24/09/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


First tonight, two men arrested on suspicion of murdering


a Nottingham taxi driver 20 years ago have been released on b`il.


26`year`old Ethsham Ghafoor was shot dead in his taxi outside a Gedling


Police described it at the time as a cold`blooded


Officers spent today questioning two men in their 40s.


The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire has died.


Deborah Mitford was the youngest of the famous Mitford sisters.


She was the main public facd of Chatsworth House in Derbyshhre for


decades and is credited with turning the house into one of Britahn's most


Her son announced her death earlier today.


There's more good economic news on the way for the region.


A survey to be published next week will show a big increase


in businesses, saying they're looking to recruit staff and expand.


It comes on the day one enghneering company opened a new ?5 million


steel`cutting plant, as Mike O'Sullivan reports.


The future is looking bright for Caunton Engineering at Loorgreen


The managing director told le the company has invested ?5 million


in what they call The Cut Shack kitted out with state`of`thd`art


We're already taking on 20 lore people, we will probably be taking


on some more if the market hmproves still further, and this week we saw


another six apprentices arrhving in our accredited training `cademy.


They have a healthy order book at a time when small manufacturers


A survey by the government's Manufacturing Advisory Servhce due


out next week will show that 64 of small firms expected to recruit


And 73% expected to grow in the next six months, up 00%.


Providing your company's willing to progress you through.


I started on the shop floor as a fabricator welder, I'm now


As it stands, with the improvements that not only our company


but the other companies are making, there is a very strong future.


Caunton built their plant whth a ?250,000 grant from the


Being a family business we take a bit of a longer`term view through


We took the view that things can't stay this


bad for ever and at some pohnt we have to make a move and reinvest.


That was triggered in some part by the Regional Growth Fund,


The company started out as a blacksmith's in the village of


Now they are turning over ?40 million a year.


Earlier this evening I spokd to Stuart Hilton from the


Manufacturing Advisory Servhce and began by asking him why companies


Our survey told us that a large proportion


of businesses have experienced growth over the last six months


and a slightly larger proportion are planning and expecting lore


That situation has to give them the confidence to recruit ndw staff


because they are winning new business and they have more orders


to satisfy, and they need more capacity to satisfy that work.


Is it also a question of confidence, that firms may have been holding


back until they were sure the future is positive?


I think they must be, because it is based on


They feel they are winning new business and they need to add


capacity to satisfy the orders they are winning.


The engineering firm we featured in our report,


they took advantage of substantially of the Regional Growth Fund.


Are other firms you advise taking similar advantage,


Other companies are taking advantage, yes, they are,


If a company has expansion plans and they are looking to obt`in


grant support to help them do that, then I think they need to t`lk to


their Local Enterprise Partnership, talk to the


Absolutely, talk to us and we can connect them to the right pdople.


Derbyshire Fire and Rescue service has a new recruit to help


Senior officers presented Ddxter the cocker spaniel puppy with his


He is the new boy in the latest in a line of fire investigation dogs


What they provide is the expertise and skills to be able


to detect accelerants in fires, where things like petrol have been


That helps us with our investigation which goes on to be used later


Before dogs are used in fires scenes,


as part of their training they are taught to find tennis balls.


What we then do is turn that reward around and teach him that


if he can find petrol he will get his tennis ball.


All the signs are good, he's inquisitive, he likes playing


with the tennis ball, he's searching round the hotse quite


well at home, so fingers crossed we will develop that as he grows up.


Dexter takes over from Freckle, who has been used in major crimd scenes,


including the fire at the Philpott house in Derby two years ago.


Dogs like Dexter can play a vital role in solving suspected arson


attacks, and these boots can be an important part of our arloury.


When we go into fire scene, obviously they protect his feet


Dexter will be given the next few months to settle


in before he starts training, and that's when the hard work bdgins.


Football now, and one game in the League Cup for you tonight.


Nottingham Forest are out of the competition after losing 3`1


So, our only team left in the Capital One Cup is Derby Cotnty


The draw for the last 16 of was made a short time ago,


and the Rams are away to fellow Championship side Fulham.


That is your news and sport, so it is goodbye from me, with yotr


weather now is key. We have had another decent day


today, lovely sunshine around this afternoon thanks to a ridge of high


pressure, but that. To erodd tonight and tomorrow. We will pick tp more


cloud and you can see the isobars squeezing, where we will pick up


more of a breeze. Cloudy and breezy is esteemed tomorrow, a spl`sh or


two of rain here and there but most of us will stay dry. Tonight,


staying dry, clear skies, more cloud across North and western parts by


the end of the night but further south where there are clear skies


temperatures could dip down to around six Celsius. Tomorrow morning


starting off bright, sunshine to the south but cloud will start to move


from the North and West, sole splashes of rain here and there but


most places dry. It is cloudy and breezy with temperatures sililar


today. That is it from us, I will


Good evening. Many of us had some welcome rain for the gardens


overnight. But away from


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