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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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We'll have more tomorrow on what promises to be


And now, with the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies.


First tonight, an inquest into how a four`year`old girl was killed by the


family dog in Leicester has prompted calls for national guidelines to be


Today, the coroner recorded that Lexi Branson died as a result of


Lexi Branson died from facial injuries and from being


unable to breathe during the attack by the pet dog they had taken


Today, her mother, Jodi Hudson, released this statement through


She was a bubbly girl who always had a smile and brought happiness


We still think about her everyday and she lives


on in our hearts, as we have such wonderful memories of her.


Jodi Hudson, seen here in the black blouse, had bought the dog for ?50


from a kennel that re`homes stray dogs for Leicester City Council.


The inquest heard that it was Jodi Hudson's decision to take the


dog, even though it was advertised as better suited to a home without


Staff described the dog's temperament as very friendly,


but the police later found out it had had seven previous owners and


Today Lexi's grandfather said he was pleased the corner said there should


be some sort of legislation that kennels have to abide by `


some sort of strict rules with regard to re`homing stray dogs.


He added, we were very surprised to hear there


were no guidelines and I strongly call for them to be implemented.


The inquest heard that no home visit had been made, even though


the bulldog was going to a flat without a secure garden and where


There was no statutory requirement for the kennels to make such


Following the tragic death of Lexi Branson in November 2013,


Leicestershire Police carried out a full investigation into


the circumstances surrounding her death and no criminal offences were


Recording a narrative verdict, the coroner said he would be making


recommendations to the appropriate authorities to


He added that the death of Lexi was among the most harrowing of deaths


Victoria Hicks, BBC East Midlands Today, East Midlands.


A Nottinghamshire clergyman, who lost a promotion because he is in


a same`sex marriage, is taking the Church to an employment tribunal.


Canon Jeremy Pemberton claims he is being punished


and discriminated against, after he was refused a licence to work as


The acting bishop of Southwell and Nottingham said


the marriage is against the teachings of the Church of England.


The canon, from Southwell, says he felt he had no choice


Victims of hate crime in Leicester say they feel isolated,


Researchers at the University of Leicester found many people were


suffering from physical and psychological abuse


on a daily basis, but many did not feel they could turn to the police.


Earlier, I spoke to Detective Superintendent David


Sandall, from Leicestershire Police, about the report's findings.


We think it is very important and see the report as


an exciting opportunity to make sure that we're working with victims,


We want people to come forward, because if we do not know


about the problem we cannot put in problem`solving measures,


bring in the support, or bring the perpetrators to justice.


We want victims to tell us about the crimes.


What can you offer to victims, who very often say that they feel


they will not be believed or if they do come followed then their lives


Hate crime is a priority for Leicestershire Police `


We make sure that a supervisor reviews every crime, regular updates


are put in place, and that the investigation is detailed.


We even have an independent scrutiny panel for community members,


victims, and organisations who come together to review our practices.


You do take them seriously and you do look after them afterwards?


Yes, we take the victims very seriously and we do look after them.


I encourage anyone to report hate crime to Leicestershire Police,


The flag of Scotland is flying over Derby tonight.


It is in answer to a plea to English towns and cities to send the Scots


But flying the Saltire did not go down all that well with some people


Derby has long celebrated its links with Bonnie Prince Charlie


` the Scot who wanted to rule all of Britain


Now the current big debate north of the border has seen


Derby City Council back a call from Labour Leader Ed Miliband to show


their colours and send a message to Scotland ` please stay with us.


This is a Saltire and we will get it back in due course.


In a slightly confusing show of support for the union,


the union flag above the Council House was this afternoon


taken down and replaced with the Saltire ` supplied by members


I'm very proud to be Scottish, but I'm equally proud to be British `


hence, my own personal view that the no campaign hopefully will prevail.


I do not think we should be flying it.


If they want out, they can have out, can't they?


It is the support that some people in that building obviously share


and feel but not one that I think everyone on the ground level feels.


Not one that is actually been spoken about enough to make


The Saltire will soon also be flying over Ripley and the headquarters


But the only opinions that really matter will be counted up


Simon Hare, BBC East Midlands Today, Derby.


That is your news and, if you have a look at our Facebook page, you


will see a beautiful picture of what I think was a harvest moon tonight.


We could see the big moon because of the weather we have just now. We


will see some more cloud later this week, but in the meantime it today


was a beautiful day. Although it has warned today, it will be cooler


tonight. Temperatures will stay at around 10`11 Celsius in towns and


cities. Tomorrow it will be quite a cold start, but then the nest will


clear and revealed the sunshine. It will stay dry and bright.


Temperatures of 19`20 Celsius. It was a lovely day across the


country. There was hazy sunshine and notice the cloud was that bit


thicker up to the


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