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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight ` Nottingham's biggdst fire in a decade reduces a presthgious


Today a team of investigators have started working their way through


all of this trying to find out what went wrong.


Also tonight: The local bushnesses in the running for HS2 contracts


worth ?10 billion. We are getting a number of rail


projects into the business to get us into that sector for when HS2 does


hit. Plus, a village 4,000`strong finally


gets a health visitor ` but only for 90 minutes a month. The poptlation


of the village has doubled hn the last ten years, so thereford the


demand for all sorts of services has increased.


Join me at this super`sized stationery cupboard as this company


fulfils thousands of orders on its busiest day of the year.


Good evening and welcome to Monday's programle.


First tonight ` work is under way to establhsh what


caused Nottinghamshire's biggest fire in a decade.


In fewer than five hours, the world's first carbon`nettral


laboratory on the Universitx of Nottingham's Jubilee campus had


Today investigators began the task of trying to pinpohnt how


Our reporter Jo Healey can join us now from the site.


What is the latest that you have? Good evening. The irony has clearly


not been lost here. This was, as you said, to be the world's first


carbon`neutral laboratory and it's gone up in smoke. Today, thd site


was deemed safe enough for fire and police investigators to get in there


and try to discover the cause. This shows what it was becoling a


world beating beacon of a btilding. Instead, overnight,


this is what it became. We have been watching it develop


over the past six months and yeah it's a bit shocking to see


that it's burnt down to the ground. To see what is left


of it now is really sad. You can see how charred bits


of the building have landed on this roof from the site


of the fire over there. The blaze on Friday night could be


seen for miles. Buildings under construction are


more vulnerable to fire. 60 firefighters brought it tnder


control. Thankfully, no`one was hurt


and no other buildings destroyed. The initial reaction was ond


of shock and horror, really, at this wonderful new building being


consumed by flames, but then it was sadness about what had been lost but


then immediately a determin`tion to We can't be drawn into


whether or not it was suspicious, but at this time I have to dmphasise


the scale of this incident was huge, so you can see the devastathon


behind us, there was a conshderable It's not something that we can


rush into with regard to And investigators are working


closely together to do that. While they do, part of Triulph


Road remains cordoned off. One business says that's costing him


at least ?2,000 a day. I have five technicians in here


usually working flat out all day. But the fire, as you can sed,


is affecting us quite badly. The university insists


its green research work and its We've got outstanding scientists


working on green chemistry. They will continue to do


their research in other buildings around the university


and we will bounce back frol this. How exactly are they going to bounce


back? Well, they are very hdartened by the great number of mess`ges of


support they have had from other universities, both nationally and


internationally. They are stpporting the green chemistry, which hs what


this building had representdd. The registrar told me earlier today that


it may not be in the exact location, it may not be the exact samd design,


but they will find a way to rebuild it and it will still be a world


first here in Nottingham. Thank you. If you would like a different look


at the fire, we have thermal imaging on our Facebook page.


Leicester's first Premier League win.


And the controversy surrounding that big East Midlands Derbx.


It may have ended in a draw but there was no shortage


Next, we can reveal that Bolbardier says they'd build trains for HS


in Derby if they won the contract for rolling stock.


It comes as firms in the East Midlands are being told that more


than ?10 billion worth of contracts are up for grabs in the construction


Many of our companies are expected to be in the running.


But one specialist recruitmdnt agency has warned that


the new rail project will h`ve to overcome an engineering skills gap


After winning a ?15 million Network Rail contract to supply


gantries, this long established family firm of steel fabric`tors


in Loughborough now has its sights on getting work on HS2.


It offers real opportunities and that is to be supplying the


likes of this steelwork into major national infrastructure projects


on a scale really that hasn't been seen in the construction industry


Work on phase one, the London to Birmingham leg,


It should result in more th`n ?10 billion worth of contracts.


Two supply chain conferences are being held next month.


And 40 firms from our region are said to be going along.


What we are putting together, and this will all be revealed at the


supply chain conference, is a series of contracts for the constrtction


of the civil works ` the tunnels, the bridges, the embankments,


This firm, specialising in the rail industry, says there are fantastic


opportunities but getting the right staff could be challenging.


Some of the average ages within the rolling stock sectors, 45, 0,


and there's not enough talent coming through with science


and technology and engineerhng degrees, or apprenticeships to


At the Adey Group they say they are investing in the future by taking


This is a firm that's always found new markets after starting out


as an ironmonger's shop in the town in the 1920s.


The supply chain for HS2 is a vital part


of them succeeding in the ddlivery of the project, and they recognise


that, which is good to see. Early involvement with the supply chain is


something we would welcome from the word go.


The steel firm hopes that the rail sector could eventually makd up


What more are Bombardier saxing about the possibility of HS2 work?


It appears to be good news for the Bombardier workforce. I askdd the


company about its intention to build trains for HS2 when the tenders go


out. This work could be worth up to ?7.5 billion. Bombardier cale back


to me this evening to say that if they were successful, the ctrrent


intention is to build the trains in Derby. Now, they already have


engineers in Derby who are dxperts in high`speed rail, working on


projects in other parts of the world. The expertise is there. The


tenders haven't gone out. Btt tonight Bombardier is backing Derby.


In terms of the ?10 billion contracts available for the


construction work, how likely is some or all of that to come to our


region? That is for phase one at the moment. If you are looking for rail


expertise, this is the region to come to. The Derbyshire Rail Forum


represents more than 100 colpanies who are experts in everything to do


with the rail industry, so the work should be coming this way, or some


of it. HS2 are looking for companies that aren't involved in the rail


industry to come along as wdll because they are looking for


innovation, they want something new to make this the world's best


railway. Critics of HS2 will say the cost, the ?50 billion budget, will


only go up in all this. That's likely in a very long`term project


like HS2. Hopefully, exciting for Derby. Thank you.


The mother of a young girl from Derby who survived meningiths says


her daughter is lucky to be alive after being misdiagnosed twhce.


Charlotte, who's now six, was first told she had swind flu and


Her condition worsened and she was taken back to hospital


where she was eventually di`gnosed with meningitis.


Her mum says her daughter could have died.


If I hadn't have taken her back to the hospital, she wouldn't be with


us today, which is very hard to take in. I, at the time, would h`ve liked


the doctor and nurse that treated her the day before to be told that


that child had meningitis and it went unnoticed. We do hear of a


number of cases like hers where the doctors do initially miss it, which


is why we do urge parents of young children, particularly, to keep an


eye on their children, to trust their instincts and to go b`ck again


and again if they really thhnk their child is not well.


Dozens of jobs could be lost after Phones 4U announced it had


The mobile phone retailer operates seven stores across the


All mobile contracts bought through the company will remain unaffected,


and the networks will continue to provide mobile services to dxisting


Police are hunting masked mdn who threatened staff


at a Nottinghamshire pub with kitchen knives.


It happened at the Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren pub in Stapldford


As well as stealing cash, the two men took mobile phones


Police say a similar robbery took placd at


Today was quite a big day for one Nottinghamshire village


A new experimental health clinic opened for babies


The clinic in Bestwood Vill`ge only operates on one day a month `


Locals say that's just not dnough health care for the thousands


Signing up for a new servicd. These mothers in Bestwood Village were


first in line to take their babies and toddlers to see the health


visitor. The new monthly clhnic run jointly by Nottingham City `nd


County Health Services lasts for an hour`and`a`half. But for villagers,


it's a welcomed sight. Any form of Health Service was sadly missing


here. So we have been trying really hard to get something established,


therefore we have been talkhng to the NHS and the Clinical


Commissioning Group to get to this stage. Bestwood Village lies on the


boundary between Nottingham City, County a District Services `nd is in


a black spot for health provision. One of the reasons for workhng the


way we have done is to provhde an agreement that residents here get


the same kind of Health Service As it stands, the health visitors that


are here this morning are the only health provision we have and this is


why we are working with all of the agencies involved to try and rectify


that situation. The village has almost doubled in size over the past


ten years. With poor transport links and a growing elderly popul`tion,


the need for other types of Health Services is clear. We could have a


district nurse, we could also be running seated exercise classes


which will reduce the likelhhood of falls as the population ages.


Anything that we can use to support our population, that is what we want


to do. So, it may be a case of baby steps for health provision hn the


village, but if this trial hs a success, it's hoped there whll be


more on offer for others in the community, too.


Christmas has come early for one Leicestershire comp`ny


as it processes thousands of orders on its busiest day of the ydar.


ESPO is the UK's largest supplier of goods to schools and academies.


Everything from exercise books to toilet paper is dispatched


This is spending on a huge scale! Today, this company will process


3,000 orders, which equates to ?500,000 in business. It's ` 24`hour


operation. The warehouse is about the size of four football phtches.


We are holding ?5 million worth of stock and we make 1,000 delhveries a


day to the East Midlands alone. Today's its busiest day of the year.


The company has called it Stper Spending Day as academies spend


their funding from the Department for Education. The schools `re back,


the academies are back. Thex have come back with their


responsibilities to manage their finances so we will be servhng some


of the 24,000 lines today. That will range from exercise books, toilet


rolls, to javelins. You can buy anything here. ESPO is a


not`for`profit organisation owned by six local authorities, incltding


Leicestershire County Counchl. ESPO was set up by a number of local


authorities who recognised that they could save money through bulk buying


and group purchasing. And over the last 30 years, we are servicing


9,000 schools. That equates to almost two million pupils using


materials which have come from here. That's why this company is


celebrating business of ?1 billion a year.


A scam which targets people under 55 to cash in their pension early has


left a Derbyshire man in thousands of pounds of debt and in danger


The man from Ilkeston says he was contacted


These firms approach people with tempting offers to release cash


Andy Akinwolere has been investigating.


When we take out pension, it is all about securing our future.


But what if I want to take out my pension before I?m 55?


For some companies, age is no barrier.


In fact, for some it is an advantage.


When John, not his real namd, wanted to free up some cash, he


wasn?t short of offers and one in particular seemed very appe`ling.


It was a way releasing some money from my pension fund,


It was a case of you retainhng your pension fund in the long`term,


but you could also enjoy sole of the cash, is you needed ht.


The scheme would have freed up ?26,000 in cash,


but after he transferred his pension, the regulator and then the


What it effectively meant w`s that the pension was null and vohd.


That means for me, my pension pot is now gone.


So if people are being misldd, why are the victims still p`ying?


She is the Revenue and Customs Director General of personal tax.


From a tax point of view, wd had to apply the rule equally and fairly.


If you take your pension out of the safety out of your pdnsion


And you can see the full story on Inside Out East Midlands tonight


at 7.30pm in a pensions special on BBC One.


Still to come ` things are hotting up in Anna's weather forecast.


That's right, warmer air is moving in from the Continent this week But


with the warm and humid conditions, we also get some showers. I will


tell you more later. Time for sport and Colin is out and


about tonight. Here in the glitzy new`look tunnel


at the Kingpower Stadium, they are surrounded by memories of promotion


from the Premier League. We will be reflecting on Leicester's fhrst win


with a special guest shortlx indeed. There is only one place to start. It


is with the East Midlands ddrby Nottingham Forest against Ddrby


The Brian Clough trophy was gleaming. Signs of rivalry


everywhere. There really is nothing quite like an East Midlands derby.


This is the one that decides the season for Derby. It is the one game


where you are nervous. You don't want to lose. Massively nervous


Been a big Derby fan. Means an awful lot. It is the meanest derbx and we


are going to win! In many w`ys, this was all about managers. Stu`rt


Pearce's first derby clash `s Nottingham Forest boss, Steve


McClaren's first return, but it was all about THE boss, Brian Clough. On


the tenth minute, a minute's applause and a standing ovation So,


there was emotion, a devast`ting injury, seven bookings, fans


invading the pitch, a sending off, a chaotic drama`filled derby. It was


not a classic. Nottingham Forest made the breakthrough, Assolbalonga


scoring his fifth goal in shx league games.


Derby fought back. There was a debate about who bagged thehr goal.


It was given to the Nottingham`born Ryan Shotton. It was my debtt today.


It is not a bad debut, to come here and get a point and a goal. It is


lovely. If we were told we would be top at this stage, unbeaten, we


would have took it. Today, ht shows you how far we have came, to be


disappointed we have not took the three points and to create ` little


gap between first and second. Going down to ten men, 18 minutes to go,


two 18`year`old boys, we showed great character to get the point.


Probably the atmosphere tod`y is as good as I have ever known it here. I


have played semifinals here and goodness knows what else. The


atmosphere generated by both sets of fans was fantastic and a crddit to


them for that. Another epic East Midlands derby. Honours even on a


big day for the two managers. Always stuff to talk about. Plenty


to talk about here at Leicester Not least the club getting its first win


of the Premier League season. 1 snil over Stoke. Our special guest is


Matty Elliot. You must be ddlighted to have seen them get an aw`y win at


Stoke? A brilliant result. H say great performance, it was qtite a


steady start in the first h`lf. We came to life second half with a


couple of substitutions. Th`t made a big difference, and we got ` great


three points away. Can I pick out three players? Can we start with


Leonardo Ulloa. What a great build`up? Great play. Great stuff.


Excellent finish. He made a difficult finish look easy. The


second player, I want to pick out is the keeper, coming in for


Schmeichel? A surprise? I don't think necessarily a surprisd.


Probably a bit of relief for Ben in particular. By his own admission, it


took him a bit of time to sdttle in pre`season. His performance on


Saturday warranted giving Nhgel a headache for the weekend. Thirdly,


it's Cambiasso. What did yot make of him? The way he fitted in so


quickly. He hasn't been herd long. 45 minutes, he looked like he had


been here 45 weeks! Stoke are one thing. But it is Falcao and the rest


coming at the weekend. Can Leicester win? Nigel will be trying to


implement a few tactical solutions that can exploit those weaknesses.


Thank you very much for joining us. We will of course be followhng


Leicester throughout their campaign. Elsewhere, Magpies, Tigers, Stags,


Panthers, all in action. Let's round things up. Notts County can take


huge credit for their draw `t Peterborough. The Magpies dhd a lot


more than hang on. They produced the best chance of the game, but the tee


up was too fierce. Mansfield Town were left cursing the referde after


defeat at Wycombe. The Stags controlled the first 20 minttes The


referee surprised an entire stadium by saying this was a handball inside


the area. Mansfield never rdally recovered. Wycombe got their winner


with 13 minutes left. We fedl a bit of injustice. He's give a h`ndball


that we think hasn't hit his arm and we think it is outside the box. It


is a game`changer. In rugby it was the Tigers who had to come from


behind. Exeter had a try by the time Allen spotted this kick through The


Panthers got their season under way with a 3`1 over Cardiff Devhls. This


the pick of the bunch. Nearly up`to`date. The cricket to


mention. All three of our counties in action. You can see the scores on


the BBC website. As for the rest of this week, plenty


of football still to come. Both from clubs trying to get into thd Premier


League and this place, alre`dy there. We might mention the visit of


that Manchester United side a bit this week as well!


That looks lovely. Time for the weather. It fedls more


like August than September. Things are improving. Temperatures


are slowly starting to rise. It will turn a bit humid and when wd get the


humidity, there is a chance we could have some scattered showers. There


is a lot of cloud around, particularly during the mornings. It


is warm air pushing up from the Continent over the next few days.


That is what will make it fdel warmer.


It starts to cool down by the time we get to the weekend. We h`ve had a


few showers around this evening It's been trying to rain. Some spits


and spots about. That all dhes out as we go through the evening itself.


The cloud is expected to become quite extensive. It is low cloud.


There will be quite a bit of mist and hill fog into the Peak District.


It is holding temperatures tp tonight.


A cloudy, misty start to yotr Tuesday. Thing also be very slow to


improve and in fact, it looks like we will hold on to quite a bit of


cloud throughout the day. M`ybe some brightness across the east. I am


hopeful that that cloud shotld thin to give you some bright or sunny


spells. It does look like it may prove a bit stubborn in places.


However, temperatures not b`d. 0 Celsius is your high. And there will


still be a few isolated showers around. It is a similar story on


Wednesday. You will be waking up to a lot of cloud, mist and murk.


Things should brighten up through the day and a risk of a few showers.


As low pressure starts to edge our way, we are at the increased risk of


a few showers. We start to see high pressure starting to build `s we


head towards the weekend. That means things will be cooling down a little


bit. Both Saturday and Sund`y should be dry and bright.


Brilliant! Sounds all good. Pick the bones out of that! Inside Ott is on


at 7.30pm. It is, don't miss it Bye.


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