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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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That is all of the sport. Thank you. That's it from


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


It's been confirmed the country's most senior clergy


of both the Catholic Church and the Church of England whll be


taking part in the re`internment of King Richard III in Leicdster.


The king died a Catholic almost 60 years before


Until today it wasn't clear how Catholicism would be reflected


in next year's event. Carol Hinds reports.


A procession could form part of the services and ceremonies which will


be held for the internment of King and the third `` Cymru and the


third. The most senior membdrs of the Catholic Church and the Church


of England will take part `` Richard III. The King's remains will be


received, that is an inch and service which is part of both


traditions `` inching service. It eventually became the Anglican


parish church. We are absolttely delighted the Cardinal is coming


here to preach in the cathedral The Anglican Church was established in


1534. Next year will be 530 years since his death in 1485. We


celebrate Mass for departed brothers and sisters, so we will prax for


Richard III's soul. The authorities say next year's ceremonies will be


special services. But should not be thought of as a state funer`l. It is


neither a state nor a funer`l, the cause the funeral took placd, that


cannot be ripped Peter had `` repeated. It is an internment. Work


is underway both inside and outside Leicester Cathedral as they prepare


for a week of special services. Police are investigating


a firearms incident in Derbx. They say a group of people


forced their way into Two people inside


suffered minor injuries ` Four people, aged between 26 and 32,


have been arrested. The father of a young woman who


died suddenly from an undiagnosed heart problem is raising funds to


research the condition. Retired teacher John Holmes,


from Derbyshire, will be directly following


in his daughter's footsteps by trekking through


part of the Himalayas. Many people put their feet tp on


retiring, but John Holmes from Derby has set himself a high`altitude


challenge. The challenge is to take a trek all the way around a stretch


just short of 200 miles in the Himalayas. My daughter, whol we lost


five years ago, the year before she died, it was part of her trhp around


the world, one of the things she wanted to do for many years. When


she came back in the summer, she had been travelling for quite a long


time after it, and she said it was one of the most enjoyable things she


did. And you could do that! John is also raising money for charhties in


his daughter's name. We revhved her enough in order for her to donate


organs. She would have also wanted that. There was not enough time to


save her life, unfortunatelx. I have got a real picture in my mind


already of what it is like `ll the way up. When I get up to thd pass,


which I will do, it will be rather special. He will be setting off next


month. Hundreds of others were on foot


today, and throwing off thehr shoes for the barefoot walk in Nottingham.


It was to highlight poverty in places of the world that cannot


afford shoes. You could walk three or five kilometres around the park,


with spears shoes being don`ted to charity. `` spare shoes.


The fire brigade had to givd some help to those using a giant slide


The 100ft inflatable was set up on Kipling Drive,


But with washing`up liquid and a little extra water prdssure,


It was a lot faster than I thought it was going to be, and wet. Very


wet. You do not slow down when you hit the full form at the bottom As


you can see, I am absolutelx drenched. It is good, it is great,


lots of people around, it is good. There is nothing better in the world


than a water slide. Determined to have a go, I was!


Here is the weather forecast. It has been a superb day today, and


very little in the way of change. There will be loads of that lovely


sunshine returning through tomorrow. Little changing for the rest of the


day and through tonight. St`ying dry throughout the night, clear skies as


well. The temperatures are going to take a tumble tonight, down to


around four, 5 degrees in rtral spots. Fog clears out of thd way


through the morning, and it looks as though we're in for a superb day.


Little bit of Fairweather cloud but a beautiful afternoon, sunshine and


blue skies, feeling pleasant with highs of 18, 19 Celsius. Quote will


be returning next week on Ttesday. `` cloud.


More from me at 10:30pm. Good night. Good evening. Most of us had a


lovely end to the weekend but the exception was the north-east of


Scotland. It was cold, wet and windy but the low responsible is now


moving away and we have high pressure moving its way in from the


West. The pressure is rising all the while over the next few days which


will settle things down nicely and it will be dry pretty much all week.


But the forecasting headache will be the amount of cloud. The next few


hours will still be pretty wet and windy in the north-east of Scotland


but through the small hours the ring becomes quite liked and patchy.


Elsewhere it is a dry night, a few patches of low cloud here and there


but for many it is a night of clear spells, and major towns and cities


will be a degree either side of double figures but in rural areas


temperatures could reach as low as one degree. Northern Scotland will


be cloudy and breezy, not much Rangers peak of but they will be


some. The central lowlands will


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