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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Rolls Royce is fined for a nuclear safety breach.


Also tonight, drug wars. Violent criminals are targeting cannabis


growers. We are talking abott people going into properties with lachetes


and baseball bats and using violence. Ministers unveil


improvements to a crowded commuter line. A team of young enginders are


preparing to rocket into thd record books.


Good evening and welcome to Monday's programme.


First tonight, Rolls Royce has been fined ?200 000,


with a similar amount in costs, after four workers were exposed to


radiation at one of its nuclear submarine sites in Derby.


The workers are said to havd a "very, very small" increased


The company has now made ex gratia payments to them.


Mike O'Sullivan is outside Rolls Royce at Sinfin Lane, where the


Good evening. The workers at the time were panicked and now have


long`term health anxieties. 1 man said that he left work a different


person. They were all highlx skilled who were helping to make colponents


from the killer submarines. ``. These men came to court with a union


representative. The company was fined ?200,000 and was ordered to


pay the employees were exposed to radiation that was higher than the


permitted limit. We accept the findings of the court and wd regret


that this incident took place in 2011, particularly because of the


impact that it had on the individuals. We take out and safety


very seriously and the impact on the environment. We treat these things


as the highest IRT. It happdned here. Welders said the work


overnight for checking in the mediation Bay. The radiation source


was used to look for a minute the facts. When it came back to the


welders the next day they noticed and objects. They did not know what


the item was and they passed it around. 1 man awaited on his


overalls. In mankind into the room and his radiation alarm went off.


years later, no one has any health problems but one man has bedn taking


sleeping pills. Fortunately there have been no immediate effects from


the radiation on their hands. The amounts of radiation were qtite


small. They have a very small chance of developing cancer. The jtdge said


that the case fell into the negligent category. The company says


it is now changed its procedures. Mike,


the court heard about the p`youts to the workers, but what else hs


the company doing to help them? The judge said that he did not make


a compensation order today because of the pay`outs that the colpany


have already made. The staff have had medical advice and counselling


to help them cope. Some said that they have lost confidence. However,


the judge said that he was hmpressed with the way that the company had


investigated. The union is looking at the outcome of the case today but


it would not comment. The police say criminals who are


trying to steal home`grown drugs are Last year, the Nottinghamshhre force


dealt with well over 100 so`called "home invasions" by cannabis thieves


targeting growers. Now, it is appealing


for people to report their Our social affairs correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, has more. He tried to come into my bedroom.


The man who smashed his way into this man's home was trying to steal


his neighbour's cannabis crop. He had targeted the wrong propdrty It


was very terrifying. They are high on drugs and you do not know what


they are hiding. They might have a knife or a gun. The attacker was


looking for a crop like this. That is home`grown cannabis. Producers


have started to spread the risk by hiding plans across a number of


homes. However, because drugs are a valuable commodity, they ard being


targeted by gangs. Sometimes they get it wrong and they end up


invading houses where there are young children and decent mdmbers of


the public. We are talking `bout people coming into propertids are


and using violence against people. We treated very seriously. Ht is a


growing problem. 127 home invasions were reported to the police last


year in Nottinghamshire. In 50 of those raids people were injtred


Today, the police are starthng a campaign to tackle on growing


cannabis. They want people to report cannabis growing. They are `lso


warning landlords that they could face jail if they allowed pdople to


grow cannabis in the flats. Sometimes people are made to produce


cannabis under duress. Sometimes the people who are organising the people


who are organising this will arrange for the cannabis to be stoldn and


they will hold the people that were growing it in debt for longdr. There


are warns that there will bd more raids as this industry becoles a


policing priority. Coming up, some good news for rail


commuters on the Castle Lind between Celebrating 100 years of pl`ying


with a call to get more children out on the street. September has been


the perfect month for playing on the street. What does October h`ve in


store. I will tell you later in the programme.


From next year, there will be more trains


and shorter journey times on the Castle Line ` the rail link between


Details of the ?3`million`pound schdme


emerged as the Transport Secretary and Derbyshire Dales MP, Patrick


McLoughlin, was making his speech to the Conservative Party confdrence.


Our political editor, John Hess is at Birmingham's Internathonal


Convention Centre for the conference.


A little earlier, I asked hhm if the announcement was a strprise?


You will recall that the poor state of Castle Line, and its years


of under`investment, was an issue during the recent parliamentary


So today, as Conservatives were told of the economic benefits of HS2


despite its multi`billion pound price tag, Patrick McLoughlhn also


stressed the need to improvd smaller rail connections ` like the Castle


Line ` together with other rail improvements.


We have ordered thousands of new train carriages so commuters can get


a seat. We have rebuilt stations like Manchester Victoria, Rdading,


Nottingham, and Wakefield. We have started a electrifying the rail line


so they are faster and cheaper to run. They will also be more


environmentally friendly. George Osborne, in his confdrence


speech, again warmed to the idea of creating a "northern powerhouse and


investing in the northern chties. And we in danger of losing out


in the East and West Midlands? That has been a real concern


of many of our council leaddrs. Nottingham's Jon Collins and the


leader of Derbyshire, Anne Western, are linking up with Birmingham City


Council to present a joint Lidlands Today, there was a hint that


George Osborne might be aware of those Midland concerns about


his northern powerhouse rhetoric. The answer is to build up the rest


of the country. To create a northern Para house of the cities across the


Pennines. To connect up the South West and to pick the Midlands at the


centre of our great manufacturing revival.


With me is Andrew Lewer, one of the Conservatives' electoral


The former leader of Derbyshire County Council was elected to


the European Parliament to represent the East Midlands region in May


Do you think political and business leaders in the Midlands


need to have worries about the Chancellor's enthtsiasm


I don't think there is any reason to be concerned. The mothers should be


pleased that there is so much talk about spreading the wealth `nd


providing more opportunities for the rest of the country. George Osborne,


in one of his best speeches, was very careful to mention the the East


Midlands in his speech. Today's announcement


about the Castle Line improves east`west rail connections


in one part of the East Midlands, but the Chancellor is talking about


improving east`west rail connections Leeds to Manchester,


Newcastle to Liverpool. I think it is a package of


infrastructure investment. Ht is good news for the Midlands. It would


be a mistake to interpret t`lking about the North meaning that we will


be missing the Midlands it. It is part of the package. It will do us a


lot of good in this area. The Scottish result has opened tp this


debate and I think there ard great opportunities for local govdrnment


and the Midlands to benefit. Tomorrow,


the conference concentrates Leicestershire's police and crime


commissioner says he has ordered a review into the force's h`ndling


of historic child abuse clahms. Sir Clive Loader says it follows


high profile cases in Rotherham He says he wants to reassurd victims


and the public that all child abuse allegations,


whether historic or current, A report on cases,


dating back to the 1990s, should be Nottinghamshire Police is to start


putting its stop Last month, the Home Secret`ry


announced measures to improve the way police use stop and search


powers and make it more transparent. One of the steps was to present


more detailed information online. Nottinghamshire Police is one of two


forces taking part in the trial They will establish what data is


important to the public A mother is pleading to


an education authority to ldt her daughter attend the same school


as her brother and friends, which The primary school, near Lehcester,


is oversubscribed and the family missed the application


deadline by a fortnight. Officials say they cannot


show any leniency. The four`year`old child is


now being schooled at home. This family live close to the local


school. However, this big's sisters application was missed out `nd she


missed out on a place at thd school. It is heartbreaking to see


her face when all friends are going to school and she has to go another


school. What is the hardest thing? Not being able to play with my


friends. Back at home, this girl is now being home`schooled by her


mother. The family said that they missed the deadline for the


application because the famhly's batter fell ill. We know th`t we


should have got the application in on time. But please look at the


situation and see how it is affecting our daughter and our


family. In a statement, the council said that they did not have the


power to overcome the decishon of the independent appeal panel. They


do not have the ability to grant a place. They say that places have


been offered at other local schools. But this mother says that she cannot


drive and she is not willing to put her daughter in a taxi. She is at


the top of the list, but until a place becomes available she will not


be able to go to this local school. Later tonight on BBC One, Inside Out


will be paying tribute to the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, who


died last week at the age of 94 She helped turn Chatsworth


into one of the nation's favourite But, because of her family


connections, there were somd The Duchess had been a guest of


Jack Kennedy And two years later, months


before he was assassinated, JFK interrupted a flying visit to Prime


Minister Harold Macmillan to visit Is there were only a few visitors.


It was not a nice day. They looked at the man coming up the st`irs and


then they looked at him agahn. It was a double take. They could not


believe it. And there is more extraordinary


footage in tonight's Inside Out tribute to the Dowager Duchdss


that is at 7:30PM Do you know she actually called


Harold MacMillan "uncle Harold" There are calls today for pdople


to close off their streets to The calls come


from the charity PlayWorks, which has been working with


youngsters for nearly thirtx years! Today,


they celebrated a century of play at their home building in Nottingham


by closing off their own street They have closed this street so that


these guys can play safely. This is just one of the ways that they are


celebrating. I like playing outside on my bike. I like playing football


outside. I like playing on ly scooter outside. The building has


been somewhere for children to play for 100 years. It contains `


treasure trove of donated goods for them to play with. It is a


completely different world from the adult world. It is an essential


stage for them to develop. Now we are in the computer age, we will


lose the skills if we are not careful. This is how streets used to


be and they are hoping that some communities may


the country where people apply for temporary road closures to get young


people and children outside playing. You hope that that will


happen in Nottingham? We hope it will happen. That is all in the


pipeline. Today is about celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the


building. That is child's play. First tonight,


what a difference a week can make. From an extraordinary win over


Manchester United to defeat at Crystal Palace, Leicester City


certainly came back down to earth They had been the focus of huge


media attention. However, things did not happen the way it was expected.


The Foxes had their chances but they did not reach the heights of


previous performances. They were on down `` they ran done by thdse


goals. It was a disappointing day, but it was just the second Premier


scumbag premiership defeat. I thought we started the game well.


Unfortunately we were not able to make the best of those chances. We


had shown some promising signs this year and I think we have thd


capabilities of getting Some good news on the injurx


front for Nottingham Forest. Striker Matty Fryatt is back


in training and available The Reds will go there second in


the Championship after Saturday s The city ground has been


buzzing this season. Expectations are sky`high after such


a bright start to the campahgn. On paper,


Forest are favourites for this. But ultimately it was


a performance that fell flat. Defensively certainly `


our two central defenders and I was a little bit disappointed


with our performance. They needed to win the ball back out


of possession and keep it But it wasn't there today


for whatever reason. We feel as though in this ldague,


on our day, But if we are 5% or 10%


off you do not win matches. Both sides turning to apply that


killer touch in front of go`l. Now Derby, who look a lot lhke they


are finding the form that took them A win against Bolton that w`s much


more comfortable than The story of the game now


from the BBC Radio Derby Colmentary We controlled the game well and


in the end we deserved the win. It is no doubt that we are playing


a very good team today. It could be the best team


in the division. I believe that it is a flukd that


we are still in this division. The referee is giving


a penalty to Derby. I think it gets his anger up and I


think we ought to do that every Just to get him psyched up


for the rest of the game. We continue to get results


and performances because people step Elsewhere, news from Notts County


that they have signed Stephdn That is


after a weekend where they took a It all look good for Notts County


when Blair Adams fired them in front They could have easily gone


on to get another. In the second half, they were denied


time and again by the goalkdeper As for Mansfield,


they conceded two goals in the first five minutes at Stevenage


and simply never recovered. Manager Paul Cox said it was the


worst performance of the se`son The final scoreline


suggests he is right. And well done to


Notts County Ladies, who secured their place in the first


division of the Women's Supdr League A much better performance


than last week ` but beaten. And at home too, for


the first time since last November. London Irish were


the team to inflict the dam`ge. Veriki Goneva scored what h`d looked


a very important try for Tigers keeping them level with


the visitors. But with just two minutes to go


one of those margin calls, and Shane Geraghty, spoiled the day


for thousands inside Welford Road. Tigers, of course,


battered by injuries. And so are ice hockey's


Nottingham Panthers. It showed over the weekend `


two games, two defeats. The most painful was a home thumping


from Hull on Saturday night. Not a team


the Panthers are used to losing to. And not a performance


the fans are used to seeing. The Panthers could use


some key players back. Much better for


Basketball's Leicester Riders. They started their season


proper with wins home and away. This demolition of Manchestdr Giants


in front of over 1,300 fans on Saturday evening getting them


off to the best possible st`rt. we also had a man from


Nottinghamshire who won the Ryder Cup.


Pupils at a Nottinghamshire school are preparing to set


The young engineers, from the Joseph Whitaker School


in Rainworth, are attempting to break the current record for the


But they have not got long to go ` the attempt takes place next


Paul Bradshaw went along to their test`track in Hucknall to sde the


Students with a need for spded. This group of young engineers were


running final test on a rocket powered car ahead of the world


record attempt next weekend. It is the commendation of months of work.


We built the alias different machines. We tested a new dxnamics.


We were involved with every aspect of trying to understand how to get


faster. We have had difficulties and explosions during testing. They are


designed with the least drag that we can get. The group have alrdady


caught the eye of David Camdron and Vince Cable, winning the national


club of the year. They also impress royalty when they met Princd Andrew.


The current record stands at 27 mph. Here are the group getting


ready for the first test run. We have a guaranteed speed of 464.


mph. That is perfect. Brillhant A second run page is the same speed.


With such impressive results, the group will be confident of breaking


the world record next Saturday. If you want to take another, slower,


look at those test runs, we have put a couple of thel


on our Facebook page. It has been quite quiet this month


with hardly any rain. It felt like summer yesterday as they re`ch 3


Celsius. This is far above the average. Today we have seen more


cloud and rain. However, thdy will clear over tonight and therd is a


small ridge of high pressurd that will protect us tomorrow. Tomorrow


it will be dry with lots of sunshine in the morning. There will be more


cloud in the afternoon. It will stay warm with temperatures in the 2 s.


You can see on the satellitd that there are some showers still to


come. The showers will move northwards tonight. There m`y be


some mist and fog in the morning. Temperatures of 13`14 Celsits.


Tomorrow morning, the mist `nd fog will clear quite quickly. There will


be some sunshine in the morning with clouds coming and going in the


afternoon. It will stay dry and bright. It will start to get more


windy in the evening and thd clouds will start to come in as well.


Temperatures of around 20`20 Celsius. The wind will pick up


tomorrow evening. And watch this weather fronts which will move


across the country bringing some light showers. On Wednesday we are


between weather fronts. There will be some dry and bright weather but


it will turn colder and that is a taste of things to come by the


weekend. I suppose it is getting tow`rds




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