30/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


A young woman who was the vhctim of a homophobic attack has taken


part in today's Leicester Pride despite her injuries and fe`rs.


You might remember we told xou last week about Kerry Byrnes,


who was set upon and kicked unconscious in O`kham.


Carol Hinds caught up with her at today's event.


Now in its sixth year, the parade from the Curve Theatre


was a colourful curtain`raiser to Leicester's Pride event


Among those at today's gathdring was Kerry Byrnes, from Oakh`m.


She was brutally attacked bdcause of her sexuality just a fortnight ago.


Even though it's 2014, we still have homophobic behavhour in


We are out there showing th`t we are proud of who we are


Leicestershire Police are still investigating the attack.


Officers see today's event as a chance to assure the ldsbian,


gay, bisexual and transgender communities.


I am very keen for members of all communities who suffdr hate


crime to feel confident in being able to report those crimes to us.


I would encourage them to do so and we take it very seriously.


I am very proud that Kerry has decided to join us today to march


with us and for us to be able to show our support for her.


Just the thought of actually standing up to these


people and saying, you haven't won, you cannot do these things to


people, and I'm going to be here with my head held high.


Kerry has received messages of support both locally and


They are helping to restore her confidence after the attack.


Opposition is growing to pl`ns to demolish a Victorian hospital


The original Grantham Hospital dates back to 1874,


but is no longer used by thd United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.


Local people want the building restored,


instead of being demolished and replaced by a car park.


A trust spokesman says the building is beyond repahr.


Meanwhile, in Leicester, pl`ns to turn an outside theatre into a car


The City Council says the square outside the old


Phoenix Arts Centre ` renamdd the Sue Townsend Theatre ` could provide


22 parking spaces and compensate for more than 50 spaces lost


The plans are set to be approved next week.


But many arts groups say it's unnecessary as there's alre`dy


What I'm asking the council to do is to entdr into


a consultation phase with all the people who could use this wonderful


And just to delay making th`t decision


until there has been a constltation, because there hasn't been one.


I can't remember the last time we have seen `n


What we're proposing to do hs enhance the area, provide some extra


car parking spaces, which will hopefully be of benefit


But it will generally improve the area.


People tell us time after time that they prefer


open`air, surface level car parking instead of multistorey car parks.


Urgent repair work's begun `t a sports centre in Nottingh`mshire


which was closed suddenly for health and safety reasons.


The temporary closure of Meden Sports Centre in Warsop was


Mansfield District Council says part of the centre will reopen


in a few weeks but its swimming pool is expected to


To football, and Leicester City play tomorrow, as do Notts County.


But in today's games in the Championship, Nottingham Forest beat


Sheffield Wednesday by a go`l, which sees Forest stay top of the table.


In League Two, Mansfield Town were at home,


Let's check the weather now for the rest of the weekend.


There is still a chance of a shower this evening.


We have managed to escape, H think, reasonably well over the


East Midlands but the odd lhght shower is still present


The wind gradually starts to ease as well.


Night`time temperatures dropping to a minimum of


around 11 or 12 Celsius, and maybe the odd light shower present first


But it is going to be a mainly cloudy day.


A little ridge of high pressure is slowly building


from the south, so we are going to see things settling down.


A daytime temperature tomorrow of 19 Celsius.


A weak whether front sinking southwards


on Monday which could produce the odd spot or two of rain for a time.


But the general trend for next week is nicely settled


On The Beat in just over half an hour's time:


Leicester's Leo Stannard ` fresh from his A Levels `


Nottingham's Gorgeous Chans and Farrow have exciting festival


news to share, and Derby band Miss 600 with


That's The Beat, on your local BBC Radio frol six.


Back with more for you tomorrow at 6.50pm.


our BBC London radio station. I will be back tomorrow. Goodbye.


Good evening. We still have some showers in parts of the UK with


heavier ones in North East Scotland close to this low pressure. There is


a deeper low in the Atlantic, the former hurricane, which is moving


towards Iceland. Ahead of that through the night and tomorrow, we


see pressure building. That clears away the showers and for many


tomorrow will be drier and clearer with lighter winds and feeling


warmer. As we start Sunday morning, bright skies breakthrough across


parts of South West England with temperatures about 15 degrees


already. Dry weather along the South coast and into North East Anglia.


Some showers first thing in the morning in North West England but


they will be light and well scattered. Northern Ireland


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