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Tonight: the public inquiry into child sex abuse


opens its investigation into Nottinghamshire's care system.


Welcome to Thursday's programme with Dominic Heale


France Bisto is the Legion d'Honneur 99-year-old veteran Don Sutton. They


gave me there highest award, which I think is fantastic. And eight ?1000


reward is offered to find Bella and Blake. The search continues for a


missing lime and her border collie companion.


Welcome to Thursday's programme with Dominic Heale


The public inquiry into child sex abuse has unveiled


the scale of its investigation into Nottinghamshire's care system.


Today, local survivors' groups joined more than 30 lawyers


Among them, was a woman who's told this


programme that she reported abuse in children's homes to people


Our social affairs correspondent, Jeremy Ball, was at today's hearing.


What really happened in Nottinghamshire's children's homes


The police had been investigating for a number


of years, but today, a new chapter in the quest for truth,


Today, a preliminary hearing is being


We have heard it's going to look at the extent of


institutional failings in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and whether


councils failed to protect children in care from sexual abuse and


The enquiry is chaired by Professor Alexis Jay, who wrote a


damning report on the extent of child abuse in Rotherham.


Today, campaigners from Nottingham were in


We hoped to get a public enquiry, but we actually forced the enquiry


to come to Nottingham, and you know


Survivors are finally being heard and are going to be hard.


And that's what they've always wanted, just


And hopefully, past failings won't haunt us in the future.


There too, a former Nottingham children's home resident,


It just continued, despite the reporting it,


Even as I reported it to be highest level.


These days, Nottinghamshire's children's homes are a world away


from the institutions of the past, but the public enquiry wants to make


sure that all the lessons have been learned.


Well, Jeremy Ball's just come from the hearing


Eventually we're going to hear some heart-wrenching personal stories.


Today it emerged that almost seventy complainants,


as they're being described, have now been given what's known


But first, the inquiry team's got to plough


Tens of thousands of pages of things like police reports,


We also heard that they're looking at 57 different children's homes,


Clearly a moment many people have waited for.


What kind of legal outcomes does the inquiry allow for?


It's about learning lessons from the past,


They want to know the scale of any abuse and


If they made complaints, were they simply moved somewhere else?


And was there a "culture" that stopped investigations?


Today we heard this inquiry's going to be broadcast publically.


Complainants can choose whether to be identified.


And Alexis Jay said she'll consider a request to move the whole


The very word is enough to start a row.


And today, an energy company has served notice that it's


about to begin seismic surveys in our region that could,


potentially, lead to hydraulic fracturing, as it's properly known.


And the survey will be across a big area.


It covers very nearly 100 square miles,


taking in large parts of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.


But some places have been excluded - notably part of Sherwood Forest


and some other sensitive areas, where critics of the process


Well, our reporter James Roberson is in one of the communities that's


Yes, I'm actually in Edwin Stowe, the former mining village in


Nottinghamshire. It's the area around the village, not here in the


centre, that will be subject to the survey. As well also the role areas


west of here. And the whole area north, through north Derbyshire,


north Nottinghamshire and injures out your torture. Today in deed into


South Yorkshire, the fracking company is holding a public meeting


and it shows the area and its jollity, which has already yielded


oil for decades. The company will use these machines to send sound


waves to map the rock underground and the suspect or a low gas is


present, they will seek planning permission to drill test boring.


Become Penny says it's simply not known yet whether they'll actually


find any oil or gas. We couldn't possibly say. At this point we are


just testing. It is possible you might not do any fracking you're at


all? Yes, we are very hopeful of the shale gas industry in this country.


We will hope it would be a really strong price for the UK and there


are clear benefits. In Edwin Stowe, the mere mention of a possible


survey into possible fracking in the future is enough to alarm, the ball.


It's a lot to be a bad thing, hasn't it? To be honest. It's not very good


for the environment as much as I know. I'm not really up on it, but


it can't be any good to be honest. Why are you worried? Because of all


the damage it can do. I've heard such a lot from people around here


that have been telling us all about it and it doesn't sound very good.


I'm not too concerned about fracking, because I think the


country needs the energy and providing it doesn't impact on the


environment too much, I think it will be a good thing. We need all


the energy we can get. You are an ex-miner? I am an ex-miner, but you


need something to replace the call. The survey will begin in June, but


it will be October or November before it is here and the areas


around here. Any actual fracking if it happens could be years away.


Thank you, James. Today's the day all the candidates


who are standing in the general election had to put their money


where their mouths are and pay Registration closed a couple


of hours ago, so we now know which politicians are standing


where in those key Our political editor Tony Roe has


been looking at the key seats. Let's start with how


the East Midlands political map This is 20 years ago, that landslide


1997 general election, and as you can see the dominant


colour is red. There's a blue blob in Derbyshire,


that's West Derbyshire now mostly In '97, it was surrounded by a red


sea extending over the border And in Nottinghamshire too,


it's almost solidly red. Fast forward to the general election


in 2015, and you can They have won and consolidated


in marginal seats. Now there are Labour


islands in a sea of blue. Normally after seven years


of Conservative Prime Ministers, you would expect the Government


of the day to be on the defensive. That would mean having


a Labour hit list. Seats like Derby North


where there is only a 41 majority. A seat which tends to


go to the Government. And places like Amber Valley,


Erewash, Broxtowe and over here in Sherwood would


normally be targets. But the opinion polls consistently


show these are not normal times. Instead, those red islands


are having to hold back the tide. North East Derbyshire,


with only an 1,800 majority, Labour keep holding on to Gedling


against the odds, but will it this time be swept away in a wave


of Conservative support? Then there's Mansfield


where what happens to the Ukip vote from 2015 will help


decide this seat. And look over here


in Leicester West. That Red Leicester


heartland for Labour. If it's a really bad


night for Labour, Now 2015 Ukip played a big part


in the general election, At the Green party would be standing


against Labour, because labour is against fracking. That's another 300


votes in Mansfield, where the Labour majority is only 5000.


Now 2015 Ukip played a big part in the general election,


I gather they're not standing in so many seats this time?


Know, the reason I keep going on about Ukip and I'm probably boring


you really about how it what happens Ukip boat is important, they pulled


300,000 or more votes. 15% of people in the East Midlands voted Ukip, so


what happens to those worlds is very important. They have decided to not


stand in seats where there is a pro-EU you leave candidate standing.


If you look around the East Midlands, I would like to claim


credit for this, but is from our local radio station, they are not


sent in places like Amber Valley, South Derbyshire, North West


Leicestershire and Bassetlaw, because they are the candidates


wanting to leave the EU. What happens to that vote for the


candidates who are standing is still going to be fascinating, especially


in the thread isn't much of a majority for the sitting candidate.


More tactical stuff, thank you very much indeed.


A school in Leicester re-opened today after the death


of an 11-year-old pupil at a theme park.


Evha Jannath fell from the Splash Canyon


She was on a school trip with the Jameah Girls Academy.


Pupils are being given extra support to help them come


The theme park, in Staffordshire, will be closed again tomorrow


An inquest has opened into the death of a Derby born woman


who died from crush injuries in France.


Stephanie Turtle was found underneath a car.


She had moved to live in a village, north of Toulouse.


Derbyshire Police say her husband has been charged with her murder.


The hearing at Derby Coroner's Court has been adjourned


Next tonight a GP surgery in Leicestershire is the first


in the East Midlands to offer in-house kidney dialysis.


Carl Bicknelll used to face a round trip of two hours or more


Now it's being provided much closer to home.


The hope now is that more surgeries will follow suit -


as our health correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


The beauty of this surgery is it's just a ten minute Drive from Carl's


home. He used to have to make a two hour round trip three times a week


for his four a la dialysis sessions in Loughborough. Is a huge


difference in travel, time. Having to go to Loughborough was such a big


inconvenience. APPLAUSE


Carl is a single parent and six-year-old Kerry may did the


honours today opening the new dialysis centre. In means you will


see her dad more. When I first met Carl, history was very heart-warming


and the way that we normally deliver dialysis for patients in hospital


didn't fit of life at all. Most patients still have dialysis in


hospital. This is Michael at Kingsmill. Around two dozen patients


in the East Midlands have dialysis this way. The big machine does the


work of a small kidney, removing toxins from the East Midlands, more


may follow is it. I don't think every practice could offer this, but


there are plenty of practices now that work at a larger scale that


could offer something along these lines. Carl is the first patient to


use the facility which is at the Heath Lane surgery. They reckon up


to 20 more people with kidney failure could also use it. The next


one is to get one fitted at home. That would be even better, to be


honest. But what they have done the Avenue has been brilliant, it really


A Derby man who raised tens of thousands of pounds to pay


for cancer treatment in Germany has lost his fight against


Dominic Bergin was just 34 and had been diagnosed


He was determined to try revolutionary treatment abroad,


Friends and family raised over ?100,000


through his Do It For Dom fundraising appeal.


He passed away just two weeks after marrying his partner Robyn.


Organisers of Leicester Pride say they're thrilled they've now got


funding for this years event to go ahead.


There were fears the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender festival


would be cancelled due to a lack of money.


But De Montfort University has put forward ?10,000 to make


A 99-year-old war veteran has been presented with


Don Sutton received the Legion d'Honneur to mark his part


in the liberation of France in the Summer of 1944.


Don was presented with the medal by the French Consul


in the East Midlands at a presentation ceremony earlier today.


I was there too and Don told me it was an incredibly


He already has an impressive collection of medals to mark his


Today, 99-year-old Don Sutton was awarded


We would not be in this room if it was not for your courage,


He received the highest distinction France can


In a special ceremony at Gedling Civic Centre, the French


consul to the East Midlands made the


Don, what does this honour mean to you today?


It means that France has appreciated what we did for them at the time.


I was so proud to serve male country and helped


to liberate France, which


I think that's an understatement, Don, yes.


Don, who celebrated his 99th birthday last


Friday, volunteered to have entered the Army in 1937.


He served in the North Somerset Yeomanry and is


probably one of the last few who fought on horseback in World War II.


Don fought back tears as the speakers described


how he served across Europe and Africa.


And how he and his unit were part of the D-Day landings.


We would not be here if it was not for the sacrifice of him and


The Legion d'Honneur, in a summary, is a thank you.


It's an expression of gratitude of the French people and


all our generation for what Don has done.


It's been a very emotional day for you today.


It was a moving ceremony with a simple sentiment. You are a living


witness to the history you wrote on our soil that we will not forget.


Thank you. It has been a very emotional day for you today.


Not the sort of story we usually cover.


And as a 99-year-old, not a young chicken any more!


Not the sort of story we usually cover.


But this is different, because this sheepdog has disappeared


with her constant companion - an orphaned lamb called Bella.


Do you have anything that can trump that? I might do, the crickets.


On the way, one of the most successful sports teams we have


But let's round up the news first starting with Leicester City And


the Foxes are facing a bit of an injury crisis -


midfielder Danny Drinkwater will be out for the last three games


of the season, and defender Wes Morgan is also struggling


and will miss their game against Manchester City at the weekend.


And a new contract for Nottingham Forest Captain Chris Cohen.


He's fought his way back from injury, scored one of the goals


that kept Forest in the Championship and is now staying for another year.


Now one of the East Midlands most successful sports teams head


to London's famous o2 Arena this weekend but here's the thing -


you might not have even heard of them!


They're the Nottingham Wildcats and are the best women's


Charlie Slater caught up with them before Sunday's big game.


# And you can hit 'em low, hit 'em low.#


With the league title already sewn up and a second


straight final at the O2 arena ahead of them,


Nottingham Wildcats are having a ball.


When you go there for the first time, you're so in awe of


everything that's going on around you that you almost forget to enjoy


So this time, I'm really excited just to go there, to take


everything in, just to enjoy the moment.


So this is where the Wildcats call home, but there's


going to be a big difference between playing in front of a couple of


hundred here and a few thousand at the O2 Arena on Sunday.


We have been to this situation for the past few


This is our third time being there and we haven't been


So, you know, we are really motivated to make sure that


How are the nerves going into the game on Sunday?


I mean, they're a fine right now, but


I think I will take up my rightful place on the bleachers.


You should have rolled your sleeves up.


So back to the stands for me, but back to


the O2 Arena for Britain's best women's basketball team.


And more Basketball tomorrow, because Leicester's Riders


are the best men's team in the country and they'll be


at the 02 in their play-off final on Sunday too.


We'll be at home with the coach, who's given them


In Cricket, Notts Outlaws are playing Durham in


But, trust me, forget about the score - what you really


But look where it went. as you like six from Alex Hales.


Also clean as you like, straight through the window


of the BBC Radio Nottingham commentary box, where it's scooped


And now, admit it, you want to hear the commentary too.


It's coming into our commentators edition and


Don't throw it back yet, let me get a picture.


I guess you probably do want to know the score too.


Alex Hales 104 and Chris Read's lightning 61 helping


They have got Durham 28-2 just a few months ago off nine overs, but


nothing while top that. Did he have to draw that back? Yes. We are


disappointed he didn't catch it. Good job the window was open.


The search for a missing collie dog and a lamb,


apparently the best of friends, has gone viral on the internet.


The orphaned lamb called Bella, and Blake her sheepdog friend


disappeared from a garden at Perlethorpe in


Their owner's plea for help to find her missing pets has attracted more


than half a million hits to the BBC's news page and an online


appeal's been shared more than 12,000 times.


Theirs is a special friendship. Their like a lamb and Blake, a young


border Collie have been inseparable since the young you arrived at the


family home. We have had Blake since he was a puppy. He is merely one. We


have had their lower than she was two days old, but she is five weeks


now. They had it straightaway and became the best of friends. They


were bid to pull together, it was very nice city. They disappeared


from the garden in Nottinghamshire Monday. 24 hours after they went


missing, the pair were spotted here. Woodlands about one mile from their


dropping about one mile from where dropping about one mile from where


we live now. It was a couple of minutes away from the siting of them


both together, is that is quite positive. The family had turned to


social media for help finding their pets. An online appeal has been


showed more than 12,000 times and the BBC News Paes has had more than


half a million hits. I can't believe how maybe blood pooled together and


liked and share it and got the word out. -- how many people. People


joining up and getting together and forming search parties. They are


also offering a reward of ?1000. They are confident it would be too


long before Bella and Blake returned to them. Oh, hopefully. If ever a


story needed a happy ending. Fingers crossed.


The details of the search for Bella and Blake are on our Facebook page -


If you think you can help find the inseparable


And let's hope they are home again soon.


We have a bit of a change on the way. Today, dry and bright, but on


the way tomorrow and the next few days, more humid. This morning


police actuated in the dry and bright start, but we have seen more


in the way of cloud creeping up from the south as we move through the


day. Bright intervals and sunny spells in there, but a cloudier end


to the day. Tomorrow is where we see this shift to something a bit


worried humid. Sunny spells and one or two potentially thundery showers.


This is why it will be humid. Dragging up there is a from the


south and that will settle in through tomorrow and Saturday.


Putting the detail on the map through this evening and overnight


fairly cloudy. A few clear spells, most of us staying dry. The risk of


one or two isolated showers, temperatures not falling. Tomorrow,


a fairly cloudy start of the day. A band of rain pushing up quite


quickly to the north-east. Quite patchy and heavy. Clothes and


breaking, 102 isolated showers to look out for it through the


afternoon. Don't take the map to literally. It could be thundery.


Temperatures 19 Celsius. Humid with that southerly wind. Saturday will


quilt fight humid, plenty of cloud around. Showers to look out for.


This weather front overnight into Sunday will bring rain and also


introduced a bit of a fresher feel by Sunday. Sony 's bells and one or


two isolated and potentially thundery showers on Sunday. A bit of


a shift on the way as we move through the next few days. Miles and


humid cabbages, but potentially heavy showers to look out for. Thank


you so much.