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A couple describe their terrifying earthquake ordeal.


Their house in Italy was buried in snow and then the tremors hit. Our


family pet got killed. Animals got killed. Also tonight, more NHS


services are offered at home and paste into question whether they


will get the same pain treatment. You need qualified staff. How can


you set up a mini theatre in the home. Plus, the battle for this


beauty spot. Could it chest to mean the end of views like this. And we


are going to go back in time to find out about the buildings of


Leicester's past. Good evening and welcome to Friday's


programme with Anne Davies First tonight, a couple from Derby


say they've lost everything after their home in Italy


was buried snow. Peter Fletcher and his partner Clair


passed a terrifying few days in the recent heavy snowfalls


and earthquakes that convulsed They were living close to the hotel


that was buried in an avalanche Trapped for four days as the snow


slowly buried their home, Claire and Peter were meant to be starting a


new life when they move to Italy, but as the weather got worst their


dream house became president, then the earthquake struck. We were


petrified, that is probably an understatement. You have got no


choice you have to go, you cannot stop. When it is chest height and


falling to the snow you can't do it. If we got stuck on the drive no one


would have known we were there. If we had made to the road no one would


have known we were there. What you do when you're in that situation,


where whatever way you tend that could be it? The couple and their


13-year-old son were caught in the extreme weather that has devastated


the region. A few miles away from their village rescuers have been


pulling bodies out as the F quick cause an avalanche. -- as the


earthquake caused an avalanche. They know they are lucky to be alive.


There were four inches of water in the bedroom coming from somewhere.


That was the night before we left the house. Then, we walked up the


drive and we saw that the chimney had fallen into the house. The


earthquake 's, the water that came from the melted snow. When they came


to rescue us from the house they didn't come on the drive. They


couldn't get down the drive. We literally had to make our way to the


top of the drive. How did you do it? We crawled. Hands and need. We


crawled. -- hands and knees. The family put their life savings into


the move and I'm not holding out much hope after a traumatic


experience. Our family pet got killed, we had animals that got


killed. Everything we own is in that house in Italy, we came away in what


we were standing up in. Now the family is living with relatives that


they try to work out their next move, but they say after the events


of the last few weeks they are reluctant to go back. We thought we


had bought a piece of paradise and at that particular moment when the


earthquake was shaking the house and renewed couldn't get out, that was


our worst nightmare. A woman's been found guilty


of the manslaughter of her seven Chaunfang Zheng had been accused


of violently shaking She died in hospital


three days later. Our reporter Giles Taylor


can tell us more. Well, the trial at Leicester's


Crown Court followed a two year investigation


by Leicestershire Police - to determine just what


happened to Phoebe. It all took place on


the 22nd of March 2015, at a flat on Linden


Drive in Lutterworth. 31-year-old Chaunfang Zheng


was babysitting 4 children, The baby fell unconscious, and died


in hospital three days later. Leicester Crown Court was told


the baby had suffered a catastrophic and fatal brain injury,


which could only have been But Zheng denied harming


the baby, saying she treated her like her own child,


and even tried to resuscitate her. The jury wasn't convinced,


and following almost a week of deliberations this morning


they unanimously found Today the NSPCC has described


the incident as a horrific attack on a defenceless child by someone


trusted to look after her. Zheng has been remanded


in custody, and will be back in court next month


when the judge has warned she is likely to face a long


custodial sentence. If you love football, I think you


will love this. There's a fantastic FA Cup tie


coming up, and Colin's It has a little bit of everything.


It is an all East Midlands clash. It is at night, under the lights and


there is a chance of an upset. We will build up to it in full, later


on. Patients in Nottingham say


they're worried about plans to close their specialist pain


clinic, under proposals to move more NHS services


into the community. Is it about better care or saving


cash? it's no secret they need


to save money and several hospital-based services


are being reviewed. But some pain sufferers fear a worse


service if those changes happen. Our Health Correspondent


Rob Sissons has more. This woman suffers chronic pain


after a road accident. She fears the move will wreck a brilliant service.


They aren't my lifeline, I'm sincere in this, I would become a permanent


will check user. She fears something special will be lost. We still don't


know what causes it. This team has got the skills comic years of


experience... Tablets don't really torch Caroline's upper back pain but


she says group sessions at Nottingham City Hospital helps and


is worried about the service changing, as well. I think we are in


danger of knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing.


Having honed this specialist programme, I don't see how any other


organisation could deliver it with the same ability and cost


effectiveness and with the trained professionals that are in the NHS.


The NHS managers who hold those particular purse strings insist


they can move the pain management service to places like GP


surgeries without affecting the standard of care.


The man known as the clinical lead at the clinical commissioning group


told us the hospital was raising the cost of services like the pain


clinic and it could not be afforded any more. I can't hide from the fact


that price is part of this, it is important that we are aware we are


working in a financially challenging environment. There is not enough


money for us to carry on spending at the rate we're spending. You said


the service might be cheaper, but how can it be better if that is so?


The service could be better in lots of different ways, when we took


about value, I include patient experience and the outcomes that


patients can get a minute that patients' experiences better when


these things are delivered in the community. Patients we have spoken


to the it will be a worse service. I can understand that fear and I


strongly believe that we can improve the service. We are expecting the


same level of staff, consultants, and therapists to be involved. The


main difference will be the geography about where it will be


provided. A former clergyman who was the first


in the Church of England to marry his same-sex partner


is to lead a campaign of protest of protest to change church


doctrine on marriage. Today, the Church of England


published a report that underlined its concept of marriage


as the union of one man and one Canon Jeremy Pemberton fought a long


legal battle against the Church when he was refused a licence


to practice as a hospital chaplain. A new report but not on newsstands,


bishops say that marriage in the church should be between a man or


woman. It is a conclusion that this man says is disappointing. There is


a lovely bears in the Bible that says "God is love and those that


live in love..." I think that is true for gay people as well as


straight people. The report also suggests that anyone wanting to join


the clergy whether straight or gay will be asked about their sexual


conduct. This has been a controversial subject for the church


was some this report represents two years worth of the ports on the


subjects of human sexuality. Whether teaching when change it cause for a


fresh tone and a culture of welcome and support for gay and lesbian


people. The trouble is, they are still saying that they think of


relationships are sinful and wrong and that we are second-class


citizens. Our test is to uphold the gospel and the Scriptures and


tradition as we have received it, but also to make certain that this


is a church in which all lesbian and gay people who are made in the image


and likeness of God like everyone else has a welcome place. I would be


in favour of same-sex marriage honoured by the church, because as


far as I'm concerned love is love. They should have their own Church if


they want to change anything. I can't fault them for not wanting to


change a tradition. In the past he has been refused to work as a


hospital chaplain, he now works as a civil servant and chairs charity


campaigning for a more inclusive Church. With the lesbian and Gay


Christian movement he plans to campaign for change. I want to see


the theology change, we had a theology 25 years ago that said that


divorced people couldn't be remarried in the church and we


changed it, you can do it. The report will be debated next month.


A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the killing


Aqib Mazhar was stabbed to death on Russell Road


A 19-year-old is in custody, and is being held in


Four men have already been sentenced for the manslaughter of Mr Mazhar.


A Leicester MP is calling for European prisoners to be


returned to their countries as soon as possible, before


Labour's Keith Vaz was speaking at a debate


in Westminster about how Brexit would affect law enforcement.


He says there are more than 4,000 from the EU


currently being held here, costing ?169 million a year.


A Leicester man's been jailed for more than six and a half years


for stealing a taxi at gunpoint, after threatening children


32-year-old James Blockley used the fake gun last August


to intimidate motorists on Groby Road - one of whom had


He then robbed a taxi driver and stole his vehicle


People living close to a popular beauty spot say it'll be ruined


if a viaduct for HS2 is allowed to run through it.


They've been expressing their concerns


about the plans at a consultation event today.


Campaigners say it will destroy the views around


Stanton Gate in Derbyshire - and harm local wildlife.


It is a view which has now been under threat. A proposed new 16


metre high viaduct to be built as part of the HS to route will go


through this green belt land. Campaigners say it will obstruct the


view of this beauty spot and disrupt local wildlife I have travelled a


lot round the world and I think these are some of the most beautiful


views I have ever seen and I would hate them to be lost. This woman is


leading the campaign against the plans. She is calling for it to be


built on the other side of the canal, making used of the existing


railway line. There is lost of existing track 's and we want to see


that they can get in there. If it does end up being built on this land


around us how you feel? I will be very disappointed. I think we will


lose something you cannot replace. At this consultation event there was


concern from other residents. Local people go there to enjoy the


environment and it is destroying it. We believe that the current route is


the right balance in terms of the impact on people and the


environment. Is there any hope that the viaduct could be changed? We are


not expecting at this stage to move it. We will always, as we go


forward, seek to improve the design, if we can, but we don't expect at


this stage to remove it because we think we have struck the right


balance. I know that event will take place in Nuneaton will stop.


Now, Vanished Leicester is an archive of more


than a thousand photographs documenting the demolished


All the photos have been taken by a man who is now 91. Along with the


University of Leicester he is asking people to share their memories of


place is gone, but not forgotten. When walking through the centre of


Leicester most of us probably don't play much attention to the buildings


around us. But, a photographic archive shows is what it was like.


Why where many of the buildings knocked down during those decades?


The Victorian housing where poor quality and were demolished in slum


clearances. In the city centre it was to make way for, what we see


behind us today, this shopping centre. The project, available on


the University of Leicester website is called vanish Leicester. This


hotel had been a landmark. This was controversial. It was an old


coaching inn, used by generations of Leicester people and the writer Sue


Townsend was livid when it came down, as were other people. We're


hoping the photos of that will attract attention and some memories.


This former architect took all of the photographs in the archive. He


drew up in the west end area where his father had an off-licence shop.


The beer came in drawn by horses. And they put at, I the pavement, and


pushed the bowels off so they dropped on the mat. It struck me


that somebody ought to record it record it. It wasn't of great


interest then, they went interest in 19th-century stuff, but I was. I had


developed an interest in it so I started. This treasure trove of


architectural history will now be preserved ever. The University of


Leicester would like people he knew the old buildings to add their


memories to the archive. Some wonderful old memories of Leicester.


They can all be found on the University of Leicester's website.


Have a look. Time for sport now -


and it's a big all East Midlands Yes - Colin's at Pride Park


for the clash between Derby County Good evening. You can see your


breath here and you can feel the buzz around the place because it is


those two teams. The match of the Day live hammers are in place but a


genuine local derby. -- match of the Day live cameras. It has a little


bit of everything, the struggling champions of England come to the


local rivals. It will have spice, passion and it is yet more evidence


that the FA Cup is the heart of football. It's all about playing in


FA Cup tie it doesn't get much bigger than this. You top in this


competition? Yes, under percent. We must win tomorrow, that is it. Make


it a special night. Pan on the floodlights, put it on BBC One after


all a trophy with more history in it than ever. We love the FA Cup. They


will be bringing 5000, the atmosphere will be brilliant. It is


the FA Cup which is always special. Everybody wants to win it. It is


everybody's dream. It doesn't matter where you come from in the world,


you know it and you probably treasure it. We know our fans and


the Derby fans expect a very good match tomorrow and we are ready.


Players who have been well round the block find that the cup games bring


out something extra in them, sporting brilliance. I always loved


watching the FA Cup on the TV. For whatever reason why, I always to do


well and it. It would be nice to be a court run all concerned. If we got


a good draw it would be good for the team and the chance to green fans or


those, find their selves making home debuts. It is the local derby, it is


massive for the fans and the club to beat your local rivals, especially


in the FA Cup which is such a prestigious tournament. Like the


lights, fire up the cameras, this is what the club is all about. -- the


cup is all about. More on the cup tie


in a moment but we are here at Derby County of course -


managed just a few years ago The big question tonight could he be


the next Nottingham Forest boss? Forest have made an approach


to his current club Clough today has spoken with


the Burton chairman about it all - So how do the fans feel


about the prospect of Clough coming I couldn't think of anybody better


to come back. The club is in turmoil, it needs somebody that has


got some ties with the club to come and do his stuff. If he is at


quarter as successful as 's father was, he will do well. I am not too


sure, but I will obviously give him a chance. I'm not a big fan of his,


put it that way. As simple as that. COMMENTATOR: A brilliant save. I


think it will put the owner in favour with the fans. I would like


to think he would like to come. It would be hard for him to train


emulators dad, but who knows. We need somebody. -- to try and emulate


his dad. I am not happy, I'm not a big fan of Nigel, a all. You have to


give them a chance, he has a big history with the club. I thought the


world of his dad. Hopefully he would come and think about what his dad


did. There might be too much of an expectation on because of his


father. It is a cuddle grandad once. It will put a lot of pressure on


him, but we do need a manager. We don't seem to be going anywhere. I


think it could only be good for the club, really. There is league


football this weekend, as well. The Magpies - against Crawley - find


themselves in the relegation zone. The Stags, home to Leyton Orient


are pushing for the play offs. In Rugby, Leicester Tigers Welford


Road is all but sold out. And extraordinary thing to say


about the Anglo Welsh Cup - but then, it is the old enemy


Northampton. Now, back to events here


at Pride Park tonight. Derby fighting for promotion


to the Premier League. Premier League Champions Leicester


beginning to worry about fighting Both thinking that the FA Cup


could be a highlight of the season. Over 120 appearences for Derby,


over 170 for Leicester. So, you played the both teams, here?


What is going to happen tonight? I think we will see goals, a few


cautions, a fantastic atmosphere. 5000 travelling fans. Leicester come


here and they are vulnerable, on they? They are. They're a waveform


isn't great. It is interesting to see what team they picked. -- there


waveform isn't great. I talk to fans at Leicester before the start of the


season and they were targeting this competition thinking, if we don't


win the Premier League we would look to win the FA cup. They have had a


top game in the Champions League. But, if I was a Leicester player I


would want to try and get into the final of the FA Cup. The Derby, is


this the opportunity to show they belong at Premier League level? And


the performance in the last round was fantastic. They want to pitch


themselves against the champions tonight, here. A cup run, I feel,


can only benefit either side. You have enjoyed yourself on some great


games comic you don't usually sit on the fence, where is your heart


tonight? My heart is on both sides. But, my head says, I have a sneaky


feeling the Derby tonight. The atmosphere here, the defensive


record under Steve McClaren, I think Derby might nick it. My heart, is


divided. Well, Bobby was absolutely buzzing when I spoke to him and the


ethics cup is still special, you can keep up with it it is likely this


evening. -- the FA Cup. BBC radio Derby and Leicester also both have


fought match coverage. A big weekend a spot ahead and we will enjoy it


all. Colin's noses tanning a bit pink


there. I hope Bobby has plenty of product in his heart. -- I hope


Robbie Savage. It is not going to be nice there whether wise is it?


It will be a very different start to the day tomorrow compared to what we


experience the best thing this morning. Captured nicely by our


weather watches... One of the Fountains throws in Derby. It was


that cold last night. It will be a wet night, we have this band of rain


working its way in. It is still very cold outside, over high ground it


might the sleet. My other air is coming in all the time so will


revert back to rain. Misty and murky conditions linked as well. The


minimum temperature is around two Celsius. The rain band is still


present first thing tomorrow morning. It will slowly start to


clear and we will hold onto quite a bit of clout in the afternoon.


Maybe, Leicestershire and Derbyshire will see some brightness. Still the


chance of some heavy showers which could contain thunder. The daytime,


quite a contrast to yesterday, and maximum per Saturday at seven


Celsius. Clearest spells on Saturday. On Sunday, more rain


coming in from the south. It could move its position, but at the moment


it shows it is coming to the east Midlands. And maximum temperature of


seven Celsius. Monday, low pressure. I'm out weaker but wet and windy at


times. Thank you, we would like to point


out that there is no bias towards Leicester. Note if the weather


buyers even know it was very blue. We know you understand the risks


associated with your pregnancy. Because I'm smaller, people think


my hopes are not so great. You know what it's like when


help is needed. You just jump in. Are you saying that


he's stalking you now?


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