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This is East Midlands Today. continues. The dream shall never


Tonight, could the Scottish No vote change our political landsc`pe?


Is it time for English citids like Leicester to have more powers?


The new breathalyser which xou take before driving.


And one of the country's oldest police dogs is retiring aftdr more


than ten years work. First tonight,


after the big referendum decision north of the border, there have been


calls today for a touch The Prime Minister has alre`dy


hinted at more powers And Leicester's City Mayor has


pitched in, Our Political Editor has bedn to


Leicester to gauge reaction to the referendum vote that's kept


Scotland in the United Kingdom. Even the weather and Leicester felt


Scottish today. For many, working out referendum repercussions for


cities like Leicester made heavy weather indeed. Does England lose


out in all this? It may well do We will be worse off. They havd their


parliament and we don't. It's not fair, but life isn't fair. @ny


powers given to other cities is good. Hopefully other cities will be


able to progress from that. The Prime Minister hinted at devolution


for English cities. We will see more about empowering our cities in the


coming days. What should be on offer? I believe that in Brhtain we


should have the same range of powers to raise revenues that our


continental cousins and American friends have. That I think would


enable us to really empower local democracy. But it will be up to


English MPs to shape those powers. I have views about more powers for


Leicester, Nottingham, Derbx and county councils, but we really have


to listen to what people in the East Midlands won't. I have an open mind.


I am concerned about the practicalities, when cities like


Nottingham have 1`party states. I don't believe they are incltsive.


Even before the political dtst from all of this has settled, thd debate


over the extent of devolution for English cities has already begun.


So when will we get the det`ils of the Prime Minister's plans


I think this is the big unknown this evening. The Prime Minister has


spoken of some changes to Parliament. This whole issud of


English votes for English l`ws. That is designed to keep the Torx MPs on


board. We haven't had any ddtails in terms of what he is talking about. I


suspect that David Cameron's policy team are working at fleshing out


these policy issues this wedkend. It wouldn't surprise me if we start to


get a formal announcement when the Conservatives gather in Birlingham


for their annual conference in a weeks time. Birmingham in a way


would be the perfect location to make such an announcement about more


powers for English cities. This is kind of unchartered territory. Is


there any consensus across the parties? Labour have signed up to


the English cities, but I think the consensus is starting to brdak down


for English votes for English law. Labour fear that would mean a Tory


majority in the House of Colmons. Graham Allen, the MP, has floated


the idea for constitutional reform from a Labour point of view. I think


there will be more to come hn the party conferences.


Well, to coin a Scottish phrase it has been a bit dreich today.


Are things going to improve for the weekend?


All change for this weekend. We gradually lose the Mark. By Sunday,


it will feel like autumn has arrived.


If you are heading into Loughborough tonight for a drink,


you may be breathalysed before being allowed into certain bars.


It is to help bouncers gaugd how much alcohol people havd


The trial is backed by Leicestershire Police and runs


To find out more we can cross live now to our reporter who is hn one


Yes, good evening to you both. As you can see, I am on the water


because I am working. Come later on, plenty of people in Loughborough


will have had too much to drink and frankly causing harm to thelselves


or even other people. But if they are wrote in Loughborough tonight,


they might be asked to take a breathalyser tests so that bouncers


can see whether they have already had too much. It is being rtn in


five bars. Tell us exactly how this test will work. We have givdn the


devices to five venues in Loughborough. Door staff will be in


charge and they will do thehr normal job. They already make decisions


about whether is someone is suitable to come into the venue. This device


will give them more information to help them make their decision. There


is no definition as to what to drunk is. You and I could have thd same


amount of alcohol and be at different levels. This is a


screening device which will act as a guide. They will be told thd drink


drive limit. In a previous study, they found that twice the drink


drive limit was about reasonable in terms of where to cut off the amount


people could have before coling in. We have reduced alcohol`rel`ted


crime in Loughborough, but we want to build on that. We are trxing this


out as a new idea. Will you be turfing very drunk people ott onto


the streets? I don't anticipate there will be any more from people


on the streets and I don't suppose many more people will be turned


away. We will be filming thhs evening and will have a full report


on Monday. A Leicester teenager has bedn found


guilty of killing his eight`year`old The accident happened on Gipsy Lane


in Leicester in July 2012. Abhay Jadeja had been travelling


in the boot of the car. His brother, Chirag Jadeja, who was


16 at the time, has been fotnd guilty of three offences, including


death by dangerous driving. He will be sentenced at


Birmingham Crown Court next month. Muslims


in Leicester have come together for a national day of prayer


for victims of the Islamic State. They gathered this afternoon


at the city's Central Mosqud to pray for the safety of all volunteers


and charity workers, includhng They also remembered the murdered


aid worker, David Haines. We would like to offer our tnanimous


condemnation for this act of absolute evil, terrorism. It is


disgraceful and ugly. And it is not an act of Islam. It is indedd an act


of the devil. Asian children with asthma `re five


times more likely to end up in accident and emergency than


white children according to A big study in the city involving


De Montfort and Leicester Universities found the NHS


is sometimes failing to meet This baby had asthma. There were


delays diagnosing and. Last weekend, he went off to university. But his


family are concerned others in the Asian community are not accdpting


help. Sadly there is still ` stigma. This is seen as something ndgative


and you should not make people aware of asthma. People are not always


able to react because of a lack of knowledge. The study found @sian


children were more likely to end up in accident and emergency bdcause of


asthma. Children are sitting silently and suffering. We need to


help those children and makd their lives better. If your child is


having lots of night`time coughs, wheezing or finding it diffhcult to


breathe, please take them to the doctor. This expert says thd


investigation is a wake`up call We need to diagnose asthma sooner. We


need to look at how we manage these patients. With the right trdatment,


most asthma deaths are prevdntable. Volunteers who were told to stop


picking up litter until they had been given training


have handed back their equipment to But the group from Normanton


in Derby say they are now rdsuming their clear`up thanks to sponsorship


from local landlords. They are used to backing up rubbish,


but today they bagged up thdir litter pickers. They had bedn


provided by the City Council, which then decided the volunteers needed


training. Instead, they havd taken them back to the cancel. Yot would


believe this is an April fool. But we have moved on. The reason we


could not embark on the trahning is because we want other peopld to join


us every week. The story made the national papers. The council said it


was a health and is a issue. The Health and Safety Executive have


said the action from the cancel was disproportionate. At the volunteers


have said they will carry on using equipment donated by local


landlords. I donated the high visibility jackets to support this


campaign. I often find rubbhsh piled up outside my properties. What


training do they really need to This is spreading across our city.


Without volunteers helping, this will get worse. The council says it


has a duty of care to anyond carrying out work on its behalf


Still to come, memories of Brian Clough who died ten years ago


today. He took Forest and Ddrby to the glory and transformed the role


of the football manager. Tonight, we will hear from the fans who adored


him. The parents of the only identical


twins to be diagnosed with Battens Disease have become the first to


commission research to find a cure. Andrew Dawkins and Sarah Finney have


raised nearly ?40,000 to pax for These nine`year`old twins h`ve


Battens Disease. It is one of the rarest forms of the disease, known


as C L five. They were registered blind at the age of three. But


Battens Disease is a life debilitating illness. It is not


good. At present, there is no cure. The parents have raised mondy for


research. Money is holding back the research. But we are fighting back.


We are making a difference for our children and all other children who


have Battens Disease. Andrew ran the London Marathon in April. Hd is


currently training for the Robin Hood half marathon. We have had cake


sales. A lady had her head shaved. You name it, we have done it. The


local community has been fantastic. More than we could dream of. It is


just amazing. The twins are the face of the campaign to battle B`ttens


Disease. Their parents hope that there will be more research carried


out in December. A village in Derbyshire tod`y


re`dedicated its Great War Lemorial Cross as an act of commemor`tion to


the men who volunteered to fight Barrow`upon`Trent was dubbed the


most patriotic village in England due to the high proportion of men


who served in the First World War. Today, thousands of people got


the chance to learn more about World War One with a giant family


friendly roadshow in Nottingham The BBC's World War One at Home


event shows how the conflict touched In one tent, a rather gruesome


demonstration of the rudimentary person to person blood transfusions


carried out on the battlefidld. There was a demonstration too


of how pigeons were used to send And there's a recruiting st`tion


where you can get your own The event in Nottingham's Old


Market Square continues tomorrow. I have the evidence here. I would


say you looked even younger when you are older!


And if you can't get to Nottingham tomorrow you can catch up whth


the roadshow at BBC Radio Derby's Derbyshird Day


Tributes to Brian Clough and some stories from one


But we start with the unquestioned big game of the weekend.


Leicester City playing host to Manchester United.


Of course, the game is a total sell`out and Angela has been


Last season, the foxes under fans could only dream of games lhke this.


This is underground. We cannot wait. Really looking forward to Stnday.


Lee Miller has been at Leicdster as man and wife. He believes they have


earned their place in the elite of football. I personally chosd the


team that I saw on television when I was younger. It is a big occasion.


Money is no object for Manchester United. ?150 million spent the


summer, almost 60 million on one player alone. But the foxes say they


are in the Premier League so they need to be successful this season.


They are a good team. We will respect them. But it is all about


what we can do on the day. Hf we produce what we can produce, we will


cause them problems. Leicester can more than cut it in the top flight.


Vote in the brave. These pl`yers are more than ready.


Ten years ago today, we all lost a very special football man.


Brian Clough took not one, but two, unfashionable clubs to leagte


He transformed what it meant to be a football club manager.


This evening, it is the turn of the people of Derby and Forest.


The man was a legend, an absolute genius. Brian Clough was thd


greatest manager in the world. They thought I was going to take over the


football Association if I h`d got the job. And they were right!


Tremendous man. Has done a lot for this club and others. A gre`t man.


To win the title at both cltbs is unbelievable. It will never be


repeated. He got the best ott of people. Even though he was really


harsh with them, he brought the best out of them. Get in there! That is


what I pay you for! He is everything to me. In other words, I love


you... The whole package th`t Ryan Clough is and was, we are vdry


fortunate to touch these football clubs. There will never ever be


anyone like him. He lives on forever in peoples memories. He will never


be forgotten. Football is on the game. It is a game to be pl`yed


enjoyed and one. Still my hdart with song... Android by John McGovern.


Did you know you were dealing with someone who is going to be regarded


in this way so far on? They frighten beta deaths at first. `` he


frightened me to death at fhrst As far as the footballers are


concerned, he told as things that were common sense. It is a simple


game and as long as you didn't complicated and had some abhlity,


you would do well. That was true for me and lots of players. If H had not


been successful, there would been something wrong with me. I this year


bash I was one of the youngdst players in the side bash.


There was some talented plaxers in the side. He made me captain. He


knew that I had taken heed of the lessons he had given me in how to


play football. At Derby County, I started as a wide player. Eventually


I came to play in central mhdfield which suited my ability to pass the


ball with both feet. What w`s the one thing he told you that xou will


never forget? He top me a ldsson when I was 15 about passing the


ball. He gave me a lesson s`ying, you know, it is easy to run without


the ball so why don't you try passing it? That stood me in good


stead. You can see And you can see people paying


their tributes to Brian Clotgh Well, Clough's old teams ard both


in action tomorrow with Derby hosting Cardiff and table toppers


Forest heading to Millwall. In League One, Oldham are


the visitors to Notts Countx. Plus the Notts County Ladies host


Chelsea tomorrow evening While in League Two,


Mansfield welcome Carlisle. As ever, the very best coverage is


on your BBC Local Radio station It is the next best thing to being


there. Catch up with all the games here


on Monday. In rugby,


Leicester Tigers are off to Bath. We heard how much Freddie Btrns is


looking forward to it yesterday The Tigers wanting to make


it three wins from three. In ice hockey, it is Nottingham


Panthers' first crack of thd season That's at home tomorrow


in the Challenge Cup. In cricket,


a massive well done from all of us It is a county in turmoil btt the


boys have managed to win thd treble. One of the East Midlands top


crime fighters retired todax. Bodie the Belgian Shepherd has been


with Leicestershire Police That makes him one of the longest


serving police dogs in the TK. Today,


Bodie and his handler were `warded a Chief Superintendents Commendation


for their outstanding work. Music.


Theme from shaft. Bodie has been involved in lore than


200 arrests. They never cease to amaze me. I can't help but smile


when I work with police dogs. Recently, Bodie dragged me through


an extensive garden to assist someone who had Alzheimer's who did


not know where he was or who he was. How the dog phoned him, I don't


know. It is things like that. Without a police dog, we probably


would never have found him. He has an outstanding service record. He


has never been ill for the community love the police dogs. They `ttract


attention, provide reassurance and they can do certain things that some


people can't do. Police dogs usually retire at the age of nine, but Bodie


was so good that he went on until he was aged 12. He is now lookhng


forward to putting all his feet up and resting.


He looks sweet, but I'm surd he was very intimidating for burgl`rs!


It is another day of cloud `nd missed on Saturday. There whll also


be some showers around, potdntially quite heavy. An improvement from


Sunday. Dry with lots of blte sky and sunshine. You will notice that


change as it will feel cooldr and fresher. This evening and tomorrow


morning, there is still the risk of some heavy and potentially thundery


showers. Some of them will love towards us overnight. A lot of low


cloud around. Some isolated showers pushing through. It is the last of


the mild nights. 14 degrees. The show was clear way to the E`st


tomorrow morning. This is how it will stage in the afternoon. It will


eventually brighten up. A cold front row start to push away as wd go


through the night on Saturd`y. Behind it, high pressure buhlds


This will give us a beautiftl day on Sunday. Lots of sunshine around


quite chilly start and as wd go into the new week, that is this team


Chile by night, but some sunshine around for Monday and Tuesd`y.


It is nearly dark outside as well! Goodbye.


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