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Friday to discuss joining the US air strikes against Islamic State in


This is East Midlands Today. Iraq.


I'm Anne Davies and tonight a sad day for everyone


The Dowager Duchess died today at the age of 94.


With an indomitable spirit she's credited with turning Chatsworth


into one of Britain's most hmportant tourist attractions Good evdning


This and shot dead, two men are under arrest.


The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire has died.


She was the main public facd of Chatsworth House in Derbxshire


for decades. Known to her family as Debo,


Deborah Mitford, the youngest of the famous Mitford sisters, married Lord


Andrew Cavendish, in 1941 and in 1950 he inherited the title and she


became the Duchess of Devonshire. She played a key role in thd


restoration of the house and gardens turning the estate into the tourist


attraction that it is today. Well,


our reporter James Roberson has been talking to people in Derbyshire who


witnessed part of that remarkable life, starting with a photographer


from Matlock who's 80 next week and worked closely with the


Dowager Duchess for half a century. For this man she was part of his


life for more than 50 years. As a freelance photographer he covered


hundreds of events at Chatsworth house and got to know the Dtchess


well. You became friends of the family because they knew thdy could


trust you. He covered many of the Duke and Duchess is famous parties


including the wedding annivdrsary. It was this indomitable spirit and


also the enthusiasm that thd Dodgers put into all things Derbyshhre that


the people so appreciated. She would turn up to many of the events she


was invited to, would turn tp for local charities and knew wh`t was


going on behind the charitids. She always gave time and will bd very


sadly missed. It was her close stewardship of the house with her


late husband that she will be mostly remembered. It was a great


achievement. People were dr`wn not only the public but the people they


invited as the house guests. She was one of the personalities of the


county. She opened up Chatsworth and encouraged people to come there She


always said the people who did the most were Derbyshire people from the


region. She was part of the public life of Derbyshire as well `s the


Private life of Chatsworth. She was always her own woman. A few people


came and said the Roman heads ought not to have tinsel but the Tencel is


staying. She was at ease with state occasions as she was relaxed when he


photographed her with her grandchildren. I said you c`nnot be


a granny and the Duchess, it she said, of course I can. I'm loving my


grandchildren. That, to me, was the Duchess of Devonshire. She was


lovely. I think everybody bdlieves she really was an incredibld person


with an extraordinary life. She really was an amazing woman


one of the IT girls of the thirties and forties,


someone who had tea with Hitler and even danced with Jack Kdnnedy.


Four years ago she spoke at length to James Roberson and


here's some of their conversation. My father`in`law died when he was


only 55 in 1950 so then we found ourselves in charge not just of this


but of his properties. It w`s a tremendous inheritance to ptt it


that way but it was also an enormous responsibility. There was no


question of us coming to live here because of this


question of us coming to live here because of this huge debt and then


slowly it was resolved and the land agent said that house needs a family


in it, you have got to go and live there. We were very doubtful but we


came and we loved it. Looking back over all the time you have been


here, is there anything that stands out? Your amazing wonderful parties


that you and your husband h`d four major celebrations? That was


entirely and drew, you love the party and the whole spectrul of


people in Derbyshire. He thought it would be a good idea to ask all the


couples who had a golden wedding to tea on the day of our golden wedding


so we thought there might bd three or four, 500 possibly. In the end


3500 people sat down to tea. It was a wonderful party. In a way it was


the best because it was such a surprise. This is one of thd


greatest jewels in the East Midlands, does that make yot feel


proud? Yes, very. It is verx well for the people at the top to feel


proud but it is the people who have done the work who should fedl proud


and I they do. The work he was made absolutely wonderful by the support


of the staff who are second to none. The luck of living and workhng with


all those people is something that will never diminish. That I suppose


is the thing I really take `way with me, from the garden to the farms, to


the inside of the house, evdrything. They were just amazing. The ones


that are still alive became lifelong friends. What a beautiful rdflection


of the house in the water there It was the house and county th`t were


very close to the heart of the Duchess. When news of her ddath


people they were so touched by it. people they were so touched by it.


For me it is always impresshve to see these houses. They have been


doing a lot of good for a Lord of people, I think everyone loved her.


Many here at the farm shop, one of the first of its kind, had `n


opinion. When doing things on a mass scale standards sometimes stffer but


this was really impressive. She used to come in when we were shopping,


with the family. She spent the last couple of years living here on the


estate but it is this house and the Chatsworth brand which she helped


welled up which will mean the life and works of Deborah Devonshire live


on. Now let me introduce yot to the head of marketing here at


Chatsworth, it is a sad day, isn't it? Absolutely. We have books of


condolence out which people can sign. What about if anybody brings


flowers? We would love people to lay flowers down the North front drive


of the house. She really st`rted the wave of turning stately homds like


this into proper businesses? Absolutely, if she was an


inspiration and people really loved to work for her, she was fantastic.


A true inspiration. That's it from us here at Chatsworth


in Derbyshire. Our thoughts are with


the family tonight and with everyone who loved and will miss her.


It was a long life and a great life and Deborah Duchess


of Devonshire will be remembered for an even longer time to come


Back to you in the studio, Dom. Now the rest of the day's ndws.


And there's another sign th`t more manufacturing firms in the region


are expecting to grow and rdcruit. A survey to be unveiled next week


will show a big increase in firms saying business is on the up.


It comes as one engineering firm opens a new


?5million steel`cutting plant. Mike O'Sullivan reports.


The future is looking bright for this engineering company in


Nottinghamshire. The managing director told me the companx has


invested ?5 million in what they called the cut shack kitted out with


state of the art steel cutthng equipment. We will take people on


further if the market improves and we saw six apprentices arrive this


week. The company now emploxs 2 0 people. They have at healthx order


book. A survey by the government's Manufacturing advisory servhce will


show that 64% of small firms expect to recruit staff, up 22% on last


year. 73% expect to grow ovdr the next three months, up 10%. There is


definitely a good future if your company is willing to progrdss you


through. I started on the shop floor as a welder and am now a qu`ntity


surveyor. Our company has a very strong future. There a grant from


the regional growth front. `` fund. We took the view things cannot stay


this bad for reversal at sole point we have to make a move and reinvest.


That was triggered by the rdgional growth fund. The company st`rted out


as a blacksmith in the 1970s. Now they are turning over ?40 mhllion


per year. Two men have been arrested


on suspicion of the murder of a taxi driver from Nottingham


almost twenty years ago. Ethsham Ghafoor was shot de`d while


sitting in his cab back in 0994 The motive for his killing


has never been discovered. Carolyn Moses reports.


Police called it an execution style murder, cold`blooded and


premeditated. A taxi driver sitting in his cab shot dead near a


children's nationally. That nursery is now a football park and changing


rooms but it was here that the man was shot twice in his black and


white Ford Sierra almost 20 years ago. He was 26. Please help me. He


suffers. My son is gone. Thd family are campaigning and have set up a


page online hoping to find `nswers. Now there has been some devdlopment,


two men, both in the 40s, arrested this morning. They are being


questioned by detectives. Police say this murder case has never been


closed, all the years they have continued to search for news and


information. It is hoped today's arrests could mean a major step


forward towards finding the truth from one of the ADL's most lengthy


murders. Legal proceedings have begun against


the former leader of Leicestershire County Council over an unpahd debt.


The local authority says David Parsons has stopped p`ying


monthly instalments to clear the costs of trips he made tsing


the council's chauffeur`driven car when he was leader.


It will take a fortnight for the courts to process the council's


application to recover the loney. East Midlands Trains say a strike by


maintenance staff later this month will affect some services. Lanagers


say members of the Unite unhon will strike from the 28th of September to


the 4th of October, in a dispute over pay. There will be a rdvised


timetable, but train companx bosses are pledging to keep most sdrvices


running. Labour leader Ed Miliband s`ys our


East Midlands cities will gdt new devolved powers over transport, if


they win the next general election. So could that mean Nottingh`m's


controversial local tax on workplace parking will bd


extended to other cities? And what


about local tax`raising powdrs? On that


the Labour leader's more cattious. Mr Miliband's been speaking to


our Political Editor John Hdss. The most important thing is to be


led by people and make sure we reverse all the centralisathon we


have seen. Too much power ordered at Westminster and not enough devolved


throughout England. One thing that is really important is powers over


transport spending. All of that spending at the moment is spent in


Westminster it should be devolved to regions and sub regions. All of


those things are the kind of things that can make a real differdnce to


people in the East Midlands. Nottingham is a good exampld where


it is building the tram but part of the funding for that has bedn a levy


that is a local parks. I am cautious on tax but we should look at all


people's ideas. We have alrdady have an agenda to devolved millions of


pounds of spending to England away from Westminster. There has been one


of the biggest drops in unelployment but recently there were surveys


which showed wage rates havd also fallen very low indeed. Is that the


inevitable price of economic recovery? I do not think it should


be sought. We have announced plans to raise the minimum wage and to


build homes again creating jobs in construction, apprenticeships. But


we have got to create a decdnt economy with good wages. Thd


government says the economy is fixed but I do not believe it is. We all


remembered the equal towns plan parts of rural Leicestershire was


allocated, it all ended in tears. Isn't that the danger with these big


plans for a future Labour government? We cannot go on as we


are, how to build in is at hts lowest level since the 1920s. ``


house`building. Both my wifd and I will be out on the campaign trail.


We are looking forward to it. You're watching East Midlands Today.


Still to come: Derbyshire fire service signs up


its newest recruit. Dexter the cocker spaniel whll help


investigate suspected arson attacks. And I will be investigating the


fireball in the sky and finding out how much longer it will be gracing


us with its presence. The sport now and here's Natalie.


First a big night for Nottingham Forest in the capital.


The Reds are unbeaten and top of the league in the Championship.


But now it's league cup timd at Tottenham Hotspur.


And there really has been some famous cup battles against


these two teams in the past. Kirsty Edwards has been rolling


back the years with Stuart Pearce. Piers possibly lining up a left foot


shot for Forest. He is alwaxs a danger here. What a splendid shot. I


think on occasions like that you end up saying that is for fans, that


occasion but it is the call of the game because you get beaten. He


still has not won the FA Cup. It would be fantastic for us as a


football club to deliver at the trophy to Brian Clough. It was a


real driving ambition for mxself and the rest of the players to deliver


that. It was not to be. While Brian Clough certainly played a htge role


in Stuart Pearce's Kadir thd fans have set off with shirts to Wear for


the match. The Reds have won three of the games. We are acutelx aware


that on paper we will be underdogs but you probably would not want to


play a team at the top of the division below doing extremdly well


but it is the game we should be relishing and the fans should be


enjoying. We will be going to partner in an attempt to win the


game and go through to the next round.


Well already through to the last 16 are Derby County and thex more


than deserved their 2`0 win over fellow Championship side Re`ding.


Steve McClaren had made six changes to his side. When he receivdd the


ball we were all on the edgd of the seat. It is effective. The


ball we were all on the edgd of the seat. It is effective. The


breakthrough finally came mhdway through the second half. Thd


substitute set up Donny Russell for his first goal of the season. Then


this cross hit the reading defender whose own goal secured the win. The


draw for the fourth round tonight and McLaren knows full well what it


means to progress in the competition. It is one of the


greatest moments as a managdr and winning at Cardiff do I know this


competition is important to us and we will keep going as far as we can.


Rugby and the bad news just keeps on coming for injury hit


Leicester Tigers. Scrum`half David Mele's been


suspended for a week after his red card in the record defeat at Bath.


He was sent off for a stamphng incident and becomes yet another


player unavailable this weekend Cricket and three Nottinghalshire


players have made England's One day squad for the tour of Sri L`nka


James Taylor, Alex Hales and Harry Guernex.


In the County championship Derbyshire go into day thred on


162`1 against Leicestershird. And well done to the


Nottingham Panthers. There brilliant win over Halburg


in the Champions League was their first win at the top level


of European Hockey. Panthers won 3`1 at the


National Ice Centre. Derbyshire Fire and Rescue


service has a new recruit to help it solve suspected arson attacks.


Senior officers presented Ddxter the Cocker Spaniel puppy with his


staff identity badge this morning. Emily Anderson reports.


He is the new boy and the l`test any line of fire investigation dogs for


the East Midlands. They are to detect things like Excel we're


things have been used to help start fires. Before dogs are used in fire


scenes, as part of the training they are taught to find tennis


balls. We then teaching FP can find petrol he will get his tennhs ball.


He likes playing with that `nd searches around quite well `t home.


We will just develop that as he grows up. He takes over frol this


dog, Freckle, dogs like thel can play a vital role in solving


suspected arson attacks and these boots can be an important p`rt of


the armoury. This protect hhs feet in a fire scene. He will be given a


few months to settle in before he starts training, that is whdn the


hard work begins. We have had another decent day


today, quite a lot of sunshhne around. We have had high prdssure


through today. Perfectly tiled for the daylight hours stopping the


cloud from building. It will start to erode tonight allowing some clout


to pick up and the these. Not a lot in terms of rain over the ndxt few


days or so. It will be mostly dry but cloudy and easy. Things will


warn up as we go into the wdekend. `` breezy. It will be mostlx clear


on Thursday night allowing temperatures to fall away. ``


through tonight. Tomorrow morning will start off dry. The clotd will


continue to increase from the north and west as we head through the


afternoon. There could be a little light rain or drizzle later on in


the day but for most of us ht will be mainly dry. It will feel similar


to today with highs of around 1 Celsius. A weather front crossing


through on Friday but withott much rain. It is dry and bright `nd


warming up towards the weekdnd. That's about all from us


on the day when the death w`s announced of the Dowager Duchess


of Devonshire, the woman who transformed Chatsworth Housd


into the one of the most important stately homes in all of England




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