24/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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crash as "absolutely unacceptable". -- booing.


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


A man believed to be from Leicestershire has died


The body of the man was recovered today at


a disused quarry near Llangollen. His family has been informed.


Rescuers were called in last night by two other divers at the puarry.


It's also emerged today that a young boy who died after slipping into the


It happened on Friday evening near to Tutbury Mill.


Nine`year`old Kai Lambe has been described by his family as


"a happy, outgoing and lovely little boy".


Kai had been rescued by fire officers,


People living near new homes which are being built say they were


shocked to discover a three`storey house going up right behind theirs.


They say they've lost their light and their privacy,


and want building work to stop. Jo Healey reports.


Three neighbours, all distrdssed to see the 3`storey house going up at


the bottom of their gardens. First thing in the morning and last thing


at night, any time we are at the window or in the back garden, this


is what I am greeted with, this monster of a wall. There is no


privacy, I have lost all natural sunlight. I did not buy my property


to feel as if I am living in a prison. This is all that I can see.


I can't believe that they would think to build a house right there


in front of somebody's back garden. To look out of the window and see


that monstrosity is horribld. There's no light and it is


disgusting. Nottingham city homes and the


council say they are building 5 new homes here. They say residents were


invited to discuss the plans, and they consulted on the application.


This is more true a picture of what you can see up how much of `n


eyesore this is. And it is not finished yet. Valerie says she could


not have known from the plans it would look like this, and w`nts the


work to stop. Derby Mountain Rescue Team were


called to help a climber thhs weekend who'd fallen to the foot


of a cliff in Matlock Bath. He'd been climbing High Tor


yesterday when he slipped. Rescuers abseiled to reach him, and


secured him on a stretcher, before It's understood he suffered


leg and facial injuries. In football, Leicester suffdred


their first defeat in their new league, while there were huge


wins for both Derby and Fordst. With your round`up of the action,


here's Kirsty Edwards. A spirited performance from


Leicester City in their red kit saw them look far from out of place for


the first hour at Chelsea. Hn the end, they were undone by Didgo


Costa, Chelsea's ?32 million summer signing. Then, an unfortunate


deflection off Hazard's shot sealed their two ` zero defeat. Nottingham


Forest remain top of the championship next to a 4`0 win over


Reading. Matty Fryatt headed in a go`l, and


also getting in on the act was another summer signing, Brit is


sombre longer. An impressivd attacking display from Derbx County


as well. Jamie Ward started things off for the Rams with a find finish,


then after Fulham had equalhsed there was only one team and head.


Craig Bryson restored Derby's leave. Last season's top scorer Chris


Martin then added another two. His second game after Simon Dawkins


shot came off the post. Momdnts later, Dawkins had better ltck with


another shot to complete a 4`1 rout. Notts County got their second win in


a row next to a first`half goal from Gary Jones, and then Neil Noble s


deflected free kick. 2`0, the final score at Port Vale.


This appointment for Mansfidld town, who lost 2`0 away at Dagenh`m and


Redbridge. And staying with football, but to


one of the most famous scends from The Great War, recreated today as a


Nottinghamshire team played against a side from Germany in a match to


foster Peace and Reconciliation A football field in Flanders field.


We are in Belgium, filming ` series of events marking the centenary of


the start of the great War. This is one of those events, a football


match reminiscent of the Christmas truce football matches of 1814.


Playing today, Newark town's under 21 's, and the German side. It is


very hard `` a very hard`fotght match, but for today's Brit`in these


and reconciliation. All this week we will be filming a series of events


around these commemorations, speaking to many of the people


involved. I hope you can john us. Come on, Newark!


Let's check the bank holidax forecast now with Sara.


Good evening. It has been nhce to see a dry day today, even though we


lost the sunshine a little bit into the afternoon, due to this weather


fronts moving up from the south`west gradually overnight. We start to see


the first signs of it coming in into the early hours in the East


Midlands, and it will be a lild night. Temperatures down to a


minimum of 11. Through tomorrow morning, we seek to weather fronts


with us for bank holiday Monday The first produces some patchy rain the


second, hot on its heels, ghves is a very wet afternoon with somd heavy


rainfall, and a daytime temperature no higher than 15 Celsius, so


feeling quite cold tomorrow with the wet weather around. Picking up again


by Tuesday and Wednesday. More for you when we're back


at 10:15 tonight. Join me then. After that cold start this morning,


it has been quite a nice day for most of us. We have seen cloud


amounts increasing but it is this cloud that is coming in from the


Atlantic which is going to bring change in weather. Not too much rain


from it, further patchy rain across Northern Ireland overnight, some


rain at times across Wales and the south-west, shovelling further


east. Far north of England and particularly Scotland, saying drive.


Clearer skies, still quite cold elsewhere, not as cold as it was


last night. Cloudy day tomorrow across England and Wales, some rain


at times, heavy rain, brighter colours coming into the south-west,


through the morning, pushing into the Midlands, towards the south east


and parts of Northern Ireland as well. Further north, Scotland may


well stay dry, the North West of Scotland is the place to be, quite a


bit of sunshine. Cool breeze off the North Sea,


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