27/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Jon Kay, BBC News, Bristol. That's


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


First tonight ` Described as popular, caring and an inspiration.


Hundreds today attended the funeral of the Derbyshire


The 22`year`old from Ambergate was stabbed to death


He'd been on a work placement at a hospital there as part


It was a response that showed just how popular this young man had been


and how much he will be mist. 500 people arrived at the church to say


goodbye. The 22`year`old student from Amber Gate was killed in Borneo


earlier this month. He had been working as a doctor as part of his


degree in medicine. Old school friends and his cricket team were


there. He was very popular. He made people laugh and was fun to be with.


He really cared about people. His family saw him as an inspiration.


After his family arrived and the coffin was carried in, the service


began. Two of his best friends spoke and some of his favourite songs were


played. There are still questions over who ended his life and why but


it was about remembering the life he did lead. The order of service says


do not be sad he is gone, be happy his life happened. I want people to


go away and say they can do something as well. It is a shame his


life ended so suddenly but that does not make it a waste. He wanted to


change the world and did everything he could to achieve that.


Now to a little boy and his six year wait for a kidney. Matthew Piertryx


from Leicestershire has a rare genetic disease which means both his


have been removed. He undergoes dialysis for 12 hours every night.


still waiting, as Geeta Pendse reports.


Enjoying the end of the summer holidays with his brothers.


Football mad Matthew is like any other nine`year`old boy but his


Matthew has to undergo 12 hours of kidney dialysis every night


because he has a rare genetic disease which has led


He has injections and dialysis, restricted fluid, restricted diet.


I do not want him to wait any longer and lose any more of his


The family set up this Facebook campaign page to raise awareness


According to a charity 6000 people are on the waiting list.


At Kidney Research UK we are encouraging people to talk to the


families about what should happen after their death, we all need to


Matthew would love to do the things his friends do


I would like to sleep over at my friends but I cannot because I


The family have been told they have a three in 10,000 chance


of finding a match for Matthew but they refused to give up the hope


Moves to spend half a million pounds improving the


Council Chamber at Nottinghamshire County Council has been described


The plans include removing asbestos, improving access


for wheelchair users, adding air`con and a fire alarm.


The criticism comes from the authority's Conservative Leader Kay


Cutts ` although she admits the work was signed`off by the authority's


She now says revised plans are a waste of money.


A book of condolence has been opened at the University of Leicester for


Lord Attenborough. The 90`year`old actor and director died at the


weekend. He grew up in the city and was raised with his brothers on the


campus of the University of Leicester. Officials are considering


how best to mark his life and the contributions he made to the city.


A man from Leicester fears attackers who set`upon him with


Abdi Rashid Adan says he has no idea why he was targeted.


As well as suffering flesh wounds, Mr Adan's arm was broken


Helen Astle's report contains images of his injuries


Photographs taken just hours after being attacked sure the injuries. He


was stabbed just over a week ago after he dropped a woman off at her


home in Leicester. They came running after me with machetes and they said


before he gets out of the car just kill him. Before I got out of the


car the jumped towards me. I tried to get out and they jumped on top of


me. I put my arm and my head out and the got me on the arm like this. The


attackers then fled. He says he has no idea why he was assaulted. Every


time I look over my shoulder. I cannot go to my job. I am on lots of


painkillers. No arrests have been made but these are still


investigating. `` police are investigating.


Time now for sport and the League Cup draw has been made this evening.


Just two of our sides are through to the third round.


That's your news and your sport from me.


I'll bid you goodnight and leave you with Anna and your weather.


Temperatures reached the heights of 20 selfie is today and we are


expecting the same tomorrow. There will be sunny spells but a few


showers around. It will be a cloudy night tonight with outbreaks of rain


starting to push in from the West. The cloud and rain will hold


temperatures up. Another cold night with 15 Celsius the minimum. The


rain will quickly start to push away into the North Sea by the morning


plenty of sunshine. More clouded by the afternoon but it will look set


to stay dry. Not too bad temperature wise with a maximum of 21 Celsius. I


will leave you now with your outlook for the next few days.


It looks like low pressure will see us out for what is rest of August.


It looks as if next week, summer will fight back. Low pressure is


approaching the UK. Rainfall totals are not adding up to too much. There


is some low cloud and hill fog around. Clearer skies reaching the


South West later in the night. Temperatures for Northern England


and Scotland going nowhere near as far down as they have done recently.


A lot of this rain is coming through overnight, so behind it, many of us


will start the day tomorrow dry with some hazy sunshine. The last of that


rain beginning to edge away from Eastern Counties of England into the


North Sea. And, again, many of us starting dry, drier weather heading


into southern Scotland. For northern Scotland, after several days of


sunshine, this might come as a shock - the rain won't last all day, much


of it will have cleared by the


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