19/09/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Geeta Pendse


Politicians in the East Midlands are calling


for a measure of devolution and tax`raising powers for the region.


It comes after the no vote hn Scotland which means a form of Devo


Our Political Editor John Hdss has been to Leicester to gatge


Even the weather and Leicester felt Scottish today.


For many, working out referdndum repercussions for cities like


They have their parliament and we don't.


Any powers given to other cities is good.


Hopefully other cities will be able to progress from that.


The Prime Minister hinted at devolution for English chties.


We will see more about empowering our cities in the coming daxs.


I believe that in Britain wd should have the same range of powers to


raise revenues that our continental cousins and American friends have.


That I think would enable us to really empower local democr`cy.


But it will be up to English MPs to shape those powers.


I have views about more powdrs for Leicester, Nottingham,


Derby and county councils, but we really have to listen to what


I am concerned about the practicalities, when cities like


Derbyshire South conservative Heather Wheeler simply said hurrah.


Now for English MPs to vote on English issues.


And Labour's Chris Williamson from Derby North said it is now time to


Even before the political dtst from all of this has settled, thd debate


over the extent of devolution for English cities has already begun.


It's over a year since an arson attack killed four members of the


Eight men were jailed for their part in the attack on the house hn


Dr Mohammed Taufiq lost his wife, daughter and two sons.


Well Dr Taufiq now lives in Dublin and has founded an Islamic Centre in


Earlier, I asked him why he'd felt the need to do it


So, this was always in our lind both mine and my wife,


that we need to have such a centre here where the children can get all


The curriculum and the religious education.


You have spoken a lot about how your faith has helped you.


I used to share everything with my wife.


And everything that we planned, the main mindset was my wifd's.


She was using her brain as well and I was on the front line doing


So I miss her as well, but since my family, God has taken my family,


God has provided in the othdr way, given that vision as well now that


Yes, I have the help as well from the other people, from the other


people, but I'm making the decisions and a lot of things are going


It is clear to see what an hmpact you are having with the centre.


Volunteers who were told by Derby City Council to stop picking


up litter until they'd been given trahning


The group, from Normanton in Derby, are now being sponsored


by local landlords. Simon Hare reports.


They are used to bagging up rubbish, but today they bagged up


They had been provided by the City Council, which then decided


Instead, they have taken them back to the council.


You would believe this is an April fool.


The reason we could not emb`rk on the training is because we want


The council said it was a hdalth and safety issue.


The Health and Safety Executive have said the action from


But the volunteers have said they will carry on using equipment


I donated the high visibility jackets to support this campaign.


I often find rubbish piled up outside my properties.


Without volunteers helping, this will get worse.


The council says it has a dtty of care to anyone carrying out work


Finally a reminder to motorhsts particularly those travelling to


East Midlands Airport, that a part of a major motorway


The southern bridge of Junction 24 on the M1 shtts


tonight and won't reopen until Monday morning as part of a ?6


So, it's goodbye from me, hdre's the weekend weather with Anna.


We have had higher than average temperatures for some time, and a


lot of cloud and missed this week. Saturday, similar, cloudy and misty


with showers. Sunday, it wotld feel cooler, more like the autumn and it


will be a dry, crisp started with plenty of sunshine on Sundax. For


now, some isolated showers but it has been mostly dry with thd


continued risk of showers. Lainly some heavier showers but thdy would


be hit and missed. Some dry weather in between. The last of the mild


weather, 14 degrees, the minimum temperature. Showers clearing to the


south`east, lots of cloud, sunlight, patchy rain but a good


deal of dry weather in the afternoon. Feeling cooler whth 7


Celsius. We will leave you with the outlook for the


Hello. Our weather is about to correct itself and stop acting as if


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