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It's almost 6:30pm - you're watching East Midlands Today


with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight - the British Red Cross is drafted in to help overstretched


Many hospitals have been under extreme pressure. Helping out on the


front line, supporting the Ambulance Service, many people will be shocked


and it is a badge of shame for the Government. Also, H S to write, the


alignment planned for here under pressure that could see some of


these houses demolished. Plus the devastating mystery illness


that has left a Nottinghamshire woman free ring for her life. I need


help and I need some reasons why I am like this. And... A project


merging music with sport to encourage more young boys to break


into song. Good evening and welcome


to Monday's programme. First, there's political outrage


tonight over the fact the Red Cross had to be called in to help


the region's emergency health services cope


with patients over New Year. The Shadow Health Secretary's called


it a badge of shame. It's also emerged that


at the peak of the rush, one of our accident and emergency


units was seeing three patients More on that in a moment but first,


Dominic's been looking at the sheer weight of work


confronting our Well, one way to gauge


the sheer volume of traffic through our hospitals is to look


at EMAS, the ambulance service. Here's what they were contending


with between New Year's Eve 88 extra vehicles were


put on to the roads The number of potentially


life-threatening calls, More than 2000 calls were passed


through to EMAS by NHS111. It all meant a situation for staff


and patients that's far from ideal. Breaks slashed to 20 minutes


for ambulance crews, waits in A of three,


four, five hours. Here's how the staff union rep


describes the situation over the last week at one


of our hospitals, I went down to the A department


today with the branch secretary and we spoke to a number of nurses


and health care assistants and we asked how did they find


working over the Christmas and New Year period


and they said it was horrific. Resus department, they cater


for nine beds, there was up to 20 people wanting


the nine beds so some had Yes, there have and the word crisis


is being used liberally. To help us assess whether it's truly


a crisis we're currently seeing, let's go to the QMC now


and join our Health Crisis is an opinion, a value


judgment but the facts are that the Health and Social Care system is


under strain in this part of the world, the East Midlands, we are


seeing at that evidence by some of the facts that we have pulled of.


Last Monday at the Queens medical Centre, at one over there was a 180


pieces in the Department, that is a record. -- 180 patients in the


Department. There is also stream for the Ambulance Service. They have


been under massive pressure and has drafted and the British Red Cross.


That has meant that crews have been given support by the Red Cross.


Patients were supported as crews shortened their breaks. The Red


Cross also responded to a small number of emergencies and took some


patients home of the Shadow Health Secretary says that he regards this


situation as dumb thing that should not have happened. -- as something


that should not have happened. A lot of people across


the East Midlands, especially in cities like Leicester,


Nottingham, will be shocked as these revelations but the Red Cross has


always provided support for elderly people in the community


and that is a good thing, we commend them for that,


but actually having to be helping out on the front line,


supporting the Ambulance Service, I think many people will be shocked


and I think it's a badge of shame for the Government that our NHS


is on the brink of crisis For the Conservatives, for the


Government, the Health Secretary has responded by saying that the health


service staff are doing a fantastic job under very difficult


circumstances. He says that there are a very real pressures. In the


House of Commons is evening, he suggested that the four of wheat


needed to be looked at. It was designed for urgent cases, not just


miner cases. -- that the four weeks. Here there are a third of people are


waiting for longer than the four other target. -- the four hour


targets. The truth is that there are some


very severe problems and we are doing everything we can


to sort them out. This is the most challenging time


of year for the NHS but in the vast majority of cases people watching


this programme can be confident that their services are managing


to cope despite extreme pressure. Why has there been this completely


disproportionate surge in patient That's a very big question. I think


that the answer is complicated. It's undoubted lead to do with the strewn


on social care. It is a problem to discharge some of the patients from


hospital. People also tell us that they have some problems accessing


their GP. One of the big factors is the ageing population. We are living


longer and is the NHS is keeping us alive for longer. There are more


frail and elderly people that have complex health problems.


We'll be keeping a close eye on that situation and we'd like to hear how


you think the NHS has been doing this winter - and you can send us


There's the address now on the screen.


Residents of a Derbyshire village feel completely in the dark


about what may happen to some of their homes if a connecting line


The so-called spur line would branch off


to connect HS2 to Sheffield, 22 miles to the north.


But people in Newton say it will be of no benefit to them,


and could see established and brand new homes in the village demolished.


They're holding a public meeting this weekend to discuss the blight


In Newton, Tony Mellors - 40 years a resident -


tells me what campaigners believe a spur off HS2 through Derbyshire


It will mean a house is coming down on this side, seven on the other


side as the real cause straight through.


It was last year that residents suddenly found out that a spur line


off the main HS2 route would take high-speed trains through


the western edge of their village, right along the edge of a brand


new housing estate called Newton Fields.


On the estate, houses are still being built but there's


complete uncertainty about some homes' future.


Marie knew nothing about the HS2 spur line when she bought


It's a bigger worry and nobody knows where the stand. I speak to my


neighbours and nobody knows what is happening. We have been to two


meetings and people say that there will be compensation but it has


taken a long time tries to save up and buy the house. Now, I don't know


what the future holds. At the local parish chariman's


house, they're examining detailed maps showing the route of the spur


line - the different colours represent different levls


of compensation available Our main cause for concern is the


level of compensation being offered to the individuals whose houses are


likely to be demolished. Also the inconvenience to the community as a


whole. Back on the housing estate,


Tony Mellors told me that while Sheffiled might get high-speed


trains via this spur line, it would be at the cost


of Newton and its environs. Some property prices has dropped by


30%. The house is usually being instructed are in line for


demolishing. The effect is worried because during the construction of


the HS2, the attractive for roads in and out of the deal will be closed.


-- three out of the four wrote in and out of the village. Also the


leisure trails will act. That is along with the country park. -- the


leisure trails will disappear. Newton residents are holding a


public meeting in the village this Saturday.


And Derby County lead the way with spectacular goals


as they and Leicester go into tonight's fourth round draw.


A young woman from Mansfield says she fears for her life


because of a mystery illness which leaves blue patches


on her face and causes her to bleed uncontrollably.


Adele Uden's condition has baffled doctors and it's thought


She's desperate for an effective treatment, but so far


26-year-old Adele Uden applies what she calls her brave face up


to a dozen times a day, to stave off the abuse


As long as I've got the make-up on, it's almost like having a massive


shield around me so that other people don't see what I'm not,


Adele has a seven-year-old son, and the bleeding


The blue marks appeared around a year ago.


Recently it's got worse and last week she had


to have two emergency blood transfusions after haemorrhaging.


The patches aren't bruises but some sort of bleeding under the skin.


As far as we're aware I'm only one like this,


that we have found up to a year which is part of the reason why


we are doing all this, because I need help,


I need to be able to find reasons as to why I'm like this.


Adele has been diagnosed with endo-metriosis,


polycystic ovaries and pelvic inflamatory disease,


but none of them explain the extent of the bleeding or the blue patches.


One consultant told her last week that she'd never seen anything


like this in her 30-year career, and Adele has been


warned the condition could shorten her life.


One of my biggest worries is what kind of a future


The past two years have gone downhill very


quickly and it's not just my future, there's my fiance's future,


my son's future, my mum's future and they could very well end up


Adele says she feels she's existing rather than living.


But May promises some hope, when she gets married.


A man has been arrested after two people were found injured


Officers were called to Avondale Road in Spondon


on Saturday and a man and woman were taken to hospital.


The woman remains in a serious condition.


A 56-year-old man is now in custody and is being questioned.


Anyone with information is being asked to contact the police.


A Leicester saleswoman has admitted two counts of fraud involving


Barbara Stone was caught following an investigation


led by the East Midlands regional scam-busters team.


The 62-year-old from Leicester worked for Aspire Magazine,


Stone was a cold-caller who fraudulently sold thousands


of pounds of advertising to a couple in their 80s who wanted to rent


And she also duped a dog rescue charity based in Shropshire.


She'll be sentenced next month and has been warned to expect


A new report warns tonight that one in three young people


in the East Midlands don't feel in control of their lives.


More than one in ten think they will amount to nothing,


The rather gloomy findings come from the Prince's Trust annual


Youth Index which has been published today.


Here on the Saffron Lane Estate these teenagers are on their way


to a drop-in clinic to get some careers advice.


It's held here every day for young people.


The estate has high levels of deprivation


Many are left feeling unsure about their future.


But these teenagers say they are taking control of their lives.


I know what I want to do, I've got positivity in my mind,


I've got to push myself towards it but they don't, so they just need


to get their own game plan and push themselves towards it.


And I know you need to work hard for stuff.


Other people just want everybody else to do their stuff for them.


I know that people don't do that for you.


He says a lot of the young people he sees can't shake off


the reputation of living on the Saffron Lane Estate.


I had an instance where a young person told me that they felt that


when they had a job interview if they said they were from


Saffron Lane Estate, that would immediately be a cross


The report doesn't make good reading for this region.


Almost a third of young people say they don't feel


Many are feeling trapped by their circumstances,


with more than one in ten saying they don't believe they can change


The research also reveals that 17% of young people think their life


will amount to nothing, no matter how hard they try.


For those of young people that were not in work and his prospects


-- For those of young people that are not in work and whose prospects


are not that good at the moment as they see it, this


is a slightly worrying trend that there is a of work to be done


At the Prince's Trust workshop near Grantham,


these people are taking part in a 12 week training course.


Hopefully, we're trying to give them the confidence to go


forward and actually make a difference to themselves.


What they do is get the confidence to do it for themselves.


For many young people, life may seem bleak right now


but these teenagers say they are determined they will


A man from Derby crawled with a broken leg for more than two


hours after falling from rocks on the Dorset coast.


Tim Robinson slipped whilst walking on the Jurassic Coast,


After crawling for three quarters of a mile, he was found


He was taken by lifeboat to a waiting ambulance.


A new study led by an astronomer at the University of Leicester have


found something new about Jupiter. We can see in deeper layers of the


atmosphere. It means that astronomers can find out more about


the conditions on a service of the planet.


Still to come this evening - Arctic winds are heading south.


Well, by the end of the week, temperatures are down to freezing.


Does that mean snow? Join me later in the programme for the details.


Over to sport now. First Derby County are set to sign


striker David Nugent The deal, thought to be


worth ?2.5 million, Nugent is well known


here after spending four fantastic years at Leicester City,


scoring 54 goals. Craig Ramage was there -


the former midfielder is Derby-County mad and I spoke


to him just a short time ago. Yes, it seems a good acquisition. He


has scored goals in the championship and some promotions along the way.


I'm happy with that. What timing after the cup upset, the 2-1 win


over rest from, the romance of the cup isn't dead. Remarkable turnout


from the Derby fans. The atmosphere wasn't Asterix. -- was fantastic. I


think that the three original is definitely not over. What about the


quality of the goals. Those goals were absolutely world-class. David's


have been doing it all his career. He's got it in his locker. Brilliant


technique. He got the winning goal. Everybody is delighted. And who


would you like next in the draw tonight? That's interesting. Do I


want high-quality or dodgy pies? I'll have to have a think about that


whether I want Premier League or the woolly. Hopefully the new signing


can add to the quality. How far can Derby goal in the cup? Could this be


the year? Yes, definitely. We haven't scored too many goals in the


championship, hopefully David Nugent will add these calls. Hopefully he


can guide us and get as naked run for the cup. -- get us in a good run


for the cup. So Derby in the fourth-round draw -


Leicester are in there too New signing Wilfred Ndidi


was the star man, closely followed by summer singing


Ahmed Musa. And this was the start


of a breathless spell Romelu Lukaku giving


the home side the lead. Leicester's form away from home this


season has been wretched - Twice in five minutes Ahmed Musa


found the net, to propel Leicester Drinkwater's touch perfection -


Musa - doubling his season's goal-scoring tally and completing


the scoring for the day. Leicester still had


defensive duties to do - but Schmeichel's save


secured the win. I love so much our reaction


after the conceded goal. My players reacted very


well and try to score It was a morale-boosting


victory on the road - in a competition that Leicester


have never won. And the fourth round draw is live


on BBC Two at 7:00pm. Derby are number 15


and Leicester - 16. And in the last two minutes, another


honour for Leicester City. She has been named Fever's Rutherford Wright


-- named Fifa's world football coach of the year.


In fact, former player Brian Laws told BBC Radio Nottingham listeners


it was their worst performance of the season.


So out of the cup they went at Wigan - their fifth straight defeat.


The fans are desperate for the planned takeover to happen


It looks unlikely to be tomorrow.


The penalty miss pretty much summed up Forest's day,


Meanwhile, Notts County fell to their tenth league defeat


Their takeover by local businessman Alan Hardy has been delayed.


He says that he is trying to conclude some issues.


After their 3-0 win at the weekend, manager Steve Evans told the BBC


there are more signings to come in the January transfer window.


Rugby and the Leicester Tigers head coach was delighted


with the way his team fought back at league leaders Wasps.


But they couldn't convert a second half comeback into a win.


The Tigers were reeling as Wasps went into a 19-0 lead


Aaron Mauger, in full charge for the first time,


But the Tigers produced a remarkable turnaround which left


They were a constant threat and this break from Tom Brady


Even with a player sent to the sin bin the Tigers might have won it had


they not made mistakes attacking near the end.


And in ice hockey it's been a long weekend for the Nottingham Panthers.


They went down on penalty shots at Coventry yesterday.


On Saturday they forced an overtime win at home to Braehead Clan


and are in good form as they now head to the Continental Cup


And well done to Hinckley AFC who on Saturday reached the last 16


of the FA, beating Berkhampstead Town 5-0.


Hinckley are now the only East Midlands club left


More than 200 youngsters from schools around Leicester


and Leicestershire are taking part in a project merging


music with sport to encourage more boys to sing.


It comes after figures reveal one in ten boys don't sing at all.


It's hoped this joint project from Leicestershire Music Education


Hub and Leicester City Football Club will change that.


Amy Harris went along to rehearsals at the King Power Stadium.


Recruited from local schools, these young singers have just met -


The boys are months away from the biggest performance


of their young lives - but this project is about


It's hard to believe there could ever be a problem


getting children to break into song but figures reveal one in ten


boys don't sing at all - this project aims to change that.


It's been proved to be very beneficial in all sorts of ways,


health benefits, social benefits, they're using singing to help


with dementia patients, all sorts of things,


so it's a really good thing to do and we want more boys to do it.


And so they've teamed up with Leicester City Football Club


to offer these music workshops as well as sporting activities,


in a bid to encourage boys to sing more.


When they come to a football match, all they seem to do


is sing but they don't think about that really,


so why not set up a programme working with Leicestershire Musical


Education Hub to inspire young people and boys to sing more.


I love singing, it's one of my favourite passions and to be here,


it's such an amazing ground, so it's a great opportunity.


I want singing to be one part of my future, I want to take it


When you do things out of school and things like this,


there's a lot more girls in the singing things,


there's never really many boys there so I think it's really


good that they're getting people to come along and do it.


In June, they'll perform this song at DeMontfort hall


and they're also hoping to form a Leicester City Choir,


No pressure - as you can imagine they're practicing hard


Junior 's idea. Link it to sport and will love it.


If you like colder weather, as you might want to sing about it. It will


get colder. Why is that? It is not the year affecting Europe, it is a


from the Northwest. The theme for the week is that it will be also


quite breezy. Back to the milder air today. This picture sums to die


quite nicely. A lot of rain arrived. -- sums it up quite nicely. It has


been breezy throughout the day. Breezy again tonight and variable


amounts of cloud. A a lot of us are dried but across the northern parts


some shoppers. A a lot of us will be tried. Temperatures down to about


three or 4 degrees. A keen breeze tomorrow morning. Variable cloud. As


we look further west, cloud increases throughout day. That


brings the risk of shoppers -- shoulders. Overnight, that's when


the cold front will start to push in. It won't affect the


temperatures. There will be a lot of dry weather. Overnight, that is when


it you will need your thermals. It will get colder. There is a chance


of some winter we shall risk. That is all I am saying.


I think it was cold enough for demos today. -- for thermals today. We're


back with late news. See you then.