27/09/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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ended. And


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


A new memorial to the Royal Leicestershire Regiment was


dedicated today at the National Arboretum.


It comes on the anniversary of the regiment being founddd,


Unveiling a permanent tribute to the Royal Leicestershire Regiment,


a proud moment for the unit known as the Thgers.


The National Memorial Arbordtum has given us a super place


for our tiger, which is going to look absolutely grand and


The unit was awarded more than 70 battle honours before


it was incorporated into thd Royal Anglian Regiment in the 1960s.


So many of the old regiment`l people who are here today


long for the days when the regiment was a regiment of the lion.


It is no longer, but they still have the reghment


in their hearts and they want to see some evidence of it and this is


326 years after the regiment was founded, this remembrance stone has


been unveiled and dedicated here at the UK Centre of Remembr`nce


Local heroes forever remembdred alongside the nation's falldn.


Police have recovered a bodx from the River Derwent in Ddrby


The man was found near the city centre yesterday.


They have identified him, but haven't yet been able


They're now investigating the events leading up to his death.


You're 12 times more likely to die on Leicestershire's roads than


in a house fire, according to the county's Fire Service.


That's why it's leading on a new online campaign


It involves a harrowing trud`life story, as Carolyn Moses reports


It was a remarkable scene ` a grieving mother embracing


Michael York had been given special Home Office permission to ldave


prison for the day to warn xoung drivers to be at


his former school about the dangers of the so`called fatal four.


I've taken one of her boys `way from her.


His night out drinking in Ldicester with friends now forms part of a


He wasn't fit to drive, but they were all in that car volunt`rily.


I'll never see him do the things he could have done,


Last November's unique safety day has now gone online in the hope


of spreading the message even further th`n before


Other fire services plan to use it too.


We've gone down the route of using something that will hit


them hard emotionally and this website is very emotional.


It's real people, a real evdnt and they're talking from thd heart.


I am screaming at you, I am crying out to you, to think.


I don't ever want to see ond of your faces with two dates on


To sport, and in this afternoon s football, Leicester City lost 2`0


Derby County won 1`0 at Bolton, and Forest drop to second in thd table


Notts County drew 1`1 at Chesterfield,


In today's rugby, Leicester Tigers lost 19`22 to London Irish.


And Nottingham went down 55`16 at Worcester.


The annual Southwell Ploughhng Match caused traffic chaos


This year's event in Bulcotd near Burton Joyce saw slow`loving


queues in the area, with sole drivers stuck for up to two hours.


Some local buses had to be diverted too.


Let's check the weather for the rest of the weekend now


The cloud has been quite an issue today but most of us have sden some


breaks allowing sunshine. Tomorrow will be similar, a cloudy start but


brighter spells later on. This evening we have clear skies for many


places at first but the clotd will increase as the night goes on and


temperatures won't drop as low as last night, about 14 Celsius.


Tomorrow morning we may havd some mist and fog patches and it may take


a while for the day to get going but the cloud should break to rdveal


sunny spells on and off. Thd risk of a light shower, most places


remaining dry and it remains settled and warm next week.


The Beat's starting now on your local BBC Radio,


and I'll be back with more for you tomorrow at 6:45pm.


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