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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight, the rising number of men in forced marriages.


This man was helped by a charity that has now sdt up


Also tonight, how fears of an explosion at a chemical factory


They call him the Ironman but it's taken nerves of stdel


for mum and dad to see Albert through his heart transplant.


But soldier Samuel Holmes is in hot water at Buckingham Palace.


Good evening and welcome to the programmd.


First tonight, a charity saxs it needs to expand its service to help


The wider issue became the subject of a new crimin`l


It's thought that one in ten victims here in the UK is m`le.


One man who's been helped by the Derbyshire`based charity to


escape from a forced marriage has been speaking exclusively to


We've agreed to hide his iddntity but he wants to share his story


He is 22 now but two years ago fled the family


home after what he thought was going to be a trip to Pakistan turned out


A week before we were meant to head off it came out that I was getting


married but came completely out of the blue.


I spent the first two days trying to talk them out of it,


saying I don't want to go through with it and I'm not interested,


They turned around and said I'm not having it.


You are going to go through with it and that's that.


They helped him to secure a place at a refuge for men in Derbxshire.


As a sensitivity to the people staying in the refuge at thd moment,


we haven't filmed there and for obvious reasons we can't sax exactly


where it is but we can say ht is here in North Derbyshire and helps


It's run by this charity which combat domestic violence


But it's struggling to cope with demand.


In fact, we are now looking to find ` bigger


We need to expand, yes, bec`use we have to turn people away and


About 10% of people that come forward to us with the issue


But it's one of those things we know is massively underreported.


available. Had I been alone I would probably have gone back in ` day or


two. It was only thanks to the efforts of the police and charities


that I realised what my famhly did was definitely wrong and I don't


happened. Our victim has contacted his family since he left th`t says


He is now making a new life for himself and hopes to return to


Next tonight, the owner of a factory has apologised


after workers accidentally sparked a huge evacuation exercise hn Derby


500 people were forced out of their homes for about eight hours.


The alarm was raised when potentially explosive chemicals


were mixed together at a factory near the city centre,


Police at the chemical alert cordon around Nun Street in Derby


Today at the factory at the centre of the chemic`l alert,


A health and safety investigation due to get under way.


Basically, it was a miscalctlation when we was mixing a chemic`l.


As soon as we noticed it, we noticed it straightaway,


as soon as we noticed it we rang the authorities really.


At around 6pm last night, 240 University of Derby students were


250 residents in houses nearby also orderdd out.


You do what you are told in these circumstances for


Everyone was out of the buildings within five mhnutes.


At the end of the day, therd was no harm done and nobody got hurt.


With the bomb squad arriving to neutralise the chemicals, students


And residents went to a local church.


People were able to return `t around 3am.


Still to come, could our region become the economic


And it's the biggest appeal in the history of Leicestershire's RSPCA.


As ?1 million is needed to help some of the counties abandoned animals.


Two children's centres in Ddrbyshire could close under proposals revealed


The authority needs to save a million pounds and says the centres


at Ashbourne and Duffield are in relatively well`off areas, dxpensive


There will be further consultation over the centres with


The MP Andrew Robathan says he won't be standing again


as the Conservative candidate in South Leicestershire.


In a statement, he said that after a great deal of soul searchhng he


believes it's time to let someone else represent the constitudncy


The former Northern Ireland Minister has been an MP


More than 70 jobs are to go from Phones 4U stores in thd


East Midlands following the company's collapse


14 stores across the region will also close.


Phones 4U had to call in administrators after EE became


the final mobile operator to say it would not sell phones


Nationally, around 2,500 st`ff are to lose their jobs.


The boy at the centre of a fight to save the East Midlands


heart surgery unit is recovdring well after a heart transplant.


Albert Tansey has been moved from intensive care.


His surgeon at Newcastle's Freeman hospital says he has made alazing


It's 200 miles from his family's home but


so many good wishes from thd people of Leicestershire, have madd the


From Newcastle our health correspondent Rob Sissons rdports.


On the move and on the mend. Today his first time in the Freem`n


hospital playroom. Out of intensive care. First of all it was mxself and


Anita who could be with him and we had aprons on and were washhng our


hands every time we went through an airlock. That lasted for about ten


days. This is Albert's verdhcts That is pink which we haven't seen


since it was four days old. He's always been a dusky blue colour I


always say, are you happy? He said yes, very happy. Because I got my


new heart. Everything he's gone through in the next couple of


weeks, it's been worth it and we've got the dream ticket. He arrived in


Newcastle by ambulance. A r`ce against time from his home. The call


came out of the blue that there was a heart available and the strgeon


today really impressed with his progress. His heart was in ` mess.


We know from before but he suffered a heart attack. A great part of his


heart was not working. I was surprised how well he was,


considering the condition of his heart. When you see Albert, it's


great. Particularly when I look at his history. I think he's done


fantastically. I'm very ple`sed Who can forget Albert's alternative ice


could challenge, viewed 1 mhllion times on social media, with so many


messages of support. We are still receiving messages daily of people


showing their donor cards, saying they were inspired by Albert. We are


keen to carry that on. Therd are few centres in this world who would have


attempted his transplant because the blood donor was a different blood


group but, all being well, he could be back home again next month. Good


old Albert. Next tonight, what's


the answer to the English Qtestion? In his speech to the Labour party


conference today, Ed Miliband hinted at new devolved economic powers


for our big English cities. But could Labour's thinking benefit


Northern cities like Manchester Liverpool, Newcastle and Ledds,


at the expense of the Midlands? With that in mind,


senior politicians from Birlingham and Nottingham are joining forces


to ensure the voice of the Lidlands And for starters,


they are highlighting poor rail connections between the two cities


as a block to economic growth. From the Labour conference


in Manchester, here's our From Labour's conference venue


you see a Manchester transformed. It's the visible sign


of the northern powerhouse. Northern [email protected] That's the


increasing political and economic clout that's being wielded by the


Northern cities linked to M`nchester to have their voice heard bx both


the Treasury and at Westminster Inside a small room at the Labour


conference council leaders from the Midlands, East and West,


meet to consider their response to London and the south`east whll


always grow as an economy. We've got this growing percdption


of the North, northern citids, If we're not careful,


the Midlands is a bit in So a new pressure group,


Midlands Connect, is bringing together council leaders


from both the East and West Midlands This is about trying to enstre that


the same message is out there Albert Ball,


the leader of Birmingham City Council backs HS2 but says hmproved


cross`country rail links, especially between Birmingham and Notthngham,


is vital and he's got the stpport The roads and railways that connect


our regions are simply inaddquate. Albert already talked about


Nottingham and Birmingham, both cities relatively good conndctions


down to London but really poor But having that case heard loud


and clear in Whitehall is why council leaders from the Midlands,


East and West, believe it is now A short while ago,


I spoke to John at the Labotr conference and asked if the concerns


of our Midland cities is justified? I think there's a feeling that


the North is stealing a march and the Midlands is in dangdr


of being bypassed by the government, The Chancellor George Osborne


recently announced plans for creating a northern powdrhouse,


allocating ?15 billion of investment Let's talk about HS2,


the high`speed rail project. Won't that put the Midlands on the


map as far as economic growth is I think HS2 they believe will help


investment in the Midlands but it's What they want are improved


transport links between the East and West roads and railways


and it's not just the politicians who are sayhng it's


time for the Midlands to muscle in. I think cities in the north do have


that gravity in terms of thdir size. What we've got in the East Lidlands


are three very important cities and many important good`sizdd towns


as well. We need to use those to


our advantage and make thosd work together and make a case for why


investment should be coming here and really maximising the potential


that we do have in East Midlands. Is it unusual for the East `nd


West Midlands to come together Well, I think after Scottish


devolution, Midlands cities feel Midland Connect is a way in


which they are determined to get The RSPCA in Leicestershire has


begun the biggest fundraising It wants to raise a million pounds


to build a new veterinary clinic at It says it will mean quicker


and cheaper care And it's got high`profile b`cking


with a certain Mr Humperdinck This is Benji, who arrived here at


the animal Centre last month with a severe skin condition. He h`s to be


taken to Leicester for treatment at a local vets. But now the cdntre


wants to treat all its anim`ls on site by building its own veterinary


clinic. We cannot continue to is sustain the number of animals who


come here every year. Every year will we get that's increasing their


prices which has a massive dffect on the funding to the centre. Over one


third of our money goes on veterinary calls. That is one


element we can control. The number of abandoned animals in


Leicestershire has risen evdry year for a decade. This centre sdes more


than 2000 every year. The ndw clinic will cost ?1 million and have two


part`time vets, surgery and x`ray room and the centre is convhnced


it's worth the money. They've already raised more than half ?


million thanks to corporate sponsors. Now it's over to the last


shop public to raise the rest of the million pound target. So little dogs


like these can get the care they need. And the campaign has `lready


received high`profile support. Hello, this is Engelbert


Humperdinck. His dog was rescued by the centre ten years ago. Animals


have always played a large part in our family. And I certainly hope


that you will be able to rahse the necessary funds. We are verx proud


to have him on board. He sent us a message from California to play at


our gala day which was well received. Once they are fit and


well, the only thing left to do will be to find these animals a new home.


How cute is that? Still to come,


it's the Autumn equinox. It's officially the start of autumn


and we have some rain to get things under way but the summer is fighting


back later on this week. I will have all of the details later on in the


programme. Winter draws on. What a gloomy


introduction. Rugby and the nightmare goes on


for Leicester Tigers. Their huge injury list is even


bigger with hooker Tom Youngs ruled out for up three months with


a shoulder problem. Niall Morris and Geoff Parlhng


were also hurt in Saturday's The 45`0 scoreline was


their worst in the Premiership. Kirsty Edwards has been catching up


with Director of rugby We've got to front up


and come back and train The performance is


my responsibility. It's my fault how the players play


so that's down to me and it's COMMENTATOR: I cannot


for the life of me remember when I've seen a Ldicester


team this much under pressure. The amount of senior players


missing before the game and then We've looked at everything we do


here from a training point 90% of their injuries are ehther in


play or we have inherited from guys who have signed and got injtred


after we signed them or injtries You can't control what happdns


on the rugby field sometimes. You've actually got to go ott


and do better. It's always a slight double`edged


sword so we've been unlucky if that's the right word but wd seem to


be unlucky a lot, so we're looking into those things, trying to modify


and adjust training to suit, but at some point, you've actually got


to go out there and train and try They are good guys, they work hard,


and we will make sure this weekend COMMENTATOR:


This has to rank as one of the very worst days of Rhchard


Cockrell's tenure in charge. In a funny way,


can it make you stronger? What doesn't kill you


makes you stronger. I'm still alive,


so I must be stronger. There's no way of getting ott


of 45`0 is 45`0. I'm not pretending it's right


or good enough or acceptabld. But it is what it is


and now we can sack everybody, and you can start with me, or wd can


strap a pair on and get on with it. In football,


it's League Cup time again with Derby taking on fellow Championship


side Reading at the iPro. There will be changes to


the side but a place in the last 16 is at stake


so they are taking it seriotsly The players want to play gales


and that's the good thing. We want to be involved in the Cup,


so we have a Cup game this week The only difficulty is you get very


little time on the training field to do any real


preparation leading into thd games. It's more a case of a recovdry


and then you have one day to get set The other key action tonight is


in Ice Hockey. Nottingham Panthers with


their final home group game It's the most winnable


of the lot against the Germ`n side Hamburg and a chance to makd a mark


on this toughest of competitions. In cricket, remarkable events at the


Derbyshire versus Leicestershire match with Derbyshire's Cheteshwar


Pujara given out handled thd ball. It's the first time that's


happened in England since 1896. It rather overshadowed Slatdr's


excellent century on day ond The new Chief Executive of the


Lawn Tennis Association says he expects some of the top men


and women in the world to play The City's Tennis Centre will host


a new Festival of Tennis with the return of high level totrnaments


in the run up to Wimbledon. Michael Downey was


in the City to encourage local businesses to get involved,


and help attract great playdrs. Part of it is putting


on a great show. It's making sure the fans come out


because the players like to play But it's also making sure that


the LTA and the tours get the word out that this is


an important week in the calendar. Tonight we're starting


our annual search for the Those volunteers who give


their time and energy to help others Entry details in a moment


but first a reminder of the type The BBC's Eddie Butler looks back


at the Leicestershire coupld won It started with somewhere


to play bowls. 25 years on, the derelict w`steland


in the village of Dessford hn Leicestershire has been transformed


thanks to Jim and Sue Houghton. They've spent every spare


hour coming down here. You can't buy that kind


of effort and sensitivity. A couple who wanted somewhere


for their children to take part in sport have built a leisure centre


most towns would be proud of. They don't just develop fachlities


here, they develop people. Thanks to the millions they have


raised, people of all ages have access to an outstanding colplex


away from the city, taking referrals They believe in sport for all and


have inclusive days, giving over the entire facility to groups who don't


normally have the opportunity. They are the heart and soul


of this village. Without people like them, vhllages


die. Unsung, unheralded no lore They don't think they're dohng


anything special when they `re. Last year's winner Colin McGee


devoted him A child came to me and said I wanted


to sail and I can't afford ht. And if I had to dip


into my own pocket and pay One


of our runners`up spent a lhfetime The other spent 50 years te`ching


football to the blind We want the coaches, the groundsmen,


the fundraisers, the tea makers all who give their own time to


inspire others in sport. And here's how to get


a nomination form. Or we can send out a form for you to


fill in if you dial 0845 308 80 0. Calls cost up to 5p a minutd


from most landlines but maybe The closing date for us to receive


all entries is Monday 20th October and our East Midlands winner will go


the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards in Glasgow


and have a fantastic time. I can speak from experience about


that having been to one of those ceremonies. They are absolutely


brilliant. It was wonderful when that couple one. So deserving.


Always find some great char`cters. Send in your nominations.


Now to the guardsman who's guaranteed to make you giggle.


It's been revealed that a soldier who was filmed performing


funny walks while on duty at Buckingham Palace is frol Derby.


So far the online video has clocked up more than two million vidws,


but it's turned out to be no laughing matter for Samuel Holmes.


It's straight from the Ministry of silly walks. A command performance


at the Palace. Last month, Grenadier Guards Samuel Holmes was filmed


adding a few extra steps to as protection duties. Along with a


Perak wet, 20`year`old Samudl also pulled off a standing still like a


statue move, later throwing in the stooping down to pick something up


from the gravel to add to hhs variety performance. He left his


audience baffled. The Ministry of funny walks going on today. He has


been dubbed the Private dancer but got into bother. The Ministry of


Defence said:. No one at thd family home in Derby wanted to comlent


until his commanding officer has decided what disciplinary action to


take. It's expected to be fhne. It is understood his father is himself


a former Grenadier Guards. Neighbours were known Samuel four


years told me he has a wickdd sense of humour. When he was growhng up,


he was Army, Army, army, and often seen marching up and down the back


garden as a boy. It's sort of her Majesty was away on holiday when the


prank was filmed. In future, he needs to be more guarded about where


he parades his private promhsing. `` dancing. Strictly Come Danchng is


about to start, you know. There could be a vacancy. I think the


Queen would have liked it, `ctually. The weather has been leading a merry


dance. Yes, the Autumn Equinox tod`y, the


end of summer and the start of autumn. We have got a littld bit of


rain to kick things off. Two weather fronts pushing in from the North


West tonight but they don't stick around for too long. They whll push


through tomorrow. High pressure building in behind that so once


again not a bad day tomorrow. Mostly dry when that rain clears through.


The wind is changing to a north`westerly direction so it will


feel more autumnal. Feeling cooler. You can see the weather fronts.


Ahead of that, some beautiftl sunshine today. The clouds `re


starting to thicken up and we are starting to see rain pushing in from


the north and west. It will fragment as it pushes southwards and eastward


tonight, but I think we will get a damp rainfall for the gardens. Not a


very cold tonight, not as cold as recently. 10`11. Staying in double


figures. Tomorrow morning, hf you are up early, there will be rain


knocking first thing but it clears through. One or two showers falling


behind and in the afternoon, dry with lots of sunshine coming back.


The wind is starting to push in a north`westerly direction so making a


dent into those temperatures. 1 `17. The pressure starts to build from


the South on Thursday and Friday. Mostly dry but fairly cloudx and it


will warm up on the weekend. Finally, a farewell to one


of the big attractions across One of the two last remaining


Lancaster bombers left Lincolnshire this morning to return to C`nada


after a series of memorial flights. The aircraft, called Vera,


has spent the last six weeks in the UK flying alongside


the world's only other airworthy Several of those flights have taken


place in the East Midlands including in Derbyshire this weekend


as they recreated To see the Canadian one as well has


just been absolutely marvellous Something I'm never going


to experience again. We knew it was going to be big


but not as big as it was. The crowds have been


fantastic everywhere. I think what has been extraordinary


is the ability of the pilots and the maintenance crew to keep thdse old


warbirds in the air to maintain what We can tell you there are other


stopovers. More pictures on the Facebook page. See you in the later


news. Bye bye.


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