29/09/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now, the news for the East Midlands.


First tonight, Rolls Royce has been fined ?200,000, and nearly


the same again in costs, after four of its staff came in contact with


radioactive parts at one of its nuclear submarine sites in Derby.


They are said now to have a "very, very small" increased chancd


Some of the workers at the centre of the radiation alert at


They came to Leicester Crown Court with a GMB union representative


The company was fined ?200,000 and ordered to pay ?176,000 in costs.


The employees were exposed to radiation


We very much regret that thhs event took place in 2011 ` especi`lly


because of the impact it has had on the individuals involved.


We take the health and safety of our work force very seriously


We treat these things as the highest priority.


Welders in the clean room sdnt their work overnight for chdcking


The radioactive source was tsed in gamma radiography to look


When it came back to the welders the next morning,


they noticed a screw`sized object on the welded component.


The welders did not know wh`t the item was and passed it `round.


One man even wiped it on his overalls.


After a radiographer came into the clean room,


and his personal radiation `larm went off, some of the staff were


Three years on no`one has health problels


but one man went on sleeping tablets to prevent flashbacks.


In the back of his mind, of course, the cancer risk.


The biggest doses were to their hands and fortunately there


are no immediate effects from the radiation on their hands.


The whole body doses were qtite small, below the dose limit.


There is a very small incre`se chance of developing cancer.


The judge said that the casd fell into the negligent catagory.


The company says it has now changed procedures.


Mike O'Sullivan, BBC East Midlands Today, Derby.


Criminals trying to steal home`grown drugs are smashing their wax


into the wrong houses by mistake and threatening


There have been more than 100 of the so`called "home invasions" in


Our social affairs correspondent, Jeremy Ball, has the details.


The man who smashed his way into Mohammed's home was trying to steal


He tried to shut the door on my hand.


It was two in the morning and he targeted the wrong property.


They are high on drugs and xou do not know what they are hiding.


The attacker was looking for a crop like this ` home`grown cann`bis


It has become a cottage indtstry in this district, as producdrs


spread the risk by hiding plants in several different homes.


But drugs are a viable commodity, so they are being targeted


They will pick the most likely house but they get


it wrong and end up invading houses where there are young children


We are talking about people entering properties


127 so`called home invasions were reported to Nottinghamshire Police


In 50 of those raids, people were attacked and injured.


Today, detectives are beginning a month`long campaign to tackle


They are appealing to neighbours, postal workers and binmen to report


They are warning landlords that they could face jail


They are also making a direct appeal to the people who grow cann`bis


Sometimes people produce cannabis for others.


They are in effect held under duress.


That person asking for the cannabis to be grown will


get others to rob that cann`bis and take it for themselves `nd then


We will deal with these people as victims.


For those who do not come forward, a warning that there will bd more


raids, as this illegal cott`ge industry becomes a police priority.


Jeremy Ball, East Midlands Today, Nottingham.


Leicestershire's police and crime commissioner has ordered a


review into the force's handling of historic child abuse allegations.


It follows the high profile cases in Rotherham.


Sir Clive Loader says he wants to reassure victims


and the public that all child abuse claims, whether historic or current,


A report on cases going back to the 1990s should be finished


Nottinghamshire Police are going to start putting stop


Last month, the Home Secret`ry announced measures to improve


the way police use stop and search powers and make it more transparent.


One method was to give more detailed information about it


Nottinghamshire is one of two forces taking part in the trial


They will establish what data is important to the public


Just time for a look at a c`r built to do 600 miles an hotr.


Well, it won't get you to work tomorrow, but the model cars like


School pupils in Nottinghamshire hope they are going to break


the model car world speed rdcord, which stands at 287 miles pdr hour.


They have been testing the rocket`powered vehicles ahead


If you want to take another, slower, look at those test runs, we have put


a couple of them on our Facdbook page ` there is the address.


So, it is goodbye from me, but here is the weather now.


We will be staying with the warm weather after a month of above


average temperatures. There is some rain tonight but it will drx up


Temperatures of 30`14 Celsits. Tomorrow will start dry and bright.


It will stay dry into the afternoon. `` 13`14dC. That is all


more breezy. Now for the national weather.


Good evening. We all know that summer has been a bit extended this


year. It has been a very dry and warm month. On the


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