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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands.


First tonight, the Oscar nolinated actress Samantha Morton has claimed


she was sexually abused as a child in Nottingham care homes.


She's told the Guardian newspaper that when she


Emily Anderson has been looking into the allegations and joins md now.


They claim dates back to thd early 1990s. She has told the Guardian she


was sexually abused by membdrs of staff at the Red Tiles home in


Bulwell. She says she knows about those that were abuse and at the


time the abuse was widespre`d. What have the police said IS thex are


carrying out an historic chhld abuse investigation going back several


decades. The authority have told us it has no records of Ms Morton ever


making a complaint to the police force. It was a few years b`ck that


she spoke out at a rally ag`inst council cuts in Nottingham. She was


calling to keep children's homes open. Nottinghamshire Countx Council


says the abuse of vulnerabld children in any decade is abhorrent


and it welcomes people like Samantha speaking out. It hopes to speak with


her and takes all allegations of abuse extremely seriously. The


authority adds that in the decades since she was in care, therd have


been significant changes, both locally and nationally, in the way


children's homes are regulated. And the allegations about ongoing


claims? We have been reporthng on these for several months and it was


only yesterday that we excltsively revealed these allegations hnto


historic child abuse had bedn extended to nine care homes and


units in the East Midlands. Fire fighters are dealing whth a


major fire in Nottingham tonight. It broke out on the Univershty of


Nottingham Jubilee Campus. Construction on the new


GlaxoSmithKline building Nottinghamshire Fire Servicd is


using 10 engines to fight the fire. The Independent Police Complaints


Commission is to investigatd Leicestershire Police over


its contact with Christopher Penman prior to his murder earlier


this year. His body was found at a house


in Beaumont Leys in Februarx. In the days before his death,


Mr Penman, who was deaf, made reports of harassment against Awat


Akram to Leicestershire Polhce. Today, Akram was found guilty


of murdering Mr Penman. Tributes have been paid to


a young student, killed when a Malaysian airliner came down over


Eastern Ukraine earlier this year. Friends were speaking


at the funeral of Richard M`yne Our Chief News Reporter,


Quentin Rayner, was there. The private funeral was held at


St Anne's Parish Church, just a stone's throw from the


Maynes' family home in Leicdster. Richard was studying maths


and finance at Leeds University and was on his way to begin


a year`long placement in Australia. He was among almost 300 people who


were killed when it is thought MH17 was shot down over Eastern Tkraine


in July. Richard had been a diabetic


since he was a boy and becale a volunteer for Camp Charnwood, which


helps people manage the condition. friends from the charity pahd


tribute. He would have done anything


for anybody. It's such


a sad thing that has happendd. And then,


there are so many stories you remember that just make you


smile. I think it is


a wonderful gesture and I think it does reflect Richard's real


involvement with our local group, his gratitude to the group, it


helped him a lot when he was young. but his zest for life will never be


forgotten. With Scotland about to vote


on independence, there are calls tonight


for more powers to be devolved from Councils in


the East Midlands want more control Marching into Derbyshire in 174 ,


even Bonnie Prince Charlie wanted a unified United Kingdom,


albeit under a Stuart monarch. 260 years later, Scotland is


deciding The English Democrats, meethng


in Leicester this weekend, support Scottish independence, and


ideally, Welsh, Northern Irish and English


devolution as well. We have to have much more sdnsible,


universal system of federalhsm, if we are going to go down


this route. Do you propose an


English Parliament, or should there be a region`l


assembly? they are without any mandatd,


democratically. Well, they are not looking


for regional powers. Ten councils in Derbyshire `


counties, cities, districts and boroughs ` are hoping to become


the first non`city council group in Britain to persuade the Govdrnment


to let them spend directly on things like major road projects,


job creation, rather than People are looking at Scotl`nd and


thinking if that is good enough for If the Government devolved what is


currently spent by the Civil Service in Westminster,


we could spend it better locally. Nottingham could become a rdgional


centre under decentralisation plans But one academic says that could


have consequences The core cities idea is to build


super cities, that effectively dominate


the landscape around them. Nottingham seems to be one


of those cities Places like Derby and Derbyshire


would be significantly affected While the agendas are being laid


out now, how councils will benefit in future


depends hugely on the result of the Scottish referendum and the


outcome of And there'll be more on the question


of devolution on the Sunday Politics for the


East Midlands. The fastest jobs growth in the


country, but wages falling too. My children need something extra so I


had to do extra hours at work. And is it time for us to go it `lone? An


independent kingdom of the Dast Midlands. Sounds good, doesn't it?


Join me on Sunday. That's your news,


so it's goodbye from me ` but with your weather now,


here's Anna. We have had a pretty decent week for


September. Settled conditions are set to continue. High`presstre


remaining in charge. It shotld be mostly dry. There will be more in


the way of cloud but it will `` there will still be some sunshine. A


dry evening, the cloud may become thick enough to produce somd rain,


but it should stay dry throtgh the night. A few clearer spells and


where we have clear skies, the potential for some mist and fog


Temperatures 12 minimum unddr the cloud, but in some rural ardas,


temperatures could be down to six Celsius. Quite a cool start for


Saturday for some. Mist cle`ring, the cloud should at least through


the morning to get some bright spells. We should eventuallx see


some sunny spells in the afternoon but always a good deal of cloud


Temperatures 19 Celsius. I will leave you with the outlook for the


next few days, mid-next week. I will leave you with


an outlook now for the next few days.


We are in good shape. Most will stay dry. Hopefully you will see good


spells of sunshine. It will be breezy as we go through southern


areas. But not much, if any rain. Spare a thought for friends across


south-Eastern Europe. We have had torrential downpours over Italy into


the Balkans, parts


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