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Tonight, charity shops count the cost after a spate of break-ins.


Money for good causes is now being spent on extra security. It is


heartbreaking, instead of giving the money to people in need.


If ?2 million fine for Wilko after a worker was paralysed in an accident.


And Notts County has a new owner. But can I1 hardy time the club


around? Good evening and welcome


to the programme with Anne Davies First tonight, charity shops say


they're having to use vital funds on extra security because of a spate


of break-ins in the last few weeks. One shop in Leicestershire's been


targeted seven times. Another was attacked


twice in one day. It's thought some burglars


are returning to carry out further raids -


with the damage and losses running Charity bosses say it'll


make their work saving lives and helping people


in need much harder. These raiders broke


into the Air Ambulance charity shop early on Saturday,


looking for cash. One of them takes a torch


and comes straight down They see that the safe


is open with no money in, and because the alarm


is still sounding, they quickly It is the seventh recent raid in the


short list for an last two months. Now it is having to divert thousands


of pounds from saving lives to extra security. For this to happen so many


times is really upsetting and the moralising. Each mission cost around


?1700. We want to invest hard work and money into that as opposed to


having to turn the shop into such a secure place. Across Leicester, at


this charity, Burke was struck twice on Monday, damaging the shop,


breaking the till and helping themselves to biscuits. Bosses


believe the same people are responsible and the effect is


heartbreaking. Our whole purpose of supporting people who are very


vulnerable. We do everything possible to help the community


through the services we provide. By breaking in, they have damaged us,


really. The cost to us is about ?3000. It is a lot of money to lose


money that be going into services. In Nottingham, this charity fun


after shot was targeted three times in three weeks over Christmas and


New Year. -- furniture shop. The readers smashed up offices and broke


a water tank as well as taking money. The overall damage was more


than ?10,000. There is a belief that charities are


a soft touch and there is no value to the items. But the values, we're


saving people's lives. There is anger at what has happened from the


public as well as support. Very sad that people want to rob charity


shops, one that says lives like this. When you think that the


nations go to help people who are really ill or homeless, it is a sad


world. -- that the donations. Police say they are investigating the raids


on these shops. Earlier, I spoke to Robin Osterley,


the chief executive of the Charity Retail Association,


and I asked him whether charity shops are an easy target


on the high street. No, I do not think they are


an easier target than any other retail establishment,


to be honest. It might be that there are some


people out there who think, charities, soft and fluffy,


but actually, these charity shops And it is certainly not the case


that they are slack on security or any of those other things


that you might think. They are proper retail


establishments, located very often in the high street with all the same


degree of security and professionalism that


other shops would have. But when security is breached,


it is obviously very bad Yes, and it is bad news right


across the spectrum of bad news, Not only does it have a major impact


on them financially, they might lose important stock


which they could otherwise sell. Their insurance


premiums might go up. Crucially, there is the sapping


effect that it has on the morale of staff and volunteers


that is so dispiriting. Volunteers are giving of their time


and effort and enthusiasm to support charities,


and society as a whole in so doing. It is really depressing


when someone comes along Takes away from society and takes


the profits away from the charity. That is a real shame as far as staff


and volunteers are concerned. OK, Robin Osterley, thank


you very much indeed. A row breaks out over moves to ban


a chemical used in weedkillers. Work starts on a huge 7000 job


development next East Midlands Airport, but it is not without


controversy. The chain store Wilko Retail has


been fined ?2.2 million after a young shop worker


was crushed and left paralysed. 23-year-old Corisande Collins


from Glenfield now has to use a wheelchair after the accident


at a Leicester branch Leicester Crown Court heard today


how she only has a 1% Wilko has apologised for failing


to meet heath and safety standards. Corisande Collins is a student


and was working part-time at the Wilko store at


the Beaumont Shopping Centre She was pulling a metal


cage, overloaded with The lift wasn't level


with the shop floor, and the cage and the heavy load


of paint toppled onto her. She was crushed and her


spine was fractured. The court heard there was a lack


of training and risk assessment. The judge said Wilko had accepted


the health and safety failings in this case,


but he did take into account the company's annual turnover


of more than ?1.4 billion when giving the fine


of ?2.2 million. Corisande and her family


are happy with the fine. I think it has been very difficult


because she was extremely young when this happened,


but I think they feel that the end of the criminal case


will help her in her rehabilitation. The investigation was carried out


by Leicester City Council. I think that the ?2.2 million fine


reflects the seriousness of this case, where an employee has suffered


devastating injuries following failings by a large


company that should know better. When my officers actually


investigated this case, we found significant health


and safety failings that could have This judgment today will


support the ongoing civil case for compensation


for Corisande Collins, who was only at the start


of her working life and will now probably never walk again


as a result of this accident. An inquest's heard how a house fire


in Gotham which killed a 92-year-old woman was probably caused


by a discarded cigarette. The assistant coroner heard


that neighbours tried It broke out last October


at her home on Kegworth Road The inquest concluded the most


likely cause of the fire was a cigarette catching


on her recliner chair. A 14-year-old boy from Leicester has


been charged with three They relate to two incidents


at Fosse Park Shopping Centre and another at the city's


St Margaret's bus station. One of the charges involves sexual


assault against a child A terrorism trial's been shown


military equipment that was bought by a Nottingham supermarket worker,


Ryan Counsell. He's denied planning to fight


with an extremist group that's pledged allegiance to the so-called


Islamic State. Our social affairs correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, can tell us more. Ryan Counsell's a Muslim convert


who worked at the Asda He's on trial at Woolwich Crown


Court, where he's facing four He was arrested at his home


on Russell Road, just two days before he was due to fly


to the Philippines. He told the police he was


going on an aid mission. But the prosecution say


he was going to fight for a jihadi This is a photo of his


child's bedroom cupboard, They heard that suitcase was packed


with military equipment. The kit that he bought online,


included this "monocular scope". Police also found these


knee and elbow pads, And inside this bag from his work,


there were rifle magazine pouches The prosecution say he also


downloaded this document on what to pack if you travel


to the Islamic State. And this guide to


becoming a sleeper cell. That included suggested disguises,


like using a fake moustache. Now, at the start of this trial,


the jury heard his explanation. Ryan Counsell claimed the military


equipment was for a game that's And those documents were research


to help him argue against extremism. He's denied all four


of those terrorism charges. And we're expecting


the defence to open their case at Woolwich Crown Court


later this week. A row has broken out between local


farmers and environmental campaigners over moves to ban


a chemical found in the world's most Farmers warn a ban would


push up food prices. Campaigners want it outlawed


because of claims it causes cancer. Either way, the EU has just 12


months to decide what to do, as our political editor,


Tony Roe, reports. It is locked away safely


until it is put on fields, and until very recently,


it was considered the world's Farmers like Andrew Brown,


from Rutland, say that science shows any cancer risks


from glyphosate are minimal. There's more toxins in one cup


of coffee than there is from residue from spraying crops,


from eating a balanced So we really have to get these


things into perspective. The chemical is needed


to kill weeds. That helps the crops,


boosts the yield and is really But, last June, when the European


politicians had Brexit to think about, they could not decide


what to do about a report which said glyphosate is possibly


carcinogenic ? cancer-causing. So, rather than nodding


through its use for a further 15 years, it was extended only


for 18 months. Time, then, for opponents


to rally for a ban. Several studies are suggesting


that it is causing cancer and other We need to move away


from industrial sized farming. We need to protect our soil, because


it is simply not sustainable. The Government says its own experts


have examined the evidence and concluded that glyphosate poses


no unacceptable risk to human health and they want it kept


on the approved list. Andrew Brown says politicians need


to take the issue seriously, If it does get taken away, then it


will put the price of food up. It will mean we are going to be


many more acres to grow the same amount of food,


because our yields will drop down and it will be bad


for the environment because we will not be


able to do the good work with the bird seed mix,


pollen and nectar As we are leaving the EU,


isn't it the case we could overturn No-one in the EU


would buy our crops. Derby City Council has denied claims


it's cancelling the city's annual The authority has confirmed


that the parade will take place this year, despite reports suggesting


that it'd become the latest The council says it'll make


an "important announcement" about future spending on leisure,


culture and arts in Derby at its annual budget


meeting next month. Tests have confirmed that dead swans


found at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire were not


suffering from bird flu. Defra had been investigating


whether they were killed by the H5N8 strain after 12


carcasses were discovered. Scientists say they now know


the virus wasn't the cause of death and the National Trust will now


carry out further tests Next this evening, work's


begun on a major new rail freight interchange


on the Derbyshire-Leicestershire border, which should create over


seven thousand jobs when it The development - next


to East Midlands Airport - also lies close to two villages,


where residents remain deeply But a third village -


Kegworth - is delighted. They'll finally get the bypass


they've been wanting for 80 years. The planes and local councillor


Trevor Pendleton show me how close this development will be to East


Midlands Airport. In the distance, ground breaking has begun on this


huge project. You feel this is a good development because it will


bring a lot of jobs to the area? 7000 jobs, which is terrific. In


this climate at the moment, employment as it is, we need those


jobs. 7000 it will bring. Sited between the airport, Main Road


routes and four villages, it will occupy a substantial chunk of land.


It will have a new railway line joining in line to the north and to


the east, Kegworth will get a new bypass. The East Midlands Gateway


will cover 700 acres were 6 million square feet of warehouse is. 900


people will build it, 7000 or what they are, plus another 3000 hoped


elsewhere. The railway freight terminal, taking 16 trains per day,


will cut deep into the hill. This is where the real head itself will be


built. The timescale for the whole project as this. January 2017, work


started. By September 2017, they will start building the first


buildings. By September 2018, the first buildings will be occupied by


the end of 2019, the whole development including the Kegworth


bypass will be finished. It is very sad for the village. It


is better for traffic but it might at some of the shops and businesses.


About time. It's been a long time. 1935, we were calling for it.


Not everyone is happy with Deflategate way. Many villages have


fought the plans. It will impact on everyone here because of the amount


of traffic coming in, the people building the thing, the people


working here, lorries coming in and out and people trying to get to


work. Where all the cars go? Like it or loathe it, they gateway should be


up and running within three years. Still to come, there


are rumours we could be seeing some of the white stuff,


but what does Sara think? We have two chances of seeing some


snow tomorrow. One in the former showers across the North West,


affecting parts of Derbyshire, but it is a far north this rain goes


before it converts to snow, maybe across the East Midlands.


Time for sport now on what was a very big day for Notts County -


The deal for local businessman Alan Hardy to buy the Magpies


Colin Hazelden's at Meadow Lane to tell us more.


Yes, Notts County is a proud old club.


The oldest league club, in fact, with a history including


But recent decades have not been kind.


The Munto finance fiasco left the club on the edge of going bust.


The most recent owner, Ray Trew, saved Notts from that,


but has gone through ten managers in seven years and leaves the club


just one place and one point above the league's relegation zone.


Now, after a long negotiation, he's sold up.


Its cost him millions but Alan Hardy, a businessman who owns


the Nottinghamshire Golf Club and runs the Paragon Group office


He's already said there will be an announcement


I asked BBC Radio Nottingham's veteran Notts County


If you want proof of that, it is what has happened today.


It was getting on for 12.30 this afternoon when the deal finally


was agreed and he became the owner and chairman of Notts County.


And within very short order, he went off to interview


It is an old phrase, Colin, he does not let the grass


And that is why he's talked about making


an announcement tomorrow about who the manager might be.


That is assuming that it run smoothly.


Let's talk about this a little bit more. We have a member of the media


team for Notts County here. We'll Notts County fan. You worked here


previously, but our people being unfair and Notts County? There were


some good times underrate true -- under Ray Trew. But unfortunately,


there is a fragmented club community and we have to move on from it.


Before we get to the future, the atmosphere here is the problem,


isn't it? It has gotten really bad at times, particularly under Jamie


Fullarton's either. It is really flat at the minute. It is like


people have given up and we need a new Hope. Is Alan Hardy that all? We


hope so. We need something to pull the club together and bring good


times. First and foremost, we have to maintain our Football League


status and bring the good times back. From the perspective of the


bloggers you talk to and fellow fans, what can he do? Just keep us


in the Football League at the minute and re-instil it as a fun club to


support again. You come here and you're a bit down. You want to smile


supporting Notts County. We have the blog setup and it has a lot of


really interesting stuff at the minute with a variety of views. The


common theme is that they want to smile again. Thank you for joining


us. Much appreciated. Just staying with


football for a moment. Mansfield Town will be the visitors


here for the huge local derby this weekend and they warmed up by making


it to the quarterfinals Two Pat Hoban goals seeing them


past Oldham Athletic. Not a much-loved competition,


but Stags just two Lots happening at Leicester Tigers


today with four contract extensions signed, including Graham Kitchener


and Peter Betham. But the big attention


is on a departure, fly-half Owen Williams will be


a Gloucester player. Moments like this have


endeared him to the Tigers' supporters, who will be hoping


for a high-profile and Now, ice hockey, because it's a big


week for the Nottingham Panthers. They're on their way to the small


mountain town of Ritten in Italy for the Super Final of ice hockey's


Continental Cup, with high hopes Owen Bradley was at the National Ice


Centre earlier to see them off. Their bags are packed


and the Panthers are ready to go off to Italy, where they will also face


opposition from Kazakhstan and Denmark as they bid to become


the first British team to ever win Obviously, we are excited that we


put ourselves in this position. It is just a matter of us going out


and doing our thing. We have had this league major


focus all season long, and you build your whole season


around that, but this is a nice break where the guys can go and get


together in a different country and play against some unique


opposition, test their mettle To make history,


you need an X factor. That could be big Brian McGrattan,


or it could be a Panthers star who was playing for Ritten


in the last round - Jason Williams. Playing for Ritten in Ritten,


the last time there was We were able to win all three games,


so it was nice and definitely look forward to getting back


there and playing against So the Panthers are on their way


and head to Italy with all of Nottingham behind them


and all of British ice hockey, as they aim to put the UK game


firmly on the map. Thanks very much indeed. It is quite


cold here that Notts County. Even colder well Nottingham Panthers are


going, art in the hills in Italy. Minus ten. We will have coverage on


East Midlands today on Thursday and Friday and over the weekend, and on


the BBC Radio Nottingham sport Facebook page as well.


Birdwatchers have been trying to catch a glimpse


As these pictures from Nottinghamshire birdwatchers show,


They feed on rowan berries so tend to head to towns and cities.


It's unusual for the waxwings to come as far inland


as Nottinghamshire and Derby, where they've also been spotted,


which is why there's been a flutter of excitement.


They have migrated over from Russia and they are here


We usually get a big influx every few years.


When they have had a good breeding season and when there


is not enough food for them on the continent.


We have had a lot of sightings across the county and they


are scarce birds, so it is exciting that we are getting all these


Beautiful. Dominic has a tale to tell you. When I was eight years old


and a junior member of the RSPB, I was the first one to spot a waxwing.


People will be working out how old you are if you were eight in 1969!


It is a cold day tomorrow if your tractor feed birds tomorrow because


it will start to turn quite slowly we think across the East Midlands.


Snow and ice as the weather one in force at the moment and it is the


wind that was the main thing today. Very strong gusts out there and


still a strong gusty north-westerly wind remaining. This picture caption


today by one of clouds bottles. Brighter skies with one or two


clouds and we still have some clouds at the moment. This skies are quite


broken at the moment. Showers coming in the north-westerly wind. One or


two could turn wintry, certainly in the peak in strict and North


Nottinghamshire. For most of us, it is a cold, windy night with


temperatures dropping to around two Celsius. If you are sheltered, you


might find this slight frost developing. Cheryl 's early part of


the morning, becoming quite wintry in some areas. But this area brain


works in from the south bringing milder air with it, believe it or


not. Cold area comes to meet it from the north and that is where it


positions itself, and we are likely to find it will convert itself to


snow here. It could head further south and beam might not see much of


it, but will the ground is wet tomorrow, ice could be a problem.


Something to watch out for first thing on Friday morning with


difficult driving conditions. It is a brighter day with someone drew


showers around on Friday and a cold wind. We find the ridge of high


pressure building over the weekend, so by the time we get to sit at the


end into Sunday, it will be cold with a widespread frost. Clouding


over again for the second half of the weekend.


I was thinking, higher, higher! I do quite like a bit of snow.


It wouldn't be winter without snow. It isn't so far.


We'll see you for the lean years. Goodbye.


I think my political beliefs are really quite straightforward.


I believe that our country needs to work for everyone.


Not just for the rich, not just for the privileged,


not just for those who know the right people or who've got


the loudest voices, but a country that really works for everyone,


has the opportunity to be who they want to be.


In order to make sure that the country works for everyone,


Standing up for the vulnerable, for the voiceless,


against those who feel that they're strong and powerful.


If you're doing the right thing, then you must do that however


difficult it is, even if there seems to be an easier path to take.