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Could do better. so it's goodbye from me


Inspectors issue their latest report on Leicester's NHS hospitals.


The report might be new but the results are the same,


all three of Leicester's hospitals require improvement.


Now pharmacists are bolstering the NHS front line.


Also tonight, a multi-million pound boost for our region to encourage


more people to walk or use one of these to get to work.


Plus, you'll never guess who is the special visitor


Welcome to Thursday's programme with Dominic Heale


All three of Leicester's hospitals still require improvement.


That's the verdict of the health watchdog,


The hospitals were inspected last year.


While the report praised staff for being caring,


it said more than 40 services need to do better.


The news that the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust


A previous inspection in April 2014 reached the same conclusion.


I'm actually very pleased with some aspects of the report, I think


I'm very pleased for our staff who have been judged to be


caring across the board across the three sites.


Your overall review is still the same as in April 2014?


Yes, it was, but the chief inspector goes out of his way in this


statement to say that, although we are in the same banding,


The Care Quality Commission team inspected eight core services


across the three hospitals, LRI, the General and the Glenfield.


In one area, the effectiveness of congenital heart


services at the Glenfield, it has been rated as outstanding.


In contrast, the response of the existing A


unit at the Leicester Royal Infirmary has


Since the report, 55 areas like intensive


care at all three sites, and medical care at the General


But 41 areas including end of life care, outpatients and maternity,


But this is an extremely large organisation


It is something of an oil tanker, with very complex patients,


and ever-increasing numbers of patients coming to us.


So it is not the stuff of overnight miracles.


It is the stuff of steady effort and commitment


The CQC report says that, although the trust is at the same


level it was in 2014, improvements have been made.


The new A unit which will help ease the pressure is due to open


Well, it's not just our hospitals facing unprecedented pressure.


GPs are under massive strain and there aren't


Greater use of pharmacists is being seen as one way forward.


Our health correspondent, Rob Sissons is at a pharmacy


I am at Moin's Pharmacy and Wellbeing Centre.


They hope to ease pressure at GP surgeries. I have been looking at


how they have been using pharmacists in the NHS more on the front nine,


inside GP surgeries. This is that one case in Nottingham.


Now at the Well Spring Surgery, there is someone new to turn to.


Here is a clinical pharmacist who can help patients


If you cannot get into your doctor, you can try to see someone else.


This GP recognises some may see this as replacing doctors.


He says this is about complementing the GP role.


You get a pharmacy check, they are looking at the medicines,


they have time with patients to explain what the medicines


are, the interactions, and gives health education.


Suzanne is another patient with diabetes and asthma.


The pharmacist is able to give her tips on medication


It takes the pressure off the doctors which these


Pharmacists are experts in medication and highly trained.


The one here has been expanding his role.


Moving on to clinics is what we are talking about,


having my own clinics other than for drug reviews.


And later progressing to minor ailments which will accounts for 40


There are 48 pharmacists in the East Midlands


NHS England now wants to see many more.


I am at Moin's Pharmacy and Wellbeing Centre.


Una chemist here and in market harbour. You think we should be


making more use of places like this to ease the pressure on GPs and


hospitals. Definitely. Being among the most


trusted professions in the Wells, it is finally great to see the NHS is


backing pharmacists to go into surgeries. We have such a great


resource in community pharmacy. You get forgotten by customers, they


don't think to go to the pharmacy but head to the GP.


Simply because we are not empowered to make that difference. They come


in, and... You don't think the NHS is sending


enough services here like diabetes screening?


Yes, we can support long-term conditions like asthma, diabetes,


COPD. Prevention is better than cure. Pharmacies are well placed to


provide that education for our communities.


Do you think in ten years, I have known you for years, will we be


having this same conversation or will we sort this -- Will we see


more use of pharmacists? I would like to think in ten years


we will have a very different conversation. Historically we had


this conversation ten years ago and not much has changed. If we want the


health service to improve we need to make a commitment and invest in the


community pharmacy. Thank you for joining me. This is


one area being looked at to ease the pressure on the NHS.


torch came to the aid of a Derbyshire holidaymaker.


Tim Robinson was on holiday in Dorset earlier this month


when he was badly injured falling from rocks.


More than ?6.5 million is to be spent on encouraging people


across the East Midlands to walk or cycle to work.


The funding was announced by the Transport Minister Andrew Jones


It's part of a ?64 million investment.


The Government hopes it'll make people's journeys to work


Today's announcement is about a national announcement.


The hope is that, rather than starting the engine,


thousands more of us will be putting on a bike helmet or lacing up


The funding's part of a wider ?300 million investment


to boost walking and cycling during the current parliament.


We want to make cycling and walking the default choice. Part of that is


investment in infrastructure and encouraging people to change their


behaviour, and seeing how they can improve their lives.


Nottingham and Derby's councils joined together for their bid,


and have collectively been awarded ?3.5 million.


Meanwhile, Leicester City and County has been given ?3.5 million alone.


It is particularly important in cities where you have a serious


problem of congestion and traffic. Very bad in Nottingham and Dolby.


Getting on your bike is an important way of tackling that, as well as


walking and electric vehicles. The owner of this bike shop says the


amount of people wanting to commute by bike has rocketed in recent


years. We are seeing a lot of cyclists who


were perhaps fair weather cyclists. But now they have invested in coats


and bikes and sucking all the year round.


Elise is at a bicycle shop in Nottingham for us this evening.


Elise, what is the reaction from cyclists to this extra investment?


Cyclists must be happy about this extra investment?


Yes, Matt Foster is the director of this firm. As a cyclist, what would


you like the money to be invested in?


Safe cycle highways to keep people cycling, encourage Children And


Family Act to get out on their bikes.


Is this amount enough, what difference can this amount of money


make? Anything will help cycling in the


area. It would be great this to be a start and keep running forward with


this. Thank you. The Government says it is


up to individual councils how they decide on how this money is spent


but it could go towards safety training courses for cyclists and


more secure storage for bikes. A barber from Derby who was arrested


earlier this week has appeared in court charged


with terror offences. The Counter Terrorism Unit says it


stopped 30-year-old Mudassir Hussain They allege he was flying to Turkey


to try to join Islamic State. Meanwhile, Derbyshire Police have


deployed extra officers A popular caf in Alvaston Park


in Derby is to close, following a city council


meeting last night. There was a protest on Sunday


at the Mad Hatters Tea Room, after the council said it wouldn't


be renewing the lease. 3,000 people have signed


a petition against the change. But last night, councillors rejected


a motion, calling for the current With the NHS in the spotlight,


one East Midlands MP has found Jon Ashworth took on the


role of Shadow Health It's a high-profile role


which thrusts him into the national It's also a job which gives


him a chance to make helping the children


of alcoholics a priority. He speaks from personal experience,


as our political editor Jon Ashworth can see


the constituency he has represented for over five years


from his tenth-floor The hours are long,


the demands many. My mum was a barmaid,


my dad was a croupier I remember very clearly growing up


the differences in society. And I always had a sense that


things weren't fair, A lot of his childhood was coloured


by living with an alcoholic father and dealing with the pressures


of an illness which I would go home and open the fridge,


and there was nothing there I'd have to go to the shops


and get the food in. One memory of a football match


from when he was eight has stuck. I remember the crowds,


his workmates watching it, the crowds going, John Ashworth


is in goal, throws him a can of Stella one way


and he'll go that way. It was funny and jokey,


you know how we have a laugh Sometimes I do wonder,


rather than thinking it is something to joke about,


maybe we should take these He now believes that can be changed


for future generations. There are some estimate up


to two million children in the country living


with an alcoholic parent. And those children get no support,


no help, there is no dedicated child phone numbers for them to ring


or ChildLine number. I am hoping to make a few changes


on things like that. If I can do that, maybe


I have made a difference. All MPs gets flak for being part


of the Westminster bubble. Jon Ashworth says their lives have


to be more than just politics. And there'll be more


from Jon Ashworth on alcohol and street drinking


on Sunday Politics East Midlands Fresh from being granted


a university degree, The Leicester City boss did


the honours at the official opening of a new primary,


much to the surprise Police in Derbyshire say they're


investigating an alleged historic sexual assault


at a Swadlincote boarding school. Caldwell Hall was a boarding school


on Main Street which is now Detectives say they want to speak


to any pupils or staff who may have Two First World War memorial plaques


which pay tribute to a brother and sister from Derbyshire are now


on display at Erewash Museum. They're called Death


Pennies, and were found They're dedicated to


Margaret Hass e from Ockbrook, who was a Red Cross nurse,


and her brother Edwin A Derbyshire man says he's lucky


to be alive after crawling for two hours across a dark,


isolated beach with Tim Robinson from Hilton says


survival training helped save him when his holiday in Dorset this


month took a dangerous turn. He was only rescued


after he messaged SOS in Morse I had gone over the mudslide


and round the headland was some rock pools and that is where


I had my accident. Back in Derbyshire visiting mum


after 11 days in hospital and an ordeal which he says


changed his life. Tim Robinson had been alone


searching for fossils while on a coastal break


with his wife when he slipped I stepped from one large rock


to another and the second large rock had a bit of slimy seaweed


on and my foot slipped and I went the opposite way and I heard this


crack and my leg had snapped. If I had stayed put under the cliffs


with falling debris, some of them are car-sized


when they shear off. If I had stayed at the water line


I would have been submerged So I needed to move


one way or the other. Totally isolated,


it was then that Tim, a member of the Territorial Army


for 26 years, says his He crawled for a mile and a half


over rocks and undergrowth, the only other thing with him


a tiny metal torch. I knew the Morse code letters -


dot dot dot, dash dash Being a small, single AAA battery


torch, I wasn't confident that could work over a mile and a quarter


so what I decided to do was crawl for five minutes and signal again


and crawl for five minutes and the third time I did my signal


and I saw some lights flashing back. She raised the alarm and Tim


was rushed to hospital Tim needed surgery and faces


another operation. He hopes to eventually get back


to the Territorial Army but in his words, he'll be


a changed man. I've done two tours in Afghanistan


and one in Iraq and I have been in jeopardy there but you realise


sometimes it is when you least expect it, all of a sudden


your life is at risk. If there was anybody who would


survive that, it would be him. We have some sad news now.


BBC Radio Derby Presenter Andy Potter has announced to listeners


that he's got just months to live after being diagnosed


Andy, who's 55, has contributed to many of the station's shows


since 1999 and has been the afternoon presenter


He announced the news on Ian Skye's Breakfast Show this


morning where he also thanked listeners for their support.


Thank you to the people forgetting in touch, thank you to all the


people who have been producers, who have helped me all the time,


forgiving me the opportunity, it be allowed on a Derby radio station. I


said earlier on, I wanted to leave a mark and hopefully we have done a


bit of that. Our thoughts are with you and your


family. Nottingham Forest have made an


approach to Burton Albion to speak to Nigel Clough for the vacant


manager's job and he is considering it. The owner says he understands


why some managers may not want to work with him.


Fawaz Al Hasawi says he knows some managers don't


want to work with him, but is in discussion


Well, we are meeting someone just right now.


By the way even the manager before is not my


That was the owner, they wanted to buy the club, they brought


In his first interview since the club's takeover


collapse with an American consortium, Fawaz says he is now


Unfortunately, we used to have somebody in the club who was doing


it wrong, and he passed the wrong information.


You can't blame the people underneath you, you own it.


I never blame the employee, I always support them in the club.


On the pitch, Forest have an interim manager,


above the Championship relegation zone after a 2-0 defeat


Fans have become increasingly angry and disillusioned with Al Hasawi


because wages have been paid late, and there's been transfer embargo


It is not just fans that are unhappy, the reputation of the club


Other people in football don't want to deal with


I agree with you that there are many things


Unless they see in their eyes the change will come.


There were reports you wanted to stabilise the club and sell it in


summer. Everything in life has a price. The


club, I would like to keep Nottingham and see Nottingham in the


Premiership as the owner. It would be like a dream for me.


And you can hear the full interview with Fawaz Al Hasawi on our BBC


Now, the build-up to tomorrow night's big East Midlands FA Cup


The flags are already out at Pride Park ahead


of their fourth-round tie against Leicester City.


Everyone at Derby's keen to test themselves against


We are playing the Premier League champions, Leicester,


for what they have achieved, they have come through


They won the league against all the odds.


From my point of view, one of the great sporting


We are looking forward to taking them on.


We'll be bringing fans, it will be a packed Pride Park Stadium.


A great occasion, a real special occasion, I can't


At Leicester City, manager Claudio Ranieri says he'll be taking


He's promising to play his strongest side to get


I put on the best team, the best team.


we need to get confidence because we lost so many matches in


And finally from me, could Carlton Cole be


The former England, Chelsea and West Ham striker is a free agent


Magpies manager Kevin Nolan, who played alongside him


at West Ham, hopes to sign Cole when the clubs transfer


But we do have more from Anne's favourite, Claudio Ranieri.


Yes, the great man himself paid a surprise visit


Fresh from his honorary degree, the Leicester City boss


was the guest of honour at Forest Lodge Community Primary


School in New Parks, and officially opened


For Claudio, it was a chance to take a break from the stress of football


management and for the children it was a day they'll never forget.


It doesn't get much better than this for Forest Lodge Primary.


A brand new school and a surprise visit from Leicester City


He came to the school today to officially open the new building.


I am very glad to be here with you today.


I am sorry for just a few minutes because tomorrow we have a


very important match and I have to go to study the next opponent.


As well as unveiling the official plaque,


he even found time to pose for some photos with the staff an pupils.


To stand and have the plaque officially opened in the school


Immensely proud, so excited for the future.


On the field, it's not going too well for the Foxes at the moment.


So what advice would these budding managers give to Claudio


as he picks his team for tomorrow night's FA Cup match?


Boys, what would you do with the team?


You have picked a slightly different starting team.


You can see what a difficult job it is for Claudio.


It's hoped today's visit could inspire the next generation


It's certainly a day these children will remember for some time yet.


Lovely. I hope he is watching, there could be some good advice. But don't


take anything from Dominic. Today was very cold, those teachers


reaching a maximum of freezing but more like minus four Celsius. Plenty


of cloud around. Tomorrow, we can expect plenty of cloud. It will be


cold although those temperatures will recover on today. A view


outbreaks of patchy rain into the evening. This weather front is


making its way from the west producing rain. The wind direction


will change to a westerly on Saturday. Not as cold. Some patchy


cloud. A widespread frost again. Temperatures falling overnight down


2-2 C. There could be some hill fog. A cold start tomorrow. Right by the


first thing but the cloud will thicken from the south. Temperatures


take their time to recover. A maximum of four Celsius. In the


evening, patchy outbreaks of rain. Saturday, you see that rain clearing


to the east. Behind it, bright intervals but also heavy showers and


there could be a bit of thunder. Temperatures up to 7 degrees. Some


uncertainty on Sunday. The potential for rain.


Milder temperatures into mid week. Double figures by Monday.


Excellent. Only ten. An exciting game tomorrow.


5000 Leicester fans at Derby, still if you tickets left.


If you want to go, better try now.


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