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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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That's all from us. Don't forget, Newsnight's starting


over on BBC And now the news for the East


Midlands, I'm Geeta Pendse. There's support tonight from the


East Midlands for the family of a five`year`old boy who was taken from


hospital against medical advice. Ashya King's parents are


in a Spanish prison They're seeking proton beam therapy


to treat their son's brain tumour. A Derbyshire charity is offering to


pay for the therapy, and a mother of a Leicestershire boy who


successfully received it six years Here's our Chief News Reporter,


Quentin Rayner. As five`year`old Ashya King remains


alone in a Spanish hospital, his parents continue to appear


in a Madrid court, and her ten`year`old son Alex from


Fleckney. When he was four,


the family raised ?130,000 to pay Six years later, there is no sign


of his brain tumour. I understand and support what


they have done, they don't want radiotherapy, they want proton


therapy, but they should have They should have said to


the doctors, no, we understand your point of view, but he is


our son and we want this treatment. I feel very sorry


for the little boy and the parents. Because he is in a hospital,


and he doesn't know anybody or how to speak the language,


and his mum and dad are in jail. Derbyshire`based charity


Kids'n'Cancer was set up four years ago to fund


proton therapy We will make ?100,000 available


and make sure that at least the family have the chance


to help their little boy beat his cancer and to have the best possible


chance to go forward in life. The treatment of Ashya's


parents has appalled supporters. I am upset to see what


has happened to them. They are being treated like


criminals, bank robbers, taken away in handcuffs and shoved into police


cars, there is no need for that. A Czech clinic is prepared


to receive Ashya. I do not want many more kids to die,


like a lot of people are dying Parents say they're devastated


after the Government terminated the funding for a new Sikh


free school in Leicester. The Falcons Primary won't now


open on Wednesday as planned. The Government says that there's


been a serious breakdown But the school trustees say


?1 million of public money has Decades without a school. On


Wednesday, there were supposed to be going to the new Falcons Primary in


Leicester. Our free school or the Sikh ethos. But the Government has


terminated funding. Parents met to protest outside Leicester Town Hall.


I am devastated. As a community, we were so excited. And at the 11th


hour, it has been taken from us. Even my child has been asking what


is happening. I have explained to her but she has made new friends at


the school and she is devastated. The school was supposed to be based


here, close to Leicester General Hospital. Many in the Sikh community


were looking forward to it. It was hoped that as many as 460 pupils


would eventually be based here. The Government says several key members


of staff have resigned. The school was supposed to be working with a


Leicestershire `based education trust. In a letter terminating the


funding, Lord Nash said... ?1 million has been spent on a


building with another ?2 million going to be sunk into that building.


It is taxpayers' money. I am a businessman, I pay taxes. I don't


want my money to go to waste. I would actively work with the


community and the D of E to get a resolution. What has happened is not


an acceptable way to treat this community group. The city council is


now trying to help parents find alternative schools.


A town in Derbyshire is preparing to offer routine GP appointments


The surgery in Ilkeston will be the first part of our region to widen


The move is controversial among some doctors' leaders,


who fear GPs may end up being forced to work at weekends.


But in Ilkeston, doctors think it will help cope


It is a start and a step in the right direction.


We are providing more and more appointments year after year


and still, patients are telling us that more appointments are needed.


A Nottinghamshire councillor who compared a German`born resident to


Hitler's mistress has been sent on diversity training.


Kimberley councillor Andy Cooper referred to the resident as


"Eva Braun" in an email to fellow councillors.


Her local MP called for him to resign.


He has since issued an apology and will be going on the training


And finally, thousands of people across Nottinghamshire got


the chance to see a rare Lancaster bomber this weekend.


The iconic Second World War plane is one of only two


It was guest of honour at Radcliffe on Trent and at the Gedling Show.


However, its flypast was to honour the centenery


It was flown by Flight Lieutenant Tim Dunlop,


who was born in Nottingham and whose family live here.


Well, we've put some more of that footage from inside


the plane on our Facebook page, and there's the address, if you want


to see the view from the Lancaster as it flies over Nottingham.


So, it's goodbye from me, but with your weather now,


The worst is behind us for this week. It is settling down. The


weather fronts are week. It is settling down. The


weather fronts are leaving us and we have pressure starting to build. It


looks as though it will be mostly dry for the next couple of days.


Quite a lot of cloud. But when the sun comes out, temperatures will


popping `` will be popping up. Quite a lot of cloud this evening, the


cloud starting to break up, so dry with clear spells. A little mist and


low cloud pushing into eastern areas later. Turning a little bit murky.


Temperatures down to 11 or 12. Tomorrow morning, some of us


starting of misty and murky. The best of the sunshine in the West.


The cloud just about thick enough to produce the odd spot of light rain


and drizzle in the East. In the brightness, temperatures getting to


around 19 or 20. That's all from us, I'll leave you with the Outlook.


will also feel fairly warm, and the cloud will make a difference to the


temperature as Matt Taylor explains. Good evening. If you have left it


late for your summer break this year, the weather will probably be


kind to you. Most places will be dry and it will be fairly warm as well.


Most places will see temperatures in the high teens, but they could reach


the mid-20s. The problem is judging those cloud breaks from day-to-day.


The high pressure is settling things down, but also


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