15/09/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands. I'm Anne Davies.


First tonight, work is underway to establish what


caused Nottinghamshire's biggest fire in a decade.


In fewer than five hours, the world's first carbon`nettral


laboratory on the Universitx of Nottingham's Jubilee Campus had


Today, investigators began the task of


This shows what was becoming a world`beating beacon of a btilding.


Instead, overnight, this is what it became.


We've been watching it develop over the past six months and it's just


a bit shocking, really, to see that it's burned to the ground.


It was a beautiful building, it was fascinating.


To see what's left of it now is just really sad.


You can see how charred bits of the building have landed


on this roof from the site of the fire over there.


The blaze on Friday night could be seen for miles.


Buildings under construction are more vulnerable to fire.


60 firefighters brought it under control.


Thankfully, nobody was hurt and no other buildings destroyed.


The initial reaction was ond of shock and horror, really,


that this wonderful new building was being consumed by flames.


But there was sadness about what had been lost but then,


immediately, a determination to continue and find a way through it.


We can't be drawn into whether or not it was suspicious but at this


time, I want to emphasise that the scale of this incident was huge


You can see the devastation behind us.


There was a considerable buhlding here that has been lost.


It's not something we can rtsh into in regard to a cause.


And investigators are working closely together to do that.


While they do, part of Triulph Road remains cordoned off.


One business here says that's costing them at least ?2,000 a day.


We're usually working flat out, all day long.


But the fire, as you can sed, affected us on Saturday and is


But the university insists its green research work and its


We've got, still, outstanding scientists workhng


They will continue to do their research in other buildings


around the university and we will bounce back frol this.


Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner has called for an


independent review of alleg`tions of historic abuse at children's homes.


Beechwood in Mapperley is one of more than a dozen homes


in the county where there'vd been allegations of physical


Operation Daybreak has becole one of Nottinghamshire's most complex


Paddy Tipping says an indepdndent review should be carried out


Jobs could be lost after Phones 4U announced it had


The mobile phone retailer operates seven stores across the


All mobile contracts bought through the company will remain unaffected,


and the networks will continue to provide mobile services to dxisting


Next tonight, we can reveal that Bombardier says it would buhld


trains for HS2 in Derby if ht won the contract for the rolling stock.


This news comes as firms in the East Midlands are told that more


than ?10 billion worth of contracts are up for grabs


in the first phase of construction for the new high`speed rail line.


After winning a ?15 million Network Rail contract to supply


gantries, this long established family firm of steel fabric`tors


in Loughborough now has its sights on getting work on HS2.


It offers real opportunities and that is to supply the lhkes


of this steelwork into major national infrastructure projects on


a scale, really, that hasn't been seen in the construction industry,


Work on phase one, the London`to`Birmingham leg,


It should result in more th`n ?10 billion worth of contracts.


Two supply chain conferences are being held next month


and 40 firms from our region are said to be going along.


What we are putting together ` and this will all be revealdd


at the supply chain conference ` is a series of contracts for the


civil works, so that's the tunnels, the bridges, the embankments,


This recruitment firm speci`lising in the rail industry says there are


fantastic opportunities but getting the right staff could


Some of the average ages within the rolling stock sectors are 5 ,


60, and there's not enough talent coming through.


Back at the Adey Group, thex say they are investing in the ftture


This is a firm that's always found new markes after starting ott


as an ironmonger's shop in the town in the 1920s.


The supply chain for HS2 is a vital part of them


succeeding in the delivery of the project and they recognise that


which is good to see, so early involvement in the supply chain is


something we would welcome from the word "go".


Tonight, Bombardier said that if it was successful


in winning the HS2 rolling stock contracts, yet to be put out to


tender, then their current hntention was to build the trains in Derby.


Contracts for rolling stock could be worth up to ?7.5 billion.


People in a Nottinghamshire village have welcomed the return


of extra health care today but say it's still not enough.


A health visitor has begun a trial clinic in Bestwood Village


But villagers say they're concerned the 90`minute service just once a


month won't be able to accolmodate all the families waiting to use it.


Renovation work will start later this week on an historic buhlding


in Leicester, which was badly damaged by fire


The Friars Mill site was botght by the city council for ?500,00


The authority plans to convert it into offices.


Work should be completed in just over a year.


That's your news, so it's goodbye from me.


But with your weather now, here's Anna.


It doesn't look too bad for the rest of the week. It felt a bit warmer


today and that's the theme for the next few days. It will turn of the


week. It felt a bit warmer today and that's the theme for the next few


days. It will turn a bit hulid for now, some clearer spells and we are


expecting the cloud to becole quite extensive, low cloud through the


night. We're also seeing sole mist where we get clearer spells and hill


fog into the Peak District. It's all acting as a blanket, holding


temperatures up, so a minimtm of 12. Cloudy, misty, murky starts to your


Tuesday but I'm hoping that the mist will start to clear, the cloud will


thin and break so we'll start to see it getting a bit brighter in the


afternoon and, hopefully, a few sunny spells. A high of 20. I'll


leave you with the outlook for the next few days,


week, with a greater risk of showers.


When you compare it to what is happening over in the Americas. This


is a hurricane and it is slamming into this peninsula right now. It is


the most powerful hushry cane to hit this part of Mexico in 23 years The


biggest impact could come from the rain. We could get two years rain in


two days. S compare that to the wettest place in the UK today -


Edinburgh. We had 11 mms of rain. Rain in Scotland. The heaviest is up




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