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It's almost 6.30 - you're watching East Midlands Today.


Tonight - no end to the pressure from patients.


The Leicester Royal Infirmary moves to the highest level of alert.


Declaring a critical incident is a rare move by senior managers here at


the LR eyed but it shows what pressure they are under. Also, how


run rate is demolished a village post this. Plus the trouble with


trousers and skirts, parents slammed the cost of the new school uniforms.


And a final chapter in a costume drama. This shop is closing after


almost 50 years of fancy dress. Welcome to Tuesday's


programme with Dominic Heale First tonight, one of our region's


hospitals has announced it's under such severe strain,


it's raised its status to the highest level by declaring


"a critical situation" Only yesterday we reported how


the Red Cross had to be called in to help our emergency services


cope over the New Year. For the latest, Victoria Hicks joins


us now from the LRI. Just how busy has it been there?


Yes, it's been incredibly busy, it still is. Since midnight they have


treated just over 400 patients in a end a and in the last half an hour,


25 new patients have arrived. I have been into the department and it was


packed. One of the patient in their is a lame's 89-year-old father,


admitted at seven o'clock this morning with a chest infection, he


still waiting on a trolley to be admitted on the award but she cannot


fault the K is received. Here they are so busy, they have had times


where they have been queueing up to get them in as and they have been


waiting in the corridor, it has just been hectic. They have probably been


about 60 patients in, in and out all the time. When a bay is empty,


doctors. I can't for the staff, they doctors. I can't for the staff, they


are brilliant. -- thought the staff. They have drafted in extra staff so


over the 24-hour period they will be 80 nurses and 53 doctors treating


patients here at A I asked the trust chief operating officer why


they were facing such pressure. This time of year, it's often very busy


after Christmas and New Year, secondly, the change in temperature


means more patients than unexpected are accessing emergency services.


Viewers have e-mailed us to save the winter pressures are down to poor


your response? We have good plans in your response? We have good plans in


place, and they had been working well this winter, the problem we


have experienced in the last 48 hours is a surge in demand and we


are responding in an appropriate manner. Give us a sense of what it


is like here today. A very busy day, we currently have many patients in


the department, we are working to try and reduce the demand into A


muddles the clinical decisions at unit, making sure we are staffed


appropriately going into the night and making sure where patients can


be discharged, they're discharged in a safe way. What is the situation in


other hospitals in our region? All the hospitals are facing extremely


high demand but here's the worst situation. Hospital bosses say they


hope to have got on top of it by hope to have got on top of it by


tomorrow. The advice this evening is used emergency services


appropriately, seek your appropriate medical advice, don't come here for


a repeat prescription that if you have a serious or life-threatening


injury don't hesitate to come here. An investigation is underway


after ram raiders stole a cash machine containing around ?30,000


from a post office The entire front of


the building was destroyed during the raid on Rothley post


office in the early Well Amy Harris is there for us


now, Amy quite a sight. Yes, this is the scene here this


evening, this was the village post office. But now as you can see it


has been boarded up, virtually destroyed after a cash machine


ripped from the shop fronts during a ripped from the shop fronts during a


ram raid in the early hours of this morning. Leading members of the


community here in shock and the owners devastated. The aftermath of


a smash and grab in a quiet Leicestershire village. Just after


3:30 a.m., thieves ram raided this stunning figure into the post


office, removing the cash machine and the entire shop front. Villagers


had a big noise so we looked through had a big noise so we looked through


the window and saw a tractor, trying the window and saw a tractor, trying


to hit the building. It's horrendous, never seen anything like


it. You don't expect it from a quiet, rural village. Quite


alarming. The thieves fled from the scene with around ?30,000 in a white


pick-up truck. Later found burnt in a deal. That these type of raids are


becoming more common, Leicestershire police say this appears to be well


off. It isn't something we have linked to any spate of a series at


this time, the method in this case was messy, the occupants, staff were


not in the building at the time, the post office was closed, but this


method has caused significant damage method has caused significant damage


to the building and distress to neighbours. The post office has been


more than 30 years. But customers more than 30 years. But customers


won't be without services along. Coincidently the attack comes days


newsagents. The post of this was due newsagents. The post of this was


to close on Saturday despite a to close on Saturday despite a


campaign by locals. -- post office. The owner told me simply, he is


devastated. As the corrupt continues, so do investigations.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the police. -- is the clear


up continues. Those who work here and shopped here have resigned


themselves to the loss of their local post office. Nobody expected a


history of more than 30 years to end like this.


The drivers who take to the wheel while high on nitrous oxide.


And the poultry farm using old caravans to protect chickens from


catching bird flu. Changes to the uniform


at a secondary school in Nottingham have sparked anger among


hundreds of parents. Redhill Academy in Arnold


is introducing new skirts and trousers from September -


all of which are branded But some parents say


they're too expensive - and have started an online petition.


Elise Chamberlain reports. The start of a new term and a


change. From September, Zoe and Luke won't be able to wear the skirts and


trousers anymore but these, branded with the school's batch and only can


The school say it in response to The school say it


requests for more clarity around requests for more clarity around


uniform guidance but the changes angered many. There was no warning,


we were told, from September. The school says it all about


consistency. This way all students are wearing exactly the same. It is


the new skirts and trousers brought in are high-quality and longer


lasting than some of the clothes being sold on the high Street as


school where, many of which the school says are not appropriate be


worn here. It also says the changes are deliberately not being brought


into September to give families plenty of time to prepare. But


between 16 ?19 each many parents say the new items are too expensive or


stuck around 500 have signed an online petition opposing the


introduction. That's more than double what we are currently paying.


You don't buy just one pair of school trousers, you buy two or


three pairs, to allow for damage, especially having two children, it


going to cost a fortune. It doesn't seem as if there was any point to


it, we're all going to be in year it, we're all going to be in year


11, it is costing loads of money to go straight in the bin. They are


already available to buy online and the school says it is talking to


different suppliers to try and reduce the cost. Sharon says she's


not backing down and has a meeting not backing down and has a meeting


booked at the school next week. A man's appeared before


magistrates in Derby, charged with attempting


to murder his wife. Paul Sherratt, who's 56,


has been remanded in custody - after his partner was found


with a serious head injury at their home


on Avondale Road in Spondon. He will appear before


Nottingham Crown Court next month. His wife, who is 59,


is still in a serious condition. Leicester's Clare Hollingworth,


who broke the news that world war two had started,


has died aged 105. After growing up on a farm


in Loughborough she became a war correspondent and went on to report


on conflicts across the world. Often working alone and behind enemy


lines, she became a household name I know the Salesian area very well,


so I went straight down to Sally S and I was on the German, Polish


frontier when the German hordes, tanks, moved in.


Leicestershire Police are concerned about people getting high on nitrous


oxide and then driving - putting other people at risk.


The substance, also known as 'laughing gas' is causing


a particular problem in an industrial area of Leicester.


The City Council told us today that not much can be


done without extra resources. Simon Ward reports.


Discarded canisters of nitrous oxide, after being inhaled by users


of the night. It is illegal to supply or import for human


consumption, but can legally be used in a variety of ways including for


medical pain relief and in some aerosol cans. Although many of the


canisters have been cleaned up, it has been easy for us to find them in


the side streets around this industrial area, there are more here


among these leaves. Jim, works in the area, says the canisters can be


seen here everyday. It varies but a lot of mornings there are hundreds,


some mornings there are dozens but they are always there, people are


condoms and so on and so forth, I condoms and so on and so forth, I


would have thought that was more a police issue than the local


authority. Nitrous oxide user who authority. Nitrous oxide user who


doesn't want to be identified told me how the gas is fed into a balloon


and then inhaled. You start to feel deeply and a good level of trunk,


but after that it wears off, there are no side effects. Are you worried


about how it might affect your health? Yes, obviously it's a


of the moment thing to do it but I of the moment thing to do it but I


haven't thinking about the consequences. Leicestershire police


places like this, in heading not places like this, in heading not


just oxide and in risking lives -- are concerned. We approached all


the area. One told us he doesn't the area. One told us he doesn't


think much can be done without extra money. There is an area there, a car


park which also suffers from the same, but everything will depend on


resources. And I am sorry, doesn't matter how you say it, resources are


key in this matter and you can't do key in this matter and you can't do


anything without money. Despite not holding out much hope, he says


will talk to others at the Council will talk to others at the Council


about improvements here. People in Derbyshire


will soon have to pay if they want to take their building


waste to one of the council's The measure was approved


by the authority this morning. A ?3 charge for each 25 kilogram bag


is set to be imposed. But there are concerns that it could


lead to an increase in fly-tipping. And some feel that Derbyshire County


Council is acting rather like Scrooge when it comes to recycling.


At the moment there is no charge the building rubble being brought here


but all of that is about to change. This morning the Council approved a


?3 charge for every 25 kilograms bag taken to its nine recycling centres.


The waste include bricks, rubble, soil and ceramics and as you can


imagine, the people here at the recital intent weren't happy about


paying something that has been up until now. It's a bit expensive, you


may as well get a skip. I think that excessive. I am on a lane and we


have already had fly-tipping, it's going to create more. The authority


says the move will help protect front line services which are under


targets. It's not that we want to targets. It's not that we want to


introduce it, we're protecting front-line services that we offer


and if we didn't introduce a charge, the other option was to stop


collecting it. It's not a statutory function that we have to collect.


Concerns have been raised that it will mean more fly-tipping a feeble


try to avoid paying the charge. I think it will lead to that, which is


particularly... We're good at other particularly... We're good at other


authorities that have introduced authorities that have introduced


these charges, the evidence they have given us is that fly-tipping


hasn't increased in their counties. I can't stay here and say it won't


increase, but we could look into the future. The charges will be


introduced in April. The Chief and Deputy Chief Executive


of Nottingham University Hospitals Trust have annouced they'll


retire this year. Peter Homa will step


down in the summer after 10 years in charge -


he says it will allow him to spend Medical Director and Deputy Chief


Executive Dr Stephen Fowlie The trust says the recruitment


process to replace Tourism in Derbyshire


and Nottinghamshire is to get a ?150,000


investment. The money is for the development


of more Grand Tour projects to help people discover


hidden cultural treasures alongside The Arts Council says they hope


it will encourage more It's part of the ?800,000


which will be invested in four The government has confirmed that 12


dead swans found at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire are being tested


for bird flu. At the same time it has extended


restrictions on those who keep Officials say the risks of infection


are still high from wild birds. But farmers say the prevention


methods are increasing their costs and workload.


Quentin Rayner reports. Trinity farm has been growing


organic produce for almost 30 years. Usually its hundred chickens will be


running the land freely but for the past month they have been kept in


outdoor pens, covered in getting to ensure they are separated from wild


birds. The outlay to get all the fencing and netting and the extra


units has been just shy of ?1000. Every five days, we have to move the


chickens in order to cope with the damage they are in, and that is


days. He has also bought a couple of days. He has also bought a couple of


disused caravans for the chickens to roost in overnight and to move them.


They are not happy. No creature They are not happy. No creature


likes to be locked up in a small cage. It's not how we would like the


farm them. They are laying less eggs than they would normally do. Some of


them are starting to pick each other more in tight spaces. The chief


veterinary officer says recent epics of avian flu in wild birds comic


reading a case in Leicestershire as well as an outbreak at a turkey farm


in Lincolnshire, required the restrictions to remain in place


until debris 28th when they will be until debris 28th when they will be


reviewed again. He says the UK's risk level hasn't dropped and there


needs to be continued vigilance. I've been hearing about more birds


dying of this flu, Swansea just been found, all they can do is live with


it. -- Swans have just been found. The restrictions do have one


advantage. At least the chickens are more protected against foxes.


A closing down sale with a difference at a shop that's


been hiring out fancy dress for almost 50 years.


I have been there! Very famous shop. Time for the sport.


Yes, Nottinghamshire takeover turmoil coming up, but first doesn't


the FA cup draw throw up some great stories?


Derby will play Leicester in the Fourth Round.


And what a tie for Derby's new star striker David Nugent.


Three years ago today exactly he scored for Leicester


Now the popular former Foxes man who has an eye for goal is looking


to become to man to get Derby over the line and into


Reports in the US said on Friday the American takeover


at Nottingham Forest would happen today.


Of course it hasn t but I understand there is no snag and everything


is on track with both sides working hard to get the deal done


Meanwhile the takeover at Notts County is tonight


We understand the club and the incoming owner Alan Hardy


have to reach a compromise deal in the next few days


Hardy called himself the Notts County owner a few weeks


ago on his Twitter account - interestingly last night


It's because there is a dispute over who pays a ?1.5 million loan


We believe Hardy seen here arriving for a game is keen an agreement


can be reached swiftly or he may walk away.


they are just two games away from a Wembley final.


Now Josh Ward Hibbert is a talented guy.


Five years ago the Nottingham lad won the Australian Open title


at junior doubles in tennis - now he's packed away his racquet


and is playing basketball for the Elite League's leading team


This time last he was gearing up for the Australian Open full stop 12


months and he has stepped off one court and on to another, swapping


tennis for basketball and a place on the Leicester Riders roster. It


happened really quick. I had a tough time with injuries, and the


motivation and that came into play, I decided to take a bit of time out.


Being at the University here, they have strong ties and it came


together really quickly in the last few weeks stop next thing, I'm here.


It's been quite a journey for the It's been quite a journey for the


22-year-old. The former Aussie open junior doubles champion who also


holds the record for the fastest serve by a young player at Wimbledon


but a rethink about his future lead to a break from tennis, he went back


to school, the Loughborough University and eventually back to


basketball. I felt the need to further my education so whilst being


at home, having really lived at home for such a long period of time, so I


thought why not about basketball? Wants at the time he was named the


best young basketball player in the country and his new coach says that


talent is still there. It's a little more at the moment, no question, we


see a lot of his skills are there but we need to polish them up a


there, to get where he has gotten in there, to get where he has gotten in


the tennis world, he's a that's determined and is willing to do what


future, you will be more likely to future, you will be more likely to


see him scoring points than serving see him scoring points than serving


for them from now on. I think I will put all the working I can and


extra time to be the best I can be. extra time to be the best I can be.


I will see how far I can get with it and hopefully it's a bit further. He


played as a boy the Derby and is never the Leicester Riders! -- now


with the Leicester Riders! For almost half a century it's been


a centre for all things costume. But now a family business


in Nottingham's hanging Despite the popularity of fancy


dress growing again, the Golden Cage says it can't


compete with more modern ways Now it has just weeks


to get rid of thousands Carolyn Moses has been


to find out more. For those who fancy a bit of


dressing up, this has been an Aladdin 's cave of costumes for


decades. Many would-be Elvis 's and Aladdins have come here stop it is


said it 50 years ago. I was walking said it 50 years ago. I was walking


up derby Road and Arsenal shop for sale. And I thought, it was fun,


lovely. Because I was in plays and films, I got to buy very interesting


things. It became more of a collection. We have clothing here


Clothing from all sorts of eras, Clothing from all sorts of eras,


which is original. If you want to look the part, this is where you


come. It's fair to say that after 50 years they are something of a dress


up experts. of items has been sold off. Rob is


calling time on the fancy dress theme because costume has become


competitive. Everyone does it online competitive. Everyone does it online


quality, supermarkets in particular, quality, supermarkets in particular,


they have said the prince was so doesn't exactly help us. Rob has


until next month to clear the shop but the family of many of their


unusual items will stay close to home, a reminder of the golden age


of the Golden Cage. There are not of things here that are collectors


items, I hope they will stay in Nottingham. I will be sad to see it


go but I'm hoping it will get to good families and people will still


the costumes, what is the point of the costumes, what is the point of


costume? Gets fun, isn't it. A bit of history going!


That was the Mr men theme tune. Anyway, time for the weather.


I look like the map. Orange. We stay mild as we had overnight,


temperatures are going to rise overnight and as they do, some


outbreaks of rain, with the wind strengthening and the blue


indicating things taking a nosedive towards the end of the week. We have


a yellow warning for Notts, all parts are at risk as we had


overnight. Bear that in mind if you're planning to commute


overnight, especially over the Pennines. Try at the moment, as we


had overnight, outbreaks of rain start to push in and the winds


strengthened temperatures will end at about 10 degrees after that. I'll


start but exceptionally windy first thing tomorrow morning. Spells of


sunshine through the day, starting milder, ending at around 6 degrees


but note those wind speeds, strong and Augustine. -- Dusty. Watch out


for this feature on Thursday, on the edge of it, especially


Leicestershire. By Friday, bitterly cold. The showers are likely to be


wintry. I feel like should have warned


winter white! Cloudy. We are back later.


It's back... Let's get ready to grumble. ..with more belligerence...


Can you imagine anything more diabolical? ..moaning...