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week. Great, Peter, thanks very much.


And for one little boy it's been extra special.


village in on horseback. Lancers from Leicestershire


Alfie Greasley from Leicester was born four months


travel back to the wheat fidlds of Bacardi. How excited I knew about


going to school? Is it good? He has just started to say a few words now.


He is just under the speech therapist. He has the one`to`one


teacher at school. For Alfid, it is about meeting his new friends and


teacher and his patents nevdr thought they would see the day.


NHS workers marching the 280 miles from Jarrow in the northeast to


London passed the half`way lark today, when they arrived here in the


East Midlands. They want to highlight the impact of what, they


claim, is the creeping priv`tisation of the health service. This report


This is a long march with a political message. These protesters


have been marching for 12 d`ys now. Spirits are high but feet are sore.


What has been amazing is thd number of people shading the storids, it is


lifting our spirits. The Labour MP joined them this morning. Pdople are


really angry. They are trying to recapture the spirit of the original


march for jobs in the 1930s. This is about the future of the Nathonal


Health Service. One marker hs a retired NHS doctor. When yot come


from overseas usual I `` re`lise how essential it is to have accdss to


affordable health care. Thex have been able to release money for this


Parliament. Even the manufacturers of bandages are private companies.


The principle is to always be free. There is a message for shoppers I


would be walking with them hf I was able. I think change is needed.


Tomorrow they will reach Loughborough and then Leicester


After that it is London and Parliament.


An inspection into Leicestershire Police has highlighted signhficant


The criticism was part of an investigation into thd way


Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, is in the newsroom


So, are they being accused of fiddling the crime figurds?


The force was praised for its integrity.


Bosses were so keen to get the figures right, that thex set`up


But the Policing Inspectorate found that some crimes still


They say that's down to trahning and some systems


And they're especially worried that child abuse.


The inspectors found 16 child abuse cases that should havd


But the records showed only six of them.


Today's report says it's a significant concern


You can see why, if you've been listening to the news about what's


Because these cases were referred by outside agencies,


They were investigated by specialist policing teams.


But those teams didn't use the force's main crime recording system.


That means cases could fall through the net.


And Leicestershire Police have been given three


What else have they been told to improve?


The inspectors say too many of those offences are being written


They're also concerned that cautions and warnings are being used,


for some suspects who should have been prosecuted.


Among them, thieves who werd given penalty notices after stealhng


But the inspectors were verx impressed with the way the force


And these inspections are going to be taking place at forces


Property owners in Leicestershire could soon be charged by thd fire


service if they're repeatedly called out to false alarms.


Officers say there's been a rise in the number of unnecessarx


call`outs ` and they see thd charges as a way of making people t`ke more


It is a high`pressure job that can be a life`saver. The fire brigade


here in Leicester are having to respond more and more to false


alarms. The fire brigade have been called to this dropper take more


than once per week and thosd who live and work here are sick of it.


It is getting quite tedious really. If anyone would complain it would be


me. No Leicestershire's Fird service is considering charging property


owners if people are repeatddly calling out the Fire Brigadd for no


reason. There they are wrongly called to the building more than


nine times the owner has to be 290 for each visit. Doing that xear


would have brought in more than ?24,000 in the last year. It is a


cost recovery exercise. We have seen an increase in the amount of false


alarms from automatic services recently. The housing group which


owns this property says it will work with the fire service to prdvent any


future false alarm call outs. The proposals could be agreed bx the end


of next month. Health managers in Derby sax two


of the city's hospitals are rated The Royal Derby Hospital


and the London Road Community Hospital were given high scores


in NHS England's annual assdssment. Both hospitals were also pr`ised


for patient dignity and privacy with scores higher than


the national average. South Derbyshire steam locolotive


engineer Sir Nigel Gresley could be Gresley made his name designing


famous engines like the Mallard Now an application's been lodged to


have a bronze statue of the engineer put up


on the new concourse of Kings Cross This is East Midlands Today here


on the BBC. Stand by


for some glittering achievelents in sport and the promise


of some glittering weather too. Golden tinge is all around today.


The hint of sunshine next wdek but in the meantime blustery conditions


to contend with. Now it's time to rejoin Domhnic


in France. If you've been watching all week


you'll know he and the team have been covering


stories and events connected with Tonight, Dom is in rural Picardy


where a British victory was Good evening and welcome. This is a


very rural community that h`s very strong links with local reghments.


100 years ago today exactly the 12th Lancers from Leicestershire carried


out what would be the very last cavalry charge against an enemy In


August 1914 things were going badly for the British. They had started to


retreat and had lost hundreds of men, there was talk of having to


fall back and protect parts of Paris. Skirmishes were breaking out


between the English and Gerlans but what happened here was a notable


victory for the Lancers. Today that was commemorated here in sole style.


The harvest is gathered in `s it was in August 1914 at the very start of


the great War. Then, two horses were spotted in the fields beading


soldiers from the 12th Lancdrs. A skirmish with the Germans ttrned


into a full`scale cavalry charge. The last the regiment would never


perform. Today's re`enactment was done at the trot rather than a


gallop. It was to commemorate events of 19 August 2014. `` 29th of


August. It was the last cav`lry charge. There is really no shortage


of war memorials in this part of France but today another was


unveiled. The regiment responded in perfect French. A wreath was laid by


this 17`year`old from Derbyshire whose dad and Grandad were both


regimental sergeant majors hn the Lancers. I was scared encasd I


messed it up. I was ordered to do it for the regiment. I think it is


fantastic being part of somdthing to remember what happened 100 xears


ago. Being part of the cadets is fantastic. I feel part of this


regiment beading this cap b`dge and it is an honour being here. So many


English people have given the lives for France and it is import`nt to


respect them. France is one of the few countries that can match Britain


for pomp and ceremony. Todax, they did our Lancers proud. Nowadays the


very idea of soldiers on horseback carrying Lancers would seem medieval


but back in 1914 the 12th L`ncers were well trained to do that job.


Our reporter has more. The only danger was the cavalry drivhng


through the 12 mile gap. Thd Squadron of the 12th Lancers had the


pressing engagement. In fact, despite the classic underst`tement


of a historic 1960s recording, the event was more savage than hn any


way pleasant. This man was there. He was a boy in Leicester and ten years


later is recorded as a bank clerk but also an inmate of a prison in


Liverpool. By 1914 he had sdrved his time and join the 12 Royal Lancers.


On August 16 they embarked for France. He was interviewed hn the


1960s. The German Lance was longer than ours and heavier. In 28th of


August during a skirmish thd 12th Lancers were resting believhng nor


Germans to be near. Suddenlx, gunfire was heard and Lancers, we


have used contemporary film of other cavalry men throughout this report,


saddled up quickly. Dragoon guards were nearby, ironically known as


Queen Victoria's on. The Colonel in Chief was King George V, is seen


here with his cousin, the K`iser. Held by British gunfire the dragoons


dismounted to open fire back. The Lancers also initially dismounted


like this to return the Gerlan fire but then the Squadron mountdd up and


headed for the Germans. We find ourselves at right angles to the


line. We walked a couple of hundred yards, galloped and then ch`rged and


then we went like madmen. Hd describes the ferocious att`ck at


speeds, surprising the unfortunate dragoons who were still off of the


horses. I put it to his chest and I had my eyes closed when I w`s doing


it. I drew my sword and we were simply mad, we went through them and


having got through then we were fired on from behind, we went back


through again. Dozens had dhed. Eventually when it was over I


dismounted and took up one of the black and white penance. After that


we rallied again. The chargd itself passed into regimental legend but


among the four Lancers who died and it was Albert Hunt. Dead just four


days after arriving in France and one of many East Midlands who would


die in a war that claimed mhllions of lives. I'm joined now by a member


of the 12th Lancers. This is such a special day in the regiment's


history, isn't it? It is thd really important date. We have just come


back from Afghanistan but this touches to our hearts. The last


cavalry charge of our regimdnt in the First World War. As I s`id,


things were not going well hn the early days of the war so thhs must


have been a notable victory so early on. I imagine so but also ldt us


remember this is the first lonth of World War I and we did not hmagine


at that stage what hoarders lay ahead. While we do commemor`te the


day as the military victory, it is the start of a very lively `nd


difficult period for our regiment, for the British people and Durope.


It is an important point to make. Although there has been somd levity


today, behind it there at the very CDs occasion. Argue very


appreciative of the way the French have posted this event? The French


have been superb throughout. We have been talking to the mayor and his


team for some months now and the fact we have brought a largd element


of the regiment, families of those who lost their lives in the battle,


we have been superbly well posted by the French and have been gr`teful


for the relationship we havd built. Will you be back again in ftture


years? Absolutely. The French have provided a future Memorial `nd


Lancers will be back to pavd the respect and remember beyond just


this year. Thank you for johning us. This brings us pretty much to the


end of a few days reporting live on this very significant annivdrsary,


the centenary of the outbre`k of World War I. We hope you find this


as interesting and thought`provoking as I have. You have


Dom, you've been in Belgium and now France


for almost a week now, what memories will you take away with you?


been `` when you look up at those huge panels, thousands and thousands


of names, it really strikes home. Then the smaller roadside cdmeteries


where reads have been laid. Messages from families back on saying we have


found you, we miss you. It hs the personal touches that brings it home


to me. For many people this is not ancient history but fairly lodern


history. And have you found any eviddnce


of your own relatives at all? Yes, possibly, there were four deals


from the South West, I found one name at Tyne cot cemetery and I will


be doing more research on that when I get home. It has been wonderful


watching it. Thank you so mtch. And if you want to see some of that


amazing footage again from France, It earlier and I said there would be


something glittering in sport, I never realised it would be on the


sofa! Thank you! What do yot want? I start with news of a new face


at Nottingham Forest. Not a player but


at long last a new chief Exdcutive. They've been without one


for over a year and a half but today Forest announced that


Paul Faulkner's been given the job. Seen here talking in


his previous role at Aston Villa. Faulkner will officially begin


his new post on Monday.Meanwhile Forest fans can now look forward to


an exciting tie in the Leagte Cup. They've been drawn away to


Premier League Tottenham. Historically to very good for all


sides. It is a tough tie for us We will learn a lot about oursdlves in


that game and it is one we should relish.


Derby County's attempt to bring in Liverpool forward Jordan Ibe


isn't moving as quickly as fans might have hoped.


Rams head coach Steve McClaren wants to speak to the 18`ye`r`old


Derby do seem to be leading the race to sign Ibe,


but right now it's all gone quiet, as is clear when I asked McClaren


We are just awaiting confirlation from all sides about whether he


comes in or not. There is a new signing at Notts, Rhys Brown has


arrived from Birmingham. Thdre is stiff competition at Tigers for Alan


Williams. Pressure is on to perform. If I am wading the Number tdn shark


I will have been doing something right. It is something I am


relishing and looking forward to. Now onto the latest sport bringing


medals at the Olympics. It hs Paralympic canoeing. The Brhtish


team are based in Nottinghal and our reporter has been along to see them.


This is the high`performancd centre for team GB Paralympic canoding


What the world championships it was in Moscow, 12 events, the won medals


in nine of them. This woman won two gold medals in Russia after playing


for the sitting volleyball team in London 2012. It is a bit like a


transfer market after the P`ralympic games, sports are always looking for


new talent. This really took my fancy and I thought I would try yet


and see what happens. She is one of the leading lights in the


Paralympics and the moment @ndy very good prospect for real. Is ht like


Britain's got talent? Do yot all queue up and do your stuff? Less


singing than that! I loved `ll the sports. I wanted to try this one. I


watched the triathlete last weekend and thought I would like to have a


go at that. I can see myself doing a lot of sport. He will not bd doing


triathlon next commission m`rk we will make sure! I used to climb I


wanted to do a climbing competition while I was still in hospit`l but


they would not let me. Why do you do it? Why don't you just have an easy


life? I could not do it, my back would be so sitting in an office. I


just come here. Go see them before they are really big stars. H think


someone could be making a rdtard! By the middle of next week we could be


seeing some return. Sunshind and high temperatures as well. Ht has


not been too bad for the last couple of days but it has been on the


breezy side. Low pressure ptshing into the north and west of the UK.


There should not be too much in terms of rainfall but we will see


burlesque south`westerly winds through tonight and tomorrow. The


bulk of the day should stay dry but the wind will blow in a few showers


towards the end of the afternoon. All in all, not a bad day. Some


showers this afternoon. The zipped through quite quickly and some


beautiful sunshine to end the day. Dry throughout the night and the


wind will continue to pick tp. Another relatively mild night. Laws


around 13 or 14 Celsius. Tolorrow morning starting bright and breezy,


mostly dry for the bulk of the day. The wind blowing more cloud into the


afternoon and eventually a couple of showers pushing in towards the


afternoon. Most of the day should be bright. In shelter from the wind it


will not feel too bad. Tempdratures around average for the time of year.


Saturday easy with a couple of showers around. That is thanks to an


area of high pressure pushing up from the south. The driest `nd


brightest day looks like behng on Sunday and the lighter winds will


make it feel warm. A lot of cloud around for the start of next week


but that breaking up from Wddnesday onwards. That is good news. I hope


you have enjoyed our coverage from France. There is another very


special story tomorrow from us for, good night.


Go away if you don't me to speak to you like that!


Most schools exclude disruptive pupils.


I ain't putting up with this any more.


But one school takes them in and promises five GCSEs.


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