31/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


There are demands for a councillor to resign


after he compared a German`born resident to Hitler's mistress.


Her local MP has described the remark as racist


Andy Cooper is a Labour borough and Kimberley town councillor.


It is his e`mail reference to this former town councillor as Eva Braun,


Hitler's mistress, that has led to demands for him to quit those posts.


What happened in the Second World War in Germany was


absolutely outrageous and wd feel deeply ashamed and guilty about it.


To be called Eva Braun, I consider that racist.


I think that from somebody in public office that is not


Kat says that she recently resigned from the town council because


The local MP was today with other members, who have also resigned


She says that Councillor Cooper should step down over his rdmark.


I was genuinely shocked and horrified at it.


He has picked on Kat becausd of her race and then he has used about as


offensive a description of somebody who happens to be born in Gdrmany


Councillor Andy Cooper would not be interviewed on camera, btt told


He says that he has apologised without reservation


The reference to Eva Braun hs something that Councillor Cooper


Kat says that she cannot forget it in a hurry and will not accdpt


Rob Sissons, BBC East Midlands Today, Nottinghamshire.


A site once used to train soldiers is being used to hdlp


It is through work to creatd a replica World War I battldfield


It may be just a grassy field right now,


but this site will be transformed into a World War I battlefidld.


The work is being carried ott by volunteers with the


It is designed to give unemployed people the chance to learn new


skills in the unique environment of Sherwood Pines in Nottinghalshire.


The volunteers being here really help us to promote


It also helps people get into training and get experhence


This site used to be a training camp for soldiers during World W`r I


The Forestry Commission has already built a replica trench.


Now, the volunteers will be adding to the experience with


This site is 1,200 hectares, so the Forestry Commission staff can


They really rely on the work that the volunteers do to put in all


those extra special touches which make it really great for visitors.


With the trench projects, the volunteers are really


the life blood of getting this place to look like it would have done


Without their help, we would not be as far as we are now.


The jobseekers here say thex are not only taking away new skills, but


also a new sense of confidence which helps in their quest for employment.


Did you see one of the world's last airworthy Lancasters


It was over the Gedling Show, but passed other areas of the


It was meant to be joined by a second Lancaster


but flew solo today, as the other, from Canada, was grounded.


It is a fabulous privilege to come and see it here today.


I think it is the noise that is the most evocative thing of all


I took a look at it and heard the tremendous sotnd


of the Rolls`Royce engines, how deep the sound is, and xou


Find more footage and photos on our Facebook page.


Now to football and Natalie has our round`up of the weekend's action.


It has been a great day for Leicester City, as they drew 1`1


Alexis Sanchez put the London Giants ahead, but Leicester never gave up.


A wonderful cross from Jeffrey Schlupp set up Ullo`


He also had a fine chance to win the game


Nottingham Forest stay at the top of the championship, after


They defended magnificently to secure their sixth win


Good news for Derby ` strikdr Chris Martin signed a new four`year


deal after he scored in the 1`1 draw with Ipswich yesterday.


Bad news though, midfielder Jeff Hendrick faces


a lay off, after he was takdn to hospital with an arm injury.


Notts County were drawing 1`1 for much of the game today


But in injury time they conceded a penalty to lose 2`1.


Let's check the weather now ` Charlie has our forecast.


After a pleasant way to end the weekend, the weather will gdt worse


tonight. As you can see on the map, there is some brightness sthll


around, but into Monday we will see rain and fog developing. Thd rain


will move Southeast and the fog will take a few hours to clear. @fter


that it will just be a cloudy day. I cannot promise you any brightness.


The temperatures will be OK. After that, the rest of the week will


settle down and improve. Good evening. Much of the country


has enjoyed some sunshine to finish August. The last couple of hours


brought a bit more cloud with some rain for Northern Ireland and


western Scotland. That front will continue south through England and


Wales overnight tonight, bringing with it a lot of mist and


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