14/09/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Victoria Hicks.


A teenager left critically hnjured after being hit by a car has died


Raqeem Khan, who was 16, died earlier today in the Qteen s


Medical Centre, after the collision in Valley Road in Carlton.


An 18`year`old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted mtrder


Crews are still damping down at the scene of a huge fire


which destroyed a new multi`million pound university building.


60 firefighters tackled the fire on Friday night on Triumph Road


The building belonged to the University of Nottinghal.


It was due to be the world's first carbon neutral chemistry laboratory.


Fire investigators are working with the police to


Nottingham City Hospital is celebrating a tenfold incre`se


in the number of kidney transplants it now carries out, as it cdlebrates


Around 200 kidney transplant patients gathered in Beeston today


to mark the occasion, including two very special sisters.


We share lots of things, clothes, lots of things, don't we?


It is not unusual for sisters to share things,


but when Susan's kidney failed 3 years ago, her sister Sheil` decided


to take things a step furthdr by donating one of her kidndys.


Well, I've thanked her a million times.


She sometimes, if we fall ott, asks for the kidney back.


We did our first transplant back in 1974 and at that time it was a new


procedure in Nottingham, we were only doing between ten and 30 a


year, while we are now doing around 100 year and that makes a htge


difference for those people who have been waiting. The hope is that this


event, where there was plenty of c`ke


and no steak and kidney pie, will encourage others to donate, too


The Newark by`election is wdll behind us,


but it seems the Prime Minister s frequent visits during that campaign


It's emerged David Cameron has taken a keen interest in the


National Civil War centre which opens in the town next year,


There is still a lot of work to do, but, bit by bit,


the new Civil War centre is taking shape inside Newark's old school.


The national centre will showcase artefacts from all over the country.


And now, David Cameron is lending a hand


He has asked the trustees of Chequers, the Prime Minister s


official country residence, to loan objects to the exhibition.


We are absolutely delighted because we were aware that


the Prime Minister was here during the by`election, two or three


times, and he mentioned durhng the visit that he would look into this.


We are incredibly grateful that in his busy schedule he has made


It is not known yet what will be offered,


but the Buckinghamshire est`te has some intriguing prospects.


We are aware of some of the items they have got.


They have a Cromwell death lask and a very rare and unusual painting


They also have the paintings of all the protagonists


Now there is even talk of the Prime Minister, possibly,


opening the centre when it is completed next spring.


Onto sport and the biggest game of the season so far for


It ended in a stalemate at the City ground but it was as eventftl as


As long as we beat Derby, that's all that matters. Major. East


Midlands Derby. It's going to be a big one. There will be a winner


passionate. APPLAUSE Derby Day is between the fidrce


local rivals is always a fehsty affair. This one more than lived up


to its billing. Two sets of fans briefly united, a standing ovation


ten minutes into the game, ` tribute to the legendary manager Brhan


Clough dearly beloved by thdm both. The hostilities resumed soon after.


Chances came and went for both teams along with the inevit`ble


bookings. It was Forest who made the breakthrough. Antonio


neatly with other players to send the Reds' fans into raptures.


Forest's fantastic start to the season looked on course to continue,


but Derby had other ideas. Brian Shotton's effort looked likd it


crossed the line, Leon Best put it beyond doubt. APPLAUSE


Still time though for more drama, Jake Ruxton showed red, but the ten


Derby managed to hold on. It ended almost even. Leicester City broke


their transfer record to sign him and he has already provdd his


Three goals in four games for Leonardo, but few will mean as much


as this one. The strike at Stokesley at Leicester's first win in the


Premier League, definitely worth the wait.


Now here's Charlie with the weather forecast.


Still just a little bit of brightness of the sun goes down As


he going to the early night `` the early hours of Monday, we mhght he


said Risley showers. That Britain to three showers. A mild night, 13


Celsius. A misty, murky start to Monday, lots of cloud around. We


might see a little bit of brightness in western Nottinghamshire. It is


settled after that. We're back with more from the


East Midlands later this evdning Still, some clear spells in western


areas. If you spot stepping into single figures but foremost, it will


not be a cold night. It a rather murky and grey start to Monday.


Still, the far north-east of England, into eastern Scotland,


whereas elsewhere, slow improvement. It brightens up into the afternoon.


There will be the odd shower around. Not so much for the South of England


and Wales, here, mainly dry, but there will


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