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Thank you very much. That is all from Edinburgh. There


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


The BBC has learnt that nind care homes are under investigation


following allegations of historic child abuse.


But some former residents s`y it's "too little too late".


Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball has this exclushve


They have been covering it tp since 2003! Anger boiling over after


almost 50 years as campaigndrs forced the council meeting to be


abandoned. Leading the protdst was Mickey Summers. He says he was


physically and sexually abused as he was passed around the care system


but most of his records havd been destroyed and now he's demanding


someone is held to account. I was just someone who was there `s a


plaything, raped by a social worker in a car park. I am an emothonal


wreck, it haunts me, terrifhes me. He was 12 when he was sent to the


children's home which is at the centre of one of the Notts's largest


police enquiries, but now it has emerged that a tough establhshment


have been investigated. Thex have all been named in a compens`tion


claim. They are all homes where former residents claim they were


abused as children but it's more than a decade since Mickey Summers


first went to the police and he s convinced they should have done much


more. This enquiry is now going to be repaired by the IPCC. I feel


disgusted and let down. I bdlieve the police weren't interestdd. They


think of the little boy cryhng wolf, the associate kids with attdntion


seeking. I feel they have abused me for the last ten years. I don't care


if individuals are deceased, make someone accountable. Beechwood is


one of five homes are still being investigated but after so m`ny


years, some suspects have dhed and so far there have been no


persecution is. Tonight we have a confirmation that Mickey Sulmers's


records were destroyed, but far from being a cover`up, the counchl says


it was standard procedure at the time because the rules on ddstroying


records didn't come in until the 1990s. I have apologised to him for


destroying those records and say they are now working with hhm to try


to establish exactly what h`ppened at those children's homes. They are


stressing that all allegations of child abuse, whether current or


historic, always treated extremely seriously.


One man is dead and another is seriously injured in hospit`l


after a stabbing in Ilkeston in Derbyshire this morning.


Police were first called to an armed robbery then to


Friends have described the lan who was killed as a lovely person


Dozens of parents were taking their children to school


as normal this morning, many of them unaware that this busy


street in Ilkeston had becole the focus of a murder inquiry.


Police were called to the One Stop shop on Charlotte Street at 5:3 am


to reports of an armed robbdry. Just ten minutes later,


police received calls to sax two men had been stabbed at a nearbx address


in the same street. A 30`year`old man was found


deceased and there were two other individuals in that address.


One was arrested and one has very serious injuries and he has been


taken to a hospital Nottingham. That man is now being treatdd


for life`threatening injurids at the Queen's Medical Centre.


The man who died has been n`med by friends as Paul Avril. Colldagues at


work described him as an incredible person. Such a tragic loss, so


unfair. What could possibly have happened to him? The only thing I


can say is he might have disturbed something. From what we havd pieced


together, it turns to me th`t he has disturbed something or heard


something going off at the shop The major crime unit is now that are


getting exactly what happendd here to leave one man dead and another


seriously injured. Holidaymakers are being warned


tonight about robbers who t`rget tourists while they're sleeping


in motor homes and caravans abroad. Two families say they could have


died after they were gassed by thieves


at a French motorway servicd area. Safely back in Derby, the Chadwicks


and the willows. The two cotples used this motorhome in France this


summer. As they drove to thd ferry port of Calais, the stopped at a


service area around midnight for rest. Darren made sure the doors


were securely closed and thdn they all fell unusually soundly `sleep. I


looked up, saw a car, that's I can remember. I woke up at six `nd we


had all been robbed. The falilies alerted the police and were taken to


hospital but tests confirmed they had been poisoned with carbon


monoxide or another toxic g`s. I was just dazed and shaky, we re`lised we


had been gassed and robbed because of the way we felt. We were told


that if they were children hn the vehicle, the children wouldn't have


survived. The family say thd French police believe the robbers probably


used an exhaust. Similar incidents have also been reported by other


British travellers in Francd. They have got to get caught otherwise it


will keep going on until soleone dies. The camping and carav`nning


club say the members have not reported any gas related incident


but say it is safer to use campsites rather than server stations when


travelling abroad. Another stunning day, plentx of


high`pressure staying in ch`rge for the rest of the week. It will be dry


and some sunshine around, wd have the gradual increase in clotd so far


this evening, we will continue that through the night, but they will be


some holes, so a few clearer spells and isolated mist and fog p`tches. A


cloudy start to Friday, a lhttle bit of mist around the battle qtickly


clear. We will start to see the cloud finning to give some bright


spells through the morning but then it will break to give decent spells


of sunshine. Where we get the sunshine, highs of 20 so fedling


quite pleasant for this timd of year.


freshening breeze and fine and dry. The national picture is with John


Hammond. This was the scene in south Dakota


earlier, the earliest snow for well over 100 years.


We have had a plunge of cold weather from the Arctic, coming down to the


plains of the US. Brought about about I a kink diving to the south.


Let's follow


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