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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands. I'm Maurice Flynn.


Eight years after John Moore`Robinson died,


a coroner today concluded his death was probably avoidable `


if only staff at a hospital's accident and emergency department


It was at the infamous Stafford Hospital, where fahlings


meant the 20`year`old's injtry after a bike accident wasn't diagnosed.


Our health correspondent Rob Sissons has more.


John Moore`Robinson was in the wrong place at the wrong


time, 50 miles away from his home at Sileby in Leicestershire.


He'd gone mountain biking when he came off the bike at Cannock Chase.


He was taken to the troubled Stafford Hospital.


There they didn't diagnose his ruptured spleen.


He been discharged from hospital vomiting,


They called John the big gentle giant.


His family had to go to the High Court to get this second inpuest.


To lose a loved one is the lost difficult life event we will all


face, but to go through this grief and their death be surrounddd


by lies and deceit to cover up the poor care they received is


We had to walk this path together to get justice for John and to make


The South Leicestershire Coroner, Catherine Mason, found a series of


Stafford Hospital at the tile was in meltdown.


It's obvious now ` low staffing levels...


It was just an appalling hospital and lots of people suffered and


Stafford Hospital today said sorry, knowing the 20`year`old's lhfe


This former consultant told me he had tried to get


I hammered and hammered and hammered and hammered, to try to get changes


John was a lad that worked hard and played hard and he loved life,


and that was denied him by incompetent people.


As we've been hearing, todax saw an a historic vote for militarx action


against the Islamic State ` IS, and it's now clear that


a substantial cross`party m`jority of East Midland MPs backed British


But some of our most senior parliamentarians


warned of consequences and the need for a clear exit strategy.


From Westminster, this from our political editor John Hdss.


Outside Westminster, a huge anti`war banner.


Its message had already persuaded one of our senior


parliamentarians to vote ag`inst British military intervention.


What we're doing now, I'm afraid, is playing Isis game, and wd will


I heard the Secretary of St`te for defence now saying we're gohng to be


Just like Iraq, it appears there is no real exit strategy.


But the writing was already on the wall for those


A succession of East Midlands MPs spoke in favour of intervention


He has rightly talked about defeating Isil militarily


and politically, including with help in the region.


Could he say something about how we need to also ddfeat


Which countries are supporthng Isil, including by purchasing oil,


and what is the British Govdrnment and others going to do about it


Certainly I shall support this motion, because some of our best


allies are taking part in this intervention, but I still think we


are at the early stages of working out exactly where we're going.


The threat is not from a rogue state or a vicious dictator.


It's from a poisonous, viral movement which is cutting


a swathe of grisly barbaritx across the region from Syria to Ir`q.


Some MPs have sought the vidws of their local voters beford


Well, the poll organised by the local paper showed therd was a


majority of two to one in f`vour of taking military action againt Isil,


but the people who have contacted me directly, there is a majority of


probably four to one against military action. And


in the House of Lords, a warning about home`grown jihadi fighters.


In Derby, where I work, there are at least 20 people, probablx more,


But besides fighters, your Lordships may or may not be


aware there is also also an appeal from Isis paramedhcs, for


teachers, for people to help build what they think is a good society.


Parliament may have rejected military action against Syrha


a year ago, but one year on and the mood is very different, and sombre.


And for our East Midlands MPs, the threat


A fire service today made ftrther frontline cuts `


axing two appliances and 32 full` and part`time posts.


Members of the Fire Brigades Union protested outside


the headquarters of Nottinghamshire Fire Service.


They claim the cuts ` affecting Beeston and Mansfield ` are putting


But the fire authority says with fewer calls`out, they can cope.


Today we are removing our first full`time appliance,


We can keep cutting and cutting and cutting, but at the end of the day,


we do have to be more imaginative, and I feel we've got to a shtuation


where I feel comfortable with the resources we've got, but if we


started removing some more, I would have difficulties.


A strike by maintenance staff at East Midlands Trains that was due


to start this weekend has been called off.


Members of the Unite union were due to walk out for a week


A revised offer was put forward to union officials this morning,


More from me across the weekend Now the weekend weather.


High`pressure predominantly in charge of weather. It will keep this


settled. A couple of weather fronts but they are very weak so they will


just give us a bit of Clyde from time to time. A dry weekend. Quite a


lot of cloud but equally sunshine coming through from time to time.


After chilly mornings, it whll feel warmed by the afternoons. Cdrtainly


a chilly night tonight. In northern parts temperatures will be close to


grasp Ross. `` grasp frost. Some death Dalit dense patches of frost


by the morning. `` some dense patches of frost. That is it from


us. The outlook. Good evening. Some very useable


weather on offer this weekend in. Fact, most of September has been


decent, and that's because our jet stream that drives our weather


systems across the Atlantic has been driving them to the North West of


the UK. So not much rain has made its way across our shores. By the


same token, it's been quite warm, especially in the south. Little


change to that pattern this weekend. Mainly dry with warm sunshine. We


will pick up for fog


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