


to be opened so far and drivers are being warned to take extra care


approaching the new layout. They need to be aware that this


new road is actually two`way, They need to pay attention to


the signs that remind them of that and there is a bit of a


revised layout at Parkway Junction. So they just need to drive


carefully, pay attention to the signs until they they get used


to the new road layout. Transport


of the two`wheeled variety now and cycling campaigners claim Nottingham


is too dangerous to ride around. They say deaths


among cyclists are up by a third. Our political editor John Hess took


to the roads of the city to see Most days,


Jessica Beyer`Lyons cycles to work. She is a project manager at


Boots in Nottingham. It can be quite stressful


because there are no dedicated cycle lanes and drivers don't appreciate


that, as a cyclist, you have nowhere We meet up with


the cycling journalist Mark Patterson, near where a cyclist


in her 20's was killed last month. A so`called "ghost bike"


marks the spot on the corner There is, of course,


a lot of hype from the City Council about what a great cycling city,


what a green city it is. The reality for cyclists


on the ground is that We are heading


about two miles through the city. Our destination is the former


Raleigh Cycle Works, to meet the officer in charge of Nottingham


City Council's cycling policy. Over the past four years,


cycling levels have increased by about 30% so obviously there is


going to be more casualties because Nationally, cycling casualties,


totally about 19,500, In Nottingham last year, there was


one death among the 130 casualties. Leicester's casualty toll was 172.


Derby's was 94. We are looking at


a route that goes north`south in particular,


across the city centre itself. But ask any driver or pedestrian


and they will tell you that when it comes to safety on wheels,


not all cyclists tend to adopt I think it is very important that


drivers accept that cyclists are there, and likewise, cyclists


accept that drivers are there This is a dedicated lane


for cyclists, Cyclist campaigners say they want to


see more of this so it is safer for So, it's goodbye from me, but with


your weather now, here's Mel Coles. August continues to play it cool


and it could feel fresher still tomorrow because


the breeze will also pick up. We had a few showers around this


evening but they have cleared away. The skies are also beginning to


clear, which means the temperatures We are looking at overnight lows


of about nine Celsius, that is in In the countryside, they could be


as low as four or five Celsius, A fresh start to Thursday morning,


the best of The cloud will increase


from the northwest and there will be By the afternoon, it looks


like many places will be overcast. Not everybody will see a shower,


but we will all notice that south`westerly breeze,


making it feel a bit fresher. I will leave you with the outlook


for the next few days, it will be remaining fairly cool with showers


and sunny spells throughout. The national forecast is up


in a moment. Good evening. For many of us a bank


holiday looms large and so does a change in the weather patterns. Is


the that good or bad news? Only you can decide that. For the time being


we've got similar weather patterns. Another chilly day tomorrow, with


some sunshine but probably more showers. Today's showers are fading


from the east but we are seeing outbreaks of rain in parts of


Scotland, parts of Northern Ireland and later in the night northern


England. You won't be as cold


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