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sunshine but the risk of a shower later this weekend. Thank you. That


Also night, police dog a murder enquiry. Plus, the two families


gathered in their motorhomes by a gang of French robbers. It has got


to stop. They have got to bd caught or it will go on and on unthl


someone dies. And could this man's facial furniture raised eyebrows at


the British beard and moust`che Championships?


Good evening and welcome to the programmd.


Operation Daybreak began we can reveal that an historic child


But some former residents are accusing the authorities


And now one case has been referred to the Independent


This exclusive report from our Social Affairs


Anger boiling over after allost 50 years as campaigners forced a


Nottinghamshire City Council meeting to be cancelled earlier this week.


Mickey Summers said that he was physically and mentally abused as he


was passed around the care system and now he wants someone held to


account. I was a plaything. I was raped by a social worker in a car


park. It terrifies me and h`unts me. Mickey was 12 when he was sdnt to


the old Beachwood children's home. It has now emerged that Operation


Daybreak has investigated ehght other establishments. At le`st 3


homes have been named in a compensation claim, all homds where


children claim they were abtsed It is more than a decade since Mickey


Summers first went to the police and he is convinced they should have


done more. This will now be investigated by the Independent


Police Complaints Commission. I believe they were not interdsted.


They thought I was a little boy crying wolf. They associate kids


with attention seeking. I fdel like they have abused me for the last ten


and a half years. I don't c`re if individuals are deceased. M`ke


someone corporately account`ble Beachwood is one of five holes still


being investigated but after so many years, some suspects have dhed and


so far there have been no prosecutions.


For more on this, let's cross to Jeremy now. Has there been `ny


response? I've had confirmation tonight that


Mickey Summers papers were destroyed in 1978.


But that's been very diffictlt, because his records were destroyed


They have apologised to Mickey Summers for the fact is records have


been destroyed and they say that all allegations of child abuse will


always be treated extremely seriously.


One man is dead and another seriously injured in hospit`l


after a stabbing in Ilkeston in Derbyshire this morning.


Police were first called to an armed robbery then to


Friends have described the lan who was killed as a lovely person


Parents took their children to school as normal this morning, many


of them unaware that this Dhsney Street in Ilkeston had becole the


focus of a murder enquiry. Police were called to this shop at 5:3 am


to reports of an armed robbdry. Just ten minutes later, police rdceived


reports to say that two men had been stabbed at a nearby propertx. A 30


Road man was found deceased and there were two other individuals in


that address. One was arrested and one has very serious injurids.


Batman is being treated for life`threatening injuries at the


Queens medical Centre. `` that man. The man has been blamed loc`lly as


Paul Averill. He had lived here for three or four years `` the lan has


been named locally. Colleagtes described him as an incredible


person. It is a tragic loss. So one fair. The only thing I can say is


that he might have disturbed something. From what we havd pieced


together from the news it sounds to me that from the kind of person he


was, he has disturbed something going on in the shop. There was a


police car with a bat and trying to get in. They gained access `nd led


the way a lad in handcuffs `nd also took away a man in an ambul`nce were


then asked `` an oxygen mask on We are keeping a very open mind about


these incidents, although they are in very close but 70. They `re


investigating exactly what happened here to leave one man dead `nd


another seriously injured. Still to come this evening, a look


at the weather with Anna. High`pressure continues to dominate


for the rest of the week so you can expect it to stay dry and sdttled


but I am not promising wall to wall sunshine.


Two families say they could have died after they were gassed


by thieves while sleeping in their motor homes.


The robbers apparently used potentially deadly


The thieves struck at a French motorway service area and escaped


The families have since heard that it's happened to other families too.


Safely back in Derby but sthll upset by recent events, these two couples


used this motorhome in France this summer. As they drove on thd auto


route 71, they stopped for ` rest. Darren made sure the doors were


securely closed and then thdy all fell unusually soundly asledp. The


next thing we know, I looked up and saw a car that is all I can


remember. So you passed up there and then? `` you passed out? We had all


been robbed. They realised that a suitcase and some keys had been


stolen. I noticed more and lore things had gone missing. Thd


families alerted the police and were taken to hospital. Blood tests


confirmed they had been poisoned with carbon monoxide or othdr


poisonous gas. We realised we had been gassed and robbed becatse of


the way we felt. We were told that if there were children in the


vehicle, they wouldn't have survived. It does make us fdel that


we were very, very lucky. The families say they think French


police piped gas under the van and then broke in through the front


passenger van and stole ?2000 of clothes and valuables whilst the


occupants were unconscious. Similar incidents have been reported in


France. We could have been killed. It has got to stop otherwisd it will


keep going on and on until someone dies. The caravan and camping club


have said their members havd not reported any incidents but stress it


is most safe to use caravan parks rather than service stops. Both


families say they will not return to France while the threat rem`ins


Two men are in hospital aftdr a police pursuit in Leicestdr.


It happened last night on Welford Road in the city.


The area was closed overnight and this morning while


Police say they were following a car when it crashed


The scale of budget cuts facing Leicestershire


County Council is growing, despite four years of austerity


The authority says it now ndeds to find ?120 million over five years,


which is ?40 million more than it initially had to save.


The county council says it's always been underfunded compared


Generally speaking, they ard both significantly better off th`n us.


The way the formula works and also their mix of dwellings, which means


they can collect more counchl tax than we can. You are watching East


Midlands today on the BBC. Next tonight, he was one


of Rutland's best known characters. Undertaker Teddy Toon wanted to


leave his half a million pound fortune to what he


thought was three good causds. But nearly eight years


after the 96 year old's death, the NHS still hasn't spent `ll


its share of his estate. Teddy's friends are frustrated


and have complained about what they From Rutland, our Health


Correspondent, Rob Sissons reports. A colourful character, and tpping


undertaker for 50 years, he built his own coffin. He would invite


people to come round have a look at them `` look at it and they couldn't


move it. With the strength of a man in his 20s, a man in his 20s, eager


to. When he died, he left after million pounds `` when he dhed, he


left half ?1 million to loc`l good causes and best friend is


disappointed it hasn't been spent. He gave a ?50 Christmas present to


every person over 80 in Rutland every year, gave money to a local


care home and a third of thd money went to the NHS but they have only


spent ?38,000 of the money they were given on a memorial garden. We are


unhappy with the nation of plastic grass and certainly the nothon that


additional money might be spent on works of art. For Ted's successor,


the delay has taken some of the shine off of his giving. Perhaps it


is a lesson that you should be more specific when you leave mondy. The


hospital said they have now got ?10,000 interest and they h`ve


apologised, saying they will meet up with the executors of the world to


discuss how the rest of the money will be spent. Teddy's friends say


they are concerned there max be a lot more hoops to jump throtgh.


Plans to conduct a trial of a new fixed camera to enforce the


workplace parking levy in Nottingham are being branded a waste of money


Nottingham City Council wants to use a stationary camera at the Riverside


Retail Park to see if it's ` more efficient way of monitoring larger


The number plate recognition technology will cost almost ?67 000.


Work to replace a 135 U Road Bridge in Derby has taken a huge step


forward. The new railway brhdge has been built on site already to be


moved into site `` onto poshtion. The new bridge will be able to cope


with more traffic when it opens around Christmas.


Now, you might have two wait until next summer to drive along the newly


widened a 453 but people will be allowed to run along it latdr this


month. They will be able to take part in the charity run and


contractors say it is a way of thanking those living nearbx for


putting up with all that work. Sometimes it might be the c`t to run


than walk. Now, guilty or not guilty?


Researchers in Nottingham h`ve discovered suspects can be given


away by their eyes. Equipment is being tested out that could identify


murderers. Duncan is becoming a murderer. By watching this, he knows


the student he struggled with and it is normal `` it is now all hn his


head. What we are about to see is how his eyes will give him `way Now


we have calibrated Jew, we will go into the test and you will see a


clip from the CCTV camera showing the murderer escaping from the


scene. The white race here shows they are diverting a lot of


attention to the knife. The murderer has very small circles to the knife,


so they cannot help but look at it, but they are not looking at it for


anywhere near as long as thd innocents. What researchers also


found was that an innocent person would file `` read a statemdnt about


what had happened much more slowly than a guilty person would, as they


would avoid words like stab or murder. He says methods likd the


polygraph can be cheated. There are lots of different eye movemdnts we


can use to try to detect crhme. The research might be long going but it


is worth keeping an eye on. Well. There you are. Staying with


facial things, still to comd, get a handle on this.


Yes, this moustache and beard combo are Michael's pride and joy but is


it the best in Britain? In the lexicon of the top


mathematicians of all time, the name George Green is unlikely to spring


to mind. But this humble Miller from `` this humble person should do


Einstein revered him and 107 years after his death, an exhibithon is


celebrating his life. Green's mill is one of the lost


familiar landmarks in Nottingham but what is often forgotten is that the


man who owned it was a brilliant mathematician. He has a memorial


next to Faraday and Einstein revered him. That does not happen unless you


are special. His descendants came together at the University of


Nottingham for the first falily get`together in 20 years.


Unfortunately none of his mathematician skills have gone down


the years. He is an absolutdly amazing example but I certahnly


don't have `` I don't have his talents. Green only went to school


for a year and was largely self`taught. Decades later, his


calculations were used for the development of the MRI scanner. This


is green's first essay which he published himself and which went on


red for years. `` unread. Gdorge Green rated in his own time whilst


working in the mill and latdr scientists recognised as ond of the


most important works on electricity and the beginning of mathem`tic


physics in Great Britain. There haven't have been some clevdr people


in the East Midlands, haven't they? `` haven't there?


Coming up, the small town cricket club aiming for the big prize.


But we'll round up the football news first.


Starting with Leicester Citx, who have welcomed midfielder Matty


He won't be in the squad to face Stoke on Saturday, but the deadline


Manager Nigel Pearson says he now has tactical choices to makd.


I feel that we have got mord options now. Different styles that we could


potentially play and that is always handy to have. We have seen with the


games we have played so far that it really is a difficult leagud to be a


success in. Derby striker Chris Martin has


signed a new four year deal He scored 25 goals


for the Rams last season. Now, cricket, with Nottingh`mshire


now just a few lost wickets away from seeing Yorkshire lift the


County Championship at Trent Bridge. They needed to beat


the Tykes to stand any chance of winning the Championship ` but


Yorkshire have just been too good. This morning they polished


off Notts' tail, forced the follow on and promptly took another wicket


with the very first ball. It didn't get much better for Notts


` you know it's not your match Samit Patel's stumping disastrous or


brilliant depending on your point The only high point a nifty fifty


from the in form James Taylor. Nottinghamshire, as we said,


following on and somehow holding Meanwhile, in Division 2, Ddrbyshire


will have been disappointed but some impressive batting from


Leicestershire. So,


while our counties battle away, we Sandiacre Town Cricket Club have


made it all the way to the Last year, Nottinghamshire's West


Indian Cavaliers won the title. So, can Sandiacre make it an


East Midlands two in a row? Well, as I found out,


they have experience on thehr side. The Pavilion photo board is huge and


so it should be. This was their moment of glory when they wdre 002


national champions at Lord's. It was pandemonium. Nobody knew wh`t to do.


We secured a run out to win the game. I have played it for six years


and I have heard them bang on and off about it so it is time we got


another one. So, the 20 1410 `` the 2014 captain looking to on dqual


that match. It is great for me to that match. It is great for me to


still be playing and great to go there again with the lads. Ht will


take 11 guys who really want it who fight all the way and that hs what


we have got. In the setting sun they are getting in some extra


actors and they will need it. The pressure will be on. This whll be a


huge game for everyone. It hs the pinnacle of amateur cricket, so as


long as we concentrate on what we are doing, we should be all right.


And this year, they do not just need to match the 2003 cricket, they also


have two match the celebrathon. They are very good at celebrating and I


am sure they will have something to celebrate. We wish them all the best


for Sunday. Now, have you ever wondered what


goes into making an award`whnning moustache? You are about to find


out. Michael is taking part in the British beard and moustache


Championships in Bath this weekend. Angelina Suchy has been to leet him


as he gets ready for the competition.


An array of products and pldnty of patience. This is what it t`kes to


create the perfect moustachd and sideburns. Michael spends 30 minutes


a day styling his facial hahr. How do you make it Kelly at the ends?


Lots and lots of training. HQ is a hairdryer and blow the ends. You


continually, throughout the day train and train it. Michael has won


money awards in the past and this weekend he hopes he will `` he has


won many awards in the past and this weekend he hopes he will win again.


What are they looking for? H think predominantly they are lookhng for a


really top`quality beard. There is also stage presence. A lot of the


chaps like to get dressed up. Making sure it is all in check is


Michael's partner, Catherind. It is the real when these amazing people


walk past you. You have to go to understand, really. I have do ask


you, what is it like to kiss him? Why would I want to kiss hil `` you


have seen him! This will have to do for me as I wait have time to grow


one. You can enjoy that again and again


on Facebook. Good luck in B`th. We hope you win. Now for the wdather. I


don't know how I can follow that. Your weather is staying dry and


settled. It has been another beautiful day across the East


Midlands. We have had some stunning sunrises later leaked `` lately


Thank you very much for sending in your photo. High pressure rdmains in


charge for the rest of the week That means it will stay dry and


settled. There will be more in the way of cloud over the next few days.


The high pressure is still with us and that is keeping us lovely and


settled. This evening, we c`n see more cloud feeding in from the North


Sea. The cloud will increasd and there will be some holes in it and


the risk of the isolated fog or missed patch. Not as cold as lately


with temperatures of 11 or 02 Celsius. I am hopeful it should


start to thin through the morning, meaning we get some sunny spells as


we go into the afternoon tolorrow. Where we have that sunshine,


temperatures of 20 Celsius will feel quite pleasant for the start of


September. Looking ahead, hhgh pressure is still with us and it is


another dry day on Saturday. There will be cloud at times but still


plenty of sunshine. Temperatures may be a little lower but still not bad


at all. Ten. On Sunday, high`pressure is still in place and


a very similar story as we go over the next few days. The high`pressure


clings on as we go into the new week and we should see some sunshine on


Monday. It looks to change ` little as we go towards the middle of next


week but let's not worry about that for now.


I am going to stop `` start a petition to stop this high pressure


from going anywhere. That will work, went? Animation Mark




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