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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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I'm Geeta Pendse. where you are.


The Government has given its backing to plans for almost 6,000


new homes in our region, housed in so-called


Sites near Derby and Grantham are among 14 locations


across the country chosen for development to help


This site could soon become one of England's first garden villages.


The Government has backed a planned development


here on the edge of Derby, near the business


It's one of 14 new settlements proposed across the country


The Government are putting forward ?6 billion in total,


of which we'll have part of that money which will be used to provide


2,000 quality homes on this site, which will go towards meeting our


need to provide 12,500 homes in South Derbyshire by the year 2028.


Another of the villages is set to be created here, near Grantham,


which will provide 3,700 homes and, like the others, have its own


I know people need houses, but then you also have to match it


I think the town can grow and get a bit larger.


We can attract new shops to the town centre, so I think, all in all,


In total, the new villages could provide more than 48,000 homes.


According to this economist, it's a step towards easing


Over the past decade, we've probably fallen short


in England by about 50,000 houses a year.


These garden villages will only go some way to make up that backlog.


While there have been objections to the news


in the East Midlands, ministers insist as well


as much-needed homes, the new communities will also bring


jobs, facilities and a big boost to local economies.


Hospital managers in Nottingham say there has been unprecedented demand


on its Accident Emergency department today, with new patients


Staff at the Queen's Medical Centre say there have been waiting times


They are urging people to seek alternative


In sport, Notts County have sacked manager John Sheridan after a run


Sheridan only became Magpies manager this summer,


but has won just six of his 24 games in charge.


Today's sacking follows a 4-0 defeat at Cambridge and confirmation over


the weekend that the details of a deal to sell the club


to local businessman Alan Hardy had been agreed.


Meanwhile, Leicester Tigers Rugby Club say


they will review their coaching structure before deciding how


to replace sacked Director of Rugby Richard Cockerill.


Cockerill was fired this morning after eight years in charge,


during which Tigers won three Premiership titles,


but in the last two years, Tigers' aura of invincibility has


slipped and yesterday they suffered their fifth


The family of a Derby woman accused of trying to poison


the Prime Minister 100 years ago claim to have new evidence


Alice Wheeldon was jailed, but her descendents believe


she was the target of a plot by the intelligence services.


This is the shop and house in Normanton, Derby,


where the Wheeldon family, a century ago, sold


But they also helped conscientious objectors,


so MI5 sent an agent under the name of Alec Gordon, posing


He fabricated a story that the Wheeldons were planning


to shoot the then Prime Minister, Lloyd George, with a poison dart.


Alice was jailed for ten years, along with her daughter


and son-in-law, Winnie and Alf Mason.


Now, though, the Mason's granddaughter says there


is new evidence about the fake agent, Alec Gordon, who was sent


Even in the last two months we have actually found more records,


new material, that has been found in the South African records


where Alex Gordon was sent, in his own handwriting


about what happened, so we've got yet another


Alice was released later in 1917, but died in Derby in 1919


Now Chole hopes a legal case this year will see Alice's


Time now to take a look at the weather.


Well, the main difference between the weather today,


which was beautiful, and tomorrow is the fact that


tomorrow we will see more cloud in the sky.


Still dry and clear, though, out and about and that's going to lead


During the early hours of the morning you can start to see


in the west a little bit more in the way of cloud starting to push


Temperatures drop down to around about freezing, if not below.


So, it will be a chilly start to your day tomorrow.


Dry and bright, but cloud will continue to increase


as we head through the morning and into the afternoon.


Still broken in some spots and a very small chance


On the whole, we should stay mostly dry.


Actually, it will be milder than it has been today.


A top temperature of around about six degrees.


As we head through Wednesday, high pressure dominates


Dry, bright, variable cloud and sunny spells


and still on the mild side, but with clear skies overnight


into Thursday it's going to be another cold and frosty start,


leading us to a lovely dry, bright and sunny-feeling day.


That is all from the late team. We will be back with breakfast


bulletins tomorrow. Goodbye. Good evening. It's been a dry and


bright day across most parts of the country today. Despite the chilly


feel to the weather, there has been some sunshine. Clear skies as the


sun set in east Essex. With those clear skies around, temperatures are


plummeting, particularly across southern parts. Here we see the


coldest temperatures. We could see icy stretches on untreated surfaces,


pavements and roads first thing Tuesday morning. Not quite as cold


towards the North West. Cloud moving in here through the overnight