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of Ashya King are in a Spanish jail tonight fighting extradition to


Britain after they a Derbyshire charity offers to fund


proton therapy for Ashya, Ashya hit the headlines havd today's


parents removed from hospit`l and took him to Spain. We will lake


?100,000 available and make sure that at least the family have the


chance to have their little boy to beat his cancer and tumour. Also


tonight, chaos for parents `t a free school in Leicester as they are told


it will not open on Wednesd`y. Plus, seeing the doctor. A town gets


an open all hours GP surgerx. And thousands turn out to see thumper


Thunder over Nottinghamshird. Good evening and welcome to Monday's


programme. First this evening `


support from the East Midlands for the family of a five`ye`r`old


boy who was taken from hosphtal Ashya King's parents are tonight


in a Spanish prison They're seeking proton beam therapy


to treat their son's brain tumour. Their fight for the treatment has


been backed by the mother of a Leicestershire boy who succdssfully


received it six years ago. And a Derbyshire charity is offering


?100,000 to pay for the therapy Here's our Chief News reporter,


Quentin Rayner. As five`year`old Ashya King remains


alone in a Spanish hospital, his parents continued to appear in a


Madrid court, defiantly reftsing extradition. The anguish is felt by


Roz Barnes and ten`year`old son Alex. When he was four, the family


raised ?130,000 to pay for proton therapy in Florida. Six years later


there is no sign of his tumour. I understand and support them. They


don't want their child's thdy want proton therapy. But they should have


made that clear to the hosphtal and had much better communication with


the hospital and said to be doctors, we understand your point of


view but this is ours and hd is our son and we want this treatmdnt. I


feel sorry for the little boy and his parents. He is in hospital and


doesn't know anybody or how to speak the language. His mum and d`d are in


jail. And now there is financial support. A Derbyshire charity, Kids


And Cancer was set up to fund proton therapy. We never say no. wd will


make ?100,000 available and make sure the family have the ch`nce to


have a little boy to beat hhs cancer and Schumer and have the best


possible chance to go forward in life. The treatment has app`lled


supporters. I'm extremely upset to see what has happened to his


parents. They are being tre`ted like bank robbers. Taken away in


handcuffs and shoved into police cars. There is no need for that A


check clinic is prepared to receive Ashya. One survivor has this simple


wish I do not want any of the kids to die. A lot of people in Britain


are dying because of cancer. Parents say they're devastated


after the Government termin`ted the funding for a new Sikh free


school in Leciester. The Falcons primary won't now


open on Wednesday as planned. The Government claims that there's


been a serious breakdown But the school trustees say


a million pounds of public loney The kids without a school. On


Wednesday, they were supposdd to be going to the new Falcons Prhmary in


Leicester. It was a free school with a Sikh ethos. But the Government has


terminated their funding. P`rents gathered to protest outside


Leicester 's town hall. dev`stated. My nieces were looking forw`rd to it


and we were so excited as a community. And it has been taken


from us. Either my childhood wanted to know what was going on. She has


made new friends at the school and she is devastated. The school was


supposed to be based here on this form NHS site closed Leicester


General Hospital. Many in the Sikh community were looking forw`rd to


it. It was hoped that as many as 460 pupils would eventually comd here.


The Government said that several key members of staff have resigned. The


school was supposed to be working with the Leicestershire `based


education trust. In a letter terminating the funding, school s


Minister Lord Nash said is the become apparent there has bden a


significant breakdown in thd relationship between the trtst,


several members of the prim`ry school's local governing th`t I go


governing body and other st`ff members. Million pounds as ht spent


on a building with another ?2 million pending and, you know, it is


taxpayer money. I pay taxes, I do not want my money to go to waste,


and noble people. I would actively work with the community to get a


resolution. What has happendd is not an except the ball way to treat this


community group. `` acceptable way. They are looking for altern`tive


schools now. Still to come


on the programme tonight: A knotty problem for Scots living


in the East Midlands who've got strong views on independencd ` but


can't vote one way or the other Next tonight,


a town in Derbyshire is preparing to offer routine GP appointments seven


days a week from next month. It'll be the first part


of our region to widen access Meanwhile, the NHS in Nottingham


is looking at providing routine The move is controversial


among some doctors' leaders who fear GPs may end up being forced to work


at weekends. We're live now to our health


correspondent, Rob Sissons. Yes, this is the little wick GP


practice in Ilkeston. It has been here for years, but something big is


about to happen. They are t`king part in an experimental routine


appointments all week. Let ts take a look at what really means. Here in


Erewash, let that macro there are 100,000 patients on the list. Soon


they will be able to get a weekend appointment for one between 8am to


8pm, seven days a week outshde normal GP hours for routine things


and that is an extra 400 appointments per week. A modest


start, but it is just a start. On the streets of Ilkeston tod`y I


asked shoppers what they thought. Most were enthusiastic. who will


benefit a lot of people bec`use I work full time, so it is hard to get


an appointment around work hours. It is better than waiting two weeks.


Brilliance. He needs to happen, there are not enough appointments


for everybody to be seen. the doctors cannot work all week, they'd


be shattered. We need more nurses and doctors. That is somethhng a


doctors' leader in Matlock hs worried about. He questions whether


this is really necessary. Is in need or want? Have you bothered to check


our UK makes the bank managdr or accountants? Or your dentist? It is


weeks. And a lot of what we see is not urgent. They will wait. You


cannot have a bespoke service at mass produced costs and that is what


the Government is trying to sell. Letters bring in the GP in charge of


the commissioning group for this. This is Doctor pen. You havd seen a


lot of `` Doctor hen. This hs good news. Is it once need? we h`ve been


awarded funding and the Prile Minister has given us a challenge


fund. This is for 400 addithonal appointments.


them finally hit their annu`l four hour wait targets? It is designed to


provide additional capacity in primary care. Patients will be able


to access clinics in Ilkeston from October and in Long Eaton from


January. Patients will be able to book through their GP surgery into


those additional clinics and we do hope that patients accessing the


services will be given a suhtable alternative to attending accident


and emergency. Something new and no doubt they'll be watching it


Leicestershire Lincolnshire. It is experiment will hear in Derbyshire,


they'll be looking at other similar ideas.


A Nottinghamshire councillor who compared a German`born resident to


Hitler's mistress has been sent on diversity training.


Kimberley councillor Andy Cooper referred to the resident as


"Eva Braun" in an email to fellow councillors.


Her local MP called for him to resign.


He has since issued an apology and will be going on the tr`ining


A council says it's to step up its campaign against fly`tippers after


Gedling Borough Council's planning more patrols and mobile CCTV cameras


to combat what it says is an increasing problem.


Items dumped last month included mattresses, sofas, cookers


One area ` close to a recycling centre `


Many drivers were warned by police for parking dangerously outside


Officers were dispensing advice at the start of a new campahgn.


The authorities say parents on the school run are blockhng


pavements and getting in thd way of emergency vehicles.


8:30am, and a school run is in full flow. But today, it is the police


who are surprising parents near the gates of the school. This driver,


parked half on the pavements, get unfairly advice. `` some frhendly


advice. There is not enough space here for double bogeys to go past.


So he's a park somewhere else if you can leave earlier and find parking


on side streets. In the rush, people park where they shouldn't and zigzag


lines and pavements. Parents walking to school welcome the new c`mpaign.


If you are late running latd you should make an effort and thing of


the kids. You will not like it's a run of your kid. Same goes for


everybody else's. That's wh`t else's. I think it should bd


stopped. Leicestershire Fird Service demonstrate the bubble of gdtting


through here. Most of these people live within a five`minute w`lk of


the school and with all the push about and obesity, walking hs one


thing parents can do to help. Somebody's house could burn down


because of their parking behng inappropriate. Our main concern is


the safety of the children. There is going to be a bad accident Londay.


This is just the start. Authorities will be arriving unannounced at


other schools in the city dtring this month long campaign.


Thumper took to the skies over Nottinghamshhre this


weekend ` and at the controls was a pilot from West Bridgford.


By the end of this month, the make`up of our country could


With only a few weeks to go until the referendum vote on


Scottish independence, some Scots living in the East Midlands are


trying to influence the outcome even though they don't have a vote.


Meanwhile, politicians say the result will also


have a big impact on us in the East Midlands, whatever the final


Our political editor John Hdss has been to Edinburgh, but starts


A Highland gathering ` not north of the border but


Warwick Adams has been helphng to run it for several years, btt if


there is one knot he wants to untie, it's Scotland's union with Dngland.


Scotland has its own identity, its own culture.


But because he lives south of the border in Ashbourne,


I do feel a bit disenfranchised to be honest.


North of the border, and a familiar face.


You may recognise Nottingham`born Lisa Dransfheld from


I do know a thing or two about fashion, and this season girls,


it seems that clobber like this is what we all have to be wearhng.


At her home near Edinburgh, she sifts through some referendum


Lisa works for the Scottish NHS these days, she gets a vote,


She's very excited about it and she's very definite in her views


They see things very much in black and white.


Obviously the grey comes both literally


This is the Scottish Parlialent in Edinburgh.


It is only in the shop windows nearby that you get


I've always seen myself verx much as a British citizen, so I don't know.


Would you consider moving back south?


Whatever the outcome of the referendum voted,


it will have a huge impact here ` but also closer to home.


And it will come down to Government cash.


According to Treasury figurds, public spending last year pdr head


in the East Midlands, population 4.5 million, was ?8, 08 `


that is lower than average for England at just over ?8,500


The figure for Scotland, population 5.2 million, was ?10,152.


I have a neighbour who spends his time winding me up over it.


Saying things like "United we stand, divided YOU fall!"


And with only a few weeks to go the debate is starting to head south.


John's in Westminster for us tonight.


How could the referendum result affect us in the East Midlands?


one thing I can't predict is what the outcome of the referendtm vote


is likely to be. But one thhng I can predict is that no matter how the


vote goes, if the Scots want independence or stay with us, they


will be big changes in the relationship between Westminster,


Edinburgh and also the Englhsh regions. One of our influential


MPs, Graham Allen, has alre`dy suggested that perhaps Engl`nd ought


to have a referendum on gre`ter devolution. He's not calling for


England to have its own parliament, but he does look at some recent


polling trends that show more and more people living in the English


regions like the East Midlands, would quite like England to have, if


you like, greater say in its own parliament. He is also callhng for


greater tax raising powers for some of our big English cities lhke


Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham. He also wants a national


constitution, then shall so whatever happens after this, the deb`te about


the role of England and abott his boys will continue. `` volldys.


Time for sport on transfer deadline day.


Yes, the window closes tonight so Natalie is in the studio with us.


Well, Leicester are our most active club this evening.


They are in talks with two Manchester United youngsters,


There also in talks with Sw`nsea about 19`year`old talented


There has been an enquiry too made about Leicester striker Chrhs Woods


Yes, Leicester really proving they can be a match for the best


Two points of out nine is a great return for a newly promoted


They have played three teams out of last season's top five in Everton,


Chelsea and Arsenal and really not looked out of place at the top.


But when Alexis Sanchez put Arsenal ahead yesterday after 20 minutes,


many expected they would go on and win the game ` and comfortably.


But as he did a few weeks ago against


Everton, record signing Leo Ulloa got Leicester back in the g`me.


A stunning cross from Jeffrey Schlupp


And he's justifying that ?8 million price tag from Brighton isn't he?


He is certainly showing he can compete.


He has a brilliant chance to win the game for Leicester yestdrday.


He did everything right but score, and, after the game,


both managers felt Leicester could have won the game.


You have to respect the performance of Leicester today


and be realistic ` we could have lost a game in the end.


It was a very good performance in many ways.


And we continue to show signs that we are capable


of adapting quickly and improving, I think that's really important


Kirsty Edwards has been looking today at the start to the sdason


for our Championship teams starting with the leaders Forest who won


Stuart Pearce has said this was their toughest gamy yet. But once


again, Forest were up for the challenge. he makes a header. Into


the penalty area. Forest showed resilience in the second half and


held out for a one mill window. Probably the only disappointing


thing is that may be we are better side than we've shown. But, overall,


the results have been good. Table topping Forest have now plaxed five


games in the league winning four and drawing one. They are one of just


two teams still unbeaten in the Championship. They kept thrde clean


sheets and hit 11 league go`ls. Only Watford have scored more. As the


Derby, they had a great Scot against Ipswich. `` start against Ipswich.


Disappointment to come though when one player went off with thd


dislocated shoulder. In the second half, Ipswich got the equalhser a


terrific starts. We got the early goal and then we kind of stopped.


The Rams have now won two and drawn two. They have lost one. Thdy have


only conceded five goals and scored nine, although five of thosd did


come in just one game. A decent start that Steve 's legacy Derby


seventh in the table. A point of the Play`Off places. Notts County have


signed Jordan Cranston. He comes from Wolves and Anita on. Hd went


against Bristol city yesterday only to see the visitors get one bike on


the hour mark. He then scordd and won a penalty in injury timd. Pretty


bad for Nottingham. Pain too for Mansfield Town, who


lost two one to Burton Albion in a game more notable for Robbid Weir's


late sending off for a headbutt and But earlier Mansfield did gdt


a goal through Matt Rhead and can make a decent argumdnt that


they didn't deserve to lose. Some people say the County game is


dull ` you know, they're very wrong. Nottinghamshire's title chase looked


to be going very wrong at Dtrham as they collapsed


in their first innings. But what a fightback to


give themselves a chance. Elsewhere,


Derbyshire are doing well at home to Division Two leaders Worcestershire


and Leicestershire getting on OK away at Hampshire ` though bad light


is getting in the way there. And finally, in several senses


of the word, Leicester Riders basketball team will be getting


a new home of their own. It's a spot just outside


the city centre, next to the Grand Union Can`l


and to Leicester College ` which It's been driven through


by Leicester's Mayor and they plan to be playing ball


here this time next year. And we'll take a closer look


at the development and what it means It's a sight that instantly


transports you back to old war films ` or perhaps to your own


family's wartime experiences. Thousands of people


across Nottinghamshire got the chance to see a rare Lancaster


bomber this weekend And while it's called a Lancaster,


it emerged this particular plane had very strong links to thd


East Midlands, too, One of the last of its kind. This is


Thumper, one of two Lancastdr bombers still able to fly. Hn the


cockpit on the rights, Flight Lieutenant Tim Dunlop who w`s born


in West bridge that. On the ground, to special plane spotters, his


mother and father. I know that Tim is incredibly proud to be flying


with the Battle of Britain Lemorial flight representing and honouring


the bomber command. Very proud. It is so unique and it is something


that not an awful lot of people can do. I used to take him to ahr shows,


and he got it from there. From there, it was on to another show,


the famous bomber dates frol World War II, but it's fly`past e`rmarks


100 years since the outbreak of World War I. we have at Spitfires


and voters, but never a Lancaster. You can see by the amount of people


here that they have come specifically to see the Lancaster.


It is one of the last remaining treasures I think everybody should


get to see it at some point. It is the sight of it but also thd noise.


That's the most evocative thing 70 years old, and still flying. A


tribute to all the blokes who never came back. Won the other slhght


hiccup, this plane's other colleague was due to join it but suffdred


engine problems. Be nothing could stop this aircraft from flyhng high.


`` but nothing. Well, we've put some more


of that footage from inside the plane on our Facebook p`ge


and there's the address if xou want to see the view from the Lancaster


as it flies over Nottingham. It has been a bit miserable today,


some drizzly outbreaks of r`in, too. There will be some improvemdnts


through the week, that weather fronts which brought us a cloud and


rain is clearing away and wd have pressure building behind th`t.


Normally, when we think of high`pressure whipping of stnny


weather, and, at this time of year, fairly warm. We will stay dry this


week, but it is more, locatdd than that because with high`pressure we


can often get moisture trapped beneath it. That makes it vdry


difficult to dry and forecast the cloud and therefore, forecast the


sunshine as well. But if we do get some sun this week, we have warm air


and temperatures will be back up into the 20s. Perhaps Wednesday


2223 degrees. We see some breaks in the cloud now and it will stay dry


throughout the night. Clear spells to start off with but mist `nd low


cloud rolling in off the East close late on in the night. So turning a


bit murky later. But it will hold the temperatures up and we `re


looking at lows of around tdn or 11 Celsius. Tomorrow morning, we start


quite murky, quite a lot of mist and low cloud first thing. Back cloud


just about thick enough to squeeze out a bit of light rain,


particularly across eastern parts. For the majority of us, it hs a dry


day though. You may get a fdw breaks in the cloud and sunshine l`ter on.


We have light winds, so not feeling too bad and temperatures get up to


19 or 20 Celsius. It looks `s though we should get some more sunshine


breaking through on Wednesd`y and when we get that, that enriches


rocket, but to 2223 degrees. A similar story for the rest of the


week. `` those temperatures rocket. We will be back at 10:25pm. Goodbye.


Go away if you don't me to speak to you like that!


Most schools exclude disruptive pupils.


I ain't putting up with this any more.


But one school takes them in and promises five GCSEs.


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