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Police pay their informants more than ?1 million.


Some of the cash has gone to convicted criminals,


but police chiefs have said it is worth it.


If it is taking drugs off the streets and getting people locked


up, I think that is the right thing to do and I think we have to be


grown up about this. A warning from the firm's


chairman in Japan. Plus, support for families affected


by suicide from those It is extremely difficult for people


believed by suicide to cope and Debbie, more than anyone, they will


be do not have anyone to. We will be looking at landmarks made


out of Lego in brand-new show. Good evening and welcome


to Thursday's programme with Dominic Heale, and me,


Anne Davies. First this evening,


East Midlands Today can reveal that more than ?1 million has been paid


to police informants here over The figures have been


released to us under Some of that money has been paid


to convicted criminals. But the police insist it's


good value for money, and say it's helping to protect us


from serious crime. Our social affairs correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, reports. It's a cloak and dagger world


of secretive deals in the shadows, The police have a name for them -


covert human intelligence sources - but for the criminals


they are helping to convict, there They are paid by results for giving


tip-offs about plans for drug deals or anything from weapons and stolen


antiques to serious organised crime. Inevitably, they are often


insiders who have been This derby criminology lecturer used


to be a police superintendent. He placed ads for police informants


in newspapers and pubs. If someone says at a given time,


date and place that a crime is going to occur or where stolen


property is, the police can deal Alternatively it can be very costly


process. So this is an efficient way of dealing with aspects of some


crimes. Now we know how much was paid to informants in the last four


years. Derbyshire Police spent ?158,000. The Leicestershire force


made payments of ?244,000. The highest figure was in


Nottinghamshire, where the police spent ?670,000 on performance --


informants. It gets drugs off the street and we must remember that


informants do not yet paid unless they provide useful information. We


are talking about public money being used to pay criminals, people will


be uncomfortable about that, surely? It is a com -- it is an


uncomfortable area but if it is getting people locked up, that is


the right thing to do and we must be grown up about it. The information


that the police gets, a lot of it, comes from criminals. The police


must protect performance so that they did not refer to how many times


they have been used or what crimes they have helped to solve. It means


informants are keeping all of us safer.


A Leicester woman - found dead yards from her home -


has been described as a much-loved mother and daughter.


Today, Ashwin Daudia appeared in court for the first time,


charged with the murder of his ex-wife Kiran.


She was reported missing earlier this week and her remains


Giles Taylor is in Leicester for us this evening.


What have we been told about Kiran today?


I'm standing on Lyme Road in the Stoneygate area of Leicester,


and behind me is the home Kiran and Ashwin shared with their two


sons - just a street away from where her remains were found.


Kiran was named by police last night, along with a statement


from her family, describing the 46-year-old as a "much


loved" woman, who would be deeply missed by them all.


She'd spent the last 17 years working for retailers Next,


who have also issued a statement today.


They say they've been shocked by the death of their colleague,


who they've described as a highly respected member of their


They've added that their thoughts are with Kiran's family


and friends at this sad time, and they're ready to co-operate


The neighbours have been telling me tonight what Kiran was like. Lovely


young lady, always has time for you. She would stop and speak to us. Very


jolly person, always a smile on her face whenever I met her.


The 50-year-old was charged with murdering his ex-wife


For the last few days, forensic officers have been


scouring Cromer Street - just a short distance away from here


She was reported missing to police on Monday,


and Ashwin is accused of killing her some time


Today he appeared at Leicester Magistrates' Court,


where he gave his name, address, and date of birth with


He'll be back at Leicester's Crown Court tomorrow to apply for bail


and is expected to enter a plea later next month.


Thank you for that report, Giles Taylor.


Still to come this evening - the families bereaved by suicide.


We speak to a leading lawyer whose daughter took her own life and who's


calling for more discussion of suicide and the taboo


The chairman of Toyota has warned the company is considering "how


to survive" in the UK after the Prime Minister spoke


He said the car-maker, which has a plant at Burnaston,


near Derby, must be more competitive once Britain leaves the EU.


Toyota cars have been rolling off the production line


at its plant in Burnaston, near Derby, since 1992.


The Japanese firm employees 2,600 staff here and it builds one in ten


While the company said today it remains supportive of its people


and its operations wherever they are, the chairman


of Toyota issued a warning after the Prime Minister's speech


yesterday about taking Britain out of the EU's single market.


In an interview with the Financial Times,


We've got many businesses across the East Midlands


who are clearly looking to Theresa May's government to seek


that clarity to help them with their own business plans


and clearly, the comments today from Toyota reiterates how important


it is for government to make the road map as clear as possible,


The UK car industry is heavily reliant on exports to Europe


and so most exposed to any risks surrounding Brexit.


Responding to Toyota's comments, the Prime Minister's official


spokesman today insisted the government had listened


to their concerns and that the automotive sector was one


They added, "We will be working very hard on the negotiating process


to make sure they can remain as successful as they


Sarah Teale, BBC East Midlands Today.


The M1 in Derbyshire's been closed for much of the day


following a collision between a car and a van.


It happened on the southbound carriageway close to the Tibshelf


services just before ten o'clock this morning.


Two people were taken to hospital, one with serious injuries.


Police say its thought the car had broken down shortly


The motorway's was closed between Junction 29 for Mansfield


It's emerged that more than 20 East Midlands schools called in Army


bomb disposal experts at the end of last year to deal


It followed government warnings about a potentially volatile


chemical which can be used in school labs but needs careful storage.


Figures released to the BBC show 12 schools in Nottinghamshire,


seven in Leicestershire and five in Derbyshire called in experts


The chemical can be disposed of with a controlled explosion.


Next tonight, he's known as one of Britain's leading


He's been associated with high-profile cases which have


included the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six.


And he's represented families of the Hillsborough victims.


Away from the courtroom, though, Michael Mansfield QC and his partner


have been grieving the loss of his daughter, Anna,


Today the couple were in Nottingham to launch a support group aimed


at getting people to talk about suicide - a subject they say


Michael Mansfield QC, a colourful, confident, charismatic Lloyd. His


most difficult case however has been away from the courtroom. Making


sense of his daughter Anna. She was 44, it was suicide. I do think about


most days of the week. In a sense I feel guilty about it because I think


more for now than when she was alive and, of course, in one sense that


makes it more difficult. But it also means that it provides the stimulus


for doing the initiative that we are doing together. Michael and his


partner Yvette have teamed up with the Nottingham Brighton initiative.


It is taboo. One of the things that we struggle with in society is


speaking about the death and dying and what it means. The


circumstances, the context that people face that make people


consider these things. They are planning monthly support meetings at


a big event in March and Nottingham's Albert Hall. We do not


know why exactly, we can not get into the mind of that person. She


went to work in a responsible job and I think if you get a redundancy


notice, which he dead, three weeks before she took her life, that is


the thing that upsets the balance, where you are trying to keep


everything under control. She left notes saying effectively she had


thought she had failed her children. I mean, nobody agrees with that,


but, you know, that is where she placed herself. They want to end


what they still believe is a stigma around suicide. The feedback we're


getting from the initiative that we do is that people feel completely


unburdened. Simply because they have spoken.


Rob, the couple there believe attitudes are changing?


They very much do and they have put in a lot of energy into this and


they point out that it was not long ago, just over 50 years, that


suicide was a crime, hard to believe that these days, but people were


sent to prison for attempting to end their own life. This is very much on


the government's reader. We heard earlier this month about the mental


health strategy and the Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, spelt out that


preventing suicide is a big challenge. We have about 13 people


who kill themselves every single day tragically, that is an enormous


unspeakable tragedy for them, but also for their families, from


everyone that knows them. We think that we can do better. The rate is


beginning to fall a little bit, but we have a particular problem with


men under the age of 50, for whom that is now the biggest cause of


death. Michael and if it are very much tied to get people to speak


about it, they will be back in Nottingham in March where they have


a big event at the Albert Hall plant and they hope to talk around these


issues. Just to let you know, the Samaritans are available for anyone


who has been touched by the issues in the report. U-turning them on


this number, it is on your screen now. There is also an e-mail


address. The important thing is that it is free from any phone, mobile or


landline and it will not show up on your bill. Always good to speak to


someone, isn't it? Thank you very much, Rob.


Thai Airways is to investigate claims that Derby-based Rolls-Royce


paid millions of dollars in bribes to its employees and government


It's the latest airline to launch an inquiry after the aero


engine-maker agreed to pay a penalty of more than ?670 million


to authorities in Britain, the United States and Brazil


to settle bribery and corruption claims.


The company has apologised unreservedly.


Hospital managers say they're still not in a position to reopen


Grantham's A unit overnight, despite recruiting more doctors.


The department has been shut between 6:30pm and 9am since last


The United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust says it is committed


to reopening the service, but only when it's safe to do so.


From today full-time firefighters in parts of Derbyshire will also act


The county's been testing the idea since 2015 -


The county's been testing the idea since 2015


using part-time firefighters who've helped in almost 1400


They take on the role of first responders


The fire service says the new trial, using full-time officers in Matlock,


Long Eaton and Ilkeston, will run for three months.


Next tonight, a nursery with a novel approach to play has


The children don't play with what you might call


conventional toys - the brightly-coloured,


Instead, they're given everyday household items,


such as saucepan lids and drain pipes.


The idea is that the youngsters become more creative.


The rice and Thomas, wave is all about play for them. Except here at


love to learn of Surrey in Leicester, the toys are rather


different. We do not tend to have any lasting toys. You might find a


small dinosaur or little cars, but everything in this environment is an


open end resource and what that means is that the children use their


imagination to play and learn. The nursery is based on the philosophy,


developed after the Second World War. It focuses upon giving children


free rein for them to explore and express themselves. Here in


Leicestershire, it is the first nursery of its kind and already 27


children have been enrolled. It seemed like a place more in keeping


with his home life, we did not want things that were too different. I


like the different way of learning, not having simply plastic toys,


where it makes us brainwork more. It will help my daughter because she


thinks differently, she is quite a free thinker. It will encourage her


to be more of an individual. Charlie is quite an active child, I was


looking for a nursery that was going to appeal to his creativity and


which was innovative. The children play with saucepan lid, drainpipes


and other objects, very few are conventional. There are so many


tests for children these days, let them be little, let them learn and


develop their own pace, their own schematic style. We do all of the


learning embedded but through fun and excitement. The nursery opened


at the beginning of the year and spaces are already filling up. Helen


Astle, BBC East Midlands Today, Leicester.


Volunteers in Leicestershire have won praise for making


The Morsbags movement was started ten years ago by Claire Morsman.


It makes, and then gives away, cloth carrier bags.


But one in three of these bags-for-life is lovingly


And among the many people who've donated unwanted fabric


for the team to transform, is Prince Charles,


The ring of approval for another reusable shopping


Once a week volunteers in Oadby in Leicestershire gather


to sow donated fabric into cloth carrier bags.


They are given away free as an alternative to plastic ones.


Even though there are charges, there are still people who are sort


of buying five or ten plastic bags each time.


So what we are doing is just giving the message,


look how easy it is, make a bag out of your old curtains


This month, the Morsbag movement is ten years old.


20 groups across Leicestershire have sown one in three of nearly


a quarter of a million bags that have been made worldwide.


I cut out for a lot of the people here, so I would say many


Under 10,000, but Rosie thinks it's near to 10,000.


Also showing off their skills are Leicester's mayor,


Sir Peter Soulsby, and at his London residence, the Prince of Wales.


He was showing visitors at Clarence House how to make


So, yes, some very lucky people have got Royal Morsbags.


Concern for the environment is at the heart of this movement.


Supporters say that one Morsbag can replace around 500 plastic carriers.


Carol Hines, BBC East Midlands Today, Oadby, in Leicestershire.


We have got a few here. I think this is Prince Charles' old curtains.


Smells very regal! Time for the sport news. Breaking news, I


understand. Yes, we are breaking this news and


it's Rams Nottingham Forest. More controversy. In the last hour, the


American tycoon trying to buy the club has issued a statement. The


deal with John Jane Morrice collapsed on Friday but tonight he


is a thing he wants to buy the Reds and has offered to take on a total


ownership of the club. Jonny May now from our newsroom is our reporter,


Angela Rafferty. What is going on? It has been a long-running saga at


the city ground. Tonight more, as the man behind the failed takeover


deal has revealed he still wants Forest and has offered a


significantly enhanced offer for total control of the club earlier


this week. He believes this is what the chairman wanted by Pete on the


beds down. The American tycoon says he is still interested and would


like to take over the club and feels frustrated that the deal has not


been done. It comes as the current owner Fawaz Al Hasawi said he is


totally committed to the club, promising to find a new manager and


finance director. He said last week the deal offered them was not in the


best interest of the club. No word yet as to why the new offer has been


torn down. We await further news tonight from Forest. This is the


first time the American has spoken so openly and they are clearly


putting pressure on the chairman to do the deal. We will have to wait


and see how they will respond. Angela Rafferty, thank you very much


indeed. Keep an eye on BBC Nottingham's sport Twitter feed and


our website for any developments. We start at Nottingham Forest


because Aston Villa are set to sign We understand Villa


will pay ?3.5 million Lansbury, who is 26,


joined the Reds from Arsenal four Earlier this month the club rejected


an offer from Derby for Henri. But Forest are expected


to confirm the deal with Villa by the end of the day


or early tomorrow morning. At Derby County, forward


Andreas Weimann has joined Wolves Meanwhile, manager Steve


McClaren says Tom Ince The in-form Ince is reportedly


an ?8 million target of Rafa Benitez to boost Newcastle's promotion push,


but Derby want promotion too and McClaren today


scoffed at the speculation. I heard that, ?8 million,


that will pay probably Staying with football,


and Leicester City are in the top 20 of the world's richest football


clubs, according The Deloitte Football Money League


shows the clubs Premier League winning season saw them report


earnings of nearly ?129 million. It means Leicester are now


generating almost five times as much revenue


as when they were in the Well, that will be music


to the ears of Mark Selby. The big Leicester City fan


and snooker's very best, plays in the quarterfinals


of the Masters tomorrow. It is a really big deal


because Selby is bidding to become only the fifth player to hold


all three of snooker's Triple Crown The current world, UK and three-time


Masters champion won a thrilling last-16 tie 6-5


against Welshman Mark Williams And that game is tomorrow afternoon


from one o'clock on BBC Two It's been around for the best


part of 60 years and it We're talking about those little


coloured bricks every A new Lego exhibition


is about to open at a gallery Handmade models of all shapes


and sizes have been built to reflect the wonders of the world,


both ancient and modern. And Quentin Rayner has been


given a sneak preview. Come to Welbeck and you will see the


world, this gallery is racing to get the wondrous exhibition in place by


the weekend. 70 models have been made to reflect Egypt's natural


wonders in Lego. You can gaze at the great Pyramid of Giza, look at what


the London Bridge might have looked like, look at how the world is


interconnected by the Internet and marvel at the opportunities offered


by air travel with a model of London City Airport. It has been a labour


of love over three months by this husband and wife team. Both are


full-time Lego artists. He has been finishing off the Great Wall of


China, she has been making sure Niagara Falls into place. There has


been a lot of work that has gone into them, we have designed the


structures and we will work from lectures and Internet searches. We


build what we see. It can take weeks, months in some instances.


Sometimes we are lucky and get things done in a few days. That is


less common. It is a huge labour of love. We love what we get to do, we


build Lego models for a living. It is fantastic, every time I tell


people that, they smile. It is fantastic, we do it together and we


get to work together, something they love. When this


gallery put on a similar Lego exit -- exhibition one year ago, it


attracted more than 80,000 visitors in the months, the most it has ever


had. Many of the repeat visitors are self declared fans, adult fans of


legal. That plane is getting ready to take off. It was a younger group


of enthusiasts from a nearby primary school that were invited in for a


sneak preview. It is absolutely amazing, I did not know you could


build such things out of Lego, so many possibilities. It is amazing, I


like the fact that there are lights on the runway, makes it look better.


Eliminated. They have put lots and lots of effort into it and it is


just brilliant. -- illuminated. The exhibition opens on Saturday, adults


and pronouns are welcome. Children never clear up their do


they? And then parents get to play with it then!


We have lots of grey weather around at the moment. This was the picture


in Market Harborough earlier today and we also had some low cloud over


Derbyshire as well. That seem broadly continues tomorrow for a


time. We will see some occasional drizzle. It will be feeling quite


damn. That is because we have high pressure at the moment penning that


cloud over our region. But it is slowly starting to move. This was


the picture earlier, that cloud slowly creeping northwards and some


sunshine down to the South East of the country. As we go through the


course of the night, we will continue to see that clouds


starting to move North. There will be some mist patches as well. When


the blues the cloud we could get down to around 0 Celsius tonight,


possibility of a frost. Further North, quite a contract, six Celsius


is below tonight, you should stay frost free. Tomorrow we will


continue to see that cloud slowly trekking northwards. Some slightly


brighter conditions behind it, highs of six Celsius. It will feel rather


chilly. Lots more cloud around for Saturday, but some hints of


brightness as well and then dry conditions on the way towards the


weekend. This is the situation as we go toward Sunday. We have some high


pressure that are still pending cloud over us but it is that into


them and break up in places. As they go towards next week we are


expecting brighter conditions but look at those temperatures, very


chilly indeed, made sure you wrap up warm as they go towards next week.


I have got a hat, that will help. Leicester City are making a mint!


YAS! Incredible, 11 times as much as the need eight years ago in League


1. Join us later for the big news.




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