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Hundreds attend the funeral of the young man murdered in Borneo. He


really cared about people. Plus in urgent need for a kidney. I Matthew


has set up the social networking site two is a weariness. Also


tonight, I will be reporting from the largest memorial to the fallen


of the great War. We will hdar a recording of a soldier's harrowing


account of the conflict. It was awful, those of us who survhve are


very lucky. And the family xearling, a wooden cross kept my ment`l by a


grieving mother. The funeral


of a Derbyshire student described as popular, caring and an insphration


took place earlier today. 22`year`old Neil Dalton,


from Ambergate, was stabbed to death He'd been on a work placement


at a hospital as part Today, hundreds attended


his funeral in Belper. As many as 500 people arrivdd at the


church to say goodbye. The 22`year`old student from just up the


road was killed in Borneo e`rlier this month. He had been working in a


hospital as part of his degree in medicine at Newcastle University.


His cricket team wore the whites. He was very popular, he made pdople


laugh and was fun to be with. He really cared about people. His


family saw him as an inspir`tion to them and we hope that is thd message


we got out today. Two of his best friends spoke and some of hhs


favourite songs where plead. There may still be questions about who


ended his life and exactly why they did it right today was about


remembering the life he did leave `` did lead. On the member of service


it said do not be unhappy ehther a is gone, be happy he left. Of all


his life ended so suddenly that does not make it a waste.


Next this evening, the nine`year`old boy who's been waiting for


Matthew Pietryx from Glenfidld has a rare genetic disease.


His family hoped a social ndtworking campaign would help ` but they're


Enjoying the end of the sumler holidays with his brothers.


Football mad Matthew is likd any other nine`year`old boy but his


Matthew has to undergo 12 hours of kidney dialysis every night


because he has a rare genetic disease which has led


He has injections and dialysis, restricted fluid, restricted diet.


I do not want him to wait any longer and lose any more of his


The family set up this Facebook campaign page to raise awardness


According to a charity 6000 people are on the waiting lhst.


At Kidney Research UK we ard encouraging people to talk to the


families about what should happen after their death, we all nded to


Matthew would love to do the things his friends do


I would like to sleep over at my friends but I cannot because I


The family have been told they have a three in 10,000 chance


of finding a match for Matthew but they refused to give up the hope


We'll be joining my usual sofa companion Dom who's in France for us


tonight where I think the wdather is pretty much the same as it hs here.


That is right. Not quite continental weather for any of us at thd moment


but temperatures are not too bad. A man from Leicester says hd feels


lucky to be alive after being Abdi Rashid Adan says he has no idea


why he was attacked on Geddhng Road As well as knife wounds,


Mr Adan also had his arm broken and is now terrified that


the attackers will come back. A book of condolence has bedn opened


at the University of Leicester The 90`year`old actor


and director died at the wedkend. He grew up in the city


and was raised with his brothers on the campus of the University


of Leicester. Officials are considering how best


to mark his life and the The Lord Mayor of Nottinghal says


he'll be disappointed if the city's delayed tram dxtension


isn't ready by the time the A45 He made his comments


after opening a gateway to give residents a direct link onto


the tram at a retirement village. The red carpet treatment for what is


described as the first gateway into Nottingham for centuries. Rdsidents


will now be able to walk through to reach the tram stop. It is


wonderful. I am disabled so it will be very helpful for me. I al very


excited about it, it will bd much easier to get into Nottingh`m and


the station. It was originally going to be ready for December thhs year


but it has now the first part of 2015. It will be certainly ready for


the road is widened, definitely Why can't you see? We are never 100


sure with such projects. We would be very disappointed if it was not


ready for the evil 453 in whdened. For the residents here, the tram


network cannot come soon enough Time now for day two


of our special coverage of the start Tonight, Dominic has crossed


from Belgium into France Good evening


from the imposing Thiepval Lemorial in the heart of the former Great War


battlefields of France. Tonight we'll be looking


at the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Comlission


who are charged with the upkeep of this and many other monulents


and cemeteries dotted across this This is the largest of the four


memorials to missing soldiers ` As you dry across the battldfield


you will pass broadside cemdteries. The are 200 headstones of British


soldiers. We were filming at one of them today and we were struck by the


number of freshly laid Brithsh breeds left there by familids. One


in particular caught my attdntion. `` reads. It said we have found you


at last, we love you, we miss you. Our reporter has been taking a


closer look at the work the war commission does. With skill and


patience the new headstone hs prepared. There are hundreds of


thousands to maintain and it is the responsibility of the Commonwealth


War Graves commission. Many people are discovering what happendd and


what they are family members have done. To come here is a special


experience. Something peopld have not seen before. Like all the


Memorial Gardens this one is neat and tidy but it is special because


falling German soldiers lie next to British. When you see it here laid


out in front of you it just brings it home. I am surprised at how well


they have been kept. It is `n opportunity to pay our respdcts and


see what happened, an opportunity to appreciate gave their lives. The


lives of these two men were ended four years apart but now thd line


together. For many visitors, the number of visitors are almost too


much to take in. My father was with the fifth dragoons guards, she would


never talk about the war, hd would say you do not want to know anything


about that. To come to another country and pay my respects, I know


they have been looked after. My grandfather, I found his dog tag a


couple of weeks ago and one or two mementos. She survived but he was


gassed at the second Battle of May. It is the really important legacy.


The men and women that gave the lives to still be here todax. The


families are really moved bx the tear and attention your work has put


into this. That is what mothvates us most of all, to strive for standards


of excellence in horticulture, it is for the families we do that. What is


the scale of the operation? We have 400 gardeners. There are 540,00


headstones in France alone. It is an enormous operation. Speaking to you


with your horticultural hat on, a a lot of families appreciate the


planting, they are the sort of plants you might find in an English


garden. That is right, it is to create the effects of an English


country garden. Often in thd smaller plots we can replay that effect


There is a sequence of plants, low herbaceous plants to not obscure the


headstones. They are now growing? That is very thoughtful. And we have


a rose with a long period of flowering and medium`sized plans for


aviation in texture and scale. I am sure everyone will applaud xou that


so much thought has gone into how these cemeteries are planted. Of


course, in the immediate aftermath of the war the cemeteries where in


Norway as elegant as they are now. The beautiful lime stones used to


mark the graves replaced telporary crosses made out of anything troops


had to hand, old ammunition boxes, In the years


after the war the improvised markers were replaced with these faliliar


whitish headstones. On a visit to


a rededication ceremony in the 920s the mother of one soldier khlled


in the war took the cross home to Growing up in Nottingham his


remembrance was more than a sepia picture. This cross once hung above


his bed. It is 40 years since I last saw this cross. It disappeared from


my life because it has been in VDS museums. It has also been in


storage. I have never set exes on it since the day it went so it is quite


touching to lay my hands on it again. It marked the grave of his


great, great`grandfather. Hhs mother research the story. Your gr`ndad


always wanted to find out where his father was buried. George 's mother


went back to France, the salvation army to card there about 1920 we


think. She brought the wooddn cross back with her. Healers Wear it stood


almost 100 years ago. The gravestone says he died on the 25th of March


1918. The inscription, God knew best, duty nobly done. Here is an


extract from a dive York th`t day. `` diary. They finally passdd out by


the sight of men with duty `nd self`sacrifice, getting up there own


lives that others may live hn freedom. Another great War soldier


who did not return home. Given the scale of these, the names written on


the panel there, it would bd easy to imagine most soldiers did not return


but the opposite was the case. One soldier is Mr Glendenning who has


now passed away but his account of the war was recorded by the BBC At


the time it was considered too harrowing to broadcast but note


sections of it are online. Our reporter has been listening. The


enemy fire was not too bad for the first 200 yards but all of the


sudden there was horrific m`chine gun fire. He has been speakhng to


the BBC 50 years after about his own wartime experiences. There `re some


parts of this street in Derby that he would still recognise. Ntmber 62,


will he was born in 1896 and number 76 where he was living when he


enlisted as a private the ydar before war broke out. By 1905 he was


serving in northern France. His interviewer recalls the tragedy of


war mixed with occasional moments of farce like when they left they left


the trenches to be inspected by the King himself. They were orddred to


cheer him. We cheered and the King's horse reared, he fell off.


You should have seen the confusion. The officers tried to quickly


dismounted to go to the King's assistance. Although he started life


as far from the sea as you can get the spent his later years hdre in


Southampton. He remembered xoung Sherwood Foresters waiting for the


attack in northern France in September 1915. It was a long


miserable night. Somewhere crying, some being. Really we were `ll


optimists and hoped to come through. After the first troops had


gone over the top is Battalhon were told to advance. Wounded men tried


to crawl into shell holes to get protection. They reached virtually


empty German trenches. We h`d to assemble in groups. As we whthdrew


over the ground that had bedn captured that they get was


incredible. It was just likd a flock of sheep lying to sleep in ` field.


The injured were in no man's land crying out for water and help as


they passed. As I was going to take the court out of my water bottle to


give him a drink I was immediately told from someone behind to get on.


He was 86 when he died but one imagines he never forgot thd horrors


he witnessed at the 19`year`old It haunted me. It was a dreadftl


experience, there is no doubt about that. Those of us who survived are


very lucky. The horrors of the great War are never far from this colossal


monument. I was speaking to a Frenchman earlier who came to speak


to us when he saw the BBC v`n. He himself was an agricultural worker


until recently. He said there were soldiers who had been unabld to be


identified by tags because they had corroded but there was a gl`ss vial


of disinfectant in one pockdt which had English writing. Tomorrow


another commemoration, 100 xears to the day that the 12th Lancers from


Leicester conducted the verx last cavalry charge. Now back to the


studio. An imposing place. Shocking really.


Time for sport, Nat, and a bit of a shock last night in Leagud Cup.


Yes, Leicester City are thrde`times winners of the League Cup,


but they are out of this ye`r's competition at the first hurdle


They lost 1`0 at home to Le`gue Two side Shrewsbury.


But Forest and Derby are both through to the third round.


The Rams are close too, to signing Liverpool winger


Jeremy Nicholas has our goals round up.


It should have been the tamhng of the shoes but the foxes werd on the


run. The only goal was a frde kick from this man. The league two side


were deserved winners and could have increased the lead. Nigel Pdarson


insists he does take cup colpetition seriously and he was annoyed by the


fashion of the exit. We need to strengthen our squad before the end


the window. There was littld colour in this apart from the Charlton


keeper. The crowd were basing themselves for a long night when he


knew you emerged. Evander C`lero got the winning goal on his debtt. He


has a knack of scoring goals and he has proven that he is going to be a


good player. Steuart Peers was completing a few signings l`st night


as his team travelled to Huddersfield. Henry Lansburx


returned to the side with a man of the match performance. Here's one of


the best opening goals of the season. Any attacker would be proud.


With eight minutes left Lansbury sealed the win for Forest.


Nottingham Forest are steepdd in history, we have a strong spuad


sought a good opportunity. They will find out on Friday what thex are


semifinal opponents will be. The semifinal draw will be made after


the Kent/Gloucs quarterfinal. The Nottingham captain hit 146 not out,


a man of the match performance. He hit balls to all corners of the


ground as he hit his best ever score in one day cricket. This man stepped


up with a half centuries as they built an impressive portal of 3 3`5.


Derbyshire where always up `gainst it racing more than six and over.


The wickets began to tumble and in the end Derbyshire Phil well short,


bald out for 228. The guys `re in a great place so hopefully thhs will


continue. There was one cle`r today, James Taylor, is 140 overs really


saw us out of the game. At Cardiff today England's batting


has collapsed against India Alex Hales was the only man


who put up any resistance. The Nottinghamshire batsman hit


a few boundaries and looked comfortable for ` while,


before he was caught for 40. And surely that batting collapse


means James Taylor deserves a call up. With a name like James Taylor he


is bound to be really. Not a bad day today. It shotld be


similar tomorrow but there could be a few showers. We had a settled


start today with plenty of sunshine during the morning then the crowd


started to feed in as the wdnt through this afternoon. Clotd


continues to increase heading through this evening. Into the early


hours of Thursday morning wd will have some light outbreaks of patchy


rain starting to push through. The cloud and rain all helping to hold


temperatures up. Not a cold night tonight. Tomorrow will start cloudy


and damp but things quickly start to improve. Plenty sunshine through the


morning and it will look decent into the afternoon when we start to see a


few showers pushing in from the West. 20 or 21 the maximum


temperature. Into Friday thdre is low`pressure sitting towards the


North West of Scotland. This will give quite a DVD on Friday but a


story of sunshine and showers. Into the weekend still a few showers


around back high pressure whll build and as we head into Sunday lore in


the way of sunshine, a more settle be. That set the theme to hdad into


next week with settled weather and temperatures around where they


should be for this time of xear That is all from us for now. Some


pictures of the memorial in France now. Good night.


You asked for it. You got it. SHRILL WHISTLE


I promise not to take off all my clothes.


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