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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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It's almost 6:30 - you're watching East Midlands Today.


Tonight, how that cyber attack is affecting NHS services here.


Hospitals and health services cancelled routine operations. Some


have no e-mail, others are using pen and paper. Also the boss of a


company that scam that thousands of people is ordered to pay back over


?1 million. Plus we will find out what happens when you pair an


18-year-old first-time voter with a 101-year-old who remembers Churchill


as Prime Minister to talk about the big issues in the election. And why


netball has taken on a slower pace to get more of us back on the court.


Good evening, welcome to Friday's programme with Sarah Teale


First tonight, hospitals and NHS services across the East Midlands


are reporting that they are affected by the cyber attack which is


Some are having to shut down phone and IT services while it


Weekend appointments are also being cancelled.


Our health correspondent Rob Sissons is with us now.


The East Midlands has been affected. NHS England describes it as a major


incident, a massive malware attack and we mean by that this could have


been something delivered by an e-mail, somebody opening a Word


document, it is called ransomware. It is someone demanding a ransom. It


could be cybercriminals. They have encrypted information and the


question is how does the NHS get that back? We are told screens in


some organisations went blank at 2pm. At least 25 NHS organisations


affected in England and Scotland. Lincolnshire and the East Midlands


hardest hit. Lincoln, Boston, Grantham, some hospitals have


cancelled weekend appointments and surgery because of the cyber attack


and west Leicestershire people affected because the George Eliot


Hospital IT systems have been impacted and Leicester hospitals


have not been affected, but they have shut down their computer


systems and rebooted as a precaution. Derbyshire's community


health services have shut down IT Systems and GPs in the south of the


county did the same. Royal Derby say they have resilience measures in


place. We heard about the Kings Mill Hospital in Sutton in Ashfield. We


know the A department, the screens are said to have gone blank. At a


certain point in the afternoon. A consultant in A said they had shut


down the computer system and gone back to the old way of doing things


on paper. It is getting difficult because we have a lot of patients.


Hopefully there is a lot of time for us to process information on the


system. I had lady today who had severe back pain. It could


potentially paralyse her below and we had to divert her to another


hospital, Queen 's medical centre, for further management. Is there any


evidence sensitive patient data could have been obtained? At this


stage I do not think we know. The basic principles of computing are


you should have information in at least two macro places so that if it


disappears in one, there is a back-up where you can recall it. Is


that in place everywhere? We do not know. We know GCHQ is involved in


trying to track down whoever is responsible. It raises big questions


about patient confidentiality. NHS organisations have been moving away


from paper to computing for a while. No doubt there has been a mixture of


reaction within the NHS? Reaction coming in all the time. NHS


providers saying the scale of this has to be worked out. They say


trusts are doing all they can to minimise the impact. The patients'


association shows although IT can transform patient care, which is


undoubtedly true, they say the NHS has struggled to harness it,


sometimes using outdated equipment with huge variations in the standard


of IT infrastructure. John Ashworth, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary,


said he blames the criminals tonight but he believes governments can do


more to protect the information technology infrastructure.


Thanks. Plenty more on this no doubt the next few days.


There's plenty more on its way between now and seven.


Including the charity with a head for publicity.


It's urging people to wear a hat for a day to raise awareness


The head of a company which conned thousands of customers in a huge


cold-calling scam has been ordered by a judge to hand over


1.2 million pounds under the Proceeds of Crime Act.


The daughter of one his victims says the pay-out brings


It's been the biggest investigation led by Trading Standards


Jonathan Rivers is currently serving a six-year jail sentence


Today, he was back at Nottingham Crown Court.


He was ordered to pay ?1.2 million under the Proceeds of Crime Act.


Rivers, formerly from Coleshill in Birmingham, was the owner


of a publishing company, Wyvern Media


Under his direction, employees pressured small firms into buying


False names were used and claims about readership were exaggerated.


Unauthorised withdrawals were also made from customer accounts.


The company had an estimated annual turnover of ?7 million.


One of those customers were the Moyles.


They were persuaded to place an advertisement


Ultimately, they were conned out of over ?20,000.


The calls from Wyvern Media were absolutely beyond belief.


They were literally every 20 minutes, starting first


thing in the morning, going on until the last


possible moment at the end of the working day.


It was like a sort of torture, a constant torture.


In 2012, Trading Standards raided nine Wyvern Media offices


In October last year, ten people, including Rivers,


were sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison.


This was their largest investigation taken on by the regional


Trading Standards in East Midlands and also the largest


investigation for the Proceeds of Crime Act we've undertaken.


In total, we'd received about 500 complaints in relation


Rivers was order to pay ?1.2 million.


If he doesn't, he will face a further sentence


Let's speak to Helen now at Nottingham Crown Court,


Helen what sort of message are Trading Standards hoping this


This was a complicated investigation that has taken five years to get to


this stage and Trading Standards were keen to stress crime does not


pay and they were not as afraid to use the Proceeds of Crime Act on


defendants. The person you saw said she feels a sense of justice has


been done for her parents but that is tinged with sadness. She told me,


I can't replace the last few months of my parents' lives, that were


ruined by Jonathan Rivers. Helen, thank you.


Drayton Manor theme park has been closed for a third day


after the death of a Leicester schoolgirl at the attraction.


11-year-old Eva Jannath died after falling from


The park says it's allowing the Health and Safety Executive


to complete its work, and doesn't yet know


Three water rides at other theme parks, including Alton Towers also


closed as a precaution, but they reopened today.


An investigation has decided that a police pursuit before a crash


in which two men were seriously injured was justified.


The men were passengers in a BMW which hit railings


at Wigston in Leicestershire sixteen months ago.


The driver has been sent to prison for dangerous driving.


A police constable followed the car when it failed to stop.


The Independent Police Complaints Commission has


ruled that the pursuit was carried out appropriately.


Parking wardens in some parts of Derby are experiencing so much


abuse and threats of violence they're now being escorted


by Police Community Support Officers.


In one recent incident, a man was arrested for verbally abusing


a warden and has been convicted of assaulting a PCSO


Giles Taylor caught up with a patrol to see how


If it's something that you guys feel is getting out of hand


A morning briefing at Peartree police station.


But joining the PCSOs are a pair of civil enforcement officers,


or what most would know as parking wardens.


Parking is a big problem here and for the last few months


They just park their car, they disappear, they haven't got no


respect so we decided it was time the traffic wardens start doing


additional patrols in the area and going about their daily duties,


some people decided to start abusing them and doing other things,


and that is when we actually went to the police and said maybe,


on health and safety grounds, that the police accompany us.


The City Council asked us not to film the faces of these officers


Off camera, they told me about some of the abuse


they received, often directed at their partners or daughters.


We were really shocked the first time we did it,


and some of the behaviour of members of the public was disgusting.


At the end of the day, the wardens are just doing their job.


There were people pushing the wardens, trying to drive


And there has been a lot of racial abuse to some


of the parking wardens, which is totally unacceptable.


It was on just one of these first patrols that Amy herself found


The male came out of the barbershop and thought it was acceptable


to shout abuse at the warden across the street.


I approached him, asked him to stop shouting abuse,


he ignored me and my advice and thought it was


Since the patrols started, hundreds of tickets have been handed out,


but generally there has been a positive response.


Obviously, the people receiving the tickets are not very happy.


But a lot of the businesses and other members of the public


are very happy with what we're doing and saying, thank God you're


finally out here doing this with the wardens.


With the PCSOs coming out now, I think our traffic wardens


They feel more comfortable that they are able to


Still to come, Lucy has a mixed weekend forecast


And in sport, there's a lot riding on the biggest game of the season


as Leicester's finest aim for a historic basketball treble.


More than 80 years separates two Derbyshire women but both agree


this is an incredibly important general election.


Wyn Edwards is 101 years old and remembers when Churchill


And as part of a BBC East Midlands Today special report


she's been talking to 18-year-old Alicia Clarke who of course


is voting in her first election next month.


When Wyn was born, women were not allowed to vote in the UK. You must


be Alicia. You must be Wyn. Julie -- today we arranged for the


101-year-old to meet Alicia from a nearby grammar school in Ashbourne.


Do you put your mobile phones on one side are really taught? Yes, yes.


With the pleasantries over it was onto their election priorities. If


we want to save the NHS, we have got to pay for it. How much care the


party takes for the environment, because I believe it is the largest


issue. Next, you guessed it, Brexit. I have always experienced being in


the EU. When I was younger, I did not see any problems, I thought it


was better to be more unified. I hope words of wisdom will be put in


the mouth of Theresa May, when she starts these discussions. She is


going to need them. One topic of disagreement is lowering the voting


age to 16. They would rather do a boogie with at 16, surely. I did


think I was responsible and has political opinions. Really? I would


have liked the opportunity to vote on what happens in the country. We


will have to live with it in the future. Despite Alicia favouring the


Green Party and Wyn labour, they ended the discussion as friends. I


think we agree wholeheartedly, don't we? Yes, we do, definitely. A


fascinating chat and doesn't Wyn look amazing.


Polling cards have had to be reprinted in parts of the Broxtowe


district of Nottinghamshire after a map pointed voters


The incorrect map was put on the information concerning four


The borough council is blaming the mistake


Those people affected should already have new cards


Now, in order to raise awareness of head injuries the East Midlands


based charity Headway has been encouraging everyone


to wear a hat today, and someone proudly doing


She was on the verge of a legal career when she was hit


The accident changed her personality and damaged her memory.


She says the Headway day centre in Leicester saved her life.


On the 29th of September 2003, by life changed completely, totally. I


was training to be a lawyer in London. I met with a nasty accident


and that caused a haemorrhage. A stroke. And it was the beginning of


my new life. Tindy is now an ambassador for Headway. At its less


today centre she knows everyone has their own story about the day that


changed their life. My name is Mike. I had an accident involving a hang


glider. I am Jackie, I am 44 and had a brain haemorrhage and stroke ten


days after my son was born. I am Lionel. I had a brain haemorrhage


caused by high blood pressure. I was very scared as to what happened to


me and could not decide. It is about fitting in. I did not know what my


place was in society. In hospital for months, she piled on weight.


When I was that size, I did not think I was fat, I thought I was


fine, but now when I look I think I was heavy. Declan is a


neuropsychologist and said people are often surprised how common head


injuries are. In 2014 there were 350,000 admissions to hospital as a


result of head injury. It has changed everything from what I was


doing before. I was training to be a solicitor. Now I am living my


dreams, presenting, do modelling, having fun. We are part of the human


race and accidents, strokes, they happen and can happen to anyone. It


costs a small fortune to keep the service going. That is what Hats for


Headway is about, raising awareness and money. That is some hat. An


inspiring story. A cricketing legend both on,


and perhaps even more, off the pitch, has kept


an important date today. Test Match Special commentator


and former Leicestershire bowler Jonathan Agnew went


to Buckingham Palace to receive an MBE from the Duke


of Cambridge, Prince William. Aggers, who's been keeping


wicket in the TMS booth for more than 25 years,


was given the award They are having a great chat.


He chatted to be about a minute. About cricket, obviously. Doing the


honours in sport tonight. I keep checking the post, it does


not arrive. They were flirting with relegation


when Craig Shakespeare took over - now their top flight


status is secure. Shakey - for now - remains interim


manager at Leicester City. The big question will he be


given the job for keeps? With just three games left


we decided it was time to give He replaced Ranieri


in February and Leicester Just three defeats in 13 games


with Shakespeare in charge. Results have a massive bearing


on people's outlook and, It has been no different


to going in the day and working on the coaching field with the players,


but the results have been a real No talks with the board yet,


but how much does he deserve It's been a rejuvenation


of Leicester City. It has been the Leicester City


of last season, the way they played, personnel, style of football


and support around the ground. The atmosphere around


the place, it has If he won every game


I would give him ten. I think we're great to be in


a position where we are and I think survival is the biggest thing


we could have achieved this season. 2.2 points per game


so if you work it out over It has got to be nine out of ten


easily, if not ten out of ten. Lancashire are chasing


a Duckworth-Lewis target They need 24 runs from the final two


macro overs. At Grace Rd, the day-night


match has been cut back. Now, there are many sporting areas


where the East Midlands leads - but basketball must surely be top


of the pile right now. The best women's team


are the Nottingham Wildcats. We met them yesterday on their way


to Sunday's play-off final. The best men's team


are the Leicester Riders. Also play-off finalists


at the 02 this weekend. All led by the All-American boy,


who's now Leicester Nikesh Rughani has been


at home with Riders head He is as passionate and dynamic as


they come and a key ingredient in the Riders' success story. He has


been here since 2008 and his playing career and is settled in Leicester.


When I played here I saw it was a great place to be and loved our club


and our fans. And taking over as the coach, I have settled in. My family


is here now and I love it. He is clearly doing a good job. Before his


arrival the Riders won two major trophies and are now going for a


ninth title in the last five seasons. I think you have to have a


balance when you coach. Some days you have to turn up the heat on the


guys a little and some days you have to put armour on. The most important


thing for me when I came into the job was to be honest. How do you


divide your time or tween basketball and a family? It is a challenge. You


are locked into the season but it is great to have family support. My


partner Sarah, my son Lucas and my daughter Tindy. When I come home


after a tough session it is great to have them there. Sarah is one of his


biggest supporters along with his two children and even though she is


not a sports fan she is being slowly converted to basketball. One of the


first dates was at one of his games. I saw the passion from then and I


see it at home. Every day he is working and he always has his eye on


the ball at home. Back on the court there is still business to be taken


care off with the play-off final on Sunday against Newcastle. Rob said


it has not been hard to get his players up for the game. When we


walk out in the O2 Arena at in front of 70,000 people, they will be ready


to go. We are playing a good team. It should be exciting. This week in


training you can see they are fired up and ready to roll.


Both games are available to watch on the red button and BBC Sport


website. On Sunday. Coverage starts at 1pm.


Now if you fancy taking up a sport but at a slighter slower pace then


After a successful pilot in the East Midlands last summer,


walking netball is re-engaging many who thought they'd hung


Hannah Meredith put on her trainers to bring us this court report.


The rules are run little bit different.


Walking netball, obviously, there's no running.


We don't allow any jumping in walking netball and you can hold


the ball a little bit longer, you can hold it four seconds


and normal netball rules where there's footwork,


Netball is England's most popular team sport for women


but with figures claiming over 40% of over 55s are inactive


and with injuries keeping women of all ages on the bench,


the governing body is hoping a more mature relaxed looking game


will allow many to swap the couch for the court.


I used to play when I was younger and then I had to give up a lot


of sport, because I've got arthritis in my right ankle.


My daughter said, Mum, you could do walking netball.


I've always played netball most of my life.


I had a knee injury four or five years ago


and because of the pain, I stopped playing.


I think it's quite proven that sport and stuff like that can help issues


which I have had in the past, so I can understand that.


As soon as I get hold of a ball, everything else disappears.


As well as raising your heart rate, a cup of tea and a cake at the end


makes it quite the social event, too.


Just find your trainers, a pair of pumps, anything,


Even if you don't want to join in, just see


With eight walking netball clubs established across the region,


Ruth believes there is no excuse not to play.


I don't know what everyone's waiting for.


Hannah Meredith, BBC East Midlands Today,


I think that is a great idea. I took up netball a few years ago and there


is a lot of running, more than I remembered.


And some funny walks. I used to play centre.


A long time ago. That is the one with all the running. You should


have with all the running. You should


have been goal attack, you are tall. Good evening. It is a mixed bag


towards the weekend. Today we finally saw some rain, good news for


the gardeners but less good news on the roads because in the often do


the showers were heavy, making for tricky driving conditions. As we


move through the weekend we will see Sunny intervals. Showers to look out


for, particularly on Sunday. They have the potential to be sundry.


They will be warm and humid through Saturday. -- warm and fund a read.


Showers will fizzle out and we will be largely dry overnight on


Saturday. Just the chance of an isolated shower overnight but not as


heavy as this afternoon -- the afternoon. Tomorrow, a cloudy start


to the day. Again, showers to look out for, but many staying dry and


they will not be as heavy as this afternoon. It will feel fairly


humid. Overnight Saturday into Sunday, the cold front will bring


outbreaks of rain and introduce a fresher feeling to the weather and


by Sunday, we are looking at a bright start and sunny spells and


scattered showers. Feeling warm but not as humid as it will feel


tomorrow. The showers have the potential to be heavy. Through this


weekend a mixed bag. Cloudy, brightness, as well, but one or two


showers that have the potential to be sundry when we get to Sunday.


We will have to be prepared for every eventuality. Colin, do you


think Shakey will keep his job? He deserves to. That is all. Have a


great weekend. Goodbye. If you lie your whole life,


you cannot escape. I know this is the right place.


I've been waiting my whole life. She's looking for a man


who knows nothing about her. This is my son


we're talking about here.