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Thank you very much indeed. That is it from Edinburgh


This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight ` a coroner calls for new rules on stray dogs


Lexi Branson was killed by the family dog, a dog they had rehomed


Also tonight, residents whose homes are threatened


Nothing surprises me with what goes down with this farce.


Plus why the Scottish Saltire has just been


And a plea for more toys for babies like Joey.


I'll be reporting from the Children's Hospital.


Good evening and welcome to Tuesday's programme.


First tonight, the family of a four`year`old girl killed


by her pet dog have describdd her as a bright, fun`loving little girl.


Today the coroner recorded that Lexi Branson died as a result of


The inquest has prompted calls for national guidelines to be drawn up


to regulate the re`homing of strays. Victoria Hicks reports.


Lexi Branson died from faci`l injuries and from being unable to


breathe chewing the attack by the pet dog they are taken into their


home weeks before. Today, this statement was released by the


police. She was a bubbly girl who always had a smile and brought


happiness to everyone she mdt. We still think about her everyday. She


lives on in our hearts, as we have such wonderful memories of her.


Jodie Hudson seen here, had bought the dog for ?50 from the candles in


Barrow upon soar. The tree home and dogs from Leicester City Cotncil. It


was Jodie Hudson's decision to take the dog even though it was


advertised as better suited to a home with their children because of


its side. They described thd temperament is very friendlx, but


police enquiries later found out it had seven previous owners and had


recently attacked another dog. Today, Lexi's grandfather s`id that


he was pleased that there should be some legislation that the c`ndles


had to abide by, some strict rules regarding the re`homing of stray


dogs. He said, we were very surprised to hear there werd no


guidelines and I strongly c`ll for them to be implemented. The inquest


heard that no home visit had been made, even though the bulldog was


going to a flat without a sdcure garden and further was a 4 `year`old


girl. But there was no statttory will qualm and for a visit by an


inspector to be made. Following the tragic death of Lexi Branson in


2013, Leicestershire police carried out a full investigation into the


circumstances surrounding hdr death, and no criminal activities were


found in the enquiries. The coroner said that he would be making


recommendations to the authorities to prevent future deaths, adding


that this was one of the most harrowing of deaths coroner has to


deal with. Well, Steven Havers is


a dog behaviour expert. He's been training dogs


for 22 years and joins us now The coroner said that we nedd much


stronger rules, will that hdlp? Yes, rules will help, but we need


education for dog owners on what is appropriate behaviour. Is something


specific that could make a dog go for a child like this? An


examination of events over the previous 67 homes, which I heard in


the report, would lead to a level of frustration that the Dell could not


cope with. That could be anx dog at all? Absolutely, it is not the


breed, it is individually appropriate to a dog. Any dog is


capable of it, fortunately lost do not reach that level. How do we stop


this from happening again? To condense it into one sentence, do


not wind up dogs, do not pl`y with them until they are exhaustdd. That


builds resentment and frustration. Do we need more education? We all


think, we could all have a dog in our house, how do we get past that


and give more education reg`rding having dogs in the home? Obddience


training is fine to a degred, but the behaviour of the dog is more


important, and it is about teaching the dog that it needs to be calm and


not excited and playing endlessly, because that builds excitemdnt,


resentment and frustration hf it goes on too long. The message is,


and very, very carefully about having a dog. Give it time, space


and be calm with it. Thank xou. Still to come ` the second report


in our special series on edtcation. We'll meet Tom Campbell,


a fast track head teacher, brought in to run a school in Leicester


which was in special measurds. And I will be giving a lesson


in the ways of the weather. It's an A`star for sunshine and an E


minus for staying power. Next tonight, this programmd has


learnt that the final decishon on the preferred route for HS2 though


our region will be delayed tntil after the next general election


and possibly for as much as a year. Residents, businesses


and councils had expected to be told firm details about the high speed


line by the end of December. The owners of six Victorian railway


cottages, due to be demolished by HS2, were expecting to know the


preferred routes later this year. Now they face further uncertainty


as the route decision could be Another year of waiting


and not knowing what to do. For the first time


yesterday it hit me hard. I was sat down here having


a coffee and burst into tears. Nothing surprises me with what


goes down with this farce they call modernisation of the r`ilway.


It's totally out of control. If Derby is chosen


as the region's HS2 station, the cottages can remain, but if


Toton gets the nod as the station site, the more likely option,


then the cottages will have to make Now the


North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen has been briefed, bx the


chairman of HS2 no less, th`t the announcement on the preferrdd route


will not be made this year `nd could HS2 will be involved


in analysing the consultation, which will push back the announcelent


of the preferred route until after the general election and possibly


as late as September next ydar. The Department for Transport says it


has asked HS2 to do further work on getting some of the line built


more quickly around Crewe. The Secretary of State will make


an announcement in the autuln. The Saltire ` the flag of Scotland `


is flying over Derby this evening. It's part of a late plea to Scots to


remain with the Union and reject independence


in next week's referendum. But


the flag`flying gesture didn't go Derby has long celebrated its links


with Bonnie Prince Charlie, this Scottie wanted to rule all of


Britain, but ended his march south here. Now, the current big debate


north of the border has seen Derby City Council back a call from Ed


Miliband to show their colotrs and send a message to Scotland to please


stay with us. This is like, we will give it back in due course. In a


slightly gink using show support, the union flag above the cotncil


house was this afternoon replaced with The Saltire, provided by


members of the local Scottish Association. It is nice to see it up


there. I am very proud to bd Scottish but equally proud to be


British. Hence my own personal view is that the no campaign hopdfully


will prevail. I do not think we should be flying at, if thex want


out, they should get out, it is simple. It is support that not


everyone on the ground level fields and not one that has been spoken


about enough to make an informed decision. We are better togdther, I


think. The Saltire will also soon be flying over Ripley at Notts County


Council, but the only opinions that really matter will be countdd up a


vote next Thursday. `` after the vote next Thursday.


Staff at Royal Crown Derby have returned to work today


They'd agreed to stop production last month to try to safegu`rd


The firm, which currently elploys 168 people, is asking


The factory has operated a four day week since 2009.


A Nottinghamshire clergyman whose promotion was blocked, becatse he's


in a same sex marriage, has begun legal action against the chtrch


Canon Jeremy Pemberton was refused a licence to work as a chaplain at


Kings Mill Hospital by the `cting Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham.


He'd said the marriage went against the church's teachings.


Now the Canon, from Southwell, is taking both the acting bhshop


and his boss the Archbishop of York to an employment tribunal.


Next tonight, a team of researchers at the University


of Leicester says hate crimd is a serious problem in the city.


They've just concluded one of the country's biggest sttdies


It found many people were stffering from physical and psychologhcal


The team's now calling on all of Leicester's local authorhties


to help combat the problem. Tom Brown reports.


At home with her mother, Rachel feels safe now, but for months, she


says she was a victim of verbal and physical harassment. It enddd with


her old house being burnt down. You try to get help, but nobody knows


how to help you or what to do. It gets worse and worse, the fdar


inside you. It is not a nicd place to be. Researchers at the University


spoke to 4000 people during a study on hate crime. They say it hs now a


serious problem in the city. For so many victims, this is a routine part


of day`to`day life, routine feature of being different. It is


heartbreaking to hear as a research team, but it is also totallx


unacceptable. The group is calling for more respect to be shown for


victims, early intervention, clear reporting and more vigilancd from


the public. The recommendathons are laid out in this manifesto. It is


being circulated to the polhce, local authorities and the NHS. We


see this as an opportunity to show that we are working with victims and


partners and we want people to come forward, because if we do not work


on the problem, we cannot ptt in support and bring perpetrators to


justice. I do not want anybody else going through what I went through.


It has been six years now, but it is still there, it is always in the


back a. The study took two xears to complete, but it is hoped it will


not take as long to change attitudes.


A Nottingham mother whose two children suffer


from severe food allergies hs training chefs to better cater


Nicky Gray is taking the stdps ahead of new EU rules which will call


for restaurants to provide ` list of all the ingredients they use


in their meals. Angelina Socci reports.


Mealtimes in the Gray household are far from dull.


Kyla and Khan both suffer from severe food allergies.


All of their meals have to be adapted to stop them getting


It was a mightmare when my daughter was first diagnosed


I had no idea what to do, what to feed them,


After all of that extensive research,


she decided to set up a bushness to educate schools and restaur`nt


All staff must be able to provide information to their customdrs.


Today was time to give 20 chefs from Nottingham some food for thought.


New laws come in later this year which require food outlets to


provide a list of all ingredients used in each dish and to be aware


I was aware of some of the allergies, but not to the extent


It is more work, but it is about the customer at the end of the


day and hopefully we can attract people that have got allerghes that


they know they can come herd and say, I have got this problem,


It is a real struggle for pdople to eat out that have any intoldrances,


so this legislation will empower them and help them to make choices


about the food they eat, because the information will be there for them


to see the ingredients that are in the dishes that


Research suggest that most food businesses are unaware


They have until December 13th to get their menus in order.


Coming up after the Sport ` toys for tiny hands.


Josh's family say thanks to staff on a children's ward with playthings


Now to the second part of otr special series on education, and


tonight we meet a head teacher, who advises the Government on schools.


Tom Campbell is the Princip`l of Fullhurst Community Colldge


in the City, a school that was failing, but which is now f`cing


a much brighter future. Simon Ward reports.


Drama is just one of the classes enjoyed at


The school was in special mdasures until a fast tracked headte`cher,


Now the school has a good ofsted rating.


That has led to his appointlent as a government adviser on how policy


should be implemented in schools, so he is well placed to discuss some


Not far away in Birmingham, there has been concern with


the Trojan Horse investigathon about potential over emphashs


on studies of Islam and in Derby, there has been the Al Medin`


schools, is it something we have to be concerned about in Leicester


I am a member of the Educathon improvement Partnership, it' where


And in our members, we have a Muslim School, Catholic School, single sex


Because of that relationship, the sorts


of things that we have heard about in Birmingham and Derby are quite


The government has been talking about teaching British valuds,


It is the place of schools to promote British values.


In our school here, we promote British values stch


Some of the pupils say they have noticed that


They have another class for people that cannot speak as much ftll


English and they have some teachers that speak different languages


I enjoy science now because I like the facilities


There are more practicals, more equipment to use


and there is more of a wide range of subjects to learn about.


Life expectancy in our communities is 15 ye`rs below


And teachers come here to address that inequality.


And when we combine all of our efforts, the leadership


group, teaching staff, support staff, then we are very, very


Tom Campbell is also an Ofsted inspector and continues teaching,


so he still knows the practhcal reality of life in the classroom.


Since becoming an adviser, his phone hasn't stopped with other


teachers looking for their views to be put across to the governlent


And we will have more on th`t series tomorrow. As it is still thd summer,


just, there is cricket. Yes, a big game, Notts cricket


players, they have got a lot of work to do.


Nottinghamshire's cricketers have some serious work to do


if they're going to stand any chance of winning the County Champhonship.


Their penultimate match of the season got underway today.


It's a must win game against the leaders Yorkshire.


But as things stand, it's Yorkshire who are lookhng very


Kirsty Edwards has been at Trent Bridge.


It did not begin well, they lost the toss, Yorkshire batted first and


they got off to a flying st`rt. Things should have been different.


Frustration as Chris Reid dropped a catch on the second ball of the day.


Other chances came and went, but slow going as Yorkshire pildd on the


runs. The breakthrough finally came through Gary Keady. He spent much of


this season working as a physiotherapist at the club. He


sparked a fightback, got another wicket, a further two to follow for


Notts, with Yorkshire closing on 319`4.


We have the director of cricket here, Mick, how do you assess that


first day? Difficult for us. I thought we did pretty well `fter tea


to get more wickets, but it is Yorkshire's day. Is this sthll


winnable? Yes, there is a chance we can match the Yorkshire score


tomorrow and try and put thdm under pressure on the last stay and a


half. Still three days to go, all to play for here at Trent Bridge.


In Division 2, Derbyshire whll feel they've had the best of


But Leicestershire, battered by players announchng their


departures, have taken an absolute shellacking at Gloucestershhre.


Rugby and some really disappointing news for Leicester Tigers.


They've revealed today that Captain Ed Slater will be ott


for several months after having a knee operation.


He's now unlikely to run out for the club this season.


It's a bitter blow for him particularly with the


I am sure he will come back better and stronger.


The World Cup is not until September, so he might not have


as much game time as everyone else, but he will certainly be frdsh and


hungry for it when he comes back, so I don't think it's all written off


for him, but from a club pohnt of view and a selfish point of view, it


Now, Notts County manager Shaun Derry.


Credited with rescuing the club from almost certain relegathon


last season. Two wins, two defeats and a draw


Also a man widely touted for an assistant's job under Neil Warnock


Well, he's come in to see us here and I started by asking him if he


When you're spoken in them in circles, it is always nice


as a professional, working in the industry that I do, to get


But ultimately, the reason H stopped playing was because I desperately


wanted to be a manager of a professional football club


It is about being your own lan, being in control


Yes, shaping your own destiny is a fantastic way of putting ht.


I really want to propel mysdlf into the Premier League


What is your assessment of where you are?


I want us to make sure that we learn from what happened last year,


what you can achieve when you do things as a grotp.


But ultimately, I don't want is to be in that position again.


It is still a very tough le`gue what are


your ambitions this season now you have seen the first few weeks?


I don't want people to get carried away and judge what will happen this


year on what happened in the final ten games of last season.


We have some tremendous people involved in Notts County,


not just on the playing sidd, but in the back rooms and


There are some people that really care about the club and I w`nted to


bring that into the players, I wanted to really get people


involved on a Monday to Sattrday, who really cared about the football


Have you seen that from the players, that response?


I see it everyday and we will have some down days


There will be many days this season when it will be backs


against the wall, but I can look around and say I can rely


on the people to give absolttely everything, absolutely everxthing.


No doubting his passion. Gr`teful having him in to see us.


18,000 children from all ovdr the East Midlands are treatdd each


year at the Nottingham Children s Hospital, but for babies, it seems,


Although there are plenty of toys on the wards, there aren't enotgh for


Well now, one tiny patient and his family are trying to change


Joey is now a robust eight lonth old but, just weeks after he was born,


You hear about things but you don't think it could happen


He spent more than five weeks at the Nottingham Children's Hospital.


That's where his mum realisdd there was little to stimulate him.


When he was in his cot, I couldn't walk up and down the ward,


They had no toys for here for his age.


Delighted with the life`saving treatment and care


They want to buy toys for b`bies, like mobiles that go


These are often very soft toys but, here, they can't have toys with


fabric on them, because of the risk of infection.


18,000 children are treated here every year.


Soon the babies will be able to play more.


It's absolutely amazing that somebody would fundraise,


especially a family who has been through the same situation


It means a lot to the parents and the children.


The activities and toys will be used every day


Joey should not need to comd back now but they hope babies in future


How well they've treated me and Joey, and how they've done with


him, it's just nice to say thank you in a different way.


Splendid idea. Now, the weather We hope it is going to be nice.


The September slumber continues it has been quiet for the last few


weeks. Some super sunshine hn the last few days. High pressurd over us


right now, but some subtle changes in the next few days. It will wander


off and edged to the east in the next few days. That will pull in an


easterly breeze and we know what happens when that occurs. Wd pick up


more cloud. We will not crulble with that. Plenty of dry, bright weather


during the morning. More cloud into the afternoon. Lots of sunshine this


morning. The code has been building this afternoon and it will start to


disperse. `` the cloud. The skies were clear again and with a light


wind, the mist and fog formhng towards the end of the night and


temperatures into single figures. Rural areas are chilly, fivd or six


Celsius. In the town centres, ten or 11 Celsius. Tomorrow, Chile, mist


and fog first thing. That whll clear quickly. We will bring in some more


cloud as we head into the afternoon. Staying dry, bright, and


temperatures giving some sunshine with 19 or 20 degrees. Quitd


pleasant. Not a lot changes into Thursday and Friday. High pressure


keeping these weather fronts at arms length for the time being. Well into


next week it will stay that way Dry weather about, some cloud in the


afternoon but temperatures hn the high teens, 19 Celsius.


Cold overnight, you will nedd your bed socks again!


You could in Italy another pair `` you could let me another pahr. See


you in the legs.


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