13/09/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Now the BBC news for the East Midlands, good evening,


A major fire in Nottingham has completelx


destroyed a brand new multi`million pound university building.


The landmark project was dud to be the worlds first carbon


This evening the University of Nottingham says it hopes to


The intense heat could be fdlt some distance away as the fire r`ged last


night. What was due to be the last word as a centre for chemistry


research burns to the ground. Firefighters and engines fotght for


control throughout the night. No one was hurt but eyewitnesses wdre


amazed at the scale of the fire I live close and I could see orange


glow on the houses behind mx house and I came out and looked at the


front and the entire neighbourhood was outstanding over towards the


fire which was an incredibld shock, really. In daylight what is left is


a smoking mess. The Fire Service say it is too early to know what caused


the buyer. It is a large incident. We do not get these everydax of the


week. We had support from otr colleagues in Derbyshire. They gave


us some resources to assist. At its peak we were working very h`rd to


bring this under control. The university is relieved no one was


hurt but it is a massive setback. It was due to beat the world's first


sustainable chemistry labor`tory that was genuinely carbon ndutral.


It was going to be doing world leading research into green


chemistry. The University hopes to rebuild the centre. An open day for


university students was abld to go ahead.


The friend of a Derbyshire man who was st`bbed to


death in Borneo says he was the most talented person he had ever met


Neil Dalton, who was 22 and from Ambergate, was killed along with


Today, a cricket tournament has been held in Neil's memory.


Neil's day. He had such a modesty with it you had to spend a lot of


time with him to realise how great he was. He was unique. I will never


know anybody who had so much going for them. Medical students Neil


Dalton and his friend were stabbed to death in Borneo after a night out


in August. A 23`year`old fishmonger has been charged with murder. All


the money raised from today's event will go to Neil's favoured charity.


It is about his old club, the under 17 is, getting together and we're


bringing everybody together to remember Neil. His friends hope


today's tournament will become an annual event to keep his melory


alive. A pair of 12 foot high infl`table


lungs have been They're part of


a campaign to encourage mord people Between April last year and March


this year, 90 patients across the country had


lifesaving surgery, thanks to Football now and in the


Premier League Leicester were away winners at Stoke by a goal to nil,


their first Premier League win In League One,


Notts County drew nil nil at Peterborough and in Leagte Two,


Mansfield lost 2`1 away at Wycombe. Tomorrow we'll have the restlts


of the big East Midlands match ` Nottingham Forest


and Derby kick off at 1:15pl. Leicester Tigers travelled down


to Exeter and came away winners 24 It's took a while for the d`y to get


going but eventually most of us solve some sunny spells. Thd cloud


has been increasing do the latter part of the afternoon and it will


continue to do so overnight. Increasingly the east and m`ybe some


spits and spots as well overnight. It will not be particularly cold.


Lows of around 13 Celsius btt once again someday gets off to a drab


start. A lot of no cloud around and drizzle from time to time. Some


places may hang on to a fair amount of cloud, particularly the further


east to our tomorrow but thdre will be some brighter spells devdloping


through the afternoon. Still the beast, an isolated shower and


temperatures a little bit down on today `` still the risk of `n


isolated shower. We're back tomorrow at 6:50pm.


Have a good evening. Hello. Some subtle changes in our


weather at the start of next week, even some rain around for some of


us, but for the rest of the weekend, it will be as you were. Try this


evening, with temperatures gradually slipping away. More of a breeze and


southern parts of the UK. The breeze. Temperatures going down to


fire. It will be chilly in Northern Ireland, western Scotland and the


North of England in particular. There will be patchy fog developing.


Lots of cloud will come into the east of the UK. Tomorrow morning,


you may encounter some patchy drizzle. It will be a great, damp


start to Sandy. The best of the sunshine will be in the


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