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Tonight - a suspended jail sentence for the saleswoman who hounded


Relentless pressure from Barbara Stone took everything from them.


When they realised they'd lost everything, the house they'd lived


in all their life, it was a moment of great trauma. My father, of


course, was a broken man. Also tonight, families take their


fight over children's heart surgery to Downing Street.


The after-care is amazing. The care while you're there is amazing. And I


just think it would be a travesty if they it.


Plus, a huge fire at a derelict textile factory in Leicester may


have been started deliberately. And tributes to Professor Sir Peter


Mansfield, MRI pioneer and Nobel Prize winner, who has died.


Good evening, and welcome to Thursday's programme


First tonight, a "heartless" Leicester saleswoman who pressured


elderly and vulnerable victims into paying out tens of thousands


of pounds for advertising was today given a 22-month suspended prison


Barbara Stone bombarded one elderly couple with daily phone calls,


and harassed them into parting with their life savings.


They have both since died and the judge today told the court,


"they'd been hounded to their deaths."


The case formed part of the biggest investigation ever led by


the East Midlands Trading Standards team into cold calling,


which has seen another ten people prosecuted for fraudulent trading.


The story of what happened to my parents is just astonishing.


Seven years on, it still keeps me awake at night.


Franny Moyle has spent years fighting for


John and Olga Moyle were in their 80s when they became


Working for Leicester-based Aspire magazine, she cold-called Mr Moyle


in 2010, persuading him to place a rental ad for their


It was the start of a 10-month campaign of harassment


which ultimately saw the couple lose the home they shared for 50 years.


It's quite clear to me that Barbara Stone targeted him.


She put him under a huge duress, calling him daily, harassing him.


Between January and October, she was managing to secure ?8,000


How horrified were you when you found out the sums of money


At this stage, John Moyle was nursing his dying wife


Despite repeatedly pleading for the ads to stop,


Stone took ?73,000 from his account, promising that nonexistent sponsors


What did they ever get out of all this money


We didn't get a single booking for the house.


Franny then discovered her father had also been conned out of another


?30,000 by a separate publishing group, Derby-based Wyvern Media,


Franny, describe the impact that all of this ended up


When they realised they'd lost everything, and the house


they lived in all their life, it was a moment of great trauma.


My father, of course, was a broken man.


My mother was ever so brave, and she put the house on the market.


But within about a month of the house going on the market,


In 2011, the East Midlands scambusters team


It was to become the biggest case they'd ever handled.


In 2012, they raided nine Wyvern Media offices.


They discovered thousands of customers were pressured into buying


And in October last year, ten people were sentenced to a total


62-year-old Barbara Stone has previously pleaded guilty


Her other victim was a dogs' charity in Shropshire, which lost ?14,000.


Nottingham Crown Court was told Mr Moyle was at his wit's end,


pleading for the ads to stop, drowning in a sea of paper,


The judge, Stuart Rafferty QC, said John and his wife, Olga,


He sentenced Stone to a 22-month suspended prison


sentence and he told her, "You directly made


The court was told Stone had apologised, but today


Do you want to say anything to your victims, Barbara Stone?


Do you think you should apologise to your victims?


Justice came too late for John and Olga.


Speaking before he died in 2015, John explain


I do get annoyed with myself that I fell for it.


But, I mean, they're just persisting the whole time.


I just wanted to get rid of it all because I had


Franny Moyle struggles to understand why Stone did it.


I see her as the person who brought tragedy on our family.


Joining us now is James Delaney from the East Midlands


scambusters team, who headed up this investigation.


James, welcome. Let's talk about Barbara Stone. From what we saw, she


seemed absolutely relentless. She was heartless. She embarked on a


callous cold calling campaign, subjecting people to direct


pressure, pressurised sales. She was relentless in taking money from them


fraudulently. As we've heard, she worked for Aspire magazine, but she


had previously been employed by Woven magazine. How complex was this


case? This was a huge operation. To put things into perspective, there


was over 230 different publications that were investigated. Over 90


companies but banned nationally. In terms of this scale, we've never


dealt with anything as big. -- over 90 companies that banned nationally.


What kind of message does this send out, do you hope? I hope it sends


out a strong message that we will pursue any business that looks to


make illegal gains fraudulently by misleading and fraudulently


deceiving businesses and consumers. In this case, as in so many others,


elderly people are being targeted. What can they do, and what can their


relatives to? We would say just reported. If you believe you've been


a victim, or you know somebody, you need to report that through to


Trading Standards. So much money has been lost. Is there any likelihood


that the victims get any of it back, if they're still with us? There is


an ongoing process of investigation. We've already seen that we've


managed to recover over ?100,000, which will go directly to some of


the victims involved in the case. That's an ongoing investigation as


well so were hopeful that more money will come forward for that.


Presumably this is something going on all the time. We hope that it


isn't going on all the time, but obviously the larger offences and


the bigger cases that come to our attention, we will act on those.


James, thank you very much indeed for speaking to us.


Next tonight, the battle to save children's heart surgery in


Campaigners joined MPs in Downing Street to hand


in a petition containing nearly 130,000 names - the names


of people fighting to keep the service in Leicester.


Their protest came just two hours after a surprise


the news that the long-awaited public consultation into plans


to end children's heart surgery at Glenfield Hospital had begun.


Our Health Correspondent, Rob Sissons, is there tonight.


Rob, how has this announcement gone down today?


Good evening. Well, it was a surprise, as you mentioned. 16 weeks


of consultation has begun. The clock has started ticking. The fact that


it coincided with this visit to Downing Street was a bit of a shock


for some campaigners. Our political editor was with them as they took


their fight to the heart of government.


The strength of feeling of a community, delivered


In the days of e-petitions, where it's easy to add your name


from your front room, these red boxes contained over


The couriers were East Midlands MPs, Labour and Tory, and campaigners


fighting against closure - including mothers who have


seen for themselves what the heart unit can do.


He had heart saving surgery at five months old.


While we were in there, they didn't just operate on him,


The care while you're there is amazing.


I just think it would be a travesty if they shut it.


There is absolutely no reason on God's earth to close this unit,


It has the best outcomes for children, probably


Two hours before the petition was handed in, NHS England,


which wants to close the congenital heart unit, open the public


Campaigners now know the real fight starts here.


I would say to anybody watching this programme who wants


to save children's heart surgery at Glenfield - get involved,


come along to Leicester Tigers on March the eighth between 6-8 PM.


Make sure your views and voices are heard.


Campaigners will be on the march again this weekend in Leicester,


The key now is to get the decision-makers to take


There will be a public consultation exercise,


which runs until June, and key politically is the fact


that this has the backing of both conservative and Labour MPs


The boss of Leicester's hospitals, John Adler, says this isn't a


fighter parochial self interest. It's about saving a high-performance


unit that is beloved by the local population and also growing. The


slogan on the doors here at Glenfield Hospital is "Hold on to


our hearts." That is the view of one of the consultants I spoke to, who


say they are well up for the fight. We've done it before,


and we will do it again. Our case is very strong,


there is no place to close our unit and dismantle our high


quality service. We fundamentally disagree


with what is being proposed and will NHS England has always argued that


fewer big centres is the way forward. That's in the interest of


children, babies, anyone who needs heart surgery. And they want to move


to that as soon as possible. But here they're saying this is a


fantastic service - don't wreck it. We will leave it there, thank you


very much. It was all smiles


between the managers of Leicester City and Derby County -


but what might last night's FA Cup match do


for their respective seasons? A man who attempted to meet


schoolgirl Kayleigh Haywood for sex days before she was raped


and murdered has been sentenced to 43 months in a young


offenders' institute. Bruce Cordwell contacted 15-year-old


Kayleigh through Facebook The 20-year-old admitted a charge


of attempting to arrange to meet He had nothing to do with her death


at the hands of Stephen Beadman, who was jailed for


35 years last summer. Derby's Rolls-Royce has


announced a new order The company's signed a deal


with Singapore Airlines for their Trent 1000 engines,


to power 19 Boeing 787 It follows a previous order in 2013


for engines to power 50 787s. It's believed that a large fire


at a derelict building near Leicester city centre


was started deliberately The blaze at the former Corah


textiles factory also spread to a car dealership across the road,


damaging dozens of cars. A number of roads were closed


as dozens of firefighters A historic building


going up in flames. This is where thousands used to work


for Leicester hosiery firm, Corah - at its height, considered one


of the world's greatest But in the early hours of this


morning, that history Some of the metalwork that holds


are building up has collapsed, and you can see a number


of the external walls One of the reasons why


the Fire Service is so concerned about what happened here this


morning is that this is the seventh fire on this site


here in the last two years. In fact, a different corner


of the same building was on fire It's destroying the heritage


of Leicester City, because these are old buildings, and our fear


is at some point somebody, whether that's a member of public


or a firefighter, will die. How confident are you that this fire


was caused deliberately? Currently I'm happy


to say that we believe In total, around 35 cars at this


dealership on St Margaret's Way From other local businesses, concern


about yet another fire in the area. I thought, luckily our building


has not gone on fire. There's a lot of concern


because people are worrying But there's nothing you can


do until it happens. The Fire Service is expected to be


here for the rest of the day tackling the pockets of fire that


remain inside the building. Meanwhile, demolition work is due


to start here soon, to. Tributes have been paid


to Sir Peter Mansfield, the British inventor


of the MRI scanner. The Nobel Prize winner died


last night, aged 83. Sir Peter carried out


his pioneering work at the University of Nottingham -


work which revolutionised The University said, "Sir Peter


changed our world for the better and he has left an extraordinary


legacy which will continue to Quentin Rayner looks


back on his life. For someone who failed the 11


plus and was told as a teenager that science wasn't for him,


Sir Peter Mansfield's Nobel Prize He received it for his work forty


years ago, developing MRI scanner technology


at the University of Nottingham. Back then he couldn't be


completely sure it was safe The worst thing that could have


happened would be a cardiac arrest. Working alongside Sir Peter


then was his Ph.D. Student, Peter Morris,


who is carrying on the pioneering He expected things


to happen quickly. We've lost the rock on which MRI


was founded, and the whole world MRI scanners are now commonplace


in major hospitals across the world. They've helped save thousands


of lives by diagnosing cancer is far One is looking at poor quality


images and trying to understand If there is a problem, then it


stands up very, very clearly. So medically I think


there's been a huge advance. And Sir Peter kept up


with developments. Only last month he returned


to the University as it celebrated It's nice to hear that there


is still some interest. Not just locally, but that there


are some interests in MRI I spent ten years working on ways


of reducing the noise level. Few people's lives leave


such a legacy on others. Sir Peter Mansfield,


who died last night. You're watching East Midlands Today.


A representative from Derby's Twin town has come to the city to discuss


projects. 12 months ago Derby City Council announced it would stop


funding the envoy's trips from the German town which left many


frustrated. However, this week meetings have been held to consider


partnerships with the College, University and councils despite the


financial restraints. A third coach found on sale in


Derbyshire has been identified by police as an illegal wildcat pulps.


-- help. The coat's made from the pelt


of a Geoffroys's Cat, It has the highest level


of protection under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered


Species. Anyone wanting to sell


it must have a licence The owner has apologised


to officers. A woman from Leicester is backing


a campaign to help raise awareness The East Midlands has been chosen


as a pilot for the "be clear Figures show that only a third


of people here think that discomfort in the stomach area could be


a sign of the disease. Sharon was diagnosed


with pancreatic cancer in 2013. I was going to the


doctors with problems. I was going with


indigestion, mainly. Indigestion, bloating,


feeling uncomfortable. I was also suffering


weight loss and diarrhoea. Lots of little things that


were all mounting up, Sharon is one of the lucky ones,


as doctors were able to operate. She is now backing the clear


on cancer later campaign to help raise awareness of abdominal


cancers - including pancreatic, The primary message is if they


have had any bloating, diarrhoea or abdominal discomfort for three


weeks or more and they haven't seen a doctor about it,


then we'd like to see them. But if it is, then cancer's


much easier to treat Don't be embarrassed,


they've heard it all before. If you've got diarrhoea, say,


"I've got diarrhoea." If your poo's changed colour,


tell them it's change colour. It is hoped that by raising


awareness, patients will be treated more quickly and


lives will be saved. I enjoy life and I don't


take things for granted Sharon is now cancer free and


has checkups every three months. That is good news. Time now for


sport. Colin has joined us in the studio.


First tonight, can that cup win over Derby rejunevate


Two years ago at this time Leicester were bottom of the Premier League.


Last year at this time they were top.


Now they're fighting relegation again -


But a much changed side last night pulled off a 3-1 win


over the Rams to show, that maybe, just maybe, they have the fight


This was a game that had far more importance


for Leicester City than Derby County -


a chance to get their faltering season back on track.


The home fans were out in force at the King Power Stadium,


but there were clearly some nerves in the stands.


The game didn't really get going until the second half.


The home side took the lead just a minute after the break,


But Derby kept the pressure on and were rewarded


with an equaliser from a deflected Abdul Kamara free kick.


Leicester finished the 90 minutes as the stronger side,


nearly benefiting from some very risky Derby defending.


But the game was destined for extra time, and whatever the under


pressure Claudio Ranieri told his players going into


Foxes created a number of chances, taking the lead through a wonderful


And they sealed their passage into the fifth round with a brilliant


individual effort from the man of the match, Demarai Gray.


COMMENTATOR: Gray has it now, attacking the Derby box.


What a goal, what a goal from Demarai Gray!


Derby made eight changes to their starting 11,


Manager Steve McClaren was very proud of his side's performance.


But unfortunately we just ran out of steam at the end.


They had better quality to win the game.


This was Leicester's first win in 2017, and the first time


Premier League survival is clearly still the priority,


but Andy King says this has the potential to get


It was important to get a win tonight, and to try and kick-start


You know, it's been a tough few weeks for us.


But I think tonight shows the fight within the squad.


Like I said, the win could hopefully kick-start us in the league now.


The win also relievs some of the pressure on Claudio Ranieri


ahead of the crucial game at Swansea on Sunday.


After the game, Derby's Steve McClaren said FA Cup


replays should be scrapped - sparking a big discussion


As you heard in that report, the teams sent out of the dressing


rooms yesterday evening were very different to those


And despite the match producing some top drawer goals,


McClaren remains convinced one-off cup matches are the answer.


I thought the first game was a fantastic game.


Extra time and penalties, one game would have been great.


But nobody wants a replay, especially in the middle of the week


when you've got important games at the weekend.


Just before we leave football - news that Nottingham Forest manager


Gary Brazil has dismissed reports the club were keen to off load


former Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner in January.


The stories appeared in the Danish press,


but Brazil says Bendtner's still a big part of the squad.


At the moment he's not getting a game, but there might come a point


in the future that we really need Nicholas.


From that, my point of view, he's a member of our squad and will be


a member of our squad till the end of the season.


In rugby, no surprises in the England line-up to face Wales


in Cardiff at the weekend - which is very good news


for Leicester Tigers' Ben Youngs and Dan Cole, who both start.


Owen Williams misses out on the Welsh side, though.


I'm going to leave you with a clash between Derby and Nottingham


to decide who wins a league - but not in football.


This is badminton, where the University of Nottingham Club


was playing Team Derby in the final of the National Badminton League.


The spoils went Nottingham's way in front of a big crowd


in the unusual venue of Milton Keynes'


On the winning side, Nottingham lad and Olympian Chris Adcock.


Anybody that came to watch it would have hopefully enjoyed themselves.


It was tougher on the losing team, but I think they also agreed


Hopefully it's going to be a good thing for badminton.


If we can keep the momentum going and get this another year,


Centre MK, I think the shopping centre was called. Taking sport to


the people! That's fantastic. Thank you very


much, Colin. Time now for the weather. I am


frozen, Sara. We may even see a frosty night with


the cloud over the top of us, which is quite rare.


A very similar story being told by all of our Weather Watchers today.


It has been a blanket of grey Cloud sitting over the East Midlands. Out


of that cloud at times we have seen a few snow grains and flurries. That


will continue through the evening and overnight. As I've just


mentioned, a frost developing underneath that blanket of cloud to


show how cold it really is. Temperatures within towns and cities


hovering around freezing tonight. In Rauball areas, one or two snow


showers may give a little dusting. We will see temperatures dropping as


low as -2 Celsius. It will continue in that we first thing tomorrow with


a frosty, cloudy start to the day on Friday. The thickness of that cloud


gradually produces a little bit of snow at times. In the form of snow


flurries, so it will only be very light in nature. The odd grain


allowed into the afternoon. And it feels bitterly cold outside with a


daytime temperature no higher than a 2-3 Celsius. Things will change a


little more Friday night into Saturday. What we're starting to see


as high pressure still in charge of the weather, but we've also got the


weather front coming in. An occlusion just comes in from the


eastern side of the North Sea. As that starts to meet with the cold


air, certainly through Saturday morning it has the potential to


start to turn quite wintry in the form of some snow showers. Not


everybody getting to see them, so there will be some disappointed


people on Twitter later! But we will see whether it does give us a


dusting of snow on Saturday. The air changes into the afternoon to


convert those showers into sleet. A similar story for Sunday, more in


the way of sleet showers because the temperature is just to lift a little


bit. But certainly a cold weekend. Well, I never heard of a snow grain.


It is like snowy drizzle - snizzle! A real weather guru there. Bye-bye.


OK, everyone, have you got your bamboo sticks?


If you just paint what you want to paint,


I've turned around, my painting washes away.


..and take on The Big Painting Challenge.


Remember, you're not painting a pond.


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