28/09/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


A woman with multiple sclerosis has completed Nottingham's Robin Hood


Half Marathon after starting it a week ago.


Eva Sundin began the 13`mild race days early so she could finhsh it


at the same time as her fellow competitors, crossing the fhnishing


line a little earlier today, where Navtej Johal caught up with her


Thousands of runners, if yot're in fancy dress, and plenty of


inspirational stories. One `mong them today was running the half


marathon to a different rhythm. Eva Sundin was diagnosed with mtltiple


sclerosis in 2001. Four years ago she decided that one day shd was


going to complete the half larathon. The organisers allowed her to start


a week early so that she cotld finish with everyone else. Today her


dream was realised. How did that feel? It feels completely unreal. It


is just amazing. The 59`year`old psychology lecturer has used her run


to raise money for the Notthngham multiple sclerosis therapy centre.


Enter a message to others who also suffer from the disease is clear ``


and her message. The verse `re many weird and wonderful things that can


happen in life and it can ptll us down `` there are so many wdird and


wonderful things. You have to stop and say, what do I want to do?


Things will present themselves. A survey suggesting that many Tory


councillors want a formal electoral pact with UKIP at the next general


election has been dismissed by a The start


of the party's annual conference in Birmingham has been shaken by the


latest defection of one of hts MPs to UKIP and a minister's resignation


over sleaze allegations. Now a poll by


BBC One's Sunday Politics rdvealed 61% of Conservative councillors


wanted to leave the EU and It is not going to detract from our


conference at all. We know that only the Conservative Government can


deliver an in` out referendtm on Europe. What kind of sympathy with


their bee in your constituency for Mark Reckless and UKIP? `` would


bear be? I do not think that there would be much.


When Daniel Whittingham was in an explosion in Afghanistan, doctors


Well, not only did the soldher from Nottingham fight


his way back to fitness, but he went on to win gold at the Invictus


Back home in Nottingham and with a gold medal, Daniel Whittingham says


that the games where a sens`tion. Bimetal loads of people who would


stop you and ask if you werd competing. `` I met loads of people.


Yet, just five years ago whhle serving in Afghanistan, Danhel's


vehicle hit a bomb. He brokd his pelvis, legs and back. Defyhng


doctors, he walked again. Hd became one of 400 competitors, all injured


in service, to compete in the Invictus Games. His rugby tdam won


gold for England. On the buzzer the place just went crazy. I have never


heard screaming like it. Thd crowd went mental. We were going round and


seeing all of these people standing up. The Chelsea pensioners or even


standing up. It was wicked. He hopes to compete again.


A loss for Leicester, a slip from the top of the championship


Let's check out the weekend's football action.


Leicester City fell back to earth with a bump at Crystal Palace.


Fraizer Campbell put the hole side in front from a corner. Thex were


undone by another set piece just a couple of minutes later. Sttart


Pearce admitted Nottingham Forest lacked cutting edge as they had to


settle for their second goalless draw in a role in the champhonship.


The Reds have dropped to second in the table but remain unbeatdn in the


league. Two goals from Chris Martin at Bolton made up for an earlier


penalty miss from the strikdr. They moved to six in the championship.


Notts County took the lead `t Chesterfield but in the end they had


to settle for a draw, the fourth in a row. It was 3`3 the final score


between Stevenage and Mansfheld town.


Let's check your weather now for tonight and the start of thd week


I hope you made the most of the dry and bright weather today, as there


is some rain tomorrow. The cloud will trap the heat in to make it a


mild night. Lows of 14 or 14 Celsius. On Monday there is a lot of


cloud around and there will be some showers dotted around. The clump up


together to form some persistent rainfall, not a very persistent sori


`` not a very good story to tell on Tuesday. Thankfully it improves on


Wednesday. Back a little later than ustal, just


after 10:20pm tonight. Good evening. For many, September


2014 will probably hold fond memories. A warm and dry month.


Today we had a high of 25 Celsius, 77 Fahrenheit in Kew Gardens to the


west of London, way above the average for this time of year.


Through the night tonight relatively quiet conditions, with clearer skies


in the south. I want to draw your attention to these showers in


southern Spain and across the Pyrenees. Moist air may trigger


showers over channel coasts by dawn. We could have an issue with dense


fog patches in central and southern areas first A foggy start. Showers


in the south. These are drift north and east throughout the day. As with


the nature of showers, some places will escape them and stay


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