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Tonight: Did a Derbyshire woman die because of a painkiller


Kymberley Holden had multiple sclerosis.


She collapsed at home after visiting her doctor.


Living with depression, the campaigners tackling the stigma


surrounding mental health. Plus, how scientists are Nottingham are using


the rents to help crack down on fly-tipping. A moment he will never


forget, as Leicester City reached the quarterfinals of the Champions


League. An inquest has heard that


a Derbyshire woman was prescribed ten times the dosage she should have


been of a strong painkiller 27-year-old Kymberley Holden had


been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had been


to see her doctor for The court heard that there


was a high level of the painkiller in her blood when she died due


to a prescription error. She had a smile for everyone, that


is how Kymberley Holden's dad described her daughter today at the


inquest into her sudden death two and I years ago. Temp two, a


dispatch officer for an Ambulance Service, was diagnosed with multiple


sclerosis a year before she died. Her father and boyfriend described


her purse condition was so severe that she needed a wheelchair after


using the usurper right leg. They told the inquest that he had been


feeling unwell in the days leading up to her death. Her boyfriend said


that he woke in the middle of the night finding his girlfriend


unconscious. She died later in hospital. We also heard from


Kymberley's nurse and a toxicologist. From their evidence we


learned about a strong painkiller that was said to be a cause of her


death, one of the causes per death. Kymberley had been prescribed ten


times the dosage that you should have been. In the hours before she


died, Kymberley had taken three doses to cope with the tax of pain


in her right leg. The postmortem report get the cause of death as


debit disease, and an overdose of the painkilling medicine. Tomorrow,


the inquest will hear from Kymberley's GP, who prescribed the


The son of a man who took his own life is campaigning to highlight


what he says is the secrecy, shame and stigma that still


It's a particular issue here in the East Midlands among some


Kal Singh Dhindsa's father, Mohinder, struggled


Kal says attitudes are changing, but not fast enough.


Our Health correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


My father took his own life, died by suicide on March 1st, 2006.


He is never out of my mind, never out of my memory.


His shed, he jokingly calls it his 'Man Cave',


is a place where he has done plenty of thinking about mental health.


He has also written about his dad's depression.


He wants to challenge the stigma of mental illness.


The question that kept stirring in my mind was, "Why did he do it?


As soon as you can accept that someone has done this


because their mind was corrupted and they had a mental illness,


you can accept that what they did, they did because they were not


Mental health is to be subject for many groups,


but that Leicestershire's mental health trust, this psychiatrist says


there are some particular challenges in Asian communities.


When you have high blood pressure or diabetes,


people understand that your body has a problem.


When you have a mental health problem, people may actually take


Some people may think it is punishment from God,


or the effect of karma or past life, and sometimes it is


This project in Leicester aims to challenge myths.


Mina suffers depression, and says she was a recluse at home


You are scared to go out because, you know, they might


Another lady was diagnosed with schizophrenia.


Everybody is with me, friendly and I like all the activities.


After 30 years of work, the project senses attitudes


are changing, moving in the right direction, albeit slowly.


Rob Sissons, BBC East Midlands today, Leicester.


Police have formally identified the 25-year-old man found dead


from stab wounds at a house in Ashby in Leicestershire.


Warren Hall was found at a bungalow in Holland Crescent last Thursday,


along with a seriously injured woman and an unharmed two-year-old child.


The woman, named locally as 25-year-old Sandie Rayne,


had suffered stabbed wounds and was airlifted to hospital.


The child is being cared for by relatives.


Police have named the 52-year-old man who died in a collision


Ian Newell, from Grantham, was driving one of the six vehicles


Nottinghamshire police are continuing to investigate


the accident, which shut the road in both directions


A 38-year-old man, arrested on suspicion of causing death


by dangerous driving, has been released on police bail.


Derbyshire police have been suspended from the Government's


It has become the only force in the country to lose


the new accreditation, which requires more


Inspectors have ruled that it failed to reach agreed standards.


Senior officers say they are disappointed by the suspension.


They say new mobile recording equipment will be brought into use


Still to come this evening: How forensic science is cracking


And the Navy club that wants you to join up,


and there is always a tot of rum on offer!


Next tonight, we're being told major work to repair a railway bridge


in Leicestershire which collapsed eight months ago causing travel


chaos across the country is finally close to completion.


Village life in Barrow Upon Soar has been disrupted since the bridge


crumbled onto the Midland Mainline at the beginning of August.


It will now re-open at the end of March, but there's a warning


Well, yes, this is the bridge that sparked chaos for rail passengers up


and down the country at the beginning of August.


You may remember this Victorian crossing, which spans


the busy Midland Mainline, crumbled onto the tracks


during an overnight inspection, stopping trains to and from London.


Well, since then, Network Rail engineers have been here working day


and night to repair it, removing 200 tonnes of debris,


restoring the brick parapet, reconnecting gas and water mains


running through the bridge as well as resurfacing the road.


All that, as you can imagine, has led to diversions and disruption


for those living and working in this community.


Here's what villagers told me earlier.


The noise led to a lot of sleepless nights. For us not too bad because


we can catch up, but for others it must be horrendous. They have got to


go to work. So it has affected your quality-of-life? Yes. We have had


noise at weekends of people working on the bridge, Scrabble has not been


particularly quiet. For me it is the noise and the fact they have these


great big trucks and things, you can't even get out of your driveway.


This bridge has been open to pedestrians for much of the last


eight months and will finally reopen to vehicles on 27th March.


But there's more to do, which is why 'finishing-off' work


will have to continue later this year.


Network Rail has told me there simply isn't enough room


on site for all the work to be carried out at once.


This is a very constrained site, it is a very narrow road. They have had


to face the work in order to make sure we minimise disruption to


people. We are sorry for the disruption. We have done everything


we can to shorten the time scale, but make sure this old Bridget safe


and secure for everybody. Network Rail has been discussing


the work it's going to do and the work already done


with villagers at a public I'm told that, in total,


all the work here will come to around ?1 million and that future


work will take place on four Saturday nights,


but we don't yet know when. Now that railway bridge


in Barrow may be Victorian, but it's a mere baby compared


with Swarkestone Bridge The famous causeway


running up to the bridge Not surprisingly, a road designed


for horses and carts back in the 13th century gets damaged


regularly by modern traffic, but now there are plans to put up


signs to stop the largest lorries getting anywhere near it,


as James Roberson reports. Traffic heading towards and away


from Swarkestone Bridge in Derbyshire. The bridge over the


River Trent itself is old enough, but the causeway across the flood


plain is medieval. Nonetheless, they both get 20,000 vehicles a day over


them. There are signs to stop the biggest lorries crossing but there


are quite close to the structure. One of the problems is if they


haven't read signs a couple of miles away warning of the impending


problem, it is too late for them to turn around. You can see the traffic


coming up and dine here, there is no work for them to turn around, so how


can we preserve the bridge? There are plans to put up flashing signs


to give time for a lorries to divert either north or south of the bridge.


Linda would like to see an entirely new road across the flood plain.


Numerous plans and boots were suggested in 2010. The last costs


mentioned in a few years ago were in the region of 20 million. I imagine


that would be 50 million night because they always come in more


expensive plan for. I am all for preserving it, but it is not fit for


purpose in the 21st century. It was not built for cars and people are


complaining incessantly about it. The only option is to have another


bypass. The council says that because of budgetary constraints


those plans have not advanced since 2010, but the new warning lights


should go up in May. but the new warning lights should go


up in May. A team of Nottingham scientists


is using forensic techniques There's been a big rise in illegal


waste removal operators Now the Environment Agency is having


to spend millions of pounds Fly-tipping costs councils


in our region around ?1 million a year to clear up,


and, depending on the type of waste, Here at the Environment Agency


labs in Nottingham, they are using forensic science


to identify if abandoned waste We take a small portion


of the sample, place it on this instrument,


which is an infrared... This sample was taken


from a canister in a warehouse. The computer programme


analyses the substance The position of the peaks on this


chromatogram tell us what atoms are present in the substance


and what their intensity is. From the type of substance that


you find you can characterise the process that it comes from,


and that might lead to where And it's that chemical fingerprint


that allows investigators In particular, the Environment


Agency has seen a big rise The Environment Agency estimates


that waste crime diverts around ?1 billion a year from legitimate


waste disposal businesses and from the Treasury,


and they have spent ?65 million And number of companies that are


really criminal gangs, that are not complying with the waste


legislation. They are telling people they have permits when they don't.


They are telling people they have permits when they don't.


What we want to do is catch those people and stop them


Those responsible can face an unlimited fine and/or up


The forensic analysis is playing a vital part


The unemployment rate in the East Midlands


is at its lowest for more than a decade.


Between November last year and January this year the number


of people out of work in our region dropped by more than 9,000 compared


Despite this, the number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance rose


by almost 2,000 to more than 31,000 claimants.


More than ?600,000 is being made available to independent shops


in Leicester to help improve their properties.


Leicester City Council is offering the funds so that retailers can


smarten up their shop fronts and help create attractive


Still to come: It's been a wonderful Wednesday weather-wise,


Yes, it has been a gorgeous day in the East Midlands,


so I have stepped out to enjoy a few of the last rays because it


I'll have your details at the end of the programme.


Leicester City - officially one of the eight best sides in Europe.


Last night, a win up there with their triumphs of last


season sent Leicester through to the quarterfinals


They beat Sevilla, who are serious contenders for the Spanish title,


A display of control, all watched by Nikesh Rughani


The atmosphere at the King Power Stadium was electric


for arguably the biggest game in Leicester City's history.


Once the nerves settled, it didn't take too long


for the Foxes to take the lead through Captain Wes


A 1-0 win would have sent Leicester through to the quarterfinals on away


goals, but they continued to push forward and they sent the crowd


into a frenzy when Marc Albrighton made it 2-0 nine minutes


Albrighton has just possibly scored the biggest goal


15 minutes from the end, Sevilla's Samir Nasri was sent off


after head-butting Jamie Vardy and the tie looked to be safe,


but the Spanish side won a penalty that could have sent the tie


Kasper Schmeichel, though, had other ideas.


The Foxes held on for the last ten minutes and secured one


of the most famous victories in the club's history.


I think it would be memorable for everybody at the football


But I think the supporters who got behind us from the first minute.


Especially the players, who I thought were outstanding tonight.


So, the fairytale continues for Leicester City Football Club.


Just a couple of weeks ago things look very bleak indeed.


They were staring at the relegation zone in the Premier League, but now,


under Craig Shakespeare's leadership, they are into the last


eight in Europe and it has left the fans jubilant.


This is the Leicester City of last year.


I remember when we beat Manchester United 5-3,


I thought it couldn't really get any better, then we come


The best day in this club's history, I think.


Where next for the Leicester glory ride?


You can see the badges of the potential


The huge names are all there - Barcelona, Bayern


But equally, it might be Manchester City, who play tonight.


We went out and about to find out who Leicester fans want


in the draw on Friday, as you'll see, one


Real Madrid. Great experience for Leicester, wouldn't it? Bayer


Leverkusen. Definitely Barcelona. Beautiful city, pass, lovely weather


at this time of year. If we are going to go out I would like to be


against a good team, Barcelona. I would like to see them beat the best


teams, Lionel Messi and all of them. Let's keep it going, definitely.


I wonder, are we now at the point where the achievement is already


so huge it simply doesn't matter what comes next?


Right now, former England star Trevor Sinclair is on BBC Five Live


watching to see if Manchester City can join Leicester


A little earlier, I spoke to him about the scale


It is an incredible achievement. You look at Manchester United when they


first got into the Champions League, they struggled to make any impact.


What Leicester have achieved is incredible. The players must be very


proud of themselves and the manager, one of his first games in charge,


what a way to start! They are all talking appear like they are almost


like a League 1 club that is needed a long way in the FA Cup or


something. Can they go further? Who would bet against it? Look at what


they achieved last year. I think their league form seems to have


suffered because of the Champions League. Claudio Ranieri did tinker a


lot this season, playing players out of position. In this competition


they will play to their strengths, playing on the counterattack. I


think they could surprise a few. I wouldn't bet against them. The fans


want Barcelona, half are looking forward to it, have terrified. They


will all be difficult games, they will sit in against whoever they


play against. When you have the players defending like that, Kasper


Schmeichel playing out of his skin, getting the rub of the green that


they weren't getting at the beginning of the season, those


players will need to play well. If they can do this it will be an


amazing achievement. Talking about getting to the semifinal of the


Champions League! That would be the holy grail for Leicester City.


The draw is on Friday at 11 o'clock in the morning.


Just finally, Leicester City weren't the only team playing last night,


but I'm afraid it was two defeats for our sides in League Two.


Mansfield will be the most disappointed after seeing Colchester


leapfrog above them in the race for the play-offs.


No surprise that Notts County lost at table topping Doncaster.


They gave them a scare, though, with this goal from Richard Duffy.


All before Rovers took the lead and then polished it off with this


goal into an empty net as Notts desperately hunted an equaliser.


Not quite that Leicester's level, but still hunting for glory.


Now, were you or someone in your family ever in the navy?


If so, an ex-service organisation in Leicester needs you because it's


The Senior Service Club needs a new generation of men and women


Simon Ward has been to meet the existing members.


It is John Cassie's 93rd birthday and he is celebrating at the temp


one. His medals include the Legion serving on amounts over on the D-Day


landings. You know everyone. You have a run. The camaraderie is


terrific. But that club on Loughborough Road in Leicester has


in support dwindle. My 40 people and ten. Well it is usually former Navy


personnel it is open to anybody in the forces. When it opens there were


406, but we don't get the ex-service people here any more. We are open to


anybody now, Navy, Army, anybody can come down and join. Life is


different to when we were younger. It was a place you could come with


young children. There weren't so many places then, but there is a lot


more now. Gerry Rogers is a founding member. He joined the Navy as a boy


sailor in 1947. The and see things that are so familiar to you. I can


see the crests from the ships. Like when the lads were coming back from


Afghanistan and all of that, they were all out here, they came down


the club. With the club AGM coming up soon, the number of members are


seriously being considered. Sir needed to keep them sailing on into


the future. Your club needs you, join up now.


Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous day today.


I have a few pictures to begin with sent in by our weather watchers. All


the daffodils here in the sunshine. A beautiful blue sky over rotten


today. The blossom was in full bloom in Loughborough. As he moved into


tomorrow, it does look set to change. It will turn increasingly


cloudy and it will be that big cooler. Today has been the warmest


day of the year so far across the UK. This is the visible satellite


from earlier. You can see plenty of blue skies. That is how we begin


moving to this evening. Clear skies, staying dry, but increasingly is


darting to see more in the way of cloud as you move on to the early


hours. It will be too cold with temperatures falling to an overnight


low as seven Celsius. We could see mist and health of developing. A


fairly mild started the day tomorrow. You could see some


brightness first thing, but quickly through the morning backlight will


building. It will be thick enough to produce the spot of light rain and


drizzle. A maximum temperature of 11 Celsius in the south-westerly


breeze. By Friday we will see the real shift. It will be a call


started the day, cloudy with of rain, temperatures reaching a


maximum of 10 degrees. I will leave you with the Outlook. After a


beautiful day today, things will turn cloudy tomorrow, with some wet


and windy weather for the weekend. I love that Leicester fan who only


want to Barcelona because of the sun and that pass. A week trip out there


would be lovely. Anywhere but Manchester, no offence to Manchester


City fans! Goodbye. 'The UK has voted to leave


the European Union 'Ukip leader Nigel Farage


celebrated the result, 'declaring that dawn was breaking


on an independent nation. 'Prime Minister David Cameron is


expected to resign 'The pound fell sharply as the


referendum result became apparent, 'and traders are bracing themselves


for panic when the markets open. 'and England are confident


of advancing to the next stage 'ahead of their upcoming European


Championship game against Iceland.'