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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Geeta Pendse.


Tonight the Chief Constable who says his own job should be scrapped.


First tonight, Nottinghamshire's Chief Constable


has told this programme that his job should be scrapped.


On You don't need 43 sets of headquarters. It could be done with


a lot less. How are four`ye`r`old girl died after being attacked by


the family dog. At 17, Ethan is about to become the UK's yotngest


bone marrow donor. The amount of pain I'm going to be in compared to


the amount of pain this child is going to be in, so why shouldn't I


donate my stem cells? He max need help getting to the table, but one


sees their commies are very good. I'm talking to the boy described as


a future World Snooker champion Good evening and welcome to Monday's


programme. First tonight,


Nottinghamshire's Chief Constable has told this programme that


his job should be scrapped. Chris Eyre made


the comment following a call for forces across the country to be


merged, to save money. Mr Eyre's backing the idea dven


though he concedes it's a bht He wants


a new regional force to run policing And he's convinced it can


still be locally accountabld. Our Social Affairs Correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, reports. Local policing


for your local community. It's a fundamental principld


of this country's law and order Today Nottinghamshire's chidf


constable unveiled his plans to adapt to the l`test


budget cuts meaning pooling more resources and specialist st`ff with


other local police forces You do not need 43 chief constables


and 43 sets of headquarters. The money that goes


into those should be forced and pushed down into giving better


services to the public. Do you think


your job should be scrapped? I guess this is part of it for me,


we can't carry on Regional policing is alreadx


well`established here in thd The Philpott fire deaths in Derby


were investigating the East Midlands These days everything from forensics


to firearms are handled So does Nottinghamshire's police


and crime commission think ht's time I've always thought there w`s


a strong case Whether we force people


into mergers, I think is sthll up in The East Midlands would be


about the size of Belgium. And it could depend


on public opinion too. Eight years ago, plans to mdrge


our local forces had to be scrapped amid fears that local peopld would


lose control over local polhcing. But Chris Ayre thinks it's


different this time around. I'm not arguing


for losing local accountability We've got locally elected police


and crime commissioners who would make sure the chief constable was


held to account for the delhvery of local services to meet


the local priorities that they It's inefficient,


doesn't make sense and creates But others might not be


so confident. If police force mergers are back


on the table they are bound to be Jeremy has in the studio. A regional


police force would be a hugd change. It's not going to happen imlinently.


It would need primary legislation. That certainly not going to happen


this side of a general election I do think things have shifted since


the idea caused so much outrage last time around. Firstly, because


there's so much more financhal pressure. Secondly, it's already


working in Scotland where local forces have been merged. Le`ding


politicians on both sides are much more positive about this idda of


police force mergers knows of a message tonight is watch thhs space.


Indeed, thank you. The mother


of a four`year`old girl killed by her pet dog has told an hnquest


how the animal went straight for her daughter's throat beford she ran


to get the biggest knife shd could Lexi Branson died at her hole


in Mountsorrel in Leicestershire Victoria Hicks reports


from Loughborough coroner's court. There is some graphic imagery in her


report. Lexi Branson was attacked by a bulldog in the lounge of the


family flat. She died from facial injuries and from being suffocated


by the dog. Her mother had seen the dog advertised online and told the


court she liked the look of it for them she said Lexi would give the


dog cuddles and it showed no signs of aggression, nothing to gdt a


cause for concern in the five weeks she had the dog prior to thd attack.


On the 5th of November last year, she described how the dog wdnt up on


all fours, when Steph and stayed at Lexi before going straight for her


throat and then her mouth. She described how she tried to pull the


dogs legs apart and smashed a glass on its head before finding the


biggest carving knife she could find repeatedly stabbing it before it


finally released its grip. The inquest heard she bought thd dog for


?50 from these candles. Thex re`homed cancel strays. `` kennels.


Police found it had seven previous owners including two dog brdeders


before arriving here. Detective Sergeant Penny Henry told the


inquest that while the dog `ppeared passive, it attacked without warning


the dog belonging to the last owner. That owner had contacted thd RSPCA


saying he had concerns over his children's safety. But when the


RSPCA would not collect the dot`com he contacted the city dog w`rden


saying it was a straight to get it off his hands for free. That meant


no information about the dog could go forward. Many apologies. We have


had a problem there. Moving on. Police in Derby have arrestdd


a fifth person following A group forced their way


into a house on Gerard Stredt on Saturday night and officdrs say


its believed shots were firdd. Two people inside the property


were hurt but not from being shot. Four people were arrested


shortly afterwards. One, a 26 year old woman,


has since been released. Another woman was


detained this afternoon. It's emerged that four out of every


five brothers or sisters pl`ced in foster care in Derbyshire l`st year


were separated from their shblings. New figures show 79%


of siblings were split up. The national average is


around a third. More than half of those fostered


in Nottingham were also sep`rated. The charity Action


for Children says it can affect It's calling for more foster


carers to come forward. Coming up `


the start of a new series hdre on East Midlands Today wherd we


shine a spotlight on educathon. We begin with a look


at a school placed in speci`l There have been some big ch`nges,


since then. This week a Nottingham teen`ger will


become the youngest person hn the UK Ethan Buttress who's 17 and


from the Lady Bay area is hoping to He was amazed to be told he's


a match after signing up to the Anthony Nolan register


at Bilborough Sixth Form College. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons


reports. Most teenagers don't like bding


parted from their mobiles for long. Ethan was in the bath when he read


the e`mail from the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust saying he was


a potential match for someone. I was at my grandad's house


in the Lake District in the bath and I was looking at my phone, which was


a stupid idea, water and phones Because it was only a potential


match at the time, I didn't think. I think they would have called


if it had been more serious. Ethan could change save


a child's life. All he knows is it's


a boy somewhere in the world, who is I think if I'm going to livd


on this planet I may as well do something worthwhile, so if I can


save a life why shouldn't I? The amount


of pain I'm going to be in compared to the amount of pain this child is


going to be in is nothing. Why shouldn't I donate


my stem cells? It began with a session simhlar to


this, the Anthony Nolan trust takes spit samples to see


if people are a match. The age limit for donors was


lowered in 2012 from 18 to 06. Ethan's sixth form Centre


in Nottingham got involved after a former student, Adrhan


Sudbury, died from leukaemi`. Ethan's A`level drama class was


taking his mind off Wednesd`y's procedure to remove bone marrow


in London. We're absolutely surprised


and delighted. We have about 400`500 students


on the register now. The chance of them being


called up is fairly slim. His girlfriend thinks it's


great what he is doing. I think it's pretty amazing,


a brave thing he's doing, A lot of people go on to live


full healthy lives so it wotld be Well earlier I spoke to Kathe Day


from the Anthony Nolan Trust and I asked her just how common is it to


find a match? You have around one


in 1,200 chance of being a latch But


when donors join our registdr we do tell them they stay on therd until


they are 60, so it can be any time It's not always the case th`t they


are matched as quickly as Ethan was. Of course,


Ethan was part of a college drive. You're starting a campaign


called Save A Life At 16. Are you hoping


his example will attract more young We do like to raise awareness in


sixth forms and colleges with our presentations, but also Savd A Life


At 16, what were asking is for the government to send informathon about


joining the bone marrow reghster to all 16`year`olds with their


National Insurance numbers so hopefully even more young people


will know they can save a lhfe. Is there


a particular reason why you're Younger donors are often chosen


by transplant centres They tend to have less freqtent


medical issues that might prevent or delay donation


so we keen to make people aware this Of course, Ethan may never leet


the child, the young person who will I mean, it's


a very incredible thing to do to give something of yourself to help a


stranger who you might never meet. Building work has uncovered


"elevated" levels of cyanidd and other hazardous substances `t


the site of Derby's new velodrome. The ?28 million arena has bden


built at Pride Park, A report to Derby City Council says


the toxic material is not d`ngerous to the public, but protection


measures have been put in place University students in Leicdster


could be offered the chance to De Montfort University todax


announced a ?42 million contract for a new fashion,


art and design school. Developer Balfour Beatty will build


the planned new Creative It says it hopes to offer work


experience to students in ddsign, Last November there were fireworks


and recriminations as OFSTED inspectors put half of


the secondary schools in Nottingham into 'special measures' in ` major


effort to improve standards. Almost a year on


since those snap inspections and with lessons underway again


after the summer holidays Simon Ward starts a new serhes


on education by seeing what changes At the end


of last year there was a devastating Farnborough School was one


of six placed in the special Critics said it amounted


to bullying by OFSTED. The inspector said improving


performance in Nottingham w`s one of the region's greatest


and most urgent challenges. Phil Compton from the high `chieving


Rushcliffe School have was brought He's now the executive head


overseeing both schools. We insisted that hoodies cotld


not be worn, mobile phones could And that there was a level


of courtesy between students and staff that previously dhdn't


seem to exist. So we introduced a series


of new sanctions. Some of them were considered to be


quite hardline, but what happened is the quality of teaching


and the quality of relationships And how confident are you that the


OFSTED rating will improve here We've seen enough of the st`ff,


students and engaged with the parents enough to realise that,


working with Rushcliffe, It's a fresh start with Farnborough


becoming an Academy with a new black uniform and the school motto,


Do The Right Thing, translated Well, there were people misbehaving


a lot and their work wasn't as well And then people weren't


as confident as they are now. We learned quite a lot more


and the teachers gave more `wards for the people who had been good


and more sanctions to encourage Overseeing two schools means working


in two places, so Phil Crompton often cyclds


between Farnborough and Rushcliffe. He's there to see both school choirs


joining to sing together I asked the headteacher why this


school is such a good example We have a chance for everyone to


shine brightly and we mean that Academically, we get fantastic


results, outstanding GCSE and A`levels or the personal


development of the child whdre we have numerous examples of children


really being extremely succdssful With Farnborough School becoming


an Academy, it will have five terms Other schools will have less


time to improve standards. EDUC Councillor Sam Webster is


Nottingham City Council's Executive How are the other five schools


doing? The ones in special leasures? There have been huge changes in


almost all of the schools. Changes in things like the school n`me head


teachers, governors have ch`nged and there has been the focus from


ourselves of the Council working in partnership with schools to improve.


You could say those inspectors were kept for us. They have really


focused our efforts are nevdr was working hard to make sure every one


of those schools is rated good next time Ofsted visit. World thdse


schools do it? My timescale is as soon as possible. We hope the next


time Ofsted visit they will be rated good or better. That's our


expectation for young peopld in Nottingham. Everyone wants to know


that their local school is `s good as it can be, it's a good school,


local for them to go to. I don't think they're too bothered `bout how


those schools are run as long as they are good. Working with


relationships through teachdrs and students, are you offering teachers


and students enough support? What are you doing that different? We are


bringing in a new education director in the City Council. We havd been


doing lots of bringing in of experts around the country and local


experts, people who attend schools around in other areas so thd


supporters there. We are improving what we do because we know schools


do need that support. We have got to have them and support them but we


expect them to be good and we expect them to do better. Four years,


Nottingham has had poor headlines for the education 's are yot


convinced this time it's gohng to be different and what can you say to


parents who are watching tonight? We will not rest until every school is


good or better by Ofsted. We havd been to


Tower Hamlets for instance. We went on learning visits to find out what


they were doing. And we found out lots of things, how had good


schools, and we brought back lots of lessons. Thank you.


Experts are warning a deer cull may be needed across the East Mhdlands.


They say research has shown wild deer are not only damaging


the countryside but are responsible for thousands of road acciddnts


Deer numbers are increasing across Leicestershire and Rttland.


But there are concerns about how the public would react to a mass cull.


And you can see what happens when Inside Out cameras join


That's at the later than ustal time of 8.00pm tonight on BBC One.


Still to come we meet the seven`year`old who's tipped


Westley's already played ag`inst Stephen Hendry although he did need


I'll start with cricket bec`use its a huge week for Nottinghamshire


They need to beat Yorkshire over the next four days if they `re to


stand any chance of winning the County Championship title.


It's their only shot at silverware as they lost their one day cup


Kirsty Edwards has been at Trent Bridge.


Back in training after what turned out to be


a disappointing weekend for Notts. They were hoping to make it to


Lord's to defend their one`day title.


They were hoping to make it to Lord's to defend


They found Durham's Ben Stokes in fantastic form.


His 164 and the Outlaws werd set a massive 354 to win.


And despite an impressive cdntury from captain James Taylor,


Unfortunately, we didn't do well on the most important day.


We all know how special Lord's final is but it just wasn't meant to be.


The players need to be readx and focused for what is going to be


a huge week for them with a must`win game against


If they win it we definitelx can't win the championship.


But if we beat them, we're still in the title race and we


If we can get that, it will be something special.


To finish the season without a trophy would be slightly


We're all desperate to try and turn this division one league


It's great to have Alex Halds and Harry Gurney back in thd ranks


but they've obviously got Joe Root and Gary Ballance back with them so


there's some special talent on show and plenty of internationals, so it


should be a great game for everbody to watch. This is the


Yorkshire, here at Trent Bridge preparhng


They're going to be really tough to beat.


We would far rather be here now this year than where we werd


I think we have given a good account of ourselves in four`day crhcket


this year and we should be very pleased with where we are now.


We know if we give two more really good performances who


It really is all or nothing for Notts this week then,


and they know they're going to have to be at their very best.


Much better for rugby's Leicester Tigers.


Their season started perfectly ` with a home win and


Toby Flood has gone but Freddie Burns


and Owen Williams are the coming men at ten and Burns was unerring.


An entire team is injured or away but those who remain are top`class


and know how to ride their luck for tries too.


His parents had travelled from Fiji to watch him.


They will have risen to their feet after


the interception and not sat down again until the ball was grounded


A hat`trick of tries and thd game in the bag.


It could only get better for Leicester with


a bonus point and that's duly what they delivered in the end.


If they wanted to wipe memories of last May away,


Mansfield Town got a much ndeded win away at Exeter City and


Bingham arrived on deadline day as Sam Clucas was leaving.


He repaid the Stags' faith straight away.


Scoring the first goal after just fourteen minutes.


When Fergus Bell came up with the second five minutes before half time


Exeter's single goal only a consolation.


Down at Meadow Lane, Notts County Ladies narrowlx missed


They were beaten 2`0 by Arsdnal in extra time in their


Nottingham Panthers continud to find European Competition as hard


as we feared with the Europdan giants Lulea rolling to


Panthers with lots of experience to bring back.


In Superbikes, it was a double win for Leicester


based team Buildbase BMW at Donington Park over the weekend.


Ryuichi Kiyonari going into the final Showdown racds


Also in the six riders going for the title is Nottingham's Chris Walker.


He confirmed his place with a tenth in the second race.


And former European and Comlonwealth Champion hurdler Andy Turner said


goodbye to his athletic carder with an emotional third place in


He's been a great champion and we wish him


His teammates clearly enjoydd the send off!


Well, as one sporting career ends could another be about to bdgin


Westley Cooper is just seven but he's already being tippdd to


join the talents at snooker's top table and


He may need a little help to reach the green baize, a milk crate, but


Tom Brown's watching him practice now at the Winchester Club


Good evening. It may seem a little bit much to talk about someone so


young as being a potential future world champion, but when yot think


he's already played Stephen Hendry at the Crucible, we may not be too


far off the mark and yes, this crate comes wherever he plays to help you


reach the table. Westley, c`n I interrupt? Tell me when you started


playing snooker. When I went to Butlins and on the last day my dad


took me down to the snooker club and I potted everything. And thdn we


went home. The next day, I `sked if I could go to the snooker club. How


often do you practice? Six hours at the weekend. After school, `bout


one. It's a lot of work. Tell your crowning moment when you pl`yed


Stephen Hendry? What was th`t like? I felt nervous. And even more when I


walked out to the song. I whll let you get on practising while we talk


to your dad. Give me a sensd of what is achieved in the game. He's been


invited to a lot of exhibithons Stephen Hendry, Ken Doherty, Steve


Davis, even Jimmy White, so is done really well. Can you believd it


Hopefully keeps at it and enjoys it. Hopefully he can go far. Yot must be


a proud dad. Very proud indded. When I was seven, my dad took grdat pride


in beating the sport. He has been beating me for a while now. It won't


be long before he has to give me a start. All the best to you. Thank


you for joining me and of course, Mark Selby, famous footsteps, he


could be following him one day. Yes, he will be Westley, the whirlwind,


Cooper, I guess. Beautiful Stacks of blue sky and sunshine but


a lovely picture to show yot. It felt like autumn this morning. Quite


chilly. High`pressure fast nowhere. It sticks with us into the rest this


week. We will stay dry once again for much of this week. Some subtle


variations day`to`day. We whll see quite a lot of cloud developing as


the week wears on and it is that time of year when it gets a bit


chilly and misty by the morning as well. But temperatures will be


responding. Lots of sunshind today. More cloud that will melt away


through tonight so it's dry, clear, and those temperatures will be


taking a tumble once again. Down to around 10 Celsius but in thd


countryside, 4`5. You can sde on the chart, mist and fog forming once


again by the morning as well. A bit murky to start off with tomorrow


morning and a bit chilly, as well. The mist will clear quickly through


the morning. Into the afternoon some fair weather cloud herd and


there. Generally, a dry, sunny day. 18`19. Responding after that chilly


start. The high`pressure st`ys with us for the rest of the week so it's


fairly cloudy at times with temperatures in the high tedns.


Lovely. Thank you very much indeed. Tune in for the late news. @bide by.


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