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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


An inspection into Leicestershire Police has highlighted significant


It came as part of an investigation into the way


Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball has more.


figures right, that they set`up a whistle`blowers' hotline.


But the Policing Inspectorate found that some crimes still


weren't being recorded. They say that's down to training and


some systems which need to be improved.


And they're especially worried that child abuse.


The inspectors found 16 child abuse cases that should have


been recorded as crimes. But the records showed only six of


them. How serious is that?


Today's report says it's a significant concern


and a matter of urgent importance. You can see why, if you've been


listening to the news about what's been happening in Rotherham.


Because these cases were referred by outside agencies,


like schools and social services. They were investigated by specialist


policing teams. But those teams didn't use the


force's main crime recording system. That means cases could fall through


the net. And Leicestershire Police have been


given three months to put that right.


What else have they been told to improve?


Robbery's the priority. The inspectors say too many of those


offences are being written off, as "no crime".


They're also concerned that cautions and warnings are being used,


for some suspects who should have been prosecuted.


Among them, thieves who were given penalty notices after stealing


goods worth more than ?100. So some concerns.


But the inspectors were very impressed with the way the force


dealt with victims of crime. And these inspections are going to


be taking place at forces across the country.


As thousands of children started school today, for one little boy


Alfie Greasley was born four months early ` weighing less than 2 lbs.


For all children, starting school is a big milestone.


This age four boy is cheeky and happy on his way to school


For his mum and dad it is a very emotional day.


It was a shock but each day he grew stronger and stronger.


He was a tough little boy but it was frightening in the way his ears


weren't developed, his eyes still hadn't developed, he was almost


As every day goes by your hopes grow and here we are today.


It's amazing that he's come through it all and now has walked


How excited are you about going to school?


We found him not long after he had come out of hospital,


having been born so prematurely there were lots of worries.


He has just got a few words now, he is still under the speech therapist.


For Alfie, today is about meeting his new friends and teacher


For his parents it is a day they never thought they would see.


I do not think I will never stop being proud of him,


NHS workers marching to London from Jarrow in the North`East


reached the half`way mark today, arriving in the East Midlands.


They want to highlight what they claim is the creeping privatisation


Our political editor John Hess caught up with them.


This is a long march with a political message. These NHS workers


have been on the road for 12 days now. Feet are sore but spirits high.


What has been amazing about this march is the number of people


shading stories and lifting spirits. The Labour MP met up with them.


Waiting times have gone up there and people are angry about that. They


are trying to recapture the spirit of the original march for jobs in


the 1920s. This is about the future of the national health service. One


of the marchers was either tired NHS doctor. When you come from abroad


Judy lives how important it is to have access to affordable health


care. Elsewhere in government they have been able to release money for


spending in this Parliament. The principle is that the NHS will


always be free at the point of use. After another week on the road it is


London and Parliament. Property owners in Leicestershire


could soon be charged by the fire service if it's repeatedly


called`out to false alarms. The service says it's receiving false


calls from some places weekly. Proposals will be discussed next


week and could be agreed by the end of September.


We have seen an increase in the number of automatic fire alarms we


do spawn two. This is to reduce the number of false alarms. We have a


reduction in our funding so it is in part cost recovery.


Finally from me, Derbyshire steam locomotive engineer


Sir Nigel Gresley could be honoured with a statue in London.


Gresley made his name designing famous engines like the Mallard


Now an application's been lodged to have a bronze statue


of him put up on the new concourse of Kings Cross Station.


More from me tomorrow, but I'll leave you now with Kaye


It looks like things will be warming up a touch into next week. You will


see the low pressure pushing in from the North West. Some gusty winds


developing through tomorrow. Most places will stay dry. Fairly cloudy


and the wind is the most noticeable feature of the weather. It will be


drier with some clear spells throughout the night. Not


particularly cold, quite mild for the time of year. Tomorrow morning


we start dry, bright and fairly breezy. There will be some sunshine


around. There will be more cloud in the afternoon and showers will push


in towards evening. Some sunshine. Temperatures around 19 or 20


Celsius. That is all from Hello! We had a touch of autumn in


August, now we are hoping for a bit of summer in September, both as a


result of former Hurricanes. It was Hurricane Bertha that brought cold


air a week or two ago, now we have another later in the


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