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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


The country's largest Second World War event got under way


The Victory Show, as it's called, was this year commemorating 70


years since D`Day and the Battle of Arnhem, although some events


had to be curtailed because of the weather, as Carolyn Moses reports.


Today, thousands arrived to watch the


It's 70 years since their D`Day landings in Normandy marked


Some who disembarked as teenagers then were here today.


I kept thinking, why am I at the front?


Today's not just about celebrating victory, it's about remembering


The British were overwhelmed as they tried to push into Holland.


their attempt coined the phrase, a bridge too far.


And today, plans to recreate that attempt was rather poignantly


There are plans to make this an annual event to help


People like this lady, who helped feed the troops.


I have a tear in my eye, but I wouldn't have missed it for


A memorial stone paying tribute to a Leicester soldier was officially


Private Lee Reeves was killed in Afghanistan in 2006.


The stone was originally installed at barracks in Germany, where his


unit was based, but has now been moved to Thurnby near Leicester.


A short while ago, it was officially unveiled.


It is such a proud moment for the family.


We are relieved now that it's come back home for him.


Police have released security footage of the gang who blew up


several cash machines in Leicestershire and Derby.


It shows two of more than 30 attacks across the Midlands and


The gang stole hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Five men are starting long jail sentences this weekend.


To sport: And Hucknall hurdler Andy Turner officially retired


The former European Champion and Commonwealth medallist competed


for the last time this afternoon, with his parents watching, at


Just holding off the world record holder for third.


I thought I would be excited to race and that would be it.


But they start to play the music and show montages and it got me.


The new rugby season is officially underway.


An auspicious start for Leicester Tigers, beating Newcastle


Last night, Nottingham started their Championship season with a win at


In cricket, Notts may struggle to reach the finals of the


Home side Durham set them a mammoth target of 354 runs in today's semi.


A short while ago, Nottinghamshire were 190 for 5,


The international break means our only football side


They were at Exeter, where the Stags won 2`1.


Weather time now. Let's see if it's parachute weather for tomorrow.


It's been a murky day. There's been low cloud,


which caused disappointment to some of the events taking place.


But we're in for a much better day tomorrow.


A much drier and brighter day. Plenty of sunshine around.


We have got some rain to get through first.


It will clear its way southwards and eastwards this evening.


Behind that, the cloud will start to break.


Starting to introduce cooler and fresher air tonight.


It will be chillier than recent nights.


Temperatures slide into single figures.


A matter better start tomorrow morning. There will be some fair


weather cloud building. We stay dry and sunny. It should not feel too


bad at all. The Beat's on air


on your local BBC Radio from 6:00am. Good evening. It was a mixed bag to


start the weekend. The satellite sequence shows cloud across northern


Scotland in the centre of an area of low pressure and associated weather


fronts drifting east across England and Wales with sunshine following


behind with showers. The showers should be gone by the small hours of


the morning. Clear skies follow behind, so temperatures will dip


into single figures and maybe a few patches of fog to go with that. In


the North of Scotland it is pretty wet in the overnight period and into


the morning. The North of Scotland will be a focal point for some of


the wettest weather on Sunday, 20-40 millimetres of rain quite widely in


some places may see more than that and it will be accompanied by some


brisk wind. A different story through the central lowlands,


sunshine here. Northern Ireland might start on the cloudy side but


not for Wales and the Midlands where it should be a nice start.


Temperatures should stay up due to the cloud and a spot of rain to go


with that. Northern England might be cool first thing for the Great North




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