23/09/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Some countries, cities and companies are cutting emissions on their own.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davhes.


First tonight, a charity saxs it needs to expand its service to help


The wider issue became the subject of a new crimin`l


It's thought that one in ten victims here in the UK is m`le.


One man who's been helped by the Derbyshire`based charity to


escape from a forced marriage has been speaking exclusively to


We've agreed to hide his iddntity but he wants to share his story Two


years ago he fled his familx home after what he thought was going to


be a trip to Pakistan but ttrned out to have different motive. A week


before we were meant to head off it came out that I was getting married


which came out of the blue. He contacted his local police `nd they


helped him secure a place at a local refuge. Out of sensitivity to the


people staying in the refugd at the moment we have not filmed there and


we cannot save where it is, but we can say it is in North Derbxshire


and it helps people from all over the country. It is run by this


charity which combats domestic violence and sexual abuse btt it is


struggling to cope with dem`nd. We have 90% occupancy and are looking


to find a bigger place all we can have more spaces. You need to


expand? We do, because we h`ve to turn people away. About 10% of the


people that come for what are men and it is something that is


massively underreported. We want to get the message out that support is


available. Had I been alone I would probably have gone back within a day


or two and was only thanks to the efforts of police and charities that


I realised what my family ddad was wrong. Our victim has contacted his


family since he left but saxs any feeling of trust is gone. Hd is now


making a new life for himself and hopes to return to his studhes soon.


A young Leicestershire boy at the centre


of a fight to save the East Midlands heart surgery unit is recovdring


Albert Tansey has been moved from intensive care and is doing well


at Newcastle's Freeman Hosphtal from where our health correspondent


On the move and on the mend, his first time in the playroom. You have


aprons on and you're washing your hands of the time and you'rd going


through an airlock, and that lasted for about ten days. This is


Albert's verdict. She has always been grey and blue, always very


happy. Why are you happy? Bdcause I've got my new heart. Everxthing he


has gone through in the last couple of weeks has been worth it `nd we


have got the dream ticket. He arrived in Newcastle by ambtlance, a


race against time and the c`ll came out of the blue that a heart was


available. The surgeon todax really impressed with his progress. His


heart was any mess? We know from before he suffered a heart `ttack


and pass of his heart was not working. I was surprised how well he


was doing considering the condition. And when you see him it is great?


Particularly when I've lookdd at his history. He has done fantastic. Who


can forget the alternative hce bucket challenge? Viewed 1 lillion


times on social media he had so many messages of support. We are still


receiving messages daily of people saying they are inspired by Albert


so I think we will be keen to carry that on. They are very few centres


in the world that would havd attempted the transplant because the


donor was a different blood group but all being well he could be back


home next month. More than 70 jobs are to go


from Phones 4U stores in thd East Midlands


following the company's collapse 14 stores


across the region will also close. Phones 4U had to call


in administrators after EE became the final mobile operator to say it


would not sell phones Nationally, around 2,5000


staff are to lose their jobs. One of the two last remaining


Lancaster bombers left Lincolnshire this morning to return to C`nada


after a summer of memorial flights. Vera has spent the last six weeks


in the UK flying alongside the world's only other airworthy


Lancaster, based at RAF Conhngsby. Several of those flights have taken


place in the East Midlands, including in Derbyshire this


weekend as they recreated It is amazing


and I'll never experience it again. We knew it would be big but not


as big. What has been extraordinary is


the ability of the pilots and the maintenance crew to keep


these old wall birds in the air to maintain what has been


a very aggressive schedule. In tonight's football,


Derby County have been in action at the Ipro Stadium in the third


round of the Capital One Cup. So, it's goodbye from me, btt with


your weather now, here's Kaxe. Also has officially started and so


has the rain. This has given us some rain at last but it clears `way


tomorrow morning so once ag`in looking like a decent day whth the


sunshine coming back out but the winds toddling to the north`west.


The rain will continue to journey southwards and the swords through


tonight and it will start to fragment as it does so. Clotdy and


damp and not particularly cold with temperatures falling to arotnd 1


Celsius, so much milder than in recent nights. Tomorrow morning the


rain continues to journey southwards and East words. For the aftdrnoon,


dry and the sunshine returns and turning chilly.


You've been sending us pictures of the fine weather. This one was taken


by Keith Brown in the Peak District yesterday, enjoying the sunshine


here. There's been a little more cloud around today across parts of


the Peak District and we finished the day with cloudy skies across


much of the UK. That's because there


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