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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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It's almost 6:30pm, you're watching East Midlands Today.


Tonight, a rehab charity's inundated with calls for help


Experts say the drug is popular with some fitness enthusiasts can cause


major health problems. Also tonight, donations flood in for a teenage


driver who lost both of his legs following a crush. Plus, the firms


reaping a windfall from our unexpected election. Fabulous


business, we should shift at least 3000, the bank manager will be


thrilled to bits. And an unlikely top of the crop as wine producers


see a surge in growth. Good evening and welcome


to Thursday's programme with Dominic Heale and me,


Anne Davies. Our top story tonight,


a charity which helps drug users in Leicester,


says around ten people a week are asking them for help


over their use of steroids. Rehab charity Turning Point says


more people need to be aware But one gym trainer has told


East Midlands Today that you need to take drugs if you're


going to compete. Ramsay has been training hard


for the past 30 years. In the 1980s, he competed


in body-building competitions He says it helped improve his


performance and he didn't worry I'd be exaggerating to say


they are very dangerous. I wouldn't condone them, the use


of them, unless you were competing You know, if you want


to compete at a high level, Possession or importing with intent


to supply is illegal and it One charity says it's seeing around


ten people a week in Leicester and Leicestershire seeking help


for their use of steroids. Since July last year,


we've recorded 400 individuals that have come to our service


using performance and That's probably the tip


of the iceberg. It's fashionable, you


know, taking steroids. Because people want to look good,


want to look muscular. All the social media sites have


got guys with sick abs. At this gym, the owner has also


competed but he says he's I could have used them but I didn't


find it necessary to do so I never experienced it and even now I'm


saying to a lot of youngsters Gym users had mixed views


about using steroid. Unless you're competing,


unless you physically need to up your game because everyone


next to you was taking If you train without steroids, Duke


get more of a sense of achievement. But doing the gym for the last


ten years, I've seen Getting the perfect physique


is a must for many and while people may see using steroids as a quick


fix, the advice here is simple. To get results, you want to eat


well and work hard. Well, our health


correspondent is Rob Sissons. What are the risks of


taking anabolic steroids? If you talk to the medical experts,


they say they are addictive in the quantities were talking about. We're


talking about anabolic steroids are not the steroids given for a whole


range of medical conditions. Given they can be addictive, they can have


a whole range of impacts on human health. I've been talking to an


endocrinologist at the Leicester Royal infirmary. He says we're


talking about drug misuse. The physical problems are if you get a


clot in the leg or hype blood-pressure or QR or disposed to


impotency and infertility but it also has implications for


hypertension, psychological implications and there are links


with strokes and heart attacks and liver tumours.


Are we talking about people of all ages taking anabolic steroids?


That consultant in Leicester says he's seen two new cases a month and


he is particularly concerned about young people, teenagers and young


men, who may be addicted to steroids and may have a form of reverse


anorexia. They may see their bodies as not strong enough, not muscular


enough when, of course, other people see it completely differently. Thank


you very much. More than half a million pounds has


been raised for a teenage racing driver who's had both his legs


partially amputated, 17-year-old Billy Monger


is now recovering at An investigation into Sunday's


accident has begun. The 17-year-old described


by his team as a world-class talent, whose life has changed


in an instant. Billy Monger's lower legs have been


amputated following the horrific crash at Donington Park on Sunday,


which was broadcast live on TV as part of a Formula 4 race,


a juniors driving competition. His team says the teenager


is staying resilient, He's actually had the lower


leg just below his knee on his right leg removed,


and then his left leg, But, as it stands at the moment,


we're getting positive movements, The news of Billy's injuries has


evoked a tremendous response from the public and some


of the biggest names in racing. A fundraising page for Billy has


received over half a million I think the level of generosity that


has been shown has been immense. Originally, we set it up


for the prosthetic, now, obviously, we've exceeded that amount,


we can start looking at We've been told Billy is actually


having more surgery this evening. Meanwhile, an investigation into the


crush is now under way. Donington Park has said it will ensure every


aspect of the accident is examined. Still to come, designs


for a museum of making. We get a first glimpse


of the ?16 million revamp In sport, we are with Adam Peaty,


the Olympics running champion. After taking two goals this week at the


British swimming Championships. Next, we're taking a look


at the fastest growing sector And it's a product


that may surprise you. A report from the Market Harborough


based English wine producers reveals that the UK wine industry


is enjoying astronomical growth. Sarah Teale is at a vineyard


in Leicestershire. Sarah, just how fast


is this industry growing? All it's incredible. A million fines


like this will be planted over the UK. Acreage of vineyards has tripled


over the last 15 years so why is wine production on the up? Earlier


today, I went to a very well established vineyard to find out.


Tony and Veronica have been making wine here


In just 100 days, these budding vines will be producing


grapes but the wine itself is a long time coming.


Most of our wines, when we offer them for sale, it's about 18


Tony says global warming is one factor which has encouraged more


Because people now recognise the varieties of grapes


on the label, they are quite happy to try English Chardonnay,


English Pinot Noir, English sparkling wine because they know


what they've had from other countries in the past,


And, invariably, once they try English wine, they like it.


Well, Tony and Veronica's daughter liked it so much she planted this


vineyard along with her family. Thank you for joining us this


evening. It is a long job, this. We planted the vineyard in 2012 and we


won't get any product available until next year, 2018. It is in the


blood but what made you want to go into it? We had two children, my


husband and I, and we wanted the outdoor lifestyle that I had when I


was growing up. We talked about global warming but the UK weather


can't really help grape production, can it? There has been an increase


in temperatures which is of value but we do have to suffer from frosts


and watch the weather all year round. So it is a challenge. You


have 8.5 acres here but where do you see this going in the future? We're


hoping it is going to be a success. We are growing the champagne


varieties of it like to extend that. We have another ten acres to plant


one we have the money to do so, so let's sell the product and that will


be great! The product won't be ready till 2018 but that's a good excuse


to come back? I like the way your thinking.


As the candidates hit the election trail they won't leave home


without at least two things - rosettes in their party's colours


and leaflets to stuff through letterboxes.


Which means this is shaping up to be a very busy time for the businesses


Not surprisingly, perhaps, the forthcoming election


It is a political stitch up but a welcome one. That is fabulous


business. We should shift at least 3000. Unexpected and the bank


manager will be thrilled to bits. We have local election so there will be


local ones and then we've got the big one, and that is literally from


all over the country, could be anywhere. Something is colouring


Tories judgment. There are three different blues. And the different


Conservative parties are picking their colours. They've been making


rosettes for 30 years. The family firm established an international


reputation when it was selected to make the showjumping rosettes for


the 2012 Olympics. So, who do they pin their colours to? It is the


politician everybody knows. It was Rik Mayall. He did a stage show and


he wanted the curtains opening and a red rosette and that was a good


order that came in very useful. When those party leaflets land on your


doormat, they could well I've been printed in Birstall. As soon as the


general election was called, the printers got rolling. In the last


election we did a quarter of a million. Between a quarter of a


million and 300,000. This time, we expect it to be worse or better on


your perspective. It is a tough time for printing companies so we welcome


every bit of business we can get. We will do the work one way or another.


Politics is a tough business but also for business. -- good for


business. A court has granted


Derby City Council the power to order an elderly home owner


to repair his grade two listed Derby For two years, the building


in Alvaston has been covered by scaffolding after the council


decided said it needed repairs. 86-year-old Harold Burnett,


disputes their findings. But a court has now


agreed that he should be But a court has now


agreed that he should be Designs have been revealed today,


for the multi-million pound revamp of one of our leading museums,


based in the world's Over the next three years,


the 18th century Silk Mill in Derby will be transformed into a Museum


of Making, with the help It's reputedly the world's oldest


factory, but Derby Silk Mill It has been a museum


for decades but now designs for how it will alter have


been published today. The Rolls-Royce engine and then the


collection itself. It will become the Museum Of Making,


dedicated to the history It is often lost that


Derby maintains its kind We want to tell the story


of making past, making The plans have had a big input


from members of the public who have been using workshops at the museum


for the last two years. From the start of this


project in 2011, 2012, when the building closed,


it has absolutely been a central core thread that has run


through about participation and actually Derby citizens,


Derby people, communities, local people have been actively part


of how we make the Museum Of Making. The biggest change that people


are going to see is out here. Absolutely, this is a very unloved


space at the moment, as you can see. It actually was the space


where the original flume used to run by the side of the mill,


the water wheel was The mill used to actually stand


in the river, so this will be transformed into the new Civic Hall,


which is the main kind of entrance space that people will see


when they come into the museum. With ?16 million of funding


from the Lottery, the Arts Council and Derby City Council,


it is hoped that the museum will be rebuilt, redesigned and open


again by summer 2020. James Roberson, BBC


Midlands Today, Derby. Still to come, the ladies


in their 70s hoping to be models. And take to the catwalk in this


year's East Midlands As you get older, I think if you can


carry off things, and do things... And have confidence, it means a lot,


doesn't it? Time for sport and she's back


from Madrid, via Leicester this week Yes, we've made big news


there in swimming and snooker, and we start in the pool


with Olympic Champion Adam Peaty. He narrowly missed out


on breaking his own world record last night as he claimed gold


in the 50 metres breaststroke at He'd already won the 100 metres


title earlier in the week to qualify for the World Championships in July


in Budapest. Great swim last night. Thank you.


What a week for Adam Peaty at the British swimming Championships here


in Sheffield. Today, fans queued out of the door to get his autograph


after he took two Golds to qualify for the world championships in the


summer and, not only that, but swam the second-fastest time ever in the


world in the 50 metres breaststroke. Adam, your first big meat since the


Olympics and couldn't have gone better. Obviously, it is a great


week for me, two with Asian times, top world times, the second on the


100, so it's looking good for Budapest. I love to race, I love


getting a rubbish start and swimming! Thing is, you've shown


people here at the British Championships there is no stopping


you after the Olympic. I mean, we're talking about markers this time of


year, you've got some Chinese guys putting times and markers, Italian


guys, but when it comes down to me, post-Rio, I'm even more motivated. I


wanted to put down my own marker, say to the rest of the world I'm


still on top of my game, still fit and hopefully, come Budapest, I'll


be even faster. Early in the week, Adam made headlines when he gave


away his first British gold medal here at the championships to a


ten-year-old boy. Mat-mac, after he took his second gold, he decided


he'd got a surprise for someone else, too. I had to keep one for my


grandmother. Does she know she is going to get one of your medals?


Shill like that, she'd always loves showing her neighbours, getting them


round and going through my medal cabinet. I'll pop round and give it


to her. Now, Leicester City did


it at 5,000 to one. Now a Leicester snooker player


is looking to surprise Those were the odds for the oldest


man at the World Snooker After 46-year-old Rory McLeod beat


the joint favourite Judd Trump. It's the best result of his career


and a remarkable comeback. He was 4-0 down and went


on to beat the world number Being in the next round is


like a gift that any There's how many snooker players


that are not here that would love And, you know, I'm just


enjoying the moment. Rory turned professional at 18


but had a 10-year gap as a barber and pub landlord to help


pay the bills. A father of four, he is now based


at Wigston and won his first-ever He seems to be getting


better with age. People look at my age and it's just


a number and it's how you take care of yourself,


how you look after yourself. I think I'm doing pretty


good, or my misses is. The next round, he plays


Scotland's Stephen Maguire. Onto football and Nottingham Forest


have confirmed that on-loan striker Ross McCormack will not play


for the club again this season. McCormack who joined on loan


from Villa after a fallout with the manager Steve Bruce has


made just seven He's had an operation to remove some


cysts from his mouth and the club He's had some issues which I've


been well documented. He's a fantastic talent,


there's no doubt about his ability, But right now the most important


thing is his health and welfare, and, as I say, we are conscious


of the fact that he is a Villa player, he has a long-term deal


with the club and we have close contact with Steve, seen Bruce,


who has been first class So they will assess him and we will


see how it goes from there. Staying with football and the ever


growing women's game. The new Super League season gets


under way this weekend, and amongst the Notts County team


four players with their They've already been named


in the England line-up and believe they could be coming home


with silverware from the European England expects and these Lionesses


are looking to deliver. Now we've got to look each other


in the eye and make sure every day we are living and breathing this


kind of Lioness profile we've put out there to go


and win this tournament. The England squad heading


to the European Championships The four Notts ladies who've made


the cut, relief all round. As any player, as an international,


as a young girl looking up to these internationals,


this is where you want And now it's just starting to get


that little bit more real. For now, the focus on Notts County


and the new WSL Spring series No relegation, no prize-money,


primarily designed with For players it is important


to my kind of, go hard for games, you know, the winning mentality,


the edge, the competitiveness. Uncertainty remains about the future


of Notts County ladies, Chairman Alan Hardy challenging


a winding up order over But three years after the team


was first created, there's I think we've kind of hopefully put


ourselves on the map in women's football,


and for these little girls, we are actually girls


and women to look up to now, and that's probably something


we never had as kids. So, to be one of those Lioness


players and, hopefully, in the Euros we can finally say that


we've won something for these girls, and it gives them something to look


forward to for the rest The lady pies have their first game


against Arsenal on Sunday. What a wonderful name!


Cosmetic companies are doing it and so are advertisers, using older


Now, in celebration of 75 years in Nottinghamshire,


Age UK has joined forces with this year's East Midlands Student Fashion


Awards to find two ladies in their 70s to model.


And I can tell you, it wasn't an easy job!


Strutting your stuff on the catwalk in front of a huge audience might


faze many but not these four ladies who took up the challenge to compete


for a chance to walk the walk in front of Gok Wan this June


at the East Midlands student fashion awards.


Just love to because I think as you get older, if you can carry


off things and do things, and have confidence,


I know on television Gok Wan often will dress shorter


women and older women, so I just think it will be


par for the course for him and for me, I hope!


And, with a casting process under way, what do the model agency


Done a great job today, really, really confident.


They've got a whole lot offer, their whole life experience.


On the day, they will come up with the goods, we're sure of that.


Don't know how you're going to pick favourites


They've really embraced the opportunity and just to see them


genuinely nervous for the walk, it shows how much it means to them.


What have you thought of of the audition process?


Only two ladies will be going through to this year's awards


to model the designs of the next generation.


How much would you like to be in the show?


Oh, well, if I get there, I won't believe it.


Also lovely and also good. Have you selected the winners? Not


yet we shall know next week. Fingers crossed, I wish everyone could go


through, really. We always say that but it is true! Very lovely ladies,


very lovely weather, we're hoping. It is a cloudy story through this


evening and the next few days. Today, plenty of cloud across the


East Midlands as you can see. That was thick enough to produce some


rain. A fairly cloudy picture and you can see that here on our weather


watcher photos sent in from Derbyshire. A very cloudy scene. As


we move through this evening and overnight, it is staying cloudy, one


or two showers to look out for particular this evening and then it


will be largely dry at the cloud could be thick enough to produce


some rain but it will act as a blanket so our temperatures are not


too low. A mild start the day tomorrow. Tomorrow, again fairly


cloudy with the cloud thick enough to produce some rain through the


day, particularly through higher ground but there will be a few


bright intervals, the odd sunny spell, a maximum of 15 with the


north-westerly breeze. Into Saturday, we have a cold front to


begin the day which will mean a fairly cloudy and damp start button


to the afternoon seeing some bright intervals with just the chance of an


odd shower and it will feel a little bit cooler by the weekend. Our


temperatures dropping down by one or 2 degrees. And it is a cold night


overnight into Sunday. We could see a touch of frost to start the day


but it will be largely cloud and dry on Sunday with temperatures falling


down by the time we get to Monday so a fairly cloudy story through the


next few days. It will be mild tomorrow, especially if you catch


any sunshine because in the sunshine, it will feel pleasant but


turning slightly cooler through the weekend and into next week.


Thank you. There's talk of a cold northerly outbreak next week.


I was convinced it was going to be warm! Have you unpacked yet? I have


an it was nice and warm in the swimming pool in Sheffield, I have


to say. He is back with the late news.


I am and I hope you can join us then.