23/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


East Midlands Ambulance Service says its lost the records


The records include names, contact numbers, addresses, and


details of medical conditions of patients seen by the servicd between


The information was stored on a data cartridge, largely obsolete


Police are helping with the investigation.


It is a great concern to us and we are taking it very seriouslx and


that is why we have reported it to the police and all the bodids who


regulate the NHS. We are very sorry about this, but steps are now in


place to make sure it does not happen again.


An event to commemorate the start of World War One is being hdld this


It began today, exactly 100 years since the British


About turn! A century may h`ve passed, but the spirit lives on


Radio Leicester is playing host to the World War I at home road show,


an event designed to teach people about the First World War. H am a


primary school teacher and ht is important they learn about why we


went to war. It was such an awful, awful war and all those millions of


people died. I like history. I just like learning about it. I lhke the


news thing. But some people, this event is more than just the way of


finding out about World War I. It is a route into their family hhstory. I


know he was injured. I'm trxing to find out more. We have got his


medals and we would like to know the history of how he was injurdd and


where he served. Somewhere out there is a member of your family `nd they


are all connected, but without having the knowledge of how to find


them, they don't know where to start. The hope is that this event


will be a fitting tribute to all those who died in the great War


If you've been in Derby and hearing the cathedral bdlls ring


at odd times today it's because they've been holding


There's ten bells in the tower, one of which was cast in 1520


Around 100 visitors got the chance to see


Organisers hope the annual event will attract more


We could always do with mord ringers. We have enough at the


cathedral, but there are more towers around the region who could then a


fit. In football, Leicester faced Chelsea


again today in the Premier League. Meanwhile, convincing wins for both


our Championship sides, with Derby beating Fulham 5`1 and Notthngham


Forest beating Reading 4`0. While Mansfield Town lost 2`0


at Dagenham and Redbridge. More international accolades


for our swimmers at the After setting a new world rdcord


in the semi last night, it was perhaps no surprise Derby


swimmer Adam Peaty also won today's The fastest woman in water,


as she's known, Loughborough's Fran Halsall also took gold,


but in the 50 metre backstroke. And in ice hockey,


Nottingham Panthers began their campaign in the new Etropean


Champions League last night. Sadly, with a 2`4 defeat to Finnish


side Lukko. Let's see what the weather holds


in store for the bank holid`y. The showers are starting to ease and


it will be a cold night. Temperatures will start to drop In


rural areas temperatures down to as low as two or three degrees. A cold


start tomorrow, although thdre will be some sunshine. The crowd will


increase from the south`west and there is an opportunity of catching


a shower. Sadly, if you havd got plans for bank holiday Mond`y, it


will turn quite wet. To weather fronts are working their wax towards


us. Quite windy as well and it will remain unsettled through thd early


part of next week. The Beat is on air on your local BBC


radio from six, More from me here,


at 6.50pm tomorrow. It has been a familiar story again


today, pleasant in the sunshine but certainly a chill in the air and


tonight will be unusually cold for this time of year. There will be


some sunshine on Sunday before cloud increases in the West to bring some


rain around on Monday. Still showers at the moment, some heavy ones,


maybe thundery across eastern England, Windows will fade away


maybe thundery across eastern England, Windows will fade tonight


will be dry, clear, cold, not a breath of wind. Temperatures in


towns and cities in many areas will be in single figures but if you are


in the country, look at this: Temperatures in the night for a


while could be close to freezing. Chilly start first thing, sunshine


to compensate. For many eastern areas it will stay fine and dry


with some sunshine all day. Heading further west, the crowd will come


in. -- clout. It will bring in rain. Should be driver


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