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Edinburgh, on the vote that could reshape Britain. Now we join the


I'm Anne Davies. news teams where you are.


First tonight, a mother has told an inquest of her desperate struggle


to stab a pet dog which was attacking her four`year`old.


Lexi Branson died at her home in Mountsorrel, near Loughborough,


This report from Victoria Hicks contains graphic details.


Lexi Branson was attacked by a type of Aylestone bulldog in the lounge


She died from facial injuries and from being suffocated by the dog.


Her mother Jodie Hudson, on the right wearing a peach blouse,


had seen the dog advertised online and told


She said Lexi would give the dog cuddles.


Nothing to give her cause for concern in the four to five weeks


But on 5th November last year, Jodie Hudson described how


the dog went up on all fours, went stiff and stared at Lexi


before going straight for her throat and then round to her mouth.


She described how she tried to pull the dog's legs apart, tried smashing


a glass on its head, and tried to prise its jaws apart before rushing


into the kitchen to find the biggest knife she could, repeatedly stabbing


the dog before it finally released its grip.


The inquest heard Jodie Hudson bought the dog for ?50


from these kennels in Barrow upon Saul which re`homed council strays.


Police enquiries after Lexi's death found it had had


seven previous owners including two dog breeders before arriving here.


Detective Sergeant Kenny Henry from Leicestershire police told


the inquest that whilst the dog appeared placid it had


attacked without warning the dog belonging to the last owner.


That owner had contacted the RSPCA saying he had concerns over


his children's safety but when the RSPCA wouldn't collect


the dog, he contacted the city dog warden, saying it was a stray to get


That meant no information about the dog's recent history was passed on.


Nottinghamshire's Chief Constable has told us


Chris Eyre made the comment following a call


for forces across the country to be merged, to save money.


Mr Eyre's backing the idea even though he concedes it's a bit


The East Midlands already has regional policing teams


for investigating murders, and everything from forensics


But Chris Eyre thinks it's time to go further.


You do not need 43 chief constables and 43 sets of headquarters.


The money that goes into those should be forced


and pushed down into delivering better services for the public.


In a world where we have police and crime commissioners, whatever


services are going to be delivered locally will be held to account


We need to make sure the rest of the money that goes in policing is


pushed as much as we possibly can down into community services to do


Do you think your job should be scrapped?


Certainly I think there should be fewer police constables.


I guess if this is a turkey voting for Christmas,


We can't carry on in the way we deliver business.


If you look across policing at the moment, in many, many forces there


are collaborations being built between police forces where we've


got teams of people who are now trying to report through to two,


It's inefficient, doesn't make sense and creates


Let's speak to our social affairs correspondent.


Jeremy, how controversial is this idea?


You might remember the outrage eight years ago when our local police


Now, that time, there was so much opposition the


whole thing had to be dropped, but I do think the sands have shifted


because of partly because of financial pressures, partly because


The local forces there have already been merged.


Nottinghamshire police and crime Commissioner told me he is


I'm very keen that we do things on a more regional level,


whether that means greater collaboration, integration or


ultimately, changing the structure, but it is clear as crystal that


Whether we force people into mergers, I think is still up


legislation. Now, by that, he means a change in the law.


That's something that's not going to happen


There have been some concerns about this merger idea today


from the policing minister who is worried about compulsory mergers


could end of distancing the police from their local communities.


I think, though here in the East Midlands at least, this idea


This week a Nottingham teenager will become the youngest person in the UK


Ethan Buttress who's 17 and from the Lady Bay area hopes to help a


Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


Most teenagers don't like being parted from their mobiles for long.


Ethan was in the bath when he read the e`mail from the Anthony Nolan


Bone Marrow Trust saying he was a potential match for someone.


I was looking at my phone, which was a stupid idea, electrical device.


It was only a potential match at the time.


I think they would have called if it had been more serious.


Ethan could change save a child's life.


All he knows is it's a boy somewhere in the world, someone who is very


If I can save a life why shouldn't I?


The amount of pain I'm going to be in compared


to the amount of pain this child is going to be in is nothing.


Why shouldn't I donate my stem cells?


It began with a session similar to this.


The Anthony Nolan trust takes spit samples to see


The age limit for donors was lowered in 2012 from 18 to 16.


Ethan's sixth form centre in Nottingham got involved


after a former student, Adrian Sudbury, died from leukaemia.


We're absolutely surprised and delighted.


We have about 400`500 students on the register now.


The chance of them being called up is fairly slim.


I think it's pretty amazing, a brave thing he's doing,


A lot of people go on to live full healthy lives so it would be


But with your weather now, here's Kaye.


High`pressure engulfing the UK now and it will be influencing the


weather in the next few days for the rest of this week, in fact, so we


will stay dry for most of this week. The cloud will vary from time


to time. More cloud as the week wears on and it will be a fairly


chilly and mystique start through the morning. Temperatures will be


responding and recovering but tonight it's certainly a cool night


tonight. We will see temperatures falling. 10`11 in the town. In the


countryside, 4`5. A misty start tomorrow morning and chilly start.


Then Mr will start to clear away quickly through the morning


revealing more sunshine once again. More cloud in the afternoon `` the


mist. Temp just getting up to 19`20. That is it from us to.


too bad for the next few days. Out of London, now the national


forecast. Good evening. A little bit of mist


and fog in the coming few mornings. Apart from that, we are set fair.


This high pressure has been drifting in through the day. It will stick


around through the week and into the weekend. So the rest of this week


looks very good indeed, a lot of dry weather in the forecast. This is


what we saw earlier today, a lovely afternoon across England and Wales,


lots of sunshine, high level cloud drifting south through the evening.


Essentially overnight, many of us dry, with clear skies. Light winds


as well that. Combination will lead to the mist and fog forming, mainly


across northern and western areas. 10 or 11 in towns and cities. In the


countryside temperatures down to three or four degrees. Rural


Northern Ireland and rural Scotland could be close to freezing. : In the


north of Scotland thicker cloud keeping temperatures up and


producing the odd spot of rain. Elsewhere, it's a dry start. Extra


cloud for eastern Scotland and England. We have fog patches to


contend with. I don't think it will be overly dense. It could be in one


or two places. Not too much fog in the south-eastern corner. If you


don't see fog through the morning, you should see sunshine. Any fog you


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