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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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You are watching East Midlands and on BBC One we join the BBC's


You are watching East Midlands today. The top story, how recurring


fires at a former factory are hitting neighbourhood finances.


Seven fires in two years, with the latest destroying


It's only a few months ago there was a major fire here.


It is impacting the businesses throughout as well,


including our insurance premiums as well.


the thieves targeting this discontinued Land Rover model.


We've seen thefts of Land Rover Defenders absolutely rocket


since they went out of production and they've become


the vehicle of choice for thieves to go for in the countryside.


Plus, I'll be finding out about the Shoe Aid project, which is


collecting thousands of shoes from people


And making the most of the dark, how Nottingham's Light Night


is illumminating new areas as it marks its tenth event tonight.


Good evening and welcome to Friday's programme with Anne Davies


First tonight, the demolition of a derelict knitwear factory


in Leicester began today after it was destroyed


It's the seventh time the former Corah building has been targeted


Meanwhile, fire safety officers have been visiting nearby businesses


today giving advice to owners on how to protect their premises.Emily


Anderson is at the scene this evening.


Emily - a little less dramatic there tonight,


Yes, it really has been a dramatic couple of days here. This evening,


there is little left of the former Corah factory. Police and fire


investigators left the site earlier this afternoon to make way for the


demolition teams to start the process of taking down this historic


building. It's been part of Leicester's


skyline for over 100 years. This building once


housed Corah Knitwear. In its heyday, it was considered


to be one of the world's greatest manufacturers of its kind but less


than 48 hours ago, in the early hours of Thursday morning,


a huge fire all but destroyed it. At its height, the flames


were so intense they spread to another building and caused


damage to dozens of cars We still haven't been able


to identify whether anybody was in the building at the time


of the fire. We do know it was a building


that was sometimes used by rough sleepers, so we are still working


with the police to identify whether anybody was in the building


at the time of the fire. Today, fire safety officers have


been visiting neighbouring businesses to give them advice


on how to protect their buildings. If I just give you this bit


of information from the fire service, just giving some


advice for you to follow. It's the seventh time the former


factory's been targeted in just two years and it's causing concern


for other owners on this site. We should all get together and come


to the bottom of this, make sure these sorts of things


don't happen, because it's affecting business throughout and putting up


insurance premiums as well, because it will impact us,


all these things do affect other businesses because all these things


are taken into account when we get insurance as well


and it is not very right, After years of being


at the forefront of manufacturing, tonight, another piece


of Leicester's history Police cordoned remains here this


evening and is expected to stay here for most of the weekend while


demolition work continues. The joint police and fire investigation is now


complete. At the moment, they are treating this fire as arson. In the


last few minutes, the demolition teams left for the night. They are


expected to return here to continue their work tomorrow morning.


Next, a first for the NHS at one of our busy A departments


Leicester's Emergency Department now has a dedicated team


Spots checks in November 2015 by inspectors from


the Care Quality Commission revealed sepsis patients were not always


The creation of the special team is designed to make sure more


suspected cases are identified and treated as soon as possible.


Our health correspondent Rob Sissons has more.


In Leicester, they see typically between eight and 15 new cases


Sepsis is where the body's immune system, fighting an infection,


Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition.


It can happen to anyone with an infection of any kind.


Cases can be complicated, hard to spot.


Sometimes the symptoms seem like flu.


The causes, though, aare simple enough.


It can be a simple chest infection, a skin infection, gastroenteritis.


Intravenous antibiotics are needed, and fast.


The aim in A is to identify more cases sooner.


That's where this new special team comes in in Leicester,


with life-saving kit at their fingertips.


In here is everything we need for the treatment


So we have our antibiotics, we have our culture packs,


we have our fluid and we have our blood bottles that we have if we


It about spotting sepsis quickly, it's about getting the treatment


of antibiotics, fluids, into patients within an hour


and it is about ensuring those patients that are not doing so well,


that they get expert care further on into the hospital.


So how it been for you this week, Claire?


At the end of the team's first week in A, they seem more


At the end of the team's first week in A, they've seen more


Some patients do get worse and do require intensive care support.


Somewhere between ten and 20% of patients that come


in with life-threatening sepsis don't survive.


Everywhere, the NHS is trying to do better when it comes to sepsis.


Role is with us now, you say it is a killer, how dangerous is it the most


people? The UK Sepsis Trust tells us that 150,000 people in the UK die


every year from sepsis, a staggering number, more than breast cancer,


prostate cancer and bowel cancer put together and yet we don't hear much


about it compare to cancer. The NHS is doing its bit, what do we have to


look out for? We are told to look over the symptoms and here they are


on screen, some of the things to look out for.


I think they may have been struggling for something for the I.


So symptoms that could be other things, that is one of the problems,


but it is hard to pick up, but the NHS is putting, as we heard, a lot


more emphasis on it a try and save a lot more lives. Thanks very much.


Other news tonight. A 19-year-old man's in a critical


condition in hospital Officers were called


to Aikman Avenue in the New Parks area of the city, just before five


o'clock last night, Five men have been arrested


in connection with the incident. Police are appealing for any


witnesses to get in touch with them. Police say there have been a spate


of thefts from parking meters in Leicester. This man was caught on


camera attempting to break into one on Morledge Street in the city. The


owners say no money was taken, just a battering. Officers say there have


been three incidents in the past two days.


The jury in a trial of six men accused of running a scam


where they staged deliberate car crashes for false insurance claims


They will return on Monday to consider the evidence


against the men, who are accused of making hundreds of thousands


of pounds in the scam by targeting mainly older and lone women drivers.


Dharminder Nagra was the director of the company that managed


Nice to have you along this Friday night.


Plenty more ahead to ease you into the weekend -


including the charity leaving its footprints on the hearts


Before that, they've long been popular off-road vehicles used


by farmers and workers across the region.


But now thefts of Landrover Defenders have risen dramatically.


Today the insurer NFU Mutual has revealed that, in 2016,


it received almost one claim for a stolen Defender


every week, as demand for the now-discontinued model soars.


An iconic countryside vehicle, but this off-road hero


is increasingly becoming a target for thieves.


Dairy farmer Andrew Stafford from Leicestershire has had a total


of six Land Rover Defenders stolen, the latest seven months ago.


one for the last 40 years, the off road has been very good, they are


very durable. Andrew Stafford spotted parts of his stolen car on


sale online. It was the sixth taken from his dairy farm. I was very


cross, we rely on it on a daily basis, especially in the summer, it


is part of our livelihood. The final Land Rover Defender rolled up the


production line last January. NFU mutual says since then, there has


been a surge in theft claims. Across the Midlands last year, they say


they had almost one claim for stolen defend every week. That is a 42%


increase on the number of claims made in the previous year and an


overall increase of 83% since 2014. There is now a huge market


across the world for both whole Land Rovers and the parts


and because they are no longer being made, the prices are going up


and will probably continue to do so. So really, owners of Land Rovers


are having to take huge care so that they can know in the morning


and find that it is still there Defender owners are now urged to be


on their guard and tighten security in a bid to drive down thefts of


these iconic vehicles. Local authorities face


a collapse of vital services That's a warning which has


come today from a local It says councils are at breaking


point and nine out of ten in the East Midlands


will be increasing taxes. To explain what's going on is our


Political Editor Tony Roe. Why does it appear there's a funding


crisis for councils? The problems councils have up and


down the country is they have had their central Government grants cut


as their contributions towards trying to reduce their national debt


and for unitary councils, they have to pay for social care and social


care costs are going up, while their funding is being reduced. So it is a


struggle. If you look at the council tax proposals for those unitary


authorities in the East Midlands, they are planned to go up by as much


as 4.99%. To explain the top figure, councils have been given permission


to raise the tax by 3%, as long as all that money goes towards social


care and social care alone, so we can see that is happening in Derby,


for instance and in Leicester. That adds roughly about ?1 per week to


the average household. In Leicestershire, they are the same as


Derbyshire and I spoke to the finance chairman at Leicestershire


receiving and he has told them they are keeping it 1% below because they


think the burden is enough already on local Council taxpayers. 1.99%,


if I can explain that bit, it is quite complicated, that is because


that is the maximum any council can raise their council tax bills by


without having a referendum. They don't want that, so they don't do it


more than 1.9 nine. Those behind the state of local Government finance


report, which we spoke about earlier, with those dire warnings,


they say not even the additional 3% is going to be enough to pay for


what is needed for social care. One in ten councils are worried


that they are not going to be able to meet their statutory obligations,


their legal duties to care Yes, I think across local government


there is a general view that something has got to give somewhere


that someone is going to fall over and everyone is just hoping


that it will not be them. So is nothing being done or nothing


able to be done to ease this crisis? I think Government are thinking


about ways of easing the crisis and getting messages from MPs on the


Government side. The chair of the health committee says there has to


be a better way forward for social care in particular. You can do a


couple of things, you can raise taxes, the do we want to pay extra


taxes for social care? Or councils could dip into reserves they have,


that is another way of doing it and if I can leave you with one


anecdote, this money for social care it's the first time that taxes have


been raised for a single thing to pay for, like social care, since


1634 and the last time that was done, it was King Charles I


committee was raising money around the country for a ship tax. It


wasn't very popular and it didn't end well for him. It didn't, did it?


Sir John Rose, the former chief executive of Rolls-Royce,


has declined to comment after reports that he's been


interviewed under caution as part of an investigation into corruption


Sir John left Rolls-Royce after 15 years in 2011.


Last month, the company settled corruption cases in China,


It agreed to pay ?671 million to authorities in the UK,


Also today, the Serious Fraud Office has declined to comment or confirm


that dozens of others had been questioned.


Researchers at Nottingham Trent University have used


state-of-the-art technology to uncover the secrets


The Selden Map of China is the world's oldest


It's thought to depict ancient trade routes through Asia.


Scientists in Nottingham, think is origins are Persian,


although it's been drawn like a typical Chinese watercolour.


They now believe it was created in Sumatra.


An East Midlands project that collects both old and new shoes


for people in need is hoping to expand across the country.


Shoe Aid has collection points in schools and in


Since it began six years ago, Shoe Aid has received


Simon Ward has been finding out more.


It doesn't matter if the shoes are slippers...


In less than a week, the children at Cloudside school


in Sandiacre have collected all this footwear.


It's going to the East Midlands project called Shoe Aid,


to help people without proper shoes in other countries


I think it's a great idea because some people in, like,


less-developed countries who haven't got shoes and live in poverty just


really hurts and it wouldn't be nice to not have any shoes.


I brought in some wellies because we are helping children


Shoes of all types are sorted in a warehouse in Nottingham.


Others are end-of-line stock given by shoe manufacturers.


The shoes that go overseas are transported by the


We want to get into a lot of schools, educate the kids


as to why we should recycle shoes, but also what we want to do


We are Midlands-based and we are proud to be Midlands-based,


but what we want to do is get into every sort of corner


of the UK and make this a national organisation.


Back at school, the headteacher's pleased at the support


They've loved it, they've enjoyed the idea of sort of helping children


all around the world, yet also those


Shoe Aid hopes more and more people will step up and give


away their old shoes, instead of throwing them away.


Colin's up next with the weekend's sport, and Sara's here soon


with details of snow and a chilly weekend ahead.


Particularly of interest if you're planning anything outside.


And you will definitely want to wrap up if you are coming to Light Night


in Nottingham. Hundreds of thousands of bulbs are lighting the city up


but not making it warm. It looks chilly out there.


It is, it is bad. It is warm in here and it is Colin.


I will plan to huddle around my single light bulb.


We start with Leicester City, who have a match that looks


The teams are level - one point above the relegation zone.


But the Swans' Paul Clement has just won Manager of the Month.


Leicester City are in their worst form for a long long time.


It is one of our important matches from now until the end. We have to


achieve our points to be safe at the end of the season.


It is only February - so are we guilty of


To find out, we got former Leicester Captain Steve Walsh into the studio.


And I started by asking him just how big this game was .


A huge game, yeah, everyone knows that at the football club.


I don't like to use that word but it is,


The stats don't make pretty reading, do they?


The lack of goals, so many hours of football without a goal,


At the moment, let's look at it in perspective,


a couple of wins and if we can beat Seville and beat Millwall in the FA


Cup, then things are great, it's a great season.


Don't forget, last year was a miracle, it was


a clear miracle and, you know, we are up against it.


I think everybody in the football club realises that now and it comes


from within the dressing room to get out of this trouble.


They've done it before and I'm sure they can do it again.


OK, well, you're sounding confident but there's been a lot of talk


about that dressing room and about whether maybe Claudio


A lot of rumours flying around, but at the end of the day,


it comes down to the players in that dressing room.


They've got to roll their sleeves up, they've got to get


stuck into this fight and deficit this trouble.


stuck into this fight and get us out of this trouble.


So how does the dressing room do that, then?


Well, these players have been in that position as well and they've


We've just got to, you know, work it out, work a plan,


get the game plan right, get the shape of the team right


because obviously there's been a lot of changes.


The squad rotation's been very difficult.


At a club that just got themselves into the Champions League,


Let's talk about individuals, because the big loss from last


season was N'Golo Kante and he has been directly replaced now


almost with Wilfred Ndidi, who scored that spectacular goal,


Does he look to you like it might be a key part of this jigsaw now?


I've seen him two or three times now and he certainly


You will never replace Kante, you see what he's doing


You know, so, yeah, we've got a good squad on the whole and that balance


and that fine rotating and getting the right players, resting


them at the right time, it's a difficult, difficult job.


So is it a must-win game this weekend?


Every game now is a must-win game and it is one of those games


where we could get some confidence and it would be great to win.


So I'm sure that we'll have a very good go at it.


Steve, thank you very much for joining us.


Derby County hoping to make the most of home advantage -


their next three games all at Pride Park.


Which is where we start our weekend round-up.


Fully focused on their promotion hopes know they are out of the FA


Fully focused on their promotion hopes now they are out of the FA


Cup, nine league games unbeaten at home, hoping for more


I think the supporters have been absolutely fantastic.


You know, it's always been a great atmosphere,


full house and I think we are using that and we are feeding


off that and we've got to do that the next game.


The job is his until the end of the season after winning


Gary Brazil says the feel-good factor is back at Nottingham Forest.


The players are at it, the players are desperate to get the shirt,


squad there to pick from, so we got some real decisions


A new face at Notts County, former Newcastle United


striker Shola Ameobi, reunited with his old


Obviously I've known Kevin a long time and we've always worked


well and got on well, so it was something that really


excited me, so obviously I jumped at the chance to come down.


Stags boss Steve Evans says he is loving life with Mansfield.


Little wonder, his team are seven games unbeaten and on the brink


Confirmation of those matches tomorrow and as ever, the best


coverage is on your BBC local radio station.


While rugby eyes focus on the Six Nations, Leicester Tigers


have crucial games to play if they want a place


Tomorrow, they're home to Gloucester.


And what a weekend ahead for Nottingham Panthers.


Tomorrow, the Ice Centre is all but sold out -


well over 7,000 will watch them play Sheffield.


And on Sunday, they're at the league-leading Cardiff Devils.


And finally congratulations to Cricket's Stuart Broad -


And finally congratulations to cricket's Stuart Broad -


grown in Leicestershire, matured in Nottinghamshire,


He scrubs up nicely, too. Thanks, Colin.


So, Light Night has returned to Nottingham.


It's the tenth time the festival's been held in the city.


As well as light displays, there'll also be free entry


to Nottingham Castle, live music and markets.


To mark this special anniversary, celebrations


Elise Chamberlain can cast some light on that for us.


She's there live now - it's looking bright


I'm here in the city centre where the festival is in full flow.


You can see the iconic wheel of light behind me -


That is just one small part of this big event. There are art


installations in place across the city tonight. There are also crap


sessions for children and poetry readings. And as you say, it has


expanded this year. It now includes a candlelit walk at the William


Booth birthplace Museum and the Arboretum is also involved. Joining


me is councillor David Trimble. While we look at some of the events


going on, tell us about the scale of this event. There are over 53 events


all over the city from north to south, east to west, right around


the city, all there for people to enjoy themselves. What is this event


designed to do, what is the aim? It is to change the city on a Friday


night, groups of people going from bar to bar and this brings in


grandparents in, parents, children, gets them to carry lanterns, enjoy


themselves and it changes the whole nature. Those young people can join


in, it's a night for everybody. What about bringing the city to light,


that is a lot of work, isn't it? An awful lot of work and there are


hundreds, possibly over a thousand people, community groups, church


groups, all over the city coming to perform live in front of people and


have a great time and do it in the city they love. Thank you very much.


As you can see, crowds are building here. Events only take place tonight


and most of them will be finished by 9pm. Last year, there were 51,500


people here. Despite the cold, organisers are hoping for more this


evening. Well it will be one more, because I


will be going to say Merry's church all lit by candles.


I wonder how they will cope with some snow, what you reckon?


We did see some snow flurries today, and it has been captured quite


nicely by our weather watchers today. This is Glenn Parva, just a


light dusting of snow. Earl Shilton, it was perfectly there the day and


into parts of Derbyshire Nottinghamshire, bitter brightness


of the cloud started to break. What we have this evening is a weather


front gradually starting to coming from the North Sea. It will bring


wintry showers on the north-easterly wind and it is a very cold night out


there tonight, but though showers, as they start to come in, they will


be us were rain along the coastline because they come inland, they start


to convert to smirk and certainly parts of Derbyshire, the Peak


District, over 200 metres, 3-5 centimetres of snow. Even at lower


levels, you could wake up to a covering of snow first thing.


Temperatures in towns and cities around freezing, in a country, as


low as minus two. We will see a widespread frost and it could be icy


on untreated surfaces tomorrow morning. The wintry showers continue


proton through Saturday morning, so we don't wake up to a light covering


of snow but they may be with you through the mourning period for a


time but they convert back to rein in the afternoon, so daytime


temperatures, with quite a brisk north-easterly wind, around three or


four Celsius. There is another opportunity overnight, Saturday


night into the early hours of Sunday, are seeing some more snow


showers coming in, but at the moment, it is more for the Peak


District and a little bit further north, but that could change, so


keep an eye on the forecast. It will be bitterly cold on Sunday, very


strong easterly wind with us then but also a bitter brightness, and


then more southerly wind which will give us more sunshine.


Three children on this back Sauber, as soon as the snow was mentioned,


yes! Wagon airline will it affect the matches?


Wouldn't have thought so. That is it until the late show.