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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Good evening. three runs. That is all the sport.


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


The Catholic Church confirmdd today it's role in the reinternment


He died a Catholic before the Church of England was created.


Today, it was announced England s most senior clergy,


both Catholic and Church of England, will be involved.


The most senior representathves of the Angela church and Catholic


Church in England will take part. The cardinal and Archbishop will be


here for the Sirs service when the King's remains are received into the


cathedral, an ancient service part of both traditions of our churches.


We are absolutely delighted that the Cardinal is coming to preach here in


the cathedral. There was no churching in King Richard's day


Next year will be 530 years since his death. We celebrate Mass for our


departed brothers and sisters. We will give thanks to all might God


for the gift of his life. The authorities say next year's


ceremonies will be special services, but should not be thought of as a


state funeral. It is neither a state or a funeral. The funeral took place


500 years ago. That is something that cannot be repeated. Thhs is not


a funeral. It's a reinterment. Work is underway as they prepare for a


week of special services to mark the internment.


Four people are still being questioned by police over a firearms


incident in Derby. They say a group


of people forced their way hnto a Two people


inside suffered minor injurhes, Four people, aged between 26 and 32,


have been arrested. A father is to walk in his


daughter's footsteps to raise money Philippa Holmes died from an


undiagnosed heart problem, now John Holmes plans to trek through part


of the Himalayas in her memory. Many people put their feet tp


on retiring, but John Holmes, from Derby, has set himself


a high altitude challenge. The challenge is to take


a trek all the way round thd It's a stretch of just short


of 200 miles altogether, My daughter, Philippa,


who we lost five years ago, the year before she died it was part


of her trip round`the`world. One of the things she wanted


to do for many a year. When she came back in the stmmer,


she had been travelling for quite a long time after


the trek and she said, "dad, that was one of the most enjoyable bits


that I did and you could do that ." John is also raising money


for charities in Philippa's name. We revived her enough


for her to be able to donatd her It's something she would


always have wanted. Sadly,


it wasn't in time to save hdr life. So I've got a real picture


in my mind already of what ht's When I get up to the pass,


which I will do, He's due to set


off later this month. Simon Hare, BBC East Midlands Today,


Derbyshire. The folk of Mickleover were brought


together earlier today by stnshine, The inflatable was


set up on Kipling Drive. It wasn't quite slidey enough


at first, but with washing`tp liquid and extra water pressure


things finally got moving. Find more about that on our Facebook


page. Now, to the weather for the start


of the working week. It's been a fabulous end to


the weekend. There's very little in the way


of change for the next 24`hours we're staying dry and there will be


stacks of that lovely sunshhne We will stay dry,


clear skies as well. With those light winds,


the temperatures will take A chilly one with lows down to four


or five Celsius in rural spots. A little bit of mist


and fog forming first thing in the morning as well, but that whll clear


out of the way really quite quickly and we're in for a super sunny day


tomorrow, just a little bit of fair We will stay dry and sunny


into the afternoon and evenhng and with light winds it is going to


feel quite pleasant again whth Good evening. It was a lovely end to


the weekend for most parts of the United Kingdom, the main exception


was the North East of Scotland where it was cold, wet and windy. The low


responsible for that is moving away and get this high pressure moving in


from the Atlantic. That will stick around pretty much all week and that


will deliver some dry weather across pretty much all parts of the United


Kingdom. The main headache for us forecasters will be the cloud. We


still have windy conditions and quite wet in the North of Scotland


but by the end of the night the rain becomes quite like an Apache.


Elsewhere, a dry night, if you patches of cloud and fog and many


places will be dry with clear spells. It will turn quite chilly,


particularly with rural parts of the north and west. It is low enough for


just a touch of Frost. Into the morning, still windy across the


North of Scotland, still quite cloudy but hardly any rain to speak


of, just trips and rads and it should be that bit brighter through


the central lowlands. A decent start in Northern Ireland. Mr and fog in


the north-west of inland, maybe to the south-east as well but my during


and Wales gets off to ladies and start today, with plenty of sunshine


and light winds too. I suspect the


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