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It is almost 6:30pm. Our top stories. Claire Nagle's parents


remember them murdered daughter. On the day her funeral takes place, the


circumstances of her death still hold them. We could see the signs


and we knew why and it was like torture. Also tonight, 60 trains and


a contract worth billions. Derby's train makers are set to benefit from


HS2. Plus, not is thinking about bidding


to become European capital of culture.


And the artist using smoke grenades and even a missile launcher to


create these paintings. Good evening and welcome


to the programme with Anne Davies First tonight, on the day


of her funeral the parents of a Derbyshire woman at the centre


of a murder investigation say they still haven't come


to terms with her death. 38-year-old Claire Nagle


was found fatally injured Her husband died the same day


after a collision with a lorry. Police believe the two


deaths are linked. Her parents have been speaking


to our reporter Navtej Johal. I didn't know they were there


and there was her her daughter. And I just couldn't believe


that they were there, you know! A surprise birthday


party for her mum. The mother of five was studying


to become the mental health nurse. Last month, she was found


at her home in Borrowash by police with serious injuries


and later died in hospital. Police have linked Claire's death


to that of her husband Vincent, who died after colliding


with a lorry on the M1 All the way up, all we could see


were signs saying that the M1 was shut, and we knew why,


and it was like torture all the way. Things like this only


happened on the news. You would never


in a million years, you know, An inquest into Claire's death


will resume later this year. Her parents, who have come


from their home in Wales for Claire's funeral today,


hope she will be remembered for the woman she was,


rather than the circumstances The hardest thing I will miss is


when she was in her car, she would put her phone on the loudspeaker and


the kids would be singing to me. Wouldn't she? Claire's 22-year-old


son who was reportedly attacked with a nail gun on the day she died is


now out of hospital. Her parents also told Claire's two youngest


children about what happened to their mum and dad. It was the


hardest thing to prepare for and when it came down to it, I don't


think they really understood anyway. We are going to miss her so much.


All the family will. Next tonight, Derby stands every


chance of becoming a major beneficiary of a ?2.7 billion


contract to build trains That's according to the Transport


Secretary Chris Grayling who announced the huge contract


for 60 trains during Mr Grayling said he can't yet


specify a UK manufacturer such But he stressed that Derby,


the centre of the UK's rail Meeting rail engineers working


at the cutting edge - the Transpost Secretary sees


a laser test rig that can be mounted on a train, being checked


at Balfour Beatty Rail in Derby. It was here that he chose


to announce that these artists impressions may soon be replaced


by more current designs, given that rail firms,


both in the UK and overseas, are now being asked to tender


for a ?2.75 billion contract to build 60 trains


for the new HS2 route. Are you looking for a UK


manufacturer of them? We're not allowed to specify


the nationality of the manufacturer and indeed we expect to see


an international presence in doing this, but I'm very clear that these


trends need to be more than And so I want to see,


a skill-building contract. It was this desire for HS2 contracts


to bring thousands of young people into the rail industry which brought


Mr Grayling to Balfour Beatty, a firm already employing


dozens of graduates, We have developed this system onto


lines and are looking to look -- roll it out across the network. I


wanted work experience with them on I can continue into the future.


Bombarding a told us today they are keeping a close eye on the process


but Chris Grayling things Derby will in a fit from the contracts


generally. Derby is a great centre for our Railways, whether it is


technology which makes the railways better or maintaining the railways


more effectively, whether it is the trains coming out, this is a great


centre for railways and I have no doubt this city will play at


important part in the HS2 contract. The contract will be awarded in


2019. Still to come on the programme


tonight: Our health correspondent will be here looking at the latest


on the winter pressure A man's been sentenced to life


in prison, for murdering another Richard Bernard was stabbed


on the doorstep of his flat at Trocadero Court


in Normanton in May. Mohammed Ibrahim -


who's 19 and of no fixed address - will serve at least 18 years behind


bars, after being sentenced A jury at Leicester Crown Court has


been sent out, to decide whether or not a 31-year-old woman


is guilty of the manslaughter Chaunfang Zen denies


violently shaking Phoebe Go She'd been babysitting the infant


at her flat in the Leicestershire village of Lutterworth on the 22nd


March 2015 when the court heard the baby suffered


a catastrophic brain injury. Police in Lincolnshire are deploying


special constables to help tackle the growing problem


of hare coursing. The illegal blood sport


involves gangs often trespassing onto private land,


to allow their dogs Farmers and landowners say


some areas are becoming like the Wild West, with 75


incidents reported last week alone. Police in the Derbyshire Dales have


moved in with their colleagues NHS England has confirmed that two


of our hospital trusts were on the highest state of alert


last week as winter pressures Delays getting patients home,


coupled with increased demand in accident and emergency,


have piled on the pressure With the latest, let's talk to our


health correspondent Rob Sissons. So Rob, no early end


in sight to the strain The NHS is facing unprecedented


record demand and we are seeing it on the front line. The latest


evidence is provided by information released today from NHS England. If


we take a look at the two trusts in our region, the United Lincolnshire


hospitals and festivals like hospitals.


It shows hospitals in Lincolnshire and Leicester facing the most


difficulties with the strain the service is under put Opel


So, what does that mean - there is increased potential


for patient safety and care to be compromised?


That is the official definition and obviously the pressure is worrying.


What about the other hospitals in the area? Other hospitals are seeing


sustained pressure, they are under strain as well, but not at that


level but I can tell you in Nottingham this week on Wednesday,


the trust was on black alert, the trusts that runs the Queens medical


Centre here and butting's City Hospital. A again under pressure.


Lots more work for the staff on the front line. Can the hospitals cope?


We are hearing lots of interpretations about the winter


pressures. You will have seen it in the media. They have been


descriptions of the NHS in meltdown, some trusts say they are coping. NHS


providers, a number and organisation for hospitals and trust says the


truth is probably somewhere in between. But what we are seeing on


the front line is the staff having to put in outstanding efforts,


having to work really hard, and they say that in the long one is


unsustainable. People cannot keep working at that level month after


month. What is the advice from the NHS? The advice is to always think


twice about whether you need to go to A I sound like a rope on


record. It sounds obvious but they still see people that don't need to


be there. Ian Bice is if you are unsure about where to go, there are


so many places to access the health service, is to ring 111. They can


let you know the best place for you to end up.


Traders have been allowed back into Derby's Market Hall this afternoon.


The building was closed on Wednesday after a worker died


He's been named as 37-year-old William Ball from Sandiacre.


The building will reopen to the public tomorrow morning.


Police in the Derbyshire Dales have moved in with their colleagues


at the Fire and Rescue service, to save money.


In 2015, the constabulary announced Ashbourne police station would be


Yesterday, it closed its doors for the final time.


Officers will now be based at the nearby fire station.


It's hoped the move will improve collaboration


Nottingham's lace collection is set to go on display at museums


The arts council has awarded ?75,000 to the city council for the project.


During the industrial revolution, Nottingham emerged as a world


The funding will mean the collections will eventually


be viewable in places like Nottingham Castle


A small group have gathered in Nottingham to protest the


organisation -- the inaugural race bash at the inauguration of Donald


Trump. They save they will not be silenced in the face of


objectionable views. If you want to show the tree, you will have to put


up with the opposition to the good tree. He said he wanted to heal


divisions, and you are heartened by that? He also said we need to take


back our jobs and protect our bodies in America it is all about us, us,


us. Any foreigner is like an alien to him. And now, for something


completely different. East Midlands Today understands that


Nottingham is seriously considering a bid to be


European Capital of Culture. The last UK city to hold the title


was Liverpool nine years ago and it'll be Britain's turn


again in 2023. Our political reporter, Peter Saull,


has been weighing up Nottingham's cultural legacy is


known all over the world, largely in fact to this man, but should the


city and for one of the most prestigious prizes prizes around?


I think we've got the capacity and the video as the city to pull this


off. It won't be easy and there are many people to convince it is the


right way forward but what I would say is if we were to go forward with


a date, we have the ingredients to make something great happen. A few


weeks ago, a few celebrations in Hull which picked Lester as UK City


of Culture. The European accolade is an altogether good deal. Last held


in Britain by Liverpool in 2008. It is really known as the point in time


when Liverpool got their Mojo back. We've got huge truism in the city,


it feels like the hotels are being built every day. The city has new


confidence. Nottingham has a lot going for it, not least the


contemporary art gallery, it will face fierce competition from Leeds,


Milton Keynes and Dundee. And other major cities are expect to follow


them. Key to winning will be getting the whole city to back that good. I


think it is a very good dear. It attracts people to be area. I think


we've got a lot to offer. I can't see what difference it will make. I


haven't lived in another UK city which for this size hats had so many


independent art project. Everyone can learn a bit more and get


together, I think it is brilliant. There is plenty to iron out. How


will the bid to be financed? What about Brexit? That shouldn't be up


problem. Previous winner include right to pick and Istanbul,. Brexit


getting everywhere! It does. Well, talking of cultural


things, look out for this Art's hot new talent warms


to his work as he plays You did need to take cover for that!


Stayed tuned. Right, let's have some sport. Natalie, who is buying? Who


is selling? First, we start at Nottingham Forest


after a week of more turmoil In a space of week a proposed sale


fell through, another manager was sacked and the clubs captain has


been was sold. So, where now for Forest and it's


owner Fawaz Al Hasawi? Sunny skies over the city ground


today but it is a little more chilly than that summer stay in 2012 when


the ul-Haq are we family bought the club. Back then, the owner was


warmly welcomed. Now many fans on social media say they want him out


and protest is planned at tomorrow's day. I think it's love affair with


the club has ended. Disillusioned that is the only way to put it. It


is been like that week after week. Whether to protest tomorrow, I don't


know. I don't want my children to be in a bad atmosphere on Saturday.


Exactly a week ago, the proposed takeover by American John J Moores


collapsed. Yesterday, both he and Al Hawazi released statements. Firstly


Al Hawazi affirming his commitment to the love saying he had appointed


a chief financial officer. Then Mr Moores revealed he made an enhanced


offer to buy the club this week. They are both blaming each other.


Who knows what the truth is? And amid the chaos, confirmation today


that Henry Lansbury has joined Aston Villa. Obviously, bid came in, the


club agreed to accepted. We would have loved Henry to be here tomorrow


and the involved, he trained well this week and trained with us and to


be had stayed with us, he would have been involved cos he's a good


player. He has gone now, we move on. There have been seven managers in


four and a half years. Only Al Hawazi really knows who is next. I


don't believe a word he says the fact that no managers want to work


beneath him speaks volumes. What needs to happen is he needs to go. I


wanted it to work, we all did, but I think it is time to call it an end.


It is easy to forget a football game is being played tomorrow and


Nottingham Forest who are 20th in the championship table need a win


they could drop into the bottom three.


Onto Leicester City where manager Claudio Ranieri has been reacting


to reports that striker Leonardo Ulloa has handed


I like Leonardo because he's a fantastic professional player and a


good player. And, then, I told my impression. Now they are speaking.


But I think at the end, Leonardo will stay with us.


So, time is ticking in the January transfer window -


everyone keen hang on to players or bolster their squad.


Particularly the Rams who aim once again for promotion but the battle


to get former star striker Chris Martin back on their books


He is a wanted man and this is why. He has scored 63 goals in his time


at Derby but found himself surplus to requirements when Nigel Pearson


was in charge. When Mac came back, he was keen to get his hit man back


to. There is still time for Chrissy and we want him back and we were


taken aback tomorrow. Unfortunately, that is out of my hands. He holds


the ball up and can player to other players. He is playing at full again


but his heart can't be there. If I was Fulham, I would let him go. Your


pussy was too back at Derby, so I think you need to come back. Dobbie


agreed a season long loan with no release loan clause written in. But


now he's back in the fold, back in the scoresheet and his current


manager isn't keynoting him go. Actually, right now, he is focused


on helping us, he is working well, we expect he will score many goals


this season. Two weeks of the transfer window left is time running


out for the Rams. We quite rightly want to keep him. He is a good


player and he has proven it for Fulham. There are still two weeks to


go but we have to to soldier on and Chrissy Hass to play for Fulham. It


is clear Steve McClaren would love to seek Chris Martin back in


Derbyshire this season but could you prove to be the one that got away?


Staying with football and both our League Two teams


Rugby and four Leicester Tigers players were named today


in the England squad for the Six Nations.


Dan Cole, Ben Youngs, Ellis Genge and the uncapped Mike Williams.


Tigers are at home to Glasgow in the Champions Cup tomorrow night.


Ice hockey and the Nottingham Panthers have their homecoming


They're hosting Fife Flyers at the National Ice Centre


It follows an historic win for the Panthers in Europe last


weekend when they claimed the Continental Cup title.


Snooker and Leicester's Mark Selby is out of the Masters.


The World Champion was beaten by Barry Hawkins in the quarter


final by 6 frames to 3 at London's Alexandra Palace.


And in cricket, Nottinghamshire's opening batsman Alex Hales will fly


home from England's tour of India tomorrow, after breaking his hand


in yesterday's second one-day international defeat.


And of course we wish him well. That is all the sports.


Next - when you think about creating art, paint brushes,


pencils and canvas probably spring to mind.


But an artist from Leicester prefers to use smoke, fire and even


Marcus Dove's pieces are already getting attention from buyers


in Europe and closer to home, he's been commissioned to produce


a piece commemorating Doreen Lawrence's appointment


as Chancellor of De Montfort University.


The man with a burning desire to take the art world by storm. This is


Marcus Dove's explosive method of creating masterpieces. Using a


home-made missile launch the as well as fire and smoke. Why? He told me,


why not? Creation via destruction, that was my main aim and why not try


explosives, pyrotechnics? Marcus Dove is a difficult artist to


define. He'd decide -- describes himself as multidisciplinary and


while this work looks experimental, it is actually carefully planned. It


has grabbed the attention of buyers in Europe and this fine Art graduate


has already been commissioned to produce a piece commemorating Doreen


Lawrence's position. It is my most important piece. It made me step


back and think about what I am putting in the artwork. What is the


goal? The goal is to be one of the best up there. That is the goal, the


dream. And he is receiving support from his former university to


realise it. Judging by his ambition, Marcus Dove is going to be a big


hit. Amazing stuff. Imagine being his


neighbour. Right, it is the weather, will except the world alight?


No, there aren't really any fireworks in the weather but what a


phrase that day makes. Yesterday there was lots of cloud around, it


was very overcast but this morning, just a little bit mist here and


there, still some cloud lingering in places but then the mist started to


lift over the course of the day and by the end of this afternoon, we


were treated to his am absolutely lovely bright sunshine. So, what are


we due tomorrow? We start off on a bright note but then it. To cloud


over more as we go through the course of the afternoon. This is


what it looked like earlier on today. The cloud from yesterday


moved north and we were left with those sunny spells throughout this


afternoon. Looking at the details for the next few days, we still have


high pressure broadly in charge about whether so we are expecting


quite cloudy conditions over the weekend and it will be very cold at


times as well. Overnight tonight, variable amounts of cloud tonight.


Cloud, too. We expect Mr frog to form in the early hours as well. --


mist and fog. Do take care, we are expecting a hard frost tomorrow


morning. A bright start once the mist and fog has cleared but as we


go through the afternoon, we are expecting the cloud to started


filling. The best of the bonus tomorrow morning and very chilly. It


is a very similar picture as we go through to what Sunday. Quite


cloudy. A few brighter spells it and there but highs of around four


Celsius. With high-pressure staying in charge of the weather, it looks


as though it will stay that way into next week so whatever you are doing


this weekend, make sure you grab up warm because it will be chilly but


with a few spells of sunshine. You may remember last week we showed


you some beautiful pictures of starling mumurations


in Stoney Middleton in Derbyshire Peak District ?


well, it's happening The village of Cossington


in Leicestershire has also been hosting this wildlife spectacle,


and Bill Newsinger has taken It is lovely, isn't it? Lovely.


Permutations of murmurations. It is a big match, Forest against


Bristol City tomorrow. Yes, of course. Boris desperately


need a winds. They could be a new Chief Executive next week and a


manager. You've got your work cut out next week. Have a good weekend.


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